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Clear user experience requirements through user experience research

After discovering and analyzing business objectives and customer needs,

should translate them into experiential requirements and (final) features. Guidelines for defining experiential features and experiential requirements include:

·: BACKGROUND: what is the platform for submitting experience? Is it a browser on a desktop computer, or a wireless device like Palm, VII, pocketPC, mobile phones,


· environment: what is the experience of environment? The way home office??? The dim light? There is no danger? The user experience is occurring on a single platform, desktop computer, handheld devices, mobile phone or


·: scalability and scalability: what changes may occur during the development of the user experience?

·: what impact do other experiences that users may experience affect the expectations and purposes of the company’s user experience?

·: process: what are the typical task streams of using experience?

·: navigation: what are the key tasks that users have to accomplish? What paths can users do best?

·: Transactions: what are the important transactions? How did they start and complete?

·: qualitative analysis: what about the experience,


·: quantitative analysis:

how long will it take to complete the task,


if you have tools such as search engines, you have to click on them for a few seconds.

how long will it take to experience the first experience?

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