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New station from zero to have novice webmaster do station experience

Hello, I often see A5 predecessors wrote articles, benefit greatly, today first published my own ideas, written badly, I hope we understand more

I am a complete novice webmaster, used to be engaged in computer maintenance, has been engaged in the hardware, the computer in recent years the rapid development of computer, low price, sales profit is very low, my income is not much, so I got the idea of this website, want to send it out get out of hand.

I was engaged in the hardware, although all belong to the category of computer, but when the true operation, I know how hard it is, space erection, the art I can, but the site is really painful procedures, I remember I was in time for me to find his program source the Internet, next to the space, waiting for a long time after the discovery of this program is too restrictive, or not for me, then find, seek, is looking for a night, but it pays off, is found.


is not very perfect, but it is more suitable for the operation of my I think these free web applications, then I started to set up the database, and related program settings, there is no basis for me, this is very difficult, always encounter many unexpected problems. I believe some novice webmaster will have the same experience as me. Well, Baidu search, search tutorial, predecessor instruct let me join the webmaster, indebted forever, ask questions of the predecessors of the enthusiastic lost to all sense of shame, let me move.

finally, the website has been built, my first site is the mobile phone 3GP movie download station. May be the theme of the relationship between demand is limited, the night may be my luck, after a month of promotion, what bookmarks, soft, Forum irrigation, QQ group, Links and so on, plus my SEO optimization but in short, one month down, my net station or not what traffic. Let alone included.

so I completely lost sleep, more than once I doubt what I do now is right, the pressure of life, physical and mental exhaustion almost put me down, this day and feel muddle along without any aim no words can describe.

after a few days of thinking, I understand, really is my website theme in question, what kind of theme quite attractive? After the ideological struggle, I decided to make a human body art network, we first heard what they think of human art. Yes, I just want it attractive, no matter how honest you think, you can not deny the human body art network for the attractiveness of male Internet users, and the fact that my road is still relatively right.

found the support body art picture space, again through a painful process of selection of web application, build process, add content and process, I this half SEO optimization process, 521 human pictorial art museum opened, I summarizes the previous site of failure by.


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