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Discussion on the pre work assignment of consumer websites

as a consumer website, the site is basically divided into offline and online two links. At first, the bones and flesh of the web were not enriched before. Personally, I think online accounts for 60%. The main work is divided into:

1. The technical framework of the website is constantly improving.

two, the content of the site is constantly filling, of course, the early stage is to rely on search engines to bring traffic. So the content is important. Content is basically divided into business details, the browser useful guidance information. Since it is a consumer Web site, the content must be able to really guide consumption. This kind of content is valuable.

three, community atmosphere construction. The community of consumer websites is a hub for dialogue between businesses and consumers. A community of websites can be very successful if they can really interact with consumers.

line 40% work focus:

most consumer websites initially talk to businesses about discounts. The ability to talk about a few hundred times in a short time, can not afford to talk about one hundred or two hundred.

then the discount is over. Many people make cards and then advertise them. But through this period of operation I found that this operation is very easy to cause the sneered worship a throw. Reason: the city’s consumer websites are increasing, and free cards are everywhere. How to ensure that people use you in many consumer cards, which is fundamental, has a direct impact on your card’s presentation rate. Thus affecting the website revenue. And it requires cost operation, manpower + money + time. The most valuable thing about website operation is time. If this model is really good, I don’t think everyone will discuss it too much.

I personally think that the initial website and business discounts are certain, but this discount and other discounts are not the same, the discount is the introduction, discount talks should be reflected in the interactive. In the community for businesses to open a column, in order to answer consumer queries, the contribution of consumers to give a lot of discount, so that it can stimulate. Of course, this operation is difficult, can achieve business and consumer interaction, the need for all aspects of processing. But this can save popularity. Since it is a consumer type of Web site, then it is necessary to have all walks of life have mastered, this is difficult. The real understanding of the industry is the business itself, and only the real dialogue between businesses and consumers can bring valuable information.

after your website has a certain popularity, the focus of the site will be transferred.

60% online, offline publicity to the site. Because if the site is only relying on search engines to bring traffic, then your website can not hesitate to say that you have been hijacked by search engines, one day you are abandoned, it is a terrible thing. Site should be to face the user, rather than face the search engine. Therefore, to conduct offline publicity of the website. There are many ways of promoting it. For example, the most common is organized activities, activities >


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