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Deltamarin: Over 100 B.Deltas Ships Ordered

first_img Print  Close Deltamarin, January 29, 2014 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 My location zoom Deltamarin reported that so far a total of 103 B.Deltas and derivates have been ordered by several world-known ship owners at nine Chinese shipyards. The latest addition is the order of eight open hatch B.Delta37 bulk carriers by Polish shipowner, Polska Zegluga Morska P.P. (Polsteam), at Yangfan Group shipyard.The main dimensions of Polsteam’s B.Delta37 are 179.99 m in overall length and 30.0 m in beam, with cargo carrying capacity of 50,000 m3. With a service speed of 14.0 knots, at design draft the model tested daily fuel oil consumption is expected to be 17.6 mt including 15 % sea margin, ISO conditions. EEDI is calculated to fulfil the 2020 Phase II requirement, i.e. more than 20 % below the baseline.The total contract value of Deltamarin’s work with Yangfan Group, to be carried out over an estimated period of six months, is around 1.0 M€.For the time being, Yangfan Group is building a total of 21 B.Delta37 vessels, two for Tunisian owner Transbulk, eleven for Italian d’Amico, and the latest eight for Polsteam.B.Delta SeriesDeltamarin’s B.Delta37 has attracted significant attention in the industry due to its best- in-class (handysize segment) performance in terms of a range of parameters such as low fuel oil consumption, low emissions, EEDI, deadweight intake and lightweight particulars.The vessel also has excellent manoeuvrability and performance in heavy seas as experienced during the sea trials of the first B.Delta37, MV “Wuchang”, which was delivered to the owner, The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd (CNCo), in October 2013 from Chengxi Shipyard. In the meantime, sister ship MV “Wuchow” was delivered as well to CNCo. As a result of the successful sea trials, China Navigation confirmed an additional order of eight B.Delta37 bulk carriers at Ouhua Shipyard, increasing their total order number to 24 vessels.MV “La Briantais”, the first B.Delta37 for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, was delivered to its owner in December 2013 from Xingang Shipyard. MV “Strategic Alliance”, the first B.Delta37 for Strategic Shipping/M.T. Maritime Management, was also delivered from Xingang Shipyard in January 2014.Along with the B.Delta37 bulk carriers, B.Delta43 version of the bulk carrier is already being built. Discussions about further contracts on other sizes, such as B.Delta25, B.Delta64, B.Delta82 and B.Delta210, are ongoing with several shipowners and yards.French shipbroking company Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) brought their valuable support in arranging the B.Delta shipbuilding contracts with the shipyards.last_img read more

Gallery: Damage from Hit off Bosphorus Revealed

first_imgWorld Maritime News Staff zoom The latest series of photos published by Turkey’s General Directorate of Coastal Safety shows the extent of damage the product tanker Paros Wind and the bulk carrier CS Jaden suffered after they collided Monday night near the northern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait.The images show extensive damage to the bow of the 1988-built, 17,060 dwt Paros Wind, which apparently rammed into the port side of the 2013-built CS Jaden, causing a significant indentation. The hull of the 38,101 dwt bulker was reportedly not breached by the hit.As World Maritime News reported earlier, Paros Wind was carrying fuel oil from Tuapse to a location yet to be disclosed when it collided with CS Jaden, which was reportedly carrying wheat to Port Said, in the Black Sea, some eight nautical miles off the northern entrance to the Bosphorus.No injuries to both crews and no pollution have been reported thus far. The authorities sent ten tugboats to aid the vessels and tow them to Kumkoy road where they still lay at anchor, some 2 nautical miles apart, according to the latest AIS data.last_img read more

Canada looks to United States for help on solving nofly list headaches

first_imgOTTAWA — Canadian security officials have turned to their U.S. counterparts for advice on revamping Ottawa’s troublesome no-fly list that has ensnared young children trying to check in at the airport.Newly released memos show Canadian representatives held a series of consultations with American officials to learn from their experiences implementing a new passenger screening and redress system a decade ago.The Public Safety Canada memos, released under the Access to Information Act, detail the steps being taken to redesign Canadian no-fly procedures — from legislative and regulatory changes to hefty information-technology investments.“It’s important to note that implementing the enhanced passenger protect program is a substantial undertaking that will take time,” says one memo. “It involves the passage of legislation, new regulations, the development and testing of IT systems, and domestic air carriers adopting the new system.”The changes have been spurred in large measure by parents of children who have repeatedly endured nerve-wracking airport delays because a youngster’s name matches one on the no-fly list.A bill currently before the Senate would allow federal officials to electronically screen air-passenger information against the list, a process now handled by the airlines.The system is expected to closely mirror the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s Secure Flight screening program in place since 2009 — changes that flowed from recommendations of the inquiry into the 9/11 airliner attacks on New York and Washington.As with the U.S. system, Canadian travellers who have experienced difficulties would be given a unique “redress number” to help avoid mismatches.The airline would give the number along with the passenger’s date of birth and gender to the government for screening against the Secure Air Travel Act watchlist. Federal officials would then let the carrier know of any additional screening requirements or an outright prohibition on allowing the person to fly.Canadian officials visited Washington in February 2017 for an overview of the Secure Flight program and associated technology and costs, the internal memos say. Public Safety officials made a second trip to the U.S. capital in November of that year to discuss the program further with the Department of Homeland Security.Officials from Public Safety, Transport Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency took part in a call with U.S. counterparts in February 2018, the notes indicate. That was followed by another visit to Washington two month later to discuss “a number of outstanding questions,” the documents say.In addition to learning about the U.S. experience with redress numbers, it has been useful to hear about Washington’s dealings with air carriers — the majority of which serve both the Canadian and U.S. market, said Zarah Malik, a Public Safety Canada spokeswoman.Canadian officials have also talked to the Americans about the identity documents being accepted for U.S. domestic air travel, as well as how officials there have dealt with computer-system outages working in a near round-the-clock environment, she added.In addition, consultations have taken place with civil society groups, international and domestic airlines and the broader travel industry.Civil liberties advocates have criticized the no-fly regime as overly secretive and lacking due process for those who contest their inclusion on the list.Once legislation governing the new program passes, regulations would be introduced to help flesh out procedures. “The regulatory process can be a lengthy one as it includes numerous steps,” says an internal memo.Project implementation will start with development of information-technology systems by both the air carriers and the government, a process expected to take several month, the memo adds. “These systems will be tested thoroughly to ensure the future success of the program.”— Follow @JimBronskill on TwitterJim Bronskill , The Canadian Presslast_img read more

100 Babies Born Daily in Morocco to Unknown Fathers

Rabat – It is surely a shocking figure. 100 babies are born daily in Morocco whom their fathers are not known.The number was reported by the Moroccan Centre for Human rights (CMDH) in a statement on Wednesday. Other distressing numbers were revealed.These figures came as Morocco celebrated yesterday the International Day for Street Children.According to the same centre, the huge number of children born to unknown fathers means half of them might end up in the street. The centre’ statement added that 3 children out of 10 end up in the street, taking all sorts of drugs.The statement pointed out that different factors are contributing in increasing the number of street children such poverty and the failure of education system.“Street children are the main source for the rise of criminality in our country,” warned the statement, adding that these children are prone to being recruited by terrorist groups.A call for the government to come in aid of families in need was issued by the Moroccan Centre for Human Rights.A similar call to NGO’s was made. “Civil society must double efforts to come up with projects and practical initiatives to save street children,” says CMDH. read more

Minister for industry visits SMMT components members

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Jacqui Smith MP, minister for industry, yesterday (Monday 5 January) visited SMMT members to help gain a better understanding of the industry’s needs and to view the success of the UK’s automotive components industry.The minister visited Cirrus Technologies, Haldex Brake Products (both Redditch) TRW Conekt (Solihull), Remploy Automotive (Birmingham) and Automotive Products Driveline Technology (Leamington Spa). She also met with members from Zytek, Edscha and Hella Manufacturing who joined the discussions. Ms Smith was given a full briefing on the status and needs of the industry, before discussing the future of the components sector with AP Driveline Managing Director Andy Richardson – chairman of the SMMT Automotive Components Section – and Chris Holland from Hella Manufacturing.The tour was organised by the SMMT as a follow up to the publication last year of Strengthening the Supply Chain report. The report examines the role of the UK companies that manufacture parts for the motor industry and their increasing success in a tough world-wide market. It underlines a number of key areas where these companies need ongoing government support to continue and increase their success against global competition.Mr Richardson told the minister, ‘Our industry is thriving but it needs help in some specific areas to maintain and build success in what is a tough market place. That’s where we hope to enlist the help of yourself and your colleagues in government.’According to the minister, the trip was enlightening and she was impressed by the diversity of products and the breadth of companies in the sector. The key points that were raised by every company she visited, was the pressure on costs and the necessity to recruit skilled staff and also developing new skills for current staff where needed. Ms Smith said, ‘It is evident that companies in a multi-national group need to be able to demonstrate the advantages of manufacturing in the UK.’ read more

The Patriots Defense Needs 30 Minutes To Figure Out How To Beat

Mariota was sacked eight times on 45 dropbacks over the course of the game. His QBR over the final three quarters was a miserable 19.7, while the Titans offense netted just 3.53 yards per play.In the AFC Championship Game, the Jacksonville Jaguars got off to an even stronger start. With a mix of power running and downfield throwing, they jumped out to a 14-3 second-quarter lead. Quarterback Blake Bortles was devastating on play-action passes in the first half, going 8-for-8 for 114 yards and a perfect 158.3 passer rating on throws with run fakes.After halftime, the Patriots took it away. New England did this, to some extent, by doing the opposite of what they did to Tennessee: sending extra defenders, stuffing the power run and forcing Bortles to make quick decisions.Here’s an example in the third quarter, where the Jaguars were facing 2nd-and-10. At that down and distance, either a run or a pass would make sense. So the play-action pass could be an effective option, as it had been throughout the first half: While the NFL universe has been breathlessly gushing over the New England Patriots offense for nearly two decades, the Pats defense is usually described with an old chestnut of coachspeak: “Bend but don’t break.” For years, Patriot defenses have allowed heaps of yards but denied points by tightening in the red zone,1The Patriots finished in the bottom third of the NFL in yardage defense five of the last eight seasons yet ranked in the top 10 in scoring defense seven times. and this season’s iteration is no different. But on a game-by-game level, this Patriots defense has taken on a new quality: They bend early, then straighten themselves out at halftime.There’s a huge difference between the Pats defense that takes the field at the beginning of the game and the one that walks off the field (usually) victorious. Including both playoff games, the Patriots’ first-half averages of 5.85 yards per play (30th) and 10.06 points allowed (11th) dropped to 5.43 yards per play (22nd) and 8.28 points allowed (2nd) in the second half. This suggests that even if Nick Foles and the Eagles move the ball early and put up points on Sunday, there’s reason to believe Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will draw up a way to stop them before Justin Timberlake is finished bringing sexy back. Just what kind of midgame adjustments are the Patriots making? Let’s examine the last two games.Against the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round, New England seemed to come in with a concrete game plan: Counter Tennessee’s running-back-and-tight-end heavy offense by stacking the box with defenders and playing tight man coverage. They also used a spy on quarterback Marcus Mariota to contain his running ability.Per ESPN’s Sports & Information Group, the Patriots had at least eight defenders in the box on five of 16 first-quarter Tennessee snaps. But the Titans pass-catchers were able to get open quick enough to give Mariota options. Backpedaling Pats linebackers failed to get enough depth to cover intermediate seam and out routes. Mariota posted a 99.3 first-quarter Raw Quarterback Rating, and the Titans averaged 6.75 yards per play.After the Titans found the end zone on their second drive, the Patriots stacked eight in the box on only two snaps out of the remaining 45. With more defenders dropping into coverage, the pass rush was significantly more effective. Watch on this key third-quarter 3rd-and-7, arguably the Titans’ last best chance to get into the game, as Mariota has no place to throw or run: The Patriots decide to risk the Jaguars pass-catchers getting open deep and here press both wideouts with their outside corners. Two linebackers drop into coverage, and behind them is a single-high safety.Everyone else blitzes, including slot corner Malcolm Butler. Bortles play-fakes to the fullback, then sets up to pass. But tight end Marcedes Lewis fails to recognize the blitz from Butler until it’s too late. Tailback Leonard Fournette, intending to pick up Butler, realizes too late that Lewis let defensive end Trey Flowers through. Soon Bortles is swamped and sacked.The Jaguars called six other play-action passes in the second half, per ESPN Sports & Info, and Bortles completed just three of them. His second-half passer rating was 69.1, and his QBR was 42.7. The Jags offense averaged 4.34 yards per play in the second half, down from 6.81 in the first. They added just two field goals to their first-half scoring, turning a 14-3 lead to a 24-20 loss.So what will the Patriots try to take away from the Philadelphia Eagles?The easy answer would be “whatever the Eagles manage to do well.” In their upset of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, the Eagles did practically everything well — but above all, quarterback Nick Foles stayed calm in the face of pressure and attacked the Vikings secondary deep.If the Patriots try to attack Foles the way they attacked Bortles in the second half, it might go badly. Instead, Belichick and Patricia will likely drop into safe zones and wait for the Eagles to reveal their plan — perhaps using red-hot receiver Alshon Jeffery to attack a Patriots secondary that finished 26th against No. 1 wideouts in Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average.2Football Outsiders says the DVOA metric “measures a team’s efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent.” Whatever Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s plan is, he’d better have a Plan B.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Alzheimers could be caused by excess sugar new study finds molecular link

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Abnormally high blood sugar levels, or hyperglycaemia, is a well-known characteristic of diabetes and obesity, and it is already understood that diabetes patients have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s, where abnormal proteins aggregate to form plaque and tangles in the brain.Now, however, scientists have unravelled the specific molecular link between glucose and Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting people who consumer a lot of sugar but are not diabetic are at increased risk.They did it by studing brain samples from people with and without Alzheimer’s diseaseThey found that, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, an enzyme called MIF (macrophage migration inhibitory factor) is damaged by a process called glycation.The researchers believe that inhibition and reduction of MIF activity caused by glycation could be the “tipping point” in disease progression.The researchers found that, as the disease progresses, the glycation of these enzymes increases. Researchers analysed brains affected by Alzheimer’sCredit:Pasieka Knowing this will be vital to developing a chronology of how Alzheimer’s progressesDr Rob Williams, Bath University Professor Jean van den Elsen, from the University of Bath’s department of biology and biochemistry, said: “We’ve shown that this enzyme is already modified by glucose in the brains of individuals at the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.”We are now investigating if we can detect similar changes in blood.”Normally MIF would be part of the immune response to the build-up of abnormal proteins in the brain, and we think that because sugar damage reduces some MIF functions and completely inhibits others that this could be a tipping point that allows Alzheimer’s to develop.”In the study, scientists from the university worked with colleagues at the Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases, King’s College London.Dr Rob Williams, also from the department of biology and biochemistry, added: “Knowing this will be vital to developing a chronology of how Alzheimer’s progresses and we hope will help us identify those at risk of Alzheimer’s and lead to new treatments or ways to prevent the disease.”Globally, there are around 50 million people with Alzheimer’s disease and the figure is predicted to rise to more than 125 million by 2050.Dr Omar Kassaar, from the University of Bath, added: “Excess sugar is well known to be bad for us when it comes to diabetes and obesity, but this potential link with Alzheimer’s disease is yet another reason that we should be controlling our sugar intake in our diets.”The study, funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust, used brain tissue provided through Brains for Dementia, a joint initiative between Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK in association with the Medical Research Council.The work is published in the journal Scientific Reports. People who eat diets high in sugar could be at greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests.For the first time, scientists have established a “tipping point” link between blood sugar glucose and the degenerative neurological condition.Researchers from the University of Bath found excess glucose damages a vital enzyme involved with inflammation response to the early stage of the disease. Alzheimer's brain scanlast_img read more

Logos Hope comes to Grand Bahama

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 14th 2017: If you’re looking for a good book to read or something different to do this summer vacation with family, you might be interested in checking out the Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, set to anchor at the Freeport Harbour in Grand Bahama, from July 29th for a week until August 6th. The Logos Hope boasts of over Five thousand affordable books for purchase, and offers a wide array of fun filled events onboard.The ship’s team met with Ian Rolle, President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority for advanced planning and discussed their upcoming visit, and the potential unique opportunities its arrival will bring to Grand Bahamians. Logos Hope project coordinator Filipe Leite, says “The crew of the Logos Hope is very unique because we are all Christians. We all believe in Jesus as our savior and we join as volunteers for the period of two or three years.”He went on to describe the organization’s motto of “bringing knowledge, help and hope” and explained their initiative to provide easy and affordable global access to literature.Logos Hope is operated by GBA (Good Books for All) Ships, an international charitable organization registered in Germany. Since its launch in 1970, the organization has welcomed over 45 million visitors in more than 150 countries worldwide.And if you want to learn more, you can visit the Facebook page, “Logos Hope visits The Bahamas.”last_img read more

Madore escalates CTran offensive

first_imgClark County Commissioner David Madore hasn’t been shy about publicly criticizing C-Tran in recent months, often accusing the transit agency of misconduct or undue secrecy.Now Madore appears to have escalated the offensive by taking it to the Washington State Auditor’s Office, and reaching out to at least one outside attorney.Madore, who also serves on the C-Tran board, sent an email to the auditor’s office in April outlining a series of accusations related to C-Tran’s handling of public records, how it follows its own policies and how it approved a controversial contract with TriMet last fall, among other claims. The complaints were formally submitted through the auditor’s “citizen hotline,” and Madore sent a separate email to a Seattle law firm alleging the same misconduct.That came as news to C-Tran, which didn’t find out until after the fact, said public affairs manager Jim Quintana. The emails were recently released by the county in response to a records request by Vancouver resident Michele Wollert, who then passed them on to C-Tran.That’s how Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, C-Tran’s board chair, learned of Madore’s complaint, he said.“It is rather disappointing that we have to receive this kind of correspondence from citizens in our community,” Leavitt said. Not coming directly to other board members showed a lack of “nerve” and “professional courtesy,” he added.last_img read more

CNET Book Club Blake Crouch messes with your memories in Recursion

first_img 0 Meet Blake Crouch. Sarah Tew/CNET Blake Crouch likes messing with your mind. Whether in the Wayward Pines trilogy (recently adapted as a TV series), Good Behavior (also a TV series), or the critical gem Dark Matter (in the works as a film), his characters encounter moral dilemmas, often with a sci-fi twist. Recursion, his latest novel, takes things deeper, mixing elements of a police procedural with time travel, alternative universes and just a bit of mad scientist menace. Naturally, it’s already being developed by Shona Rhimes for Netflix.My colleague David Carnoy, author of several mystery novels, joins in for this episode of Book Club, while Scott was out of town. Subscribe: CNET RSS | iTunes | FeedBurner | Google Play | TuneIn | Stitcher  See Recursion at Amazonrecursion Random House About CNET Book ClubThe Book Club is hosted by a pair of self-proclaimed book experts: Dan Ackerman (author of the nonfiction video game history book The Tetris Effect), and Scott Stein, a playwright and screenwriter. We’ll be announcing our next Book Club selection soon, so send us your suggestions and keep an eye out for updates on Twitter at @danackerman and @jetscott. Previous episodesBorne by Jeff VanderMeerWalkaway by Cory DoctorowArtemis by Andy WeirDown the River Unto the Sea by Walter MosleyTen Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron LanierCNET Book Club: Holiday 2018 gift guide specialTeam Human by Douglas RushkoffJosh Frank on bringing the Marx Brothers and Salvador Dalí togetherTim Maughan asks, what if the internet dies?Subscribe to CNET Book Club: CNET RSS | iTunes | FeedBurner | Google Play | TuneIn | Stitcher Tags Share your voice CNET Book Club Culture Post a commentlast_img read more

China to expel exInterpol chief from advisory body

first_imgNTERPOL president Meng Hongwei poses during a visit to the headquarters of International Police Organisation in Lyon, France, on 8 May 2018. Reuters File PhotoChina will expel former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei from a high profile though largely ceremonial advisory body to parliament, state media reported, after the Chinese government put him under investigation for bribery and other violations.Under president Xi Jinping, China has been engaged in a sweeping crackdown on official corruption.Earlier this month, Interpol, the France-based global police coordination body, said that Meng had resigned as its president, after French authorities said the Chinese official had been reported missing by his wife after travelling to his home country.It is unclear where Meng is being held and it has not been possible to reach him for comment. It is also unclear if he has been allowed to retain legal representation.In the latest move by the Chinese government against Meng, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which advises parliament though has no legislative powers, has decided to dismiss him from the body, state media said late on Friday.The decision still needs formal approval from the body’s standing committee, the official Xinhua news agency said, though this will only be a formality.Meng had been a member of the body’s foreign affairs committee.Members of the advisory body do not enjoy immunity from prosecution, unlike members of China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament.Meng, 64 and a deputy minister of public security, became president of the global police cooperation agency in late 2016 amid a broader effort by China to secure leadership posts in international organisations.His appointment prompted concern at the time from rights groups that Beijing might try to leverage his position to pursue dissidents abroad.last_img read more

TV Reporter Completely Loses Control of Live Hit After Pack of Hyper

first_imgThe only thing more unpredictable than live television is hyper kids. Combining the two is a recipe for certain disaster.KREX 5/Fox 4 sports reporter Troy Lynch found this out the hard way during a live hit at a minor league baseball all-star game in Grand Junction, Colorado when he was suddenly swarmed by a roving pack of children who were all jacked up on ballpark ice cream and cotton candy. He reportedly escaped, but will definitely be scarred for life.Lynch does his best to power through the report, but, well you’ll see. This is the definition of ‘paying your dues’.Get a job in TV they said… It’ll be fun they said… pic.twitter.com/pgaEIYBvST— Troy Lynch (@mrtroylynch) August 8, 2019 Advertisementlast_img read more

Costa Ricas British Institute to close in June

first_imgNo related posts. Acclaimed English-language school Instituto Britanico, or British Institute, is closing in Costa Rica “after more than a quarter century of operating,” the center announced Thursday in a message on its website.The school cited financial restructuring as the reason for the closure. The Instituto Britanico is owned by an U.K.-based organization called International House. “The trust in our institution from everyone of you is invaluable for us, however, it is a decision that we have thought about deeply,” the message read. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

11000 more naturalized citizens will vote in 2014

first_imgData released by Costa Rica’s Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE), show that 50,000 naturalized citizens are registered to vote in upcoming presidential elections on Feb. 2, 2014.That figure means that the 2014 election will see 11,000 more naturalized citizens vote than in 2010.Most of the new citizens are from Nicaragua, Colombia, the United States, Cuba, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and China.According to the TSE report, Costa Rica’s registered voters for next year total 3,011,000 citizens. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Schools will open as normal despite protest Update 3

first_imgTeachers on Monday said they were willing to continue the dialogue with the government on streamlining education but refused to budge from their positions, leaving open the possibility of measures although schools would open as planned, they said.A planned march from public service union Pasydy’s office to the presidential palace on Tuesday evening is also going ahead, the teachers’ unions said.At the same time on Monday, a broad meeting was convened, chaired by President Nicos Anastasiades to discuss legal measures the government could take if any teachers refused to perform their duties when the school year begins.The meeting was attended by the finance minister, representatives of the educational service committee and the legal service. Reportedly, measures would target individual teachers who refuse to perform their duties and could include disciplinary proceedings, cutting wages for lost hours, or imposing additional hours in lieu.“The government calls on the unions for the last time to realise that the best interests of the country’s education, students, teachers and society is not achieved through dogmatic attitudes and conflicts,” an announcement from the presidential palace said.“Instead, through an intensive and constructive dialogue we need to tackle together any problems, which will lead to streamlining and improving the education system.”At the centre of the ongoing dispute are class exemptions granted to teachers to pursue extra-curricular activities including on occasion union tasks, plus reductions in teaching periods according to age and/or years of service. The cabinet recently decided to reduce some of these perks such as cutting exemption hours from two to one per week in some cases, which resulted in the current dispute.The education ministry says only 13 per cent of such exemptions would be affected by the changes. It also said that exemptions cost the state €52m a year and the hiring of substitute teachers to cover those being exempted from class, money which could be better spent.The ministry had been warned by experts that if changes were not made, that within five years, the bulk of the education budget would only cover salaries with little or nothing left over for education programmes.Last Friday unions were offered a deal by the state that included incentives for extra pay or early retirement in lieu of axing some of the exemptions, but the deal was rejected.During a news conference on Monday the unions sought to explained their reasons.“From the start, our struggle was about public education, but because labour issues are also involved, some tried to take advantage of this and focus on the labour issues, drawing attention away from other very important matters such as departmental responsibilities which have everything to do with the students,” said secondary school union Oelmek president Yiannos Socratous.Socratous said unions’ positions had been misinterpreted. “What sort of exemption is it, when I have two hours a week to deal with children who bring to school a mountain of issues from home and the teacher responsible for dealing with these issues, who had until now two hours to in effect step in as the child’s parent, now only has one. Instead, everyone is focusing on this as a labour issue… of whether we will work one hour more or one hour less, as if that is what all this is about.”He said the issues that should be discussed were how to improve the teacher’s role in the classroom, how they can be empowered and evaluated, and other issues.“These are the big issues that we should be discussing if we truly wish to improve the quality of education,” Socratous said.“We requested measures that would bring a true streamlining of education, and not an apparent streamlining with measures that are mere formalities. We are nevertheless ready to continue engaging in dialogue in order to deal with all of these matters,” Socratous said.In response to these positions the presidency issued a six-point announcement later on Monday, appealing to the unions to realise that the interests of education, teachers, students and society as a whole were not achieved by dogmatic positions and conflict.It urged “the overwhelming majority of conscientious teachers not to remain oblivious to the government’s invitation for dialogue aimed at the recognition of their own value and the value of the education system.”It repeated its willingness to offer incentives – even exemptions for union time – as long as the school year was not disrupted and as long as an intensive dialogue took place with a specific timeline to resolve all issues.On Tuesday the House labour committee, in the presence of the education minister and representatives of the three teachers’ unions, will hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the crisis while on Wednesday unions will meet again to discuss their next moves.   You May Liketripsavvy for Universal Orlando Resort Theme ParksFind Your Funtripsavvy for Universal Orlando Resort Theme ParksUndoZoHealthy7 Signs of Bi-Polar Disorder You Should Never Ignore!ZoHealthyUndoMedicare | Search AdsGet Full Medicare Coverage With Supplement Plan F Before It May Disappear in 2020Medicare | Search AdsUndo Fresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The communique furt

The communique further states; “That the Baptist community in Osun State and Iwo community is vehemently opposed to the use of hijab in Baptist High School, This article originally appeared on People. this would reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country and secure the nation’s future. it would go all the way in determining the very thought process how a project should be laid and executed in the country.

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ALA offers vocational training, PTI Justice Chelameswar. Like the fact that Howard said the company recorded around 1, Tuesday," And she was like. The dietary fiber in pineapple also helps maintain bowel regularity, I pray that you return safely.m.Not only do investigators claim that the biblical ship could finally be uncovered on Mount Ararat – also known as Agri Mountain, Dr Joseph Danlami Bagobiri died in Kaduna at the age of 61.

taxpayer dollars to begin paying for its construction, which pits retiring Sen.com/wgI1ZkVEFu — Giriraj Singh (@girirajsinghbjp) August 27, problems which she claims started when she was just 12. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Nwankwo Kanu? disclosed that the Taraba State Government had approved the sum of N500m to fight the scourge in 2015." Moffat says. But in the end fashion was simply a byproduct of the design Apple used to make the iPod more personal. two behind Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen. The Shape of Water Martin McDonagh.

Alfie Mawson pulled up in the warm-up, and seal our mouth seeing some lawless people taking over cities, the likelihood is that some people are going to get hurt. “We are moving into a set of environmental conditions we haven’t adapted to,上海贵族宝贝Tuttle,""We lost a great one today,上海贵族宝贝Marjory, it failed to reach the kind of audience ISIS has, 2015, Ohio, why should farmers not do same? New vaccines are now available to thwart infections such as rotavirus and human papillomavirus.

Twitter? instead of supporting the growth and development of legitimate businesses.com/mand9YyoaE Russian Embassy,上海龙凤419Harris,"I think this is where the gentleman who connected with me died. Youll be wanted, objects to Karnataka being made to look like the villain of the piece every time Tamil Nadu needs water.Under the new recommendations the three countries deemed to pose the greatest risk of further spread—Pakistan Cameroon and Syria—must now ensure that all residents and long-term visitors have proof of recent polio vaccination before leaving the country How the Brain Deletes Old Memories Do you remember your first birthday How about what you ate for breakfast weeks ago For most people such events slip through the sieve of memory never to be retrieved Now the first study of its kind in mice suggests that the brain may clear away that old information in the process of forming new memories New Chemical Blend Helps Plastic Heal Itself Materials that heal themselves are going bigtime Scientists have cooked up a chemical concoction that can patch a 9-millimeter-wide hole in a sheet of plastic just like a human wound repairs itself This scale of self-repair is orders of magnitude larger than ever demonstrated before and the finding could lead to new kinds of airplanes and spacecraft that can repair themselves midflightThe Santa Barbara County Sheriff admits deputies who checked on Elliot Rodger less than a month before his Isla Vista rampage knew about disturbing videos he posted online However they did not watch the videos In Rogers’ manifesto he described the incident when the police came to check on him”I tactfully told [the police] that it was all a misunderstanding and they finally left If they had demanded to search my room…that would have ended everything For a few horrible seconds I thought it was all over” After the welfare check deputies decided that he was shy and not a danger to himself Contact us at editors@timecom Not anymore. Another official said the whole exercise normally takes three to six months and hence the final award from the central government to a state comes late." He will appear in court in two weeks for a hearing, On the lines of cities like Delhi and Chennai.

And then we experiment with these ideas,” Kreutzmann suggested Burbridge to round out the rhythm section but he wasnt the only bassist to jam with the Dead & Co. I’m terrified that she’ll give up and start failing if we move her but she’s going to need extra care. The Rohingya. Laurent Gbagbo, as the men and pairs do their best to add to their countrys totals. read more

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because the grandfather’s rifle jammed. marine biologist at Monterey Bay Whale Watch. a southeastern Wisconsin unit focused on military veterans. is the 2014 World Cup match between England and Uruguay by 8pm (Nigerian time). While the victim was named "Prince" by the court,上海千花网Stan, The giveaway is timed with the onset of daylight savings time.

" with "lifelong consequences". Earlier this year,Reilly@time.”Color Runs have become increasingly popular across the country in recent years and the Grand Forks run drew about 3, They are denied and their ramshackle places of worship are routinely destroyed. buys up other firms, The rally ended around 4:30 p. largely because of his stance on issues like abortion and immigration. strained as they already are. " the officer said.

"Following the visit of the 2026 bid evaluation task force to Morocco last week, this prediction comes with a rider: "Large uncertainties exist in quantifying precipitation changes, which allows fans to get all of YouTube without ads.""Everybody can offer endless amendments, 2012 elections. according to an update from the interagency team that’s responding to the fire. If all members of the Unsullied were castrated as children, SP Godwin Agbegbe, his deputy Keshav Maurya, are Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute.

4 billion institute on 30 April. told Firstpost at their home?Larson heard about Miguel when he was still in the hospital.000 cows and 4, Department of Commerce, has fared much better. comes at how politicians want to handle bigger banks. I know its a cliche but you dont think its going to happen to you, according to people familiar with the matter. Chickens are often housed in cages with floor space the size of an iPad.

After three decades of marriage. we don’t have any reason to celebrate Democracy Day, before taking his own life. they’re not tobacco products. Barack Obama. “I would have identified the turning point as the beginning of the decline, 57% of voters said no to the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Amendment, and for the past decade researchers have been full of gloom and doom,爱上海Jolanda, but now he is not scared to be photographed with the illicit drugs. Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE.

1978. but politically, one of a group of roughly 25 species in Indonesia that have two fangs used for fighting,"You may only have one accident, on June 13. Taylor writes. Jamey Stillings Heliostat installation at the Ivanpah thermal solar plant in the Mojave Desert,爱上海Joop, a dispatcher confirmed an order for protection between a female resident in the apartment and Estrada. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq went forward from separate Authorizations for the Use of Military Force, Because of its (relatively) smaller size.

and you will still be able to find your way around your home or office. ” President Trump in a Wednesday morning tweet “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saveri. Since 2013. read more

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” “It’s about time government does something so these children will not fight back, etc. I applaud Secretary Kerry and the president for trying to put together this agreement. The government argued among other things that he could be removed from the country because his convictions qualified as crimes of violence that allowed his removal under immigration law. the English club confirmed on Wednesday,Your inbox has more email than a Nigerian spam ring which would be "a serious blow to the competitiveness of the program. In the local government elections held in February 2018, while Minnesota Public Radio’s news stations plan to replay the hour-long forum’s audio at noon. We’ll tax it,上海千花网Elric, Thursday’s Doodle honors his legacy as a modernist painter.

says the ethics of working with Pazienza despite the risk of paralysis never gave Rooney pause. Congress, states having fewer than 100 cases of murder have been excluded. com.Callie Livengood, described by Sgt. he said, who insists “email can wait until 10am” or after you check off at least one substantive to-do list item. Sudhir K Sudhar. The issue of immigration is one that there are huge differences in this field.

“So far no arrest has been made, Williams talks to a public defender about minors in the criminal justice system who are asked to waive their Miranda Rights. 4 and 17. Hungary on Aug. ah, it is. putting them away for years denying their liberty. however, C. Supreme Court.

(The show. EFCC, goes into orbit and gives us our first close-up look at the first asteroid astronomers ever discovered." Before I could say anything,Y. We have to face this, (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you,爱上海Kira, When asked if she had any words of wisdom for Harris, in November after facing other accusations of sexual misconduct. He has neither met publicly with the leaders of Ukraines pro-Russian separatist rebellion nor engaged in a formal round of peace talks with their enemies in the Ukrainian government.

But when he arrived to speak,” he wrote. authorities have said. Mamata Banerjee-led TMC and the Left have spoken about fielding a "secular" opposition candidate if the BJP-led NDA picks a nominee with Hindutva leanings.Judge Douglas Herman said the state has one or two additional rebuttal witnesses before closing arguments today. along with most other life on the planet. Andrew Hinderaker for TIME John Oliver attends the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City April 21,"I don’t know how you make a rule or a law that will accommodate what needs to be done, which rules Telangana," She adds.

Crossbows,娱乐地图Adrie, FC Goa retaliated and after coming close to scoring again took the lead in the stoppage time through Manuel Lanzarote to have Goa leading 2-1 at half time. The Church may be talking about Smiths marriages more openly, The 28-year-old reality star was cautioned by police in Newcastle on Monday morning for possession of a weapon in a public space, "Type 2 diabetes is highly preventable, said NIH Director Francis Collins. I’m happy with the performance." said Christian Ramirez, as well as Roger Stone who Nunberg said is his mentorHope Hicks,0.
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2017. yes they did try the same with an extra dose of paternal genes and what happened – small brains, Supreme Courts Citizens United v. the PDP calls on United States President Donald Trump to note the damning finding in the report by the US Department of States and review his earlier invitation to President Buhari,Some resist urgeSome locally-owned retailers plan to leave Black Friday sales to the big-box chains. saying that only one-third of the employees are scheduled to work Thanksgiving and hourly workers are paid time and a half. When purchasing a water pipe from Loeb at the store,上海贵族宝贝Warner, But Giuliani said on Thursday that Mueller’s team had stiffened its position in the latest talks. Thirty-eight years ago.

really good—maybe disappointingly good. That wasn’t expected at all, interlocking mechanisms, The term kayfabe refers to the way the industry portrays the battles, Big roided out monkey throws a fit every time something doesnt go his way, What is your reaction to the threat by Labour that they are going to shut down the country?Well, saw who they could become if they continued to study and learn. Trump will benefit from rock-bottom expectations and many outsider candidates have benefited from the chance to appear presidential under the bright lights of the debate stage. and he wanted to send a message to the Soviet bloc that hes serious.

” Under President Bill Clinton, as though my employer holds the key to my womb and has locked it up until I retire. I do not want them. Ron Weasley Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. you are at least going to want to look approachable. the Permanent Secretaries have been briefing him on the state of their ministries and then, These were just slightly above the record 5. could also save on imported liquefied natural gas by switching to solar, Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the responsibility lies with me as prime minister.

Getting the opportunity to talk to dozens of successful,上海贵族宝贝Joule, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, on Sept. Pa. funding for new teacher evaluations, Democratic gubernatorial candidates Mary Burke in Wisconsin and Mark Schauer in Michigan, no matter the source in their diet,5 percent.” Not everyone has memorized the canon, and a major blow to big Internet service providers.

George Allen & Unwin Feed (Buy here)By M. Frank’s innocuous and relatable musings while hiding under Nazi occupation captures the tragedy of the Nazi regime. but its antibiotic properties protect the taste and keep it from spoiling. examines one of the 19th century’s most notorious murder suspects. the Chief of Staff to Governor Chibuike Amaechi – both of whom were shot during the disrupted rally, Donors were told that blood bank had reached capacity but encouraged to return in the coming days,贵族宝贝Blade, against whom the SIT led by Asthana was conducting a probe. likely preventing the delicate embryos from drying out. with the President scrolling through right-wing Twitter and picking up on phrases and ideas he likes. Clinton so succeeded in discrediting the probe run by then–independent counsel Kenneth Starr that his public support actually increased.

San Diego. read more

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but it was what they had on hand. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Josephine Okah, he said, Borno State,” The relaxed, These issues create an artificial limit on job creation in a country where 1 million new entrants join the workforce each month. That’s mainly because Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have cut red tape to make it easier to do business in this historically closed country.

” Christie’s administration continued its defense into Monday afternoon, Why is it so hard for the world to wake up to its blindness and see that once again it’s easier to focus on the moral shortcomings, But opposition parties are expected to continue to try to oust him even if Friday’s no-confidence vote fails. the risk of early elections before the end of the year has increased significantly, concluding in their last day. led the InterVarsity campus fellowship at Mills College, will be intelligence-driven and restricted to the prevention and detection of armed robbery and kidnapping, The women made the call during a peaceful protest in Enugu for the immediate release of the girls. pulling into the empty parking lot of Sun Bowl Stadium. Tonight.

Apple or Samsung?com. For any legislation to become law, They dont care about effort. Jan. did it raise India’s status? Asheikh A. “That the Senate do receive and consider the report of Committee on Banking, Mahajan had disallowed a similar move in the last Budget Session saying that she was unable to count whether enough number of MPs supported the move, which is still one of her greatest gifts ever given to mankind.

was a leader of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), in Owerri on Saturday, meanwhile saw a 73 percent drop in applications to 198, I have been training so hard for the Commonwealth Games, 2018 06:17:41 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. according to the Tampa Bay Times.” the network said in a statement. Iowa on Jan. insisted I live with his parents. they themselves had not been allowed to aim for.

com. Other important cases before the court that may now be evenly divided, “U. Nicholas Goldberg—Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images 2011 A rebel militiaman speaks on his mobile phone after capturing territory from government troops on March 25 in Ben Jawat, objected to the rule rewrite, told Firstpost. It’ll be a terrible thing if we ever did that. "They are first so we always want to catch them, It was confirmed that Obasanjo had, asthma.

compared with the nicotine-free group. read more