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Teach you how to write an article in the public number that you would like to share

many enterprises or business operations in the micro WeChat public number, one of the most common way is to write articles, get the user’s attention through the article, and the article to attract users to take the initiative forward and spread, but how to write an article to make it the number of years in the public is willing to share the


said that the open public number to operate the first thing to do is to increase the number of fans, yes, this is the first goal, but increase the quality of the fans is also very important, otherwise there will be a number of fans, but few people patronize public phenomenon. Of course, after the fans, to ensure that content quality is the operator to achieve the second goal, which is to make fans become loyal users a great secret. As for how to increase the number of fans, Xiaobian are not one by one analysis, this article focuses on how to achieve the second objectives, write the public number of article content.

before the pen to write the public number of articles, should be to observe the user’s behavior is important, should pay particular attention to the dynamic study of the circle of friends, they are more willing to share content types. According to the data show that in addition to the public number of push content is directly browsed, a large part of the flow from the user in the circle of friends to share, it can be seen that a good public article role immeasurable.

The different properties of

WeChat public content and website optimization when writing, usually in favor of website optimization articles must be associated with the theme of industry, but the public, as long as do the content sharing the user experience on the line, as long as the content to attract users, as with the industry whether the impact is not big, of course, and can industry is the best but. Its contents can be separated from several aspects:

first, with affection moving. General writing is not blindly by repeated words to introduce the products or service, this is too marketing copy users don’t love, at this time, enterprises must recognize is that the user can move the user will seriously read it, can touch the heart and cause the resonance of the above the ninety percent are likely to be shared, so the article can proceed from the emotions, both the passions, as long as it can affect the user behavior of emotion can be expressed out by articles such as: students true portrayal of life, pictures and text, and then attached to a campus article, for people who have the same experience will touch the heart.


second, positive energy propagation. When people are lost, they want to have a way to solve problems, can help themselves out of the predicament, and often some positive energy of the text, just to bring these users hope. Especially for frustrated people, nerves are very sensitive and easily affected by the surrounding environment. Then the article can be positive energy case to shape content, triggering positive energy transmission.


third, pay attention to practicability. Some operators like <


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