Guy open shop business day break million

business has now become a choice for many people, at the same time in such a network era, there are a lot of people have begun to complete their own business objectives through the network as a platform, then let’s look at such an extraordinary network of entrepreneurs.

see Yin Feilei, he was wearing a white shirt and slacks, affinity elegant, confident young breath. His "Feilei dry cargo · shop" entrepreneurial dream college students since January 2013, opened at the end, after 1 and a half years from now accumulated reputation has reached 4 crown, sold more than 3 thousand single monthly average dry cargo from north to south, the daily sales break million yuan.

During the

By the end of

2012, the store ranked first in the annual Taobao food, health shops.

live on their own

2013 in January 3rd, should be the most memorable day of Yin Feilei, that day he and his brothers parted ways. That morning, my roommate came from Nanjing zouqu, just say "you tomorrow without delivery" on the left, he is stunned.

second days, the store is not closed, but also set up a new password, Yin Feilei could not go into. He said, now in retrospect is torn with grief, remain perplexed despite much thought". For a while he slept all night, smoking, as if nothing had happened overnight.

3 weeks, his attitude adjustment, more determined to own their own business, registered in the online shop – "Feilei dry cargo · store the entrepreneurial dream of College students". He will be the first floor of his transformation into a packaging workshop, hired several workers. Because the price is close to the people, attracted a lot of customers. Now the store has 4 crowns, the average monthly sales of North and South dry goods can be recommended more than 3 thousand


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