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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs summed up 57 entrepreneurial experience product supremeTaobao guest sta


team building,

fund raising

4 makes the most decisions on the basis of consensus, but the only CEO has the final say. From the first day it became clear.

1, if your 2 to 4 person team can not make profits in 6 months to 1 years, then there must be a problem. Unless you choose not to make a profit, it must be your choice, not the market.

3 has always had an option exercise plan.

is the competitor analysis website, your best teacher is your opponent, you need a few aspects to analyze your opponent first, use intitle to query the main competitors, they also look at those keywords how density optimization. Second, look at the competitors’ Web site structure and content pages, especially in the pages of the links do well, this is related to the weight of the site. Third, look at the web site of the chain, their main chain from where to come, he can do the chain of place, you can also do?

7, select the original team members carefully. Everyone should be happy to work together, at least with an enterprise related skills, efficient and pragmatic. Everyone should have a product sense and have a common philosophy of the product and the company.

those talented, experienced people have already written a lot of entrepreneurial experience, I want to add some more content. I have summed up these experiences with the hardships of the past four years. If you’re going to start a business, hope your path is smooth.

is the last of this website, online everywhere template just buy a OK, as long as suitable for SEO on the line, not here to explain in detail, after the establishment of the station is regularly updated daily articles, send the chain, to promote the group.

5, your authority as CEO is earned because you are from nothing. If we win, this authority will grow, and vice versa. Don’t try to abuse the authority you haven’t won.

11, if in a round of financing you have to give up 15% of the company’s control, then the company must have a problem in some way. It can be saved, but not ideal

6, morale is real, and it can exist forever. If you don’t win for a long time, your investors, employees, family, and yourself will lose confidence. Work hard and don’t get into such a situation.

, a San Francisco based cloud computing database services company RethinkDB founder Ake Mitch Te Slava Slava · Akhmechet recently published an article, summed up the 57 entrepreneurial experience, which involves 9 aspects of team, financing, market, product, marketing, sales, product development, business management, personal status etc..

is the first choice of goods, the majority of owners to choose goods mainly consider the Commission, in fact there is a misunderstanding, but no sales commission is meaningless, you are familiar with the goods, especially if you are using or frequently used goods, for example, are you a webmaster, you are using a good spatial stability, good speed, so the promotion promotion space is certainly more than you do you do slimming drugs, because your social circle is the webmaster either immediately or in the group of friends to see the results slightly promoted.

now heard a lot of guest talking about now do Taobao customers more and more difficult, from the Taobao guest single page station planning how to make light of a Taobao guest website today.

8, the standard of your work, is the standard you accept. Choose a small portion of your most important and non-negotiable terms and execute without restraint.

10, some friction is a good thing, but too much friction is terrible. Lay off people who make too much friction. Good work = bad habit = you are fired.

is the second key target word selection, target keywords is the core content of the site, the choice is not a keyword do first is of no use, select a competitive keywords do not go up also in vain. It is recommended that you go to the sh419 Webmaster Tools query index, according to the sh419 index has a certain index, but the competition is not too strong long tail keywords as the target keywords, the degree of competition has a first judgment method, see sh419 PPC, if there are 3-5 PPC that the word conversion can be done if a bid is not there is a possibility that this keyword rate is very low, it is not a good choice, if you do more than 7-8 PPC was not interesting in front of the traffic interception off. Second, see how many top-level domain names in the home page, the less the top-level domain, the lower the degree of competition, the more likely you are to do it.

9, dismiss people who are hard to work, inefficient, unreliable, product conscious, and impractical. Quick dismissal.

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below is Ake Mitch Te summed up the 57 pioneering experience:

2, the average share among the founders.


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