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Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease not too fast reactionf you don’t see the succe

Internet start-ups aren’t easy. Are you ready to start a business or start a business? Or are you ready for this venture? What are your chances of success?. For entrepreneurs, starting a business is a tough marathon. Success depends on whether you can keep it up. You may succeed or fail if you stick to it, but if you don’t stick to it, you don’t have a chance to succeed. Sometimes, you insist on doing something. There is a saying: if investors in victory, often only embrace failure; if you persist in the difficult, often will get a new success. I hope this will give some encouragement to my friends who are in the difficult period of starting their business.

who is in charge of the online meeting today? They may not have to do the work for the next two years. So when someone needs to do a new job, whether they know how to do? In a startup, repetitive tasks in execution often every time like to start, the best guide to behavior and lack of an all can follow. Therefore, please record repeated tasks and projects so that others can quickly get started and perform better.

here, A5 admin5 editor reminds some friends who are ready to start a business, if you are not fully prepared, I suggest you do not rush to try. In a word, opportunities are for those who are prepared. Entrepreneurship should choose a good direction, seize the opportunity, on the road forward can be less bumpy. Entrepreneurs should always remember that there may be winding experiences in the process of starting a business

if you are participating in the exhibition last year, so what did you learn from this experience? What value? What is just a waste of time and money? With the personnel adjustment and transfer, entrepreneurial companies tend to make systematic knowledge lost inheritance, and some best practices guide in one year later it is easy to be forgotten. You need to take some time to record and store the information in a unified location for easier access to others.


for entrepreneurs, the failure is probably the most terrible, perhaps you will have nothing after the failure, and then will recover. But, I think, failure is not so terrible, if you can stand up from failure, success will be very close to you. Even if you fail in business, in some ways you are still successful, because you are brave enough to try and start a business. Webmaster friends, do you think you are successful? No matter how you decide, in my opinion, even if you haven’t started yet, you are still successful in some ways.

some start-up companies will debate whether to spend more than $50 on the show, while the entire show budget is actually $10 thousand. On this issue, let 6 people sitting in the conference room to discuss whether it is worth for 1 hours? No budget activities, whether it is possible at a faster way to achieve? Of course in the development of the company need to manage financial, but also pay attention to the not possible in the plan, and to take action quickly.

even if you’re doing business in a completely new market, you won’t be able to avoid planning, and planning just a few months or one or two quarters is not enough. You need to make plans for 12 months or longer, and make daily decisions based on such goals.

any enterprise can easily enter the "fire drills" model, and many start-up companies will respond quickly to market opportunities. But when you start a new business, you need to make a plan. Strategically, you need to know what you want to focus on. It’s a year’s plan for the Department, and a plan for yourself for a month, week, or day. Companies are in all sorts of situations, but you need to know what’s important and stay focused.

reaction doesn’t have to be too fast,

documents and processes

recently, I have paid special attention to entrepreneurship, too. There are successful entrepreneurs and losers. For the vast number of webmaster friends speaking, now is in a difficult period of entrepreneurship. However, in this period of rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, some small and medium-sized Web site webmaster friends, in front of the future can not see the premise, you will continue to adhere to it?

institutionalized learning and best behavior

makes more long-term plans

startups >

I think, should avoid the following six kinds of "entrepreneurial disease" big companies:

for repetitive tasks

avoid clever mistakes and make big mistakes

recently on the Internet business failure cases meet the eye everywhere, have the wedding platform media broke the news of a website’s stop service; a commercial website due to funding strand breaks money owed to suppliers and was on the verge of collapse and so on. There are many reasons for the failure, due to funding strand breaks, product sales is not good, not fully prepared, merchants settled in groups on the insufficiency, lack of management experience and so on are likely to cause the failure of entrepreneurs. Although success and failure in business, but if you can learn from the experience of failure, have the courage to re – emerge, as well as the charm of success. Here, why do I mention a number of cases of entrepreneurial failure, because I personally think that the failure of the experience, but also allows entrepreneurs to recognize some of the mistakes to pay attention to.

as long as possible to retain the best talent

as we all know, startups can’t emulate big companies in many ways. However, this does not mean that the entrepreneurial model can lead to greater efficiency, and large companies should avoid interference by the mindset of start-up companies.


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