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When pornographic picture gate meets Chinese stationmaster

years ago this time, the network hot topic more than many, Gala events, pornographic, Southern China tigers, pornographic is one of the most popular and most discussed events for this event, my personal attention is not a lot, always watching others in argumentative, everyone in the discussion group where can I find pornographic pictures, and all the public sale of pornographic incident at Taobao pictures.

I have been to these events is not interested, but this thing is so long, not only did not stop, but more and more warm, look at the various forums, blogs, portals and other events are similar reports and comments. In fact, this thing could have small, small, but more and more outrageous, become a major news event, even been classified as international news. Deserved it! Who let him meet China webmaster!


to see pornographic incident related keywords in Baidu search volume, a day of pornographic: 202937, Edison Chan 265672, Cecilia Cheung 51353, A Jiao 29422, and these data in the soaring, curve straight up. Here’s a screenshot:


on this issue, can explain several problems, the first is the problem of Internet users, Chinese many users are still keen on Internet pornography to indulge in some people fall into a reverie. The important question is, when there appeared some media and called on the government to stop the spread of the majority of Internet users and download pornographic incident related photos, but has not any effect, but more and more, the network is a virtual space and there is no strict control, text pictures and video is transmitted, no one can interfere with users publish and download the information rights, if any, do not take into account all aspects. The final question comes from the stars themselves, the vigilance is too bad, or that they are too confident, since fear of things happened, it should not be so impulsive!


in Chinese, Adsense is a group of people, but also very large, if China users piled in a Pyramid, so webmaster is often the top part of the spire, this group of people generally have more experience than many Internet users and network, and can obtain income through Internet experience and technology, I am also one of them, so, I know the webmaster, every hot events, but also indicates that some owners can obtain certain benefits through this event, customers will be one of them. The pornographic incident, Baidu only my personal estimate one day search volume may exceed 500 thousand, I referred to some key energy-saving, and it is safe to say, if a webmaster through the events of the day can be more than 10 thousand of the IP traffic, then the meaning of his Google or Adsense other advertising can more than tens of dollars or more, converted into RMB is a few hundred yuan.

sees a website on Ali’s mother, traffic during the episode


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