How to eat sweet taste

cooked food to join the brand what kind of brand influence is deep, what kind of brand worthy of investor trust, what kind of brand by consumers? Shanghai flavor Ya Ya cooked food is such a brand to join.

Shanghai Zhi Ya taste food chain management Co. Ltd is a joint-stock company to the table, leisure food chain management as the core, the spirit of "standardized management", "standard service, integrity management" business philosophy, established in twenty-first Century the success of the franchise business business model. Company in Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Taicang, Kunshan, Suzhou has a number of chain stores. In accordance with the modern enterprise business model, and continuously forge ahead, and strive to create "create industry standards, leading the development of the industry," the professional chain of food companies, invite the broad masses of people with lofty ideals to join.

How to join the

flavor Zhi Ya cooked?

flavor chain process:

Consulting – – to choose the shop shop on-site assessment and audit by signing the franchise contract, pay the relevant fees for the relevant license, store design – Recruitment – Storefront decoration transport personnel to the headquarters training project acceptance – examination after store — try to enter the business cleaning and publicity activities, issued the official business

flavor chain conditions:

1, with legal business qualification;

2, have a certain capital base, good financial credit, have the ability to resist the risk of investment;

3, network marketing, sales organization team, channel and terminal sales experience is preferred;

4, there are basic stores or have been operating in the deli can avoid joining fee.

believe you on the taste of how to join the text of this article has a certain understanding, if you want to join now please act. If there is anything that is not clear in this process, please leave a message below our website.


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