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ndividual website stationmaster says to die not

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die

?The cause of death at

personal site:

1. content can not keep up, the point is not brilliant, and content reorganization is not a person can easily complete, need to broaden the knowledge and new personality to participate.

2. capital chain is not perfect, develop their own resource limitations, out of Web site to see the value of the site and the direction of the bottleneck to the speed of innovation of existing resources to use or use the speed to catch up with the bright younger generation to learn.

3. webmaster personal nature decided, most of the webmaster hold the flow of dreams are search engines, search flow, happy site development will be proud, but lost the search site into an empty shell.


4. architecture and profit model, because most of them are only monks, can only read the pieces. Replication and model innovation can not play the most incisive, but also hinder the development of the site, and thus fall into their own set of thinking circle.

5. state of mind, this is a very heavy, general Webmaster Station in early will clear their direction, but in the late period of encounter, traffic and user response to shake even from the creative to ordinary, or directly off the site. Persistence has become a big problem.

Several ways of dying at

individual stations:

1. die in silence, drilling update dead end, ask for perfection and do not seek a character and value. Innovation has not kept pace, technology is missing, business strategy is absent.

2. in the struggle in the curtain call, technology can not keep up the pace of thinking, there are preliminary operational strategy, but the lack of stability, tossing themselves and Internet users, in the sad demise.

3. search engine spike, this easy to explain, user loyalty and the value of the site can not be established from the beginning, lost the stickiness of the site. Search engine spike became the final road of return.

4. transformation lose value, the site to a certain extent, encountered bottlenecks, can not afford to rush to launch new features and projects, leading to pushing across the original site, and then lose value.

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