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5D6D don’t hit your own leg with a free brick

5D6D charges a lot of noise, because I also have a binding domain name anchored on the 5D6D, so the incident is also quite concerned about. Think of the original, when the station settled in 5D6D, completely because of its free license, free binding domain name. This has irresistible attraction to a number of stationmaster, because this kind of policy attracted thousands of stationmaster to settle down. Have done standing know, a two level domain name and a top-level domain weight is self-evident. It is precisely because of the permanent under the banner of free 5D6D, many owners have spent a lot of time to promote their own station, have made their own scale, but more station also did not achieve stable earnings, therefore more willing to use the free space station.

however, as soon as the toll policy comes out, the damage is not only to the webmaster, but also to the loss of 5D6D. Where’s the big deal,


: a long time ago, and has been a permanent free sign, suddenly to charge, not to mention the domestic well-known enterprises have such prestige, then who will have credibility, the credibility of the word itself is a cup. I believe that this enterprise can survive, but will no longer be trusted. Mutual trust is the first step in business.

two: in making fees decision-making, 5D6D and did not ask the views of the majority of webmaster, but is a strong introduction of the charge service, which led to the overwhelming majority of the station’s resentment. At present, the network situation is not good, everyone can understand, in making this program, the reasonable approach is to consult the views of the majority of webmaster, and then choose a compromise program. You ignore yourself and put yourself on high ground. You think you’re God,


three: charging seriously divorced from the actual track of the market. 140 yuan per year to bind a domain name, which is more expensive, than to buy a space you ask, value-added services in? Charge free forum forum and the value difference in where? What do I spend 140 yuan a year fee, buy a can not backup data, cannot collect data, not free management forum. You want to shut it off, you want to leave? As more owners said, one-time charges 30 yuan fee bound we can understand, and I am willing to bear the cost, but every year to pay the cost of money, you when I was a donkey kill


: it’s already late, four. In the strong introduction of charges after the uproar, in the voice of the overwhelming majority of the webmaster, 5D6D official was forced to introduce second sets of free binding program. Maybe the image of 5D6D was good before. At least 5D6D’s image of my little stationmaster was gone. With the user walking closer, you have more money to earn, and you and the user’s distance pull farther, the user can only stay away from you. 5D6D later to repair the incident and the cracks generated by the webmaster, I’m afraid not overnight.

Ma Yun said that free things are the most expensive things in the world


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