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Website and business do the same must be speculation


a forum to share my recent speculation, that investment of hundreds of the ocean on the establishment of a web site please pass by, this method is not suitable for you now, the time is not the same, not in a few years ago, as long as you know SEO can make money era. Now to do a good job in a website, in addition to certain skills, but also need some money to invest. For example, I am now the forum server costs plus activity costs, I plan to be 50 thousand yuan.

preparatory work: 1, after the forum program is set up, register yourself with 500 small registers first. 2, no matter what method you use, please try to use the trumpet to enrich the amount of your forum posts. 3, you can change links, try to change some links. 4, submit the major search engines, so that they included.

worked out a detailed plan of activities, such as my forum, with 50 planned activities. DZ forum official has an integral mall, the use of the points mall lottery and bid to do activities. We all know that DZ is not a variety of integral points mall program used at the same time, we can use integral activities 3 or 2 to replace one, for example: 1,2 points is used as a "push currency", so 3,4 activity points for the gold prizes, according to their website to set the industry, local forum send mobile phone calls.

activities using currency as: push coins, gold coins. Push coin is visit promotion, each webmaster can set up in the background, here to remind you webmaster, this visit to promote a small defect, that is to understand the webmaster technology people can brush to brush his promotion link traffic tools, thereby increasing push currency integration. The solution is to set the maximum daily access promotion in the background, the proposed set value between 20 to 50, according to their own specific please integration rules to set the forum, register promotion don’t limit the daily number. In order to facilitate the acquisition method of membership more quickly understand the currency pushing, should send a post, detailing the method to get the coin pusher, told members of some of the commonly used methods, such as discussion group, QQ group mail, and other relevant forums with friends, post and so on.

gold coin posting 5 gold coins, replies 1 gold coins. If the technical forum, you can set up a problem area for help, posting 8 gold, 2 replies, this can lead to help new member member replies to answer questions, but this area must be strict management, prohibit malicious brush gold, should immediately found gold coins and a warning button. The forum should issue related announcements and push coins and earn gold coins. There should be a scheme for reporting advertisements and watering rewards gold coins in the gold coin earning method.

well, the preliminary preparation and activity plan have been clear, and then began to release activities, specific activities details here is not explained in detail, I think most webmaster can see. Here or remind you several points for attention.

1, users of the new web site activities are >


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