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Has your business plan been downloaded yetProfessional fee question and answer website Pearl financi

Ding Hong

records business plans for business information, often with confidential attributes. But in fact, they are not so confidential: in the Internet world, business plan leakage is quite common. What impact will this have on an enterprise,

for infringement, flash Tao said: "if the business plan of the content with the above conditions, human rights and the provisions of the confidentiality obligations of the corresponding words, once someone without permission to open communication, it will cause infringement."



this kind of business plan involves trade secrets? The public distribution will cause infringement? Guangzhou Beijing Yingke Law Firm senior partner flash Tao lawyer said, to determine whether the infringement, first look at the business plan the contents constitute a business secret.

, the San Francisco based company, formerly known as JustAnswer, will use the money to promote products around the world, expand the mobile sector, and increase staff. Pearl currently has about 300 employees, half of whom are full-time. They use the new capital to recruit the first employee was Eric · Erik Zech; Zeke’s first CFO, he will serve as Pearl.

Pearl just announced a $25 million A round of financing this summer, bringing the company’s total financing in 2003 to more than $50 million.

but the business plan for the "public lesson number one" for "entrepreneur’s first lesson"

Unlike competitors such as

flash interface, as long as the technical information or business information to satisfy the corresponding conditions can constitute trade secrets, "relevant information constitutes a trade secret must have a secret, practicability, security three conditions." Specifically, this requires that the relevant information is not known to the public; it can bring economic benefits and practicability to the obligee; the obligee has adopted confidentiality measures for the information.

indeed, anyone can find all kinds of business plan to share platform in Douding nets, sh419 library and other documents.

‘s professional toll quiz website, Pearl, has raised $25 million 700 thousand in B round of financing. It and the domestic sh419 know, know almost all the same, not only professional, but also charges, we have had before introduction.

before and after February 15th, when readers attention WeChat public "entrepreneur class" and "send keywords business plan", will be an article titled "85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan 2016 -2017 years" you download the sharing to a circle of friends, and will be cut for 2 hours figure sent to the dialog box, you can get the article mentioned 85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan download link.

According to

Pearl founder and CEO Andy ·, Kurtzig Andy, said they currently earn more than $100 million. Pearl users can ask doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics and other professionals on the site, but they have to pay a certain fee. The fees for each problem range from $15 to $80, depending on the complexity and professionalism of the problem. The company claims to have 10 thousand professionals in 700 professional areas to provide answers to its users.

Pearl: professional fee question and answer website


source: visual China

news reporter "interface, the main lesson for entrepreneurs" account "Guangzhou Jia Rui Education Consulting Co. Ltd., business consulting services including education, occupation skill training, corporate and shareholder named Ke Zhuohua.


China’s "Anti Unfair Competition Law" Tenth article stipulates: "the business secret refers to the technical information and business information which is known by the public, can bring economic benefits to the obligee, is of practical use and the right to take security measures."

, Pearl doesn’t make money by recommending clients to doctors or lawyers. Avvo. Kuzego said that as Pearl’s revenues come from the answer, they have the motivation to provide the best and fastest answers, without recommending users to professional agencies for in-depth consulting services. This is also different from other forms of Q & A websites such as Quora and Ask.

Tao told reporters


venture investment circles have raised considerable controversy.

Pearl URL: Pearl

interface reporter contacted Ke Zhuohua to ask about the business plan source for the WeChat public number, the first lesson for entrepreneurs. Ke Zhuohua replied: "these are all network public information, not our earliest."."


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