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Shop business can not despise the wandering customers

as a shopkeeper, we hope that every consumer can go into the store to buy, however, in the actual operation of the process, we often find some customers like to hang around. Because these customers do not buy things, many shopkeepers attitude will be very poor, in fact, this approach will undoubtedly lose these customers, but also may lose the potential customers around these customers. Therefore, the shop can not despise the business of wandering customers.

after the Mid Autumn Festival, the store suddenly deserted a lot of business. This morning, I was finishing the goods on the shelves of the store, the old neighbor Liu led a strange face of middle-aged man walked in. The old right leg is lame, is a 50 year old bachelor, he lived near my home shop, a more than and 70 year old mother. Liu usually wearing some sloppy, bursts of love to my shop around the door, look here, look at there, then don’t buy what left.

listen to the neighbors say, don’t look at this old Liu usually unkempt, is a big dutiful son carefully, his mother very attentive care. Liu ordinary in the zone of a glass factory to do odd jobs, some time ago, the glass factory efficiency is not good, often did not work stoppages, Liu is a lame leg around a part-time job, they live frugally, pumping low-grade tobacco and drink cheap wine, every month as the one thousand yuan salary to the old mother.

recently, Liu also acquired an electric vehicle with four wheels, when the glass factory shut down, Liu drove four wheeled to the county train station run rental, shuttle passengers get off. In the eyes of everyone, Liu is a "full on, that is through the life of the people". So, although Liu often came to the store just do not buy, I do not hate him, when the shop is not busy, I was chatting with him a few words, Liu for new products of interest, I will also do some products presented to him.

this time, see Liu came in, I still warm hellos. Liu said with a smile: "girl, today I to bring you to a customer, he was driving a taxi at the station I know the peer friends, after a few days, his son to get married, what need to buy some tobacco and candy, you take my last look at the" Taishan "to make it a brother." The middle-aged man standing beside me also Liu Han Han smile.

my son just got married to do a feast soon, with my "come over" experience, I recommend to the middle-aged man two packaging festive, affordable new cigarettes and a "ten miles of incense" liquor. Middle aged man said: "I am a real brother Liu, he recommended the shop owner also must not be bad temper, I believe that, listen to your!" That day, the middle-aged man Liu and the purchase of three thousand yuan in the goods in my shop.



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