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Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Conducts Burial at Sea

first_img View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Dwight View post tag: Navy Training & Education Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Conducts Burial at Sea View post tag: conducts View post tag: Burial View post tag: Nimitz-Class View post tag: Aircraft View post tag: USS Share this article View post tag: sea View post tag: Naval August 22, 2011 Back to overview,Home naval-today Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Conducts Burial at Sea View post tag: D. View post tag: Eisenhower View post tag: Carrier Sailors aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) (IKE) gathered to honor the deaths of two former Sailors in a burial at sea ceremony, Aug. 18.“It was quite the honor to be able to participate in the ceremony and a humbling experience to meld the religious aspects with military honors for the burial,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tom Statler, one of IKE’s chaplains.In earlier days, burial at sea was an absolute necessity when a death occurred on board a ship.Today, it is seldom necessary to bury members at sea, except in time of war. On occasion, naval personnel who die ashore, or naval retirees, request a burial at sea.These requests are honored whenever possible. Such requests are submitted to the cognizant naval area commander for approval. If authorized, the date of the burial will be determined by the availability of the concerned naval vessel. “It takes a lot of preparation to conduct a burial at sea,” said Statler. “Coordinating this ceremony involved a wide variety of people from the command, such as arranging the honor guard and a firing squad to be there.”The ceremony was composed of religious rites, which consisted of reading scriptures, prayer, the committal and Benediction. Military honors consisted of the firing of three volleys after the Benediction, Taps, and the folding and presentation of the United States flag to the Executive Officer and Command Master Chief, who received it on behalf of the deceased’s next of kin.“The families trust the Navy with the remains of their deceased to carry out their final wishes,” said Statler. “Death can be such a great enemy at times, and remembering the life of someone that has passed away can be a great opportunity to bring comfort and joy to the families whom experienced such a significant loss.”Individuals eligible for this program are: active duty members of uniformed services; retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged, U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command: and dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services.[mappress]Source: navy, August 22, 2011;last_img read more

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring

first_imgI usually have to steel myself for watching a Kim Ki-Duk film. Ki- Duk has made a name in Korea as an uncompromising director: his films are brutal, and frequently take as their protagonists criminals and prostitutes, the marginal and the selfharming. Tracing the education of a young monk from childhood to old age, each episode illustrated by a different season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Springmight seem at first glance to be an anomaly in his oeuvre. But beyond its poetic composition and references to Buddhist mysticism, it deals with the same alienated and marginal characters struggling to attain some kind of peace. The setting is a floating Buddhist monastery in the middle of a remote lake in present-day Korea. In the film’s first chapter, an elderly monk educates a small boy, whom he teaches to treat the natural world with respect. The boy torments a fish, a frog and a snake by tying heavy stones to them, and the old monk does the same thing to the child, warning him that he will always carry such a burden in his heart. When we next see the boy, he is an adolescent, in love with a sick girl brought to the temple to be cured. The monk cautions him that lust turns into the desire to possess which in turn leads to murder. The boy ignores the advice and goes out into the world. He returns to the monastery at later points in his life, first in Autumn and the in Winter, and on each visit we see the elder man’s prophesies borne out, the inter-rim incidents linking Spring, Summer… to the themes of Ki-Duk’s earlier works. By the time we return to the Spring, the man himself is now an old monk, living in the monastery, raising a child as he himself was raised. The film is characterised by the fine balance between truncated anecdotes and a nuanced sense of time passing. Incidents gather resonance between episodes, so that the monks collect leaves in the first episode for a medicine that we see in the second. In the small monastery, the painted wood, simple alter and bird-shaped wind chimes accrue a poignant familiarity over the decades of the narrative. Although not as gut-wrenching as some of Ki-Duk’s previous works, the film is certainly as melancholy. The director’s real divergence from his usual path is in the hope with which he imbues the film. It’s a very rare thing indeed to come out of a cinema floating on a cloud of goodwill, and an ever rarer one to come out of Kim Ki-Duk film in such a state. But Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Springseems to be able to transfer some of the calm and inner peace of the Buddhist faith on which it meditates, even as far as Jericho.ARCHIVE: 5th week TT 2004last_img read more

New College cat comes home

first_imgNew College’s pet kitten Otis has been returned home after being discovered in Cowley on Tuesday night.The cat, whose disappearance was reported two weeks ago in Cherwell, is said to have been “unscathed but confused” when found by RSPCA workers.Zoe Norridge, Fellow in African and Comparative Literature, who oversees the welfare of the College pet, has thanked everyone who helped in the search for Otis.“Thank you for all the messages, help with putting up posters, late night walks around the University Club pitches calling out his name and so on.”Otis, who had disappeared on Monday 8th February, is now said to be “purring and curled up on the sofa” . Norridge said, “We’ll keep Otis in for a week or so but look out for him around college towards the end of term!”last_img read more

Report: Alleged Ft. Lauderdale shooter’s aunt, a Union City resident, says…

first_imgUNION CITY — The key suspect in the shooting at Fr. Lauderdale Airport was a military vet who “lost his mind” after serving a tour in Iraq, NJ.com quoted the suspect’s aunt as saying on Friday. She lives in Union City.The shooter killed five people and injured five more on Friday around noon.The article says, “agents who identified themselves as being from the FBI arrived at the family’s Union City apartment Friday afternoon to question the aunt and uncle about their nephew, the family said. They were seen leaving shortly before 6 p.m.”The suspect has been identified in multiple outlets as Esteban Santiago, 26, who had spent 10 months in Iraq.CBS News stated: “Law enforcement officials told NBC News they believe Santiago flew Delta from Anchorage, Alaska and caught a connecting Delta flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Fort Lauderdale, where he picked up his firearm at baggage claim and began the shooting spree. Federal guidelines allow for passengers to check unloaded guns in a locked case, and also allows for ammunition to be placed in checked baggage.”Relatives in Florida were also contacted by the FBI.Watch for updates as more information is available.last_img read more

Watch Bob Weir Sit In With Steve Kimock & Friends For Chuck Berry And Bob Dylan Classics

first_imgOver the weekend, Steve Kimock brought together a top-notch band for three nights of music to the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California. The band included Jeff Chimenti (Dead & Company, Furthur, RatDog), Bobby Vega (Zero, KVHW), Leslie Mendelson, and Jay Lane (RatDog, Primus), promising even more special guests for every night.The audience was treated to a very special surprise guest appearance from Bob Weir on Friday, the 13th. The Grateful Dead guitarist played the majority of the first set, and the first song of the second set, performing both Grateful Dead songs and unique covers. He kicked into gear for “You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie),” by Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan‘s “Queen Jane Approximately,” before heading into GD classics “Dancing In The Streets,” “Bird Song,” and “The Other One.” He returned during the second set to perform “Blue Bayou,” popularized by Linda Ronstadt.Thanks to MarkoVision Films, you can watch video of the performances below:You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie)Queen Jane ApproximatelySetlist: Steve Kimock & Friends at Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA – 5/13/16Set I:Ice Cream (instrumental)You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie)Queen Jane Approximately (BW)Dancing in the Street* (BW, LM)Bird Song > (BW)The Other One > (BW)Bird Song (BW, LM)Set II:Blue Bayou (LM, BW)Nana’s Chalk PipeHillbillies on PCPTo Love Somebody (LM)Psycho Killer (LM)Ancient Astronauts** (JL, SB)Five B4 FunkE: Waiting for a Miracle (LM)* = Matthew Kelly ** = Sunshine Becker[H/T Deadheadland]last_img read more

Jackie Greene, Marc Ribot And Nels Cline Join Los Lobos On Last Night Of City Winery Run [Video]

first_imgLos Lobos completed a run of show at New York City’s own City Winery last night, which featured guest spots from guitarists such as Marc Ribot, Wilco’s Nels Cline, and Jackie Greene. The East L.A./Sunset Strip band ran through numbers such as “La Bamba,” “When the Circus Comes to Town,” “Viking,” “La Venganza de los Pelados” (w/ Marc Ribot) and more.The band also ran through covers of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Rattlesname Shake,” as well as the Allman Brothers Band‘s “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’,” “Not Fade Away > Bertha,” both featuring Jackie Greene. Cline sat in during the encore on “La Bamba,”  and “Hey Joe.” Check out video of the Greene sit-in below:“Not Fade Away > Bertha” w/ Jackie Greene:Los Lobos – City Winery – New York, NY – 12/19/16 SetlistSet 1: Someday, Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes, Manny’s Bones > Revolution, Rattlesnake Shake*, Chuco’s Cumbia,When The Circus Comes To Town, Let’s Say Goodnight, Ay te dejo en San Antonio$, Walking SongSet 2: Viking, Luz de mi vida, High Places, Why Do You Do?, Chains of Love, La Venganza de los Pelados, Georgia Slop, Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’#, Not Fade Away > Bertha+Encore: La Bamba, Hey Joe^* Fleetwood Mac cover$ Flaco Jiménez cover# Allman Brothers Band cover+ The Crickets / Grateful Dead cover^ The Leaves cover[via Jambase]last_img read more

Turkuaz Shines Bright At Sold-Out Boulder Throwdown

first_imgBrooklyn-based funksters Turkuaz made their return to Colorado on Friday night, and it sure was a treat. Following up on an opening performance with Lettuce at Red Rocks Amphitheater back in May, this time around Turkuaz got to shine as a headliner with two lively sets in front of a sold-out crowd at Boulder’s Fox Theatre.The nine-piece powerhouse band continues to grow, both as musicians and as entertainers. A Turkuaz performance is about more than just the music (and the music is great), it is an immersive experience that includes choreographed dance moves from singers Sammi Garett and Shira Elias, polychromatic costumes, and multiple frontmen (and women) each working the crowd in their own unique ways. Turkuaz’s theatrical approach to funk pays homage to greats like Sly and the Family Stone, George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, and the Talking Heads, but the sound is more technically progressive in large part because of drummer Michelangelo Carubba’s unrelenting chops and leadership.The night opened with an eclectic set from Sudanese-American songwriter Sinkane. The five-piece band had a worldly sound that blended a wide variety of influences into a feel-good pop product, though they weren’t afraid to end their set with a jammy exploration that was laced with organ and a jazzy groove.Turkuaz then wasted no time with a dialed-in funk assault that jumped quickly and expertly from song to song. Each member got opportunities to open up and solo, especially guitarist Craig Brodhead, but as a whole the sound was structured and well-rehearsed.The band played a plethora of songs, including a new tune “On the Run,” the title track of their 2015 release “Digitonium,” and a set-ending “Holy Ghost” that let baritone saxophonist Josh Schwartz take over lead vocal duties. After two power-packed sets, the night ended with the only cover of the night, a rocking take of Sly and the Family Stone’s “M’ Lady.”Turkuaz will return to the stage tonight at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado. Limited tickets remain available here.[photo via @beensforbrains on Instagram]last_img read more

To Libra or not

first_imgI went to the September DN Intersect conference in Las Vegas – hosted by ATM company Diebold Nixdorf – expecting to hear a lot about ATMs but I did not expect to have my mind changed about Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra and that is exactly what happened.I had written off Libra – you probably had too. Too much immediate pushback from regulators and politicians, both in the US and also Europe.  But think again.The scope of Libra is grand – imagine a digital currency with a user base in the billions and global reach. That’s what Facebook has imagined, and it met with quick and wide skepticism.  The world, many immediately believed, just isn’t ready for a new currency.Maybe that is wrong however.Two conversations I had at DN Intersect prompted a rethink on my part.  The first was with Douglas Hartung, a Diebold Nixdorf executive, and the other was with payments guru Richard Crone and also Heidi Liebenguth, managing partner of Crone Consulting.Both conversations are scheduled to surface in the CU2.0 podcast library in early October. Listen to them. They are lively discussions that challenge multiple assumptions about Libra. Here, the highlights are recapped but to get the full energy of the arguments, listen – and be prepared to have orthodoxies challenged.The first mindbending challenge came from Crone.  He set the table this way: there are 2.7 billion users of Facebook and its properties (Instagram, Whats App, Messenger, etc).  Daily users number 2.1 billion. 90 million businesses are in the mix. Maybe 1.7 billion of the users are unbanked or underbanked, making this a universe that has to tantalize financial executives, suggested Crone.So why are none in the initial Libra consortium?  Crone argues that a focus on Libra as crypto currency misleads.  Technically, sure, Libra may be a crypto currency but it also is backed by a bucket of national currencies led by the US dollar, said Hartung.  Facebook has specifically said half the value of Libra will be supported by the US dollar. The Euro, yen, British pound, and Singapore dollar are also in the mix.  That is a very different valuation proposition than applies to Bitcoin, for instance.Libra, says Hartung, is a stable coin – and that’s a very different thing from Bitcoin and its baked in volatility.So what is Libra? Crone puts it this way: “It’s a global p2p network and a giant reloadable prepaid account.”  What’s the use case?  Hartung says that for many users the need when paying online to leave an app and go to a specific payment app creates friction.  Imagine you are in Facebook, chatting with a friend in Bali, and you realize it’s her birthday and you want to send her the value of a Bintang beer, around 90,000 Rp.  How do you do that today?It’s awkward, clunky.Enter Libra and, very possibly, a click will take $6 from you and deliver 90,000 Indonesian rupiahs to the birthday woman.  How easy is that?“The notion that all I need to send money, anywhere, is in my palm is compelling,” said Hartung.Hartung also says that, with Libra, the distribution model is plain and powerful – note the billions of Facebook users.  Note, too, according to Crone, Facebook has slim interests in monetizing Libra per se. What it wants, says Crone, are more eyeballs on its properties which will translate into more advertising dollars and that means more profits.Which just may create an attractive value proposition for financial institutions.Yes, none are presently involved, publicly, with Libra, which involves a $10 million ante for its founding players.  Focus first on who is in: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, eBay, Uber, Lyft.And Facebook has said it expects to have over 100 founding members before Libra launches.And as for the regulatory hurdles, Crone says they may be a help to Facebook, not a hindrance, by keeping competitors at bay. He points to the early history of BankAmericard where initial regulatory friction deterred competitors, says Crone, and that gave Bank America literally years to work out the bugs in its concept and build awareness.Crone also says the wide transparency Facebook has applied to Libra thus far will also set a standard would be competitors will have to match.Where do credit unions fit in Libra?  Only a handful are candidates for individually ponying up $10 million to get into the early Libra collective – that’s true.  But Liebenguth says this is where CUSOs come in and that gives credit unions a special edge.  Question to ask: where are the payments focused CUSOs regarding Libra? Ask them.Crone also says, often in the podcast, that every credit union needs a Libra strategy and they need it now.Both Hartung and Crone talk, in very interesting terms, about the role of ATMs in Libra, particularly as a way for the unbanked to load cash into a Libra account.  It could be as easy as punching a few keys on an ATM, perhaps scanning a code, and putting bills in the cash slot.That can be a source of fee income for credit unions, says Crone, who also said that a credit union could pitch that non member into joining and thus avoiding ATM fees.  Win-win-win.Is this pie in a fantasy sky?  Maybe. Maybe Libra busts out before it officially launches.  Tech companies are known for ruthlessly and quickly unplugging flailing initiatives.  It could happen here.But it also could be that Libra – by bringing banking services to the globe’s unbanked – solves a problem that paves the path to success. And meantime the more affluent Facebook users will have a tool that allows for in-app, cross-border payments with little friction and low cost and that’s a tool that  is needed in the 21st century. Want more details? Listen to the podcasts and hear what converted me from a Libra skeptic to having at least mild interest in the potential of a new currency to change how we pay, online and globally. 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Robert McGarvey A blogger and speaker, Robert McGarvey is a longtime journalist who has covered credit unions extensively, notably for Credit Union Times as well as the New York Times and TheStreet, … Web: www.mcgarvey.net Detailslast_img read more

European Investment Bank could guarantee ELTIF-backed projects, suggests PensionsEurope

first_imgThe European Investment Bank should be encouraged to work with managers behind the European Commission’s long-term investment vehicle, offering capital guarantees and its own expertise in evaluating projects, PensionsEurope has said.A position paper published by the European pension association also said the European executive should consider relaxing guidelines around the use of derivatives in its proposed European Long-term Investment Fund (ELTIF), allowing investing pension funds to continue with “sound” risk-management strategies.The association further argued in favour of a broader list of eligible assets, speaking out in particular for the inclusion of listed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and said the vehicles should be also be able to exceed 30% leverage.The draft ELTIF regulation, published by the Commission last June in the wake of its long-term investing Green Paper, currently does not allow the vehicles to use commodities, engage in securities lending or borrowing, or use derivatives “unless these instruments are used for hedging purposes”. However, the association argued that the limitations on derivates should be reconsidered.“We wish that the use of derivatives would be allowed to hedge against risks associated with all ELTIFs investments and not only against interest rate or currency risks,” the paper said.“This would allow institutional investors such as IORPs to have a sound risk management strategy.”It also suggested that the current maximum leverage threshold of 30% should be reconsidered, “especially for funds mainly composed of equities”.“Indeed, we consider the investor to be aware of the risk attached to these types of funds,” it said, arguing that the threshold be raised to 50%.PensionsEurope also suggested that, to make the mutual funds more attractive to the core audience of small to medium-sized pension funds, the European Investment Bank should offer guarantees for some of the investments made through the ELTIF.“The EIB’s Project Bonds Initiative and other similar activities should be directly linked to the ELTIF,” it said, “with the EIB assuming riskier tranches and providing guarantees.“This would reduce the risks inherent to these kinds of investments, and investors would see the ELTIF as a secure investment vehicle.”It also recommended the EIB and other national bodies “actively cooperate” with asset managers and investors involved with the ELTIFs, as smaller pension funds could not be expected to possess the resources to assess infrastructure projects.However, despite suggesting several amendments, PensionsEurope said it was broadly in favour of the funds.“Pooled investment vehicles are important for smaller IORPS so they can invest in long-term projects without jeopardising the diversification of their asset allocation,” it said.“Furthermore, by pooling existing knowledge, institutional investors may profit from each other’s expertise in different areas so that all of them stand to gain from a pooled investment vehicle.”,WebsitesWe are not responsible for the content of external sitesLink to PensionsEurope’s position paper on ELTIFLink to European Commission’s current draft regulation on ELTIFlast_img read more

Town councilor denies ‘politicking’ accreditation of Kalibo fest organizer

first_imgMarte, who also chaired the committeeon Barangay Government Affairs and Non-Governmental Organizations, said henoticed discrepancies in the submitted documents during their committee hearingon Nov. 12.    “Walatayong balak na i-delay ang accreditation dahil malapit na ang Ati-Atihan. Kailangan nilang i-comply angmga requirements saaccreditation,” Marte said in local language on Nov. 13. KALIBO, Aklan – Town councilor RonaldMarte denied they were “politicking” the accreditation of the Kalibo Sr. Sto.Niño Ati-Atihan Festival Management Council, Inc. (Kassamaco) – presentlyheaded by businessman Apolonio Zaraspe III.   “Alamnatin hindi sila maaaring gumamit ngfacilities at pondo ng localgovernment unit (LGU) ng Kalibo, may mga expenses sila, kahit wala pa silang accreditation. May opisina din sila sa public plaza, but they have no leasecontract with LGU Kalibo,” Marte said. “Mayconflict dito sa by-laws at Executive Order nila. Sa kanilangby-laws, ang place of meeting pa nila outside of the Philippines at maaaring maging member ang isang residente sa kanilang grupo, hindinaka-specify kung foreign national or Filipino,” he added.    The Ati-Atihan Festival of Aklan province is the oldest festival in the Philippines at more than 800 years old. Recently, town councilor Ronald Marte denied they were playing politics on any non-government organizations in relation to the alleged delay on the accreditation of the Kalibo Sr. Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival Management Council, Inc. WHEN IN MANILA On Oct. 22, Kassamaco was asked tosubmit its annual accomplishment report, if available; minutes of its Aug. 21meeting when it passed Resolution No. 006-2019, seeking for a civil societyorganization accreditation and the financial statement report signed by thegroup’s executive officers. It is also not a secret that majorityof the Sangguniang Bayan members and the presiding officer Vice Mayor CynthiaDela Cruz were opponents of Kalibo mayor Emerson Lachica and his vice mayoralcandidate Zaraspe in the 2019 local election.    All funds right now are released bythe Office of the Mayor and the Municipal Tourism Office for the honorarium,transportation, snacks, and other expenses in preparations for the festivalpending the accreditation of the festival organizer.(With a report from Akean Forum/PN)last_img read more