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Memorable expressions

first_imgElizabeth Rudy, Theodore Rousseau Assistant Curator of European Paintings, illuminated “highlights of how portraiture was pushed in different directions by different artists at key moments” for a group of about 50 art lovers Saturday at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum.Rudy’s hourlong talk, “The Portrait,” was part of Harvard Art Museums’ “Re-View” series. It spanned the second to the 19th centuries, ending with a “portrait-within-a-portrait” of the Renaissance great Raphael.Through history, portraits have been commissioned to enhance the status of the sitter and perpetuate that person’s legacy or achievements. The first piece Rudy described, “Mummy Portrait of a Woman with Earrings,” was also “an object used in religious practice and was included in the mummy shroud of the dead woman,” she said. The second-century portrait sits “at the juncture of three great art traditions: Greek, Roman, and Egyptian,” Rudy said.Next were works by Rembrandt, portraits that “give a sense of the soul of the person.”“Rembrandt loved the idea that the creator could also be the subject,” said Rudy, discussing one of the 17th-century Dutch master’s many self-portraits.Directing the group to a print of a 1657 portrait of Cardinal Richelieu (commissioned by King Louis XIV and painted by Robert Nanteuil), Rudy said that the work had a clear political goal, “in raising Richelieu’s status and helping to maintain the king’s power.” The Richelieu print “exemplifies how prints were used in the 17th century as part of political campaigns,” noted Rudy, such as Louis XIV’s efforts to legitimize royal absolutism (whose strongest advocate had been Cardinal Richelieu himself).Of course, the French Revolution would change everything. Rudy led the group to a portrait of a melancholy-seeming man sitting in a chair. Painter Jacques-Louis David and the portrait’s subject, the Abbé Sieyès, were friends and “real heroes of the Revolution,” said Rudy. Rudy described “Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès” — completed in 1817, while artist and subject were exiled in Antwerp, Belgium — as “depicting a moment that looks back at the unrealized hopes of the Revolution.” The resignation of Sieyès is almost palpable.Rudy concluded her gallery talk in front of a fascinating portrait of the Italian painter Raphael gazing away from his model/lover, who sits on his knee, at his own portrait of the Madonna (“Madonna della seggiola”). Here, said Rudy, “we have the artist and his muse, as well as his model” all competing for our attention.Painted by French artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres in 1814, “Raphael and the Fornarina” shows how gripping great portraiture can be, as the artist ignores his lover for the gaze of a timeless portrait he’s just finished. Indeed, as Rudy explained, Ingres’ admiration of Raphael’s portraits inspired this painting.In French artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ “Raphael and the Fornarina,” the artist ignores his lover for the gaze of a timeless portrait he’s just finished, notes Elizabeth Rudy.last_img read more

Holmes’ suite home

first_imgOn the first Sunday in March of 1931, about 500 people gathered in Langdell Hall at Harvard Law School to listen to a CBS Radio broadcast by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., the ambitious, egotistical Civil War veteran and Harvard graduate (A.B. 1861, LL.B. 1866) who pioneered the concept of legal realism. The law was “a practical weapon,” Holmes believed, and legal cases are best judged according to realities rather than abstractions.The radio address celebrated Holmes’ 90th birthday, one of many moments of adulation that spring that amused and pleased him — so much praise, he said, even though “self is so near vanishing.”Holmes should not have worried about his “self” vanishing. He remained a household name after his death. He was the first Supreme Court judge to merit a biographical movie (“The Magnificent Yankee,” in 1950). Besides being a judicial pioneer, his many aphorisms outlived him. One is especially apt today: “I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.”Now there is another reason to remember the fiercely mustachioed Holmes: the Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Digital Suite, which went live on the Web Tuesday, the culmination of years of teamwork at the Harvard Law School Library (HLSL).On the website, a visitor can move from the erect soldier of 22 (left) to the jurist in his prime at work behind a desk to the elderly Holmes (right), stooped as he walks beside Supreme Court colleague Louis Brandeis. Photos courtesy of Visual Materials CollectionIn a first for the library, the site aggregates multiple archival holdings into a single, hyperaccessible digital suite that anyone with a computer can search, browse, and tag. (The library uses the word “suite” to mean a collection of collections.) In the new suite, users can search and browse across five manuscript and three visual collections.“We’re not making anything newly available through this. But the access is so greatly enhanced now. We’re making this convenient,” said Margaret Peachy, curator of digital collections at the library.The new suite replaces and expands the library’s digital collection on Holmes. It not only aggregates manuscripts and images, but it offers simple and advanced searching, facilitates browsing, and offers links to like-minded searchers.Who are the expected users? “Anybody with a computer who comes to this site,” said Stephen Chapman, project manager in the library’s digital lab.Holmes used to say that a person’s education begins 200 years before his or her birth — that is, your heritage is part of who you are. Holmes had parental roots reaching back to New England’s first families, including those named Oliver, Wendell, and Holmes. On his father’s side he was related to Anne Bradstreet, English North America’s first published poet.A life that was a timeline of U.S. historyAs a boy, Holmes had his own view into the far past, and as an old man recalled his grandmother’s story of escaping the British when they invaded Boston during the American Revolution. (She left behind her doll.) When Holmes was born, in 1841, there were 26 U.S. states, Texas was an independent republic, and Boston had fewer than 100,000 people. During his life, he witnessed two major wars and five catastrophic financial upheavals. He died in 1935, during the Great Depression, with World War II on the horizon.Holmes was a judge from 1882 to 1932, first on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and then, starting in 1902, on the U.S. Supreme Court. He wrote 1,290 opinions for the court majority in Massachusetts, his crucible as a jurist, and took part in 5,950 cases during 30 years on the U.S. high court. (Most of these decisions are available for viewing in the Holmes suite.) To learn the art of innuendo in writing opinions, he once advised a young lawyer to read risqué French novels.A Boston Brahmin to the bone — a snob, in fact — Holmes was worldly and witty. He was known in Washington, D.C., for his frequent visits to burlesque houses and for his eclectic reading lists, which mixed (in 1927, for instance) forays into Vernon Parrington and Samuel Eliot Morison with an Anita Loos novel called “But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes.” In 1933, he celebrated his 92d birthday by drinking several glasses of bootleg Champagne. “I do not deal with bootleggers,” Holmes assured his guests, with tongue in cheek. “But I am open to corruption.”Throughout his life, the Civil War veteran used martial metaphors and carried his daily lunch to the Supreme Court in a tin ammunition box. (That artifact is among more than 150 items in the newly organized Holmes Object Collection, which also includes his gavel, his Civil War gun belt, and his death mask.)So the new digital suite, which was funded by Norman B. Tomlinson, J.D. ’51, functions as a kind of time machine for scholars of history, literature, law, and culture. Casual users will discover a lens through which they can watch the United States move from the provincial to the modern.To aid searches, the suite is divided into six phases of Holmes’ life: youth, Civil War service, early career, judicial career, personal life, and later life. A visitor can move from the fresh-faced boy posing with his siblings, to the erect soldier of 22, to the jurist in his prime at work behind a desk, to the elderly Holmes, stooped as he walks beside Supreme Court colleague Louis Brandeis.A  detail of a letter from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. to Frederick Pollock, Dec. 9, 1878. The new digital suite, which was funded by Norman B. Tomlinson, J.D. ’51, functions as a kind of time machine for scholars of history, literature, law, and culture. Courtesy of the John G. Palfrey (1875-1945) collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. papers, 1715-1938The suite’s five manuscript collections indicate the depth and chronological range of the holdings. These include the John G. Palfrey (1875-1945) Collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Papers, 1715-1938; the Mark DeWolfe Howe Research Materials Related to the Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., 1858-1968; the Edward J. Holmes Collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Materials, 1853-1944; the Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Addenda, 1818-1978; and the Letters from Holmes to Lady Castletown Small Manuscript Collection. (Holmes, during a long relationship with Lady Clare Castletown of Ireland, called her “my Hibernian.”)A penchant for flirtation, privacyThat last collection gets to both the heart of Holmes’ penchant for flirtation and his obsession with privacy. (He folded his letters queerly, so nothing could be read from outside the envelope.) From the end of the Civil War on, he insisted to friends that they destroy any “illuminating documents.” Many of those friends disobeyed, and history is better for it.The digital suite is built on the library’s open-source, 3D technical platform, with software designed by Web developer Andy Silva. (The description “3D” stands for the Discovery and Delivery of Digital Collections.)The heart of the 3D concept is access and enrichment, including an invitation to users to add tags to the Holmes material they peruse. “Through crowdsourcing, we want to make our material better,” said Chapman, though spam filters will be in place too. “Our position is one of general trust.”User tags will be posted immediately in the suite’s search index, but will be distinguished from curatorial tags and reviewed periodically.The initial documenting, digitizing, and tagging started in 2009. Chapman and Edwin Moloy, curator of modern manuscripts and archives at the library, managed workflows and oversaw the project. Peachy rearranged and processed the historical collections. Digital projects assistant Lindsay Dumas produced hundreds of thousands of tags. Craig Smith, a former digital projects assistant, prepared more than 2,000 manuscript folders for digitization. Eldra Walker, a candidate in the joint Graduate School of Design/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. program, helped to tag hundreds of items. Mindy Spitzer Johnston, former curator of digital and visual resources, cataloged the Civil War materials. Harvard Library’s Imaging Services handled the digital photography. Nicholas Cochrane and Malisa Kuch of SwissFish designed the suite’s website and key components of its browsing functions.Other digital collections at the library are lined up for future digital suites, including one on war crimes and another on Harvard Law School’s history. The suites will have the same robust browse, search, and tagging functions as the Holmes suite, as well as forums for user communities.A detail of a photo of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. with his sister, Amelia, and brother, Edward, ca. 1856. Courtesy of the John G. Palfrey (1875-1945) collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. papers, 1715-1938In assembling the Holmes suite, Peachy was struck by his Civil War letters to his parents, and by the timelessness of their sentiments. Some of them, she said, “could be sent home from Afghanistan.”  Chapman was intrigued by the postcard collections that Holmes amassed during trips to Europe.“At the end of the day, this is a narrative story of a human being and a life,” said Chapman. “And this is an extraordinary life.”last_img read more

8 Fun Facts About the 2014 Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards

first_img 6. Dan Rad Made History The Cripple of Inishmaan star and BACA nominee Daniel Radcliffe currently holds the title of the youngest winner! He was 19 when he won his first trophy for Equus in 2009. 1. New Kids Rule 15 of this year’s BACA nominees are making their Broadway debuts: Ramin Karimloo (Les Miserables), Bryan Cranston (All the Way), James Franco (Of Mice and Men), Zachary Quinto (The Glass Menagerie), Leighton Meester (Of Mice and Men), Zachary Levi (First Date), Andy Mientus (Les Miserables), Kyle Scatliffe (Les Miserables), Sarah Greene (The Cripple of Inishmaan), Lisa O’Hare (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder), Emerson Steele (Violet), Arthur Darvill (Once), Ben Platt (The Book of Mormon), Fran Drescher (Cinderella) and Jane Lynch (Annie). 7. BACA Winners Unite 13 of the 2014 BACA nominees are previous winners: Will Swenson (Les Miserables), Norbert Leo Butz (Big Fish), Sutton Foster (Violet), Idina Menzel (If/Then), Krysta Rodriguez (First Date), LaChanze (If/Then), Santino Fontana (Act One), Daniel Radcliffe (The Cripple of Inishmaan), Cherry Jones (The Glass Menagerie), Audra McDonald (Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill), Mary-Louise Parker (The Snow Geese), Celia Keenan-Bolger (The Glass Menagerie) and Marin Mazzie (Bullets Over Broadway). Hooray, the 2014 Broadway.com Audience Choice Award polls are officially open! But wait—before you cast your votes for your faves, we’ve combed through our archives to collect some important information that might make you think twice about which stars and shows you vote for. Read below for eight fun facts about this year’s nominees, then click here to #VoteBway! Are you ready? Click here to #VoteBway! 3. Les Miserables Leads the Pack The hit revival racked up 11 nominations, including a whopping eight acting nominations, but it didn’t come close to touching Spring Awakening’s record 14 acting nominations in 2007. Spring Awakening and Hairspray are currently tied for the most BACA wins, with seven each. View Comments 4. Drag Is the New Black Four-and-a-half actors have previously won BACAs for drag performances: Billy Porter (Kinky Boots), Nick Adams (Priscilla Queen of the Desert), Matt McGrath (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Harvey Fierstein (Hairspray) and Gary Beach, (who only wore a dress for one scene in The Producers). With Gabriel Ebert (Casa Valentina), Mark Rylance (Twelfth Night) and Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) all nominated for drag roles this year, there might be a few more additions to that category! 8. Snubs Get Love A whopping 34 BACA nominees were snubbed by the Tony Awards committee this year: Norbert Leo Butz (Big Fish), Will Swenson (Les Miserables), Krysta Rodriguez (First Date), Hunter Foster (The Bridges of Madison County), Jonathan Freeman (Aladdin), Anthony Rapp (If/Then), James Snyder (If/Then), Kate Baldwin (Big Fish), Nikki M. James (Les Miserables), LaChanze (If/Then), Caissie Levy (Les Miserables), Santino Fontana (Act One), James Franco (Of Mice and Men), Zachary Quinto (The Glass Menagerie), Daniel Radcliffe (The Cripple of Inishmaan), Debra Messing (Outside Mullingar), Mary-Louise Parker (The Snow Geese), Gabriel Ebert (Casa Valentina), Jim Norton (Of Mice and Men), Victoria Clark (The Snow Geese), Andrea Martin (Act One), Leighton Meester (Of Mice and Men), Marin Mazzie (Bullets Over Broadway), Zachary Levi (First Date), Keala Settle (Les Miserables), Steven Pasquale (The Bridges of Madison County), Jake Epstein (Beautiful), Andy Mientus (Les Miserables), Cliff Saunders (Les Miserables), Kyle Scatliffe (Les Miserables), Lisa O’Hare (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder), Courtney Reed (Aladdin), Emerson Steele (Violet) and Helene Yorke (Bullets Over Broadway). They all have a chance to win big at the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards! 5. Witches Win Big Wicked has won Favorite Long-Running Show for the last five years—will The Book of Mormon, Matilda, Newsies or Pippin rob the witches’ title in 2014? It’s up to you! 2. Sutton Reigns Supreme Violet star and two-time nominee Sutton Foster has previously won eight BACA awards—the most of any actor in the awards’ history. Will she snag two more trophies to put on her shelf this year?last_img read more

Run Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon and Half—March 12, 2016

first_imgRegister to rock the closed streets of the Nation’s Capital on March 12, 2016 at Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon and 1Ž2 Marathon.Check out a few of our favorite reason’s to rock ‘n’ run DC this March:1)    MedalsThis year’s finisher’s medals are MONEY. Run the Full, Half or 5K distance and you’ll earn this awesome bling to commemorate your accomplishment!2016Medals2)      Bands on CourseRock your way around the Nation’s Capital with live entertainment on course, keeping you pumped the entire way! Don’t forget the finish line festival headliner concert, with this year’s headliner Tower of Power.BandsonCourse3)     Historic Monuments Along CourseCheck out the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, and White House along course!LincolnMemorial4)      BeerToast to your accomplishments with a complimentary ice cold brew once you cross the finish line!BeerNeed another reason to join us on March 12, 2016? Register before the 2/1 price increase with code SPRING16 and save $10 on the half or full marathon!REGISTER NOW Congrats to everyone who ROCKED #RnRDC!Posted by Rock ’n’ Roll DC on Saturday, March 14, 2015last_img read more

Ex Catholic School Teacher Charged with Child Porn

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Thomas Bouklas, a retired teacher from St. John’s the Baptist Diocesan High School in West Islip, was arrested Friday on charges of possessing child pornography.A retired teacher from St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School in West Islip was arrested Friday for allegedly possessing child pornography on his computer, Suffolk County police said.An investigation by detectives with the computer crimes unit led to evidence that 64-year-old Thomas Bouklas was allegedly downloading and possessing child pornography over the Internet, police said.Authorities executed a search warrant at the former teacher’s home in Holbrook, police said. Investigators seized computers, hard drives “as well as assorted media,” police said in a news release.Bouklas is also a former soccer coach at the catholic school.He was charged with possessing a sexual performance of a child. Bouklas was processed at the Seventh Precinct and transported to First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more

Forever Chingland

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Hedge funds shift attention towards creating ‘institutional credibility’

first_imgTranslating these ideas into spending patterns, 78% of the firms recognised their investment management technological infrastructure as being of vital importance to improving operational efficiency, with enhancing investment management platforms being rated as similarly important to meeting risk-management needs.In this context, a common concern of hedge fund investment managers remains the accurate translation of their trading objectives through to trade execution, with 36% saying the major obstacles to this seamless trading revolve around the variability or complexity of instruments, communication within firm (including mobile access) and accuracy in pricing and valuation.Currently, the majority of participant firms have investment management platforms that were at least partially delivered via pure in-house installation or in-house installation with some vendor-hosted components, with only 15% report having completely hosted infrastructures.Danielle Tierney, an analyst at Aite, said: “Respondent firms tend to employ somewhere between two and 10 different components of portfolio management and accounting infrastructure, with the median number hovering around five, although 15% of firms do employ a single platform spanning the front-to-back office.”Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank’s annual Alternative Investment Survey found that investors remain bullish on industry growth.Hedge funds are expected to reach a record $3trn by year-end, up from $2.6trn the year previous, it said.What’s more, nearly half of institutional investors increased their hedge fund allocations in 2013, while 57% plan to grow their allocations this year.According to Deutsche Bank, investors are “happy” with hedge fund performance – 80% of respondents said hedge funds had performed as expected or better in 2013, after their allocations returned a weighted average of 9.3% in 2013. The vast majority of hedge funds have assigned the highest importance to building a well-reputed and trusted institution to assuage fears over operational risk, according to a survey by Aite Group.In the second part of its ‘Hedge Fund Trends and Challenges 2014’ report – based on interviews with hedge funds headquartered in the US, Europe and Asia, with $900m (€660m) or more in assets under management (AUM) – Aite highlights the increasing importance of engendering ‘institutional credibility’ within the hedge fund sector.Nearly 80% of the hedge funds surveyed by Aite gave ‘institutional credibility’ the highest importance, possibly in light of the recent underperformance of the sector – it managed to deliver an 8% aggregate gain in 2013 against a 30% rise in the S&P, according to data from Eurekahedge – as well as the recent high-profile closures of QFS Asset Management funds and FX Concepts.On a cross-regional basis, 39% of those surveyed saw the key element of ‘institutional credibility’ as providing a robust institutional infrastructure to take on complex investment structures, while 23% regarded it as constructing an integrated solution suite allowing firms to leverage technology to satisfy investor and regulatory requirements.last_img read more

REIQ regional tour delivers boost for agents

first_img“One of our most popular summit speakers, Steve Carroll, delivered his fantastic presentation, along with Connie McKee who delivered her sold-out session for property managers on how to succeed when QCAT becomes unavoidable,” Ms Mercorella said.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020“As one of the real estate professionals most experienced and knowledgeable digital prop-tech speakers, Tara Christianson delivered a practical session on technology that no agency principal will want to have missed. There really is something for everyone. “Whether you’re a sales agent, principal, or property manager; whether you’re just starting out or you’ve earned your stripes, we have got exactly what you need to stay ahead of the market.” With Townsville the second stop on the map, Ms Mercorella said the trip was designed to bring the best of the REIQ to regional members who didn’t have the opportunity to travel to some of the bigger events hosted in the southeast corner.“The tour is a day-long program of entertaining and educational sessions, with lunch provided, and then the day closes with a fun networking session with all the speakers,” Ms Mercorella said.“Our members can’t always come to Brisbane for some of our bigger events, such as the annual summit conference, or our bigger training feature days.“This is an amazing event and a real first for the organisation — we’ve pulled together some of the best bits of our biggest events and put them all together into a travelling roadshow.” MORE IN REAL ESTATE NEWS lowest home lone rates revealed REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella. Picture: Shae Beplate.More than 72 Townsville real estate professionals were given the tools to “disrupt the disrupter” at an industry event held by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland at The Ville on Wednesday.As part of its Real Tour, REIQ’s head office, including CEO Antonia Mercorella, have hit the road on a regional trip from Cairns to the Gold Coast, stopping at eight other regional capitals along the way. Townsville real estate agents heard about how to embrace change, incorporate technology and improve business in sessions focusing on sales, business ownership and property management. READ MORE New development wired up for the futurelast_img read more

Dzeko: Roma should be winning trophies

first_img Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made13 kids at weddings who just don’t give a hoot7 Most Beautiful Indian Top Models EverCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Which Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them7 Facts About Black Holes That Will Blow Your Mind7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better6 Extreme Facts About Hurricanes “There’s everything you want, everything you wish for in this club. We just need this last step: to win some trophies. Every trophy gives you more confidence and more belief that you can reach even higher, higher things. Read Also:Smalling informs Man Utd he wants Roma stay “I have to say the club has grown so much in the last four years and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Giallorosso haven’t won a title for 11 years. “It’s such a shame for a club like this not to have won anything in the last years,” Dzeko told the Athletic. “Hopefully this can change, because this club, first of all, deserves to win trophies.Advertisement Loading… Roma striker, Edin Dzeko. has said the club should be competing for trophies.last_img read more

Antique identifies flagship tourism sites

first_imgAlamis added that the five flagshiptourist destinations are the Siraan Hot Spring in Anini-y; Barangay Aningalanin San Remigio considered as the “Little Baguio” of Antique becauseof its cool climate, cave, strawberry farm, and rafflesia; Kawa Hot Bath in anold, large vat, the local jacuzzi in Barangay Tuno, Tibiao; Mararison Island inCulasi; and the Malumpati Cold Spring at the Bugang River in Pandan, consideredas the cleanest river in the country. “I am right now in the process ofdrafting a resolution identifying the five tourist destinations in the provinceas the flagship destinations as well as requesting funds for its development,”he said. SAN JOSE, Antique – This province has already identified its five touristdestinations for promotion and funding. “With the recognition of these fivetourist spots as flagship destinations, then the efforts of the provincialgovernment could be focused to further develop and promote it,” he said. He said the fund will be utilized basedon the engineering works to be submitted as priority development projects bythe respective municipal tourism officers. He said these five major destinationshave also been identified by the provincial tourism office for promotionbecause these already have support facilities for visitors such as cottages,home-stays, and restaurants. “I will be asking also in the resolutionfor an allocation of P10 million for each destination to be included in the2020 Annual Investment Program,” he added. He intends to have the resolutioncalendared at the provincial board soon. (With a report from PNA/PN) Provincial Board member Noel Alamis,chairman of the provincial board committee on tourism, said he is now in theprocess of drafting a resolution identifying the five tourist spots in theprovince as the flagship destinations and request for fund allocation for theneeded development there.last_img read more