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Protect the environment quality of Beijing electric vehicle fast charging station officially put int

in the daily life of the majority of the advent of electric cars, for our lives to provide a great convenience, in the use of electric vehicles, the charging problem has been a good solution! In January 17, 2017, the official operation of electric vehicle fast charging Beijing flyover Art Center Station, the station is currently the largest scale in the core area of the capital service, the strongest public electric vehicle charging station, charging electric vehicles and effectively meet the demand. State Beijing Electric Power Company marketing director Shi Jingjian introduction, during the Spring Festival, we will increase the density of the inspection of these charging piles to provide strong protection for the people to travel the spring festival."

it is understood that during 13th Five-Year, the national electricity in Beijing actively serving the capital city function positioning, scientific and reasonable to carry out the electric vehicle charging construction, the core area of the capital there are a number of cultural sites, historical relics and leisure park, the national electricity in Beijing according to the regional characteristics, in the area to carry out extensive site selection and construction. This time, the construction of the center of the flyover Art Center charging is put into service Beijing four center city positioning specific initiatives.

close to the Spring Festival, electric car owners travel significantly increased. Moreover, the recent art center has also introduced a lot of repertoire, many viewers are electric cars to watch the show. Therefore, in order to ensure that these people in the theatre at the same time, can smoothly for their car charging, our staff working overtime for equipment inspection and acceptance, to ensure that the station put into operation before the spring festival."

using the latest charging technology   charging time shortened by half

flyover Art Center is a new landmark of the capital culture, adjacent to the natural museum, Tiantan, Taoranting Park Park, with a dense, large traffic characteristics. Therefore, the choice of charging stations in this area to maximize the needs of the owners to meet the demand for electric vehicles. The site has a total of 100 DC fast charging pile, is currently the capital of the core area of the largest and most powerful public service charging site.

"This station

charging pile adopts 60 kW fast charging technology, charging ability, charging efficiency than previous fast charging pile increased nearly 1 times, but also greatly shorten the charging time, only need 15 to 20 minutes to complete the ordinary electric passenger car power supply, the average can provide nearly the 5000 charging service, can effectively meet the fast fill power electric car users travel demand." Shi Jingjian introduction.

to build the city’s electric vehicle convenient charging circle

for the implementation of Beijing clean air action plan requirements, the development of electric vehicles, in recent years, the national electricity in Beijing according to the Beijing municipal and state gridcorporation deployment, actively participate in the preparation of the "Beijing city electric vehicle smart charging for electric planning" service development, increase the range of Beijing City recommended


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