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The self-help Mala franchise business coup

self Malatang operator stores if not a lot to learn business skills, then the business will be affected. So many investors now, if you want to be successful, then you should learn more about the successful experience of others. Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the road to business.

after the preliminary work hard preparing shop, in addition to the recruitment, training, purchase channels and a series of work, it is important to open after the operation, the business and income you store daily.

to ensure the competitiveness of the store’s products and attractive charm. Now the diners to the flavor of the food is more and more captious. Therefore, the unique taste, is the first key to retain the diners. Especially, the soup with popular taste spicy. Spot gold you must be optimistic about the soup. Here is a small suggestion, you can put some medicine materials to enhance the taste of the soup, you will see how to collocation.

regularly organize promotional activities. A self-help Mala stores, small bosses seem to ask if the cost is not enough. However, you must remember puerile this truth, let more people know your shop, even earn money?

focus on service skills, improve service quality. The charm of the product is also very important, perfect service, self-service Malatang franchise store salesperson should pay attention to their service skills, improve service quality, customer satisfaction and return to come. Small details of the services in place, such as the shop immediately let go home feeling.

maintain good internal and external image. Before the start of the shop to spend a lot of money to decorate a good image, do not necessarily need to spend huge sums of money, but also engage in a more personal, creative, can still attract the attention of customers.

self-help Malatang franchise operators can learn the successful experience of others. In the store, if able to adopt some feasible management strategy according to the actual situation, then the business will be carried out more successfully, to learn it, do more worry investment business.

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Catering industry is developing rapidly now how to shop

the improvement of people’s living standards make China’s catering industry usher in the development of the peak, especially in the more and more severe employment problems today, China’s catering industry development to change rapidly, many investment franchisees saw prospects for catering industry in the future, in order to open features a restaurant to join the project for good development in the market, small money for food and beverage items to you do here.

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Do you know the new credit card repayment in Fujian

credit card is widely used in life, after the monthly consumption and then repayment on time, but there are people who let you help the repayment of how to do? A person holding a credit card to store people on behalf of repayment, another person with out behind that cover the former Dun behind, hiding in the nearby at the loss of my credit card. The above performances, making more than shop owner fooled. January 2nd, a small shop owner cheated after the report, yesterday, 3 suspects were arrested by the police arrested the East drum.

1 2, Drum East police station received an area of a mixed store owner Lin alarm. Lin said he was cheated 40 thousand yuan. Originally, Lin opened a grocery store in private credit card cash business. On the same day, a regular customer and partner came to the store. Who took out a credit card, let Lin on behalf of 40 thousand yuan, 42 thousand yuan after the agreed repayment brush. Lin will be 40 thousand yuan into the VIP card, ready to use POS machine brush 42 thousand yuan, but the system has been unable to complete the operation.

this time, VIP disappeared, Lin took regular companion. The other face angry: "I was stupid, he owed me money not yet, how could you let him go?" Finish saying, this man also ran.

Lin to drum East police station alarm. The police retrieved the store surveillance, and soon found a man surnamed Chen’s identity information. The police and the credit card inquiries, that the owner is zhao.

police arrested yesterday in Cangshan Zhao, Chen and Zhao Moumou 3.

learned that there are fraud convictions Zhao, Zhao Moumou, Chen, Zhao Moumou to allow credit card cash shop, and the owner set near. Mixed with more familiar, Zhao Moumou holding a credit card to the store cash, Chen followed in the vicinity, Zhao hiding in the observation. Once the cash, Zhao Moumou immediately notify Zhao, Zhao to call the bank credit card, frozen account. Zhao Moumou to slip away, after Chen Moumou also cover away, pretending to be a creditor to escape.

in life to help others, we also need to strengthen awareness of prevention, especially in the Spring Festival approaching, many of the social fraud began to appear. Currently, the gang has confessed fraud 3, in addition to Lin alarm, the other two victims cheated several million did not alarm. Police found two victims, they said, know to use POS machine credit card cash is illegal, so after being cheated dare not report.

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How to choose the best way to start a business

home market, has been very hot. Subsequently, the market is very hot home accessories. The choice of good home accessories, is the best choice for our beautiful living environment. So, entrepreneurship to choose to join the art of home accessories jewelry items, is a very wise choice!

class art home accessories?

first class investment Home Furnishing art Jiapin jewelry, you will choose a sunrise industry, the hot market demand makes it easy for you to earn a! In modern society, new home decoration, home to the renovation, rent to decorate, the marriage room to decorate children room, a kind of a year, office to decorate, opened to dress, to beautify the celebration, for class art Jiapin jewelry can receive Home Furnishing every household, everyone needs!

secondly, the investment class art Jiapin home accessories, you do not have to worry about their lack of experience, these headquarters are taken into account for you. Headquarters to provide products and display including training, training, Shop Manager / assistant training camp, shop management training etc.. Complimentary business items, including Yilabao, leaflets, brochures, uniforms, business gifts etc..

a good business to join the project, we choose the target. Lesson art Jiapin home accessories? Plays a very important role in our life. So, entrepreneurial success of the best project, to choose the class art home accessories?


Novice shop to keep in mind four points

for a novice, the shop is actually a business trouble, do a good job can be easily, do not, it is difficult to let the business on track. New open shop venture, the first 3 months of the most difficult, how to get out of business bad circle? Senior shopkeepers share four points.

The first point is:

. The principle of master

select shop business, must be prepared to fight a protracted war rations. A lot of people in the early preparation is insufficient, did not think how long? How long can boil? Or how long it will take the store to give up, give up.

1. recommended six months to 1 years to support the psychological preparation of the chain

After the well prepared to fight a protracted war in the process of

, boil, you can start one by one to exclude the impact factors of the business, the most important point is the analysis of these factors, repeat.

2. adjustment of more than 300 questions to be considered qualified

if repeat ratio can account for more than 50%, so that products meet market stores. When you improve, you know where the problem is.

second points behind the success: in addition to achievement, and the eternal spirit of

1. is looking for support to continue the spiritual food of

After the boil

and then he faced a mentality of the first shop process, do a thorough understanding, and listen to their advice to you, you will find a lot before you understand are overdone.

2. accumulated 5 successful shop experience


if you visit the shop success, each person gives you 5 suggestions, then the 5 person is 25 suggestions, this is their experience and the lesson of blood, to.


Daily topics Suning PPTV acquisitions drama ended Su Ningcheng’s largest shareholder

webmaster network ( October 29th news, Suning and PPTV spread for more than six months of scandal finally fell the curtain. Suning joint $420 million Hony Holdings PPTV. Suning invested $250 million, accounting for 44% of PPTV shares, becoming the largest stock. Hony capital to the PPTV investment of $170 million, representing approximately 30% of the shares.


for this transaction, the industry are not surprised, announced only a matter of time. But it is difficult for someone to be able to clearly understand the system, Suning in the end what to buy PPTV. In fact, for now, Suning and PPTV, in addition to the money, it is difficult to match the demand from the essential logical find and PPTV.

Suning and Lenovo Hirotake, bought all the shares of PPTV in addition to founding management team, can only be interpreted as, Suning in transition to its radical Internet strides, buy a future, a possibility in the future to seize the opportunities, of course, can also be said to be PPTV to Suning drew a cake PPTV, to start first for the "living room" of the pit. Living room, no doubt all the Internet giant to grab the next site. And as their own Internet companies Suning naturally can not give up. The ecological construction, not even a short duration of time, apple, today also failed to integrate video into their environment, many domestic manufacturers are also in the expectation and exploration of the road.


since its inception in 2005, PPTV’s "gossip" has multiple versions, media reviews, "gossip" includes Youku, Baidu, Alibaba, Hunan TV and other heavyweights, but ultimately chose the bigwigs and not too detached suning. In response to the reason, Tao Chuang pointed out that the Internet industry is from the virtual service to the real life, the integration of online and offline economy is becoming the development trend of the industry, Su ningyun embrace the Internet development strategy in full compliance with the. Tao Chuang said at the press conference, PPTV can be leveraging Su ningyun 3500 stores under the line resources flow and expand the brand, terminal and service. But this does not seem to be able to do only Suning, PPTV most care about or can not maintain their own independent development

PPTV choose Suning? The most direct reason is that apparently, after missing several rounds of capital cooperation, short-term opportunity not listed and sustained financial support of PPTV, it is difficult to adhere to the independent development in the case, to supplement the new financing cash flow. In Suning investment, changes in the structure of shareholders, the future of PPTV can also choose to market in the domestic A-share market A. Business, PPTV had previously stressed the video live and media platforms, Suning Appliance and 3C product hardware, can help promote the content of the PPTV.

PPTV is seen as the last piece of high-quality video industry to compete for resources, with the completion of the transaction, the video industry


How to look at the results of the network letter to Baidu

May 9, 2016 evening, the survey lasted a week later, the National Network letter office joint investigation team announced the results of the investigation stationed in Baidu. The investigation team believes that Baidu search relevant keywords ranking results objectively medical treatment had an impact on Wei Zexi, Baidu bidding mechanism has paid too high, the weight problem of bidding business promotion label is not clear, the impact of the search results of the fairness and objectivity, easy to mislead users, must immediately rectification.

after the news came out, the views of different users, it was considered appropriate to dispose of, it was also believed to be too loose for Baidu. If purely from the point of view of punishment, the results of the investigation does not seem to do enough Network letter office. But the problem is to look at the overall situation, as I said in the article, Baidu, in the event of armed police Zexi Wei two hospital and other regulatory authorities need to bear the responsibility, as for how to share the responsibility, will have to see whether the future in-depth research and investigation team to identify.

the findings of this investigation, it is clear that the parties are not responsible for the impact of the problem is unclear, and even can be said that the network does not have the right to do the investigation team to determine the responsibility of parties. Therefore, the results of this investigation ultimately found only Baidu product defects, such as bidding mechanism is not reasonable, promotion label is not obvious, and put forward 3 specific rectification requirements: immediate comprehensive rectification medical type business promotion services, the deadline for changes of PPC mechanism and establish the mechanism to protect the rights and interests of netizens Xianhengpeifu etc.. These measures can look for is a temporary emergency plan type.

but if you do not believe that the network to do the investigation team did not realize the loopholes in the regulatory system, then it really completely misunderstood them. In fact, in addition to pointing out the problems of Baidu, the proposed rectification opinions, the investigation results also do not have any other more important information. It will confirm the search service in the country to carry out special treatment in the near future, accelerate the introduction of "Internet information search service management regulations", to promote the search service management legalization and standardization; and in conjunction with the relevant departments to crack down on Internet communication of medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare products related to people’s lives and health and safety of the false information, false advertising and other illegal illegal behavior. State Administration for Industry and Commerce will accelerate the introduction of the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising to further regulate the order of the Internet advertising market.


related management system has been introduced, will make more water but no one is responsible for the situation has improved. Among them, the Internet information search service management regulations, the introduction of the confusion before the search service for standardized management. The State Administration for Industry and commerce to speed up the introduction of the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising, but also hinted that the future will be the promotion of the network to promote the inclusion of competition in the scope of advertising management. The only problem is that the national health and Family Planning Commission did not make a clear statement on the conditions of medical and drug advertising on the network. If you can be like Google Adwords advertising requirements, drug advertising must first obtain the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States pharmacy Council (NABP) recognition


Because involving violence, obscenity Betta YY six rooms and a number of network broadcast platform


network broadcast the pace of development of the industry is staggering, the scale is constantly expanding, according to statistics, in Beijing alone there are more than and 30 enterprises engaged in the webcast. This will inevitably lead to violation of social morality is gambling, drug-related, jurisprudence problem.



] titanium integrated media has been in the network broadcast platform in the teeth of the storm and stalls thing.

today morning news, according to CCTV reported that the Ministry of culture announced today, broadcast, YY, Betta, tiger panda TV, TV, pearl, six banners live room, 9158 network broadcast platform for allegedly providing Internet cultural products containing obscene, violent, abetting crime and so on, were included in the list. Ministry of culture has been deployed to investigate and deal with the relevant law enforcement agencies involved in the enterprise, will promptly publish the results of punishment.

this, panda TV responded that: in each live platform, the most stringent audit of the panda, so the situation is the least, the online search on 1~2. Second, panda TV will announce the overall public strategy, which means that it will be promoted to the strategic level of the company.

in recent years, the network broadcast industry is developing rapidly, its unique interactive entertainment, innovative business models, large anchor and user groups, has become an important part of network culture an important field of business model and cultural market. Webcast of the pace of development of the industry is staggering, the scale is constantly expanding, according to statistics, in Beijing alone there are more than and 30 enterprises engaged in the webcast. This will inevitably lead to violation of social morality is gambling, drug-related, jurisprudence problem.

in the second half of 2015, in the betta so broadcast platform to live made people "as the representative of the pornographic incidents, violation of social morality even gambling, drug-related problems occur frequently, and even some companies as a means of financing, listed manufacturing gimmick.

is also in this context, just yesterday, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Iqiyi, Youku, music, cool, reflecting off, pepper and other more than 20 in network performance (Live) the main person in charge of the enterprise jointly issued the "Beijing Convention" webcast self-discipline.


convention mainly includes six aspects: since 18, real name authentication for all anchor; add a watermark in all broadcast live content storage room; all the time not less than 15 days; for broadcast, gun and politics, drug-related, jurisprudence involving violence, the content of the anchor, the circumstances are serious will be included in the blacklist; audit personnel 24 hours real-time monitoring of the broadcast content on the platform.

Tuo Zuhai, President of the Beijing

Network Culture Association also said, at a critical juncture in the voice, in front of the right choice, consider the value of corporate culture and corporate sense of responsibility." He said, in the national network of live broadcast industry, Beijing to set an example in the industry governance in the development of innovation as an example. In order to maintain and lead the harmonious and healthy development of the industry."



Alipay released the place function can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

April Fool’s day last year, Alipay released a spoof was completely just creative video, boasted to launch a Alipay named Everywhere (Chinese "in place") of the system can satisfy the users to find nearby people to borrow money, borrow and borrow the toilet paper and other charging treasure odd flower needs.

and now, this feature is officially released, in yesterday’s APP update, we have found this feature, the city opened in succession.

it is understood that the place is a location-based service platform for life, users can issue a variety of personalized needs above, and look for people who can provide services nearby.

, that is to say, if your mobile phone is out of power, can be in Alipay "in place" issued on demand system based on location to match if someone offers service near the charging power supply. If you really want to go shopping, but also in the "place" on the need to start a loan to see who can lend you money.

in short, similar to such an emergency or other personalized needs, can be achieved in place to facilitate the realization of. If you do not find the toilet on the toilet, you can also use the place to try.

for the ability of the users, they can not only in the "place" on helping others, can also be clearly marked, with good services in exchange for payment. This looks like a way to share the economy.

Alipay said, "at first we only put in place as a fool’s creative, later found out that it is consistent with the trend of sharing and direction of the economy, and in the internal project to promote, recently put it into reality."

Alipay released "in place" function: can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

demo video

Alipay released "in place" function: can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

demo video

Alipay released "in place" function: can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

demo video

Alipay released "in place" function: can borrow money from the people around by charging treasure

demo video


Wanda domain name the latest developments the record information shows that the European rather than

renamed Chinese ( December 29th news, according to friends @ 100 words Si language acquisition of micro-blog broke the news, Wang Sicong "Wanda" domain name, has completed the record in the earlier this month, but the record information is shown in Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, namely the domain name seller. Is this just a hype?

this morning, friends @ language said micro-blog COM domain name survey: latest record in December 5, 2014, the show is still flying in the hands of Europe, is the acquisition of a hype it?

as everyone knows, the beginning of the September, "Wanda" Shuangpin domain name has been traced to Wanda son Wang Sicong in the bag, and jump to his own Sina micro-blog, said the transaction price reached 60 million yuan. A time about Wang Sicong "nouveau riche" topic triggered heated discussion users, all users ridicule Wang Sicong money is capricious".


figure: Wanda

in addition to discuss Wang Sicong "Hao", enough in the domain name on the circle, Wanda finally face the domain name COM and will be used where the topic sparked heated discussions with investors. Now the record information query domain, through the audit record in December 5th, in the name of organizer column shows the but neither Wang Sicong, nor the Wanda Group, but Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the name of the site that is Ou Fei wanda.


has been acquired by Wang Sicong domain, the record information is still in the hands of the seller? Wang Sicong and Jiangsu o’fei cooperation, or as @ 100 words silicon language said this is only a speculation




: Insider broke the news

is Wang Sicong and Jiangsu Ou fly true cooperation? Wang Sicong came early in the acquisition of news, informed sources said the price is "non market rumors of 60 million kilometer network CEO Danzheng Chuan free, this event not only can rally for Wanda electricity supplier, kilometers network also hope to pull Wanda shares to expand its visibility". Exactly how the truth, will be renamed China tracking reports.