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Because involving violence, obscenity Betta YY six rooms and a number of network broadcast platform


network broadcast the pace of development of the industry is staggering, the scale is constantly expanding, according to statistics, in Beijing alone there are more than and 30 enterprises engaged in the webcast. This will inevitably lead to violation of social morality is gambling, drug-related, jurisprudence problem.


] titanium integrated media has been in the network broadcast platform in the teeth of the storm and stalls thing.

today morning news, according to CCTV reported that the Ministry of culture announced today, broadcast, YY, Betta, tiger panda TV, TV, pearl, six banners live room, 9158 network broadcast platform for allegedly providing Internet cultural products containing obscene, violent, abetting crime and so on, were included in the list. Ministry of culture has been deployed to investigate and deal with the relevant law enforcement agencies involved in the enterprise, will promptly publish the results of punishment. read more


Alipay released the place function can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

April Fool’s day last year, Alipay released a spoof was completely just creative video, boasted to launch a Alipay named Everywhere (Chinese "in place") of the system can satisfy the users to find nearby people to borrow money, borrow and borrow the toilet paper and other charging treasure odd flower needs.

and now, this feature is officially released, in yesterday’s APP update, we have found this feature, the city opened in succession.

it is understood that the place is a location-based service platform for life, users can issue a variety of personalized needs above, and look for people who can provide services nearby. read more


Wanda domain name the latest developments the record information shows that the European rather than

renamed Chinese ( December 29th news, according to friends @ 100 words Si language acquisition of micro-blog broke the news, Wang Sicong "Wanda" domain name, has completed the record in the earlier this month, but the record information is shown in Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, namely the domain name seller. Is this just a hype?

this morning, friends @ language said micro-blog COM domain name survey: latest record in December 5, 2014, the show is still flying in the hands of Europe, is the acquisition of a hype it? read more


Google China CCTV exposure

just watching CCTV news network found that Google China became the focus of the news network. The news took about two minutes to cover the event.

Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center recently according to public reporting and verification, "Google China" website ( a large number of pornographic and vulgar information, a serious violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, contrary to social morality, harm the public interest.

in January this year and in April, Google China website due to the presence of a large number of pornographic and vulgar links, two times the Internet has been illegal and bad information reporting center public exposure. Recently, the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center also received a public report, after verification found that "a large number of pornographic and vulgar information still exists in Google Chinese" website, including a large number of extremely low, ugly pornographic images, video and text. "Google Chinese filtering" website is not good pornographic content according to the requirements of the laws and regulations of our country, a large number of foreign pornographic information on the Internet to spread within the territory of China through the website, a serious violation of the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee on safeguarding Internet Security" and the State Council decided to "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations well, the relevant industry self regulate, serious violations of physical and mental health of adolescents, damage to the public interest. read more


Daily topic how far away is the secret of the secret of morality and law

A5 ( station network May 15th news, there has never been a APP to produce explosive growth in the first day on the line, never a just a few days on the APP can lead to so much attention, anonymous social software secret like a bomb was thrown to the crowd, blow up people for a long time to wear face masks. Recently, an anonymous social App software secret quietly popular. However, only one month on the shelves will be App Store shelves.

secret App hunting team, at the beginning of April at App Store on the line, and quickly rose to the free download charts in the first few. Its inspiration from the famous foreign Secret secret applications, based on the introduction of anonymous social contacts. Users only need to register their phone number, see the address book friends and friends of friends to share the secret. A netizen said that "the secret" APP social way: it’s like in a masquerade, will let you not consciously releasing hidden in real life on the other side. read more


Network marketing plan implementation plan

in order to better carry out the group purchase network marketing work, improve site traffic and the number of registered users, group purchase network brand construction and Wallace, to ensure the successful completion of the task group purchase group purchase, the maximum benefit, the combination of business liaison department, technology department, website promotion department and other departments cooperate with each other, the successful completion of network marketing the working group purchase network. The following is the work of various departments: read more


Jingdong 20 yuan transferred subsidiary Mini pick 80% shares behind the profit and loss.

Jingdong 20 yuan to transfer its subsidiary shares was 80% Mini pick founder sue

March 10, 2014 Lai Dandan, founder of the Jingdong’s Japanese and Korean brands vertical electricity supplier website Mini pick the receive letter, displays the contents of the Jingdong will store the transfer price of 20 yuan subsidiary – Shanghai is International Trade Co. Ltd. (Mini pick operations subject, hereinafter referred to as the Shang International) 80% of the shares. April 1st, Lai Dandan to the controlling shareholder harm the interests of the company as an excuse to prosecute Jingdong, Shanghai City People’s court has formally accepted the case on file. read more