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New station how to learn from other people’s SEO

do it for several years, but the technology is not how good, made numerous large and small sites, now that SEO has been important, you don’t do well, not to search for someone to be away from you, facing so many competitors, and you only continue to competitors, learn to blows the competitors will continuously improve the level of their own. I have a station, http://s.wujiangyongxin.com.. Here’s a summary of how I used my competitors in the SEO process. Probably not every one is effective for everyone, but there’s at least something worth studying.

1.Meta optimization

‘s own writing of meta is sometimes a confusing thing because it’s always not perfect and, if it doesn’t work well, you have to make changes based on search engine performance and site statistics. But with competitors, you can save some time. What we have to do is choose the keyword related to our web page, and then refer to the competition to integrate the keywords into the meta.

2. page layout

Html the use of tags, keyword density and location, URL naming page layout have a large weight in SEO, especially for Baidu, so the study of the competition according to the characteristics of their web page layout modifications, you can save a lot of time, but the weights of each web page is not the same, so you not only to study the leading competitors, also can look backward than their competitors, take the essence and discard the dross.

3. internal link

An internal link structure model of

is not a small project, you will find the truth when you do ZhengZhan optimization. If you don’t have enough external links to prove which pages are important, then you can prove them by internal links. When every page you link to the home page, search engine, of course, think the home page is important, give very high weight. So you learn the internal link deployment of competitors and the performance of the related pages on the search engine, and then make a similar deployment based on your own site. When your website has many pages, you will find that internal links and external links are equally important.

4. links

when you don’t know who you are and who you are looking for, a competitor is like a light that lights you up. Although you may not have competitors such resources and brands, sometimes, but others have pointed out the direction for you, and the rest of them go on their own. When your website reaches a certain level, other people are naturally happy to link with you, and when your website looks good in others, others will automatically find you to link.

5. external link

analyze the external links of competitors, but if competitors are black hat, message boards, blogs, you don’t study. Because probably


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