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Network promotion personnel need to have nine query tool

1, website ranking.

Alexa ranking query address: 贵族宝贝alexa.chinaz贵族宝贝/


3, the channel access ratio of

ranking query

Alexa ranking query tool is a tool to estimate the site visits. For your own website, we can accurately count the installation of 51la, cnzz and other statistical code access, but if you want to understand the other site is hard to do. Then we can use Alexa tools to analyze the competitor’s website, to understand the situation of other sites in the same field.

website ranking mainly by site visits to decide, generally speaking, the higher the amount of access to website ranking will. " global ranking " refers to the website ranking, all web sites in the world ranking Chinese " " refers to the site in all Chinese website ranking. By ranking, we can be very intuitive to understand the different site quality.

for larger sites, different channels are generally existed in the two level domain name form. In this way, we can have an understanding of each channel access. " in recent months, website access ratio of " is mainly for IP users; statistical data access ratio, " in recent months, the proportion of " page access; is the main user PV for statistical data access ratio.

Alexa ranking query tool is mainly about the following three aspects of the information, Yue Hao to " Zhongguancun online " as an example for everyone in detail.

here is a numerical estimate, although not the exact figures, but very useful. In general, the greater the value, the more accurate data.

network to promote the strengthening of the consciousness, more and more people began to join the network to promote the army. In order to win in the fierce competition, we must do network promotion personnel know " ". Friends, is to deeply understand the promotion of your site; itself, is fully aware of the competition website promotion. Website promotion can be reflected through some relevant data. Yue Hao believes that if the network popularization personnel can master the following nine query tool, will be able to carry out a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the site, to make a more reasonable promotion target and promotion strategy.

the following data tells us that in.

daily daily website We use

, a Alexa

With the


2, IP and PV


Share modify the website TDK one month after the weights of two levels rise



although this is a problem called a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but Shanghai dragon back and forth cannot do without these elements, but the key is that the author of the site updated to meet consumer tastes is keeping pace with the times, that is to say, write some of the more relevant in the current environment of Shanghai Longfeng paper. The benefits of doing so can let consumers interested in click on your article, by colleagues for the spider included will have a good effect, for example, before the Christmas Eve, Christmas singing activities "," Guangzhou No. six subway line opened near what fun tomorrow "and the upcoming" Eve Countdown "and so on, writing for the author to provide Everfount material for the Shanghai dragon.

, a regularly updated website

said we often hear an argument, is the site of the TDK (Title, Description, Keyword) three elements try not to modify, otherwise it is easy to cause the site is down right.

is shown in Figure 2, this update, can be realistic, and can let you write something new, naturally easy to be included in the spider love Shanghai.

However, if this

(Figure 2)

so we have reason to believe that a point is the experience of others is the experience of others, in fact, modify the TDK does not necessarily be right down, but because there may be modified so that consumers at a glance to see the site of the focus, are interested to visit the site, in this kind of situation, the spider will naturally love Shanghai the record, and then modify the TDK to minimize the loss.

today I queried by the "master of the house site of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query platform, Amoy K nets have 3 to 4 weight from the weight to the sea, from the love flow is expected to reach 1040 IP, to know that in the modified TDK, Amoy K net love everyday in Shanghai is expected to flow only 450-490, that is to say, to modify the site TDK this month, let Amoy K net home owners love Shanghai from 2 to 4 weight, rose two.

must appear? Is not the case, because the website Amoy K net in about a month before the TDK changes, and the modified two level more than more than 40 websites, until now, love Shanghai has updated the release of these modified the website TDK, but not in the whole process of any tier two website ranking fell, but several website ranking also rose.

K then we Amoy net is how changes in the TDK will not only be right down, but also can be obtained with an index of the amount of sea rising? The following the recent practice to write out and share with you:



The website page structure and content optimization techniques in Shanghai Dragon

1, the text must contain your keywords to do

optimization of Shanghai dragon?

medical and business class, technology class website is not updated every day, but also to pay attention to the actual value of each article.

2, picture content must have the ALT property

Pay attention to the details of

in the 07 year, the anchor text chain to the home page or column page, will give the corresponding page weighted voting transfer. But later, love Shanghai has this chain in order to found cheating behavior. Because the hyperlinks in the article almost no users to click. Of course, if there is a link click, not cheating. In simple terms, love Shanghai determine whether your inner chain is cheating, one of the judging standard is to see the chain click rate whether the minimum standard of love in Shanghai.

principle to consider the needs of the user, rather than search engine. Can do video + text, picture + text according to the demand of

5, do not use the H tag

A: the

principle two: don’t cheat the user

if there are pictures, no alt attribute, but this page will be the search engine to give a certain right down

< h1> tag a page can only be used once, can be used as the title of the article, otherwise they will be convicted of cheating. That is to say, do.

two, content editing:

site is updated every day to

principle three: let the page become the one and only

someone may ask, breadcrumbs nobody, cheating you. Of course not, because the breadcrumb path is some point, and it is very important, whether it is love or Google Shanghai, attaches great importance to the breadcrumb path.

3, hiding the true content of

general information station, gateway station need to be updated every day, the news is the user group.

4, not into the anchor text in the content inside

, first of all, the website content editing need to pay attention to the following three principles:

web pages, is often the most a web page. Also through the long tail keywords flow into the site the most important page, then for each article pages, how to do

about the heat now medical website optimization, many people will fall into a misunderstanding. Medical website is a service platform, so there is no need to make that kind of information inquiry platform, medical website has been 39 Health Network, Xunyiwenyao, the monopoly of a good doctor and other major sites, the long tail word is basically very difficult to make a good ranking. So now the medical station, if it stays on continuously update the article, and then update the article, the site’s ranking is not any effect.

? Then the


The best way of marketing who destroyed Yu Minhong’s (a)

according to common sense, such a good way of marketing, both in the industry and among users should be won, full of praise. But the fact is not like a description of Mr. Yu Minhong macro so beautiful. The author is currently working in a German listed mobile Internet Co Beijing branch network, Android (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the vigorous development of the Android application developers and mobile application store to provide high-quality, professional, one-stop service. In the company’s network shop Android search marketing, I have a deep experience:

The best way to export marketing

then, either at PPC or above Shanghai Longfeng, want to get the marketing effect from the search engine, time or expenses must be paid and higher than the effect of several times. "Conversion rate" has been plagued by search marketing enterprise scale disease.

again, let search marketing experience to reduce the search, search by users accused.

June 20th "entrepreneurs salon fourth held in Beijing, New Oriental Education Group founder Yu Minhong said that the development of the Internet has a major impact on the education and training industry. If it is in his early start, do brush pole enrollment speaking, start-up education companies basically do not up, search marketing is the best way of marketing.

indeed, search marketing has changed the education and training industry marketing mode. According to the relevant data show that a Chinese search engine, this search for the promotion of education and training industry is ranked second in the industry. New Oriental is to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the search engine, in addition to the daily search promotion, the search engine platform at the same time, it is also an important base of New Oriental brand building. Search marketing has on the change of traditional marketing mode of the remarkable.

in New Oriental Mr. Yu, why would be a double criticism from users and enterprises? Who ruined the search marketing this way? The review, we discuss together! (text / Murong exhibition)

first, SEM (Search Marketing) in a broad sense, including not only the PPC (pay per click promotion, namely PPC also includes Shanghai), Phoenix (search engine optimization, namely natural ranking). In the two directions of search marketing, PPC and the Shanghai dragon focus is different: the former is paid advertising on the search engine, and the latter is to improve the website according to the search engine sequencing rules, and the ranking obtained natural flow;


That new Shanghai dragon plan how to optimize the website chain

in the chain: their name means are linked to each other in the same site content page (link your website content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links). Reasonable site empty link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. Relative to the external links, internal links are also very important.

, 1 for web site chain optimization, we can.

SEM Lu Yuhua summed up how to optimize the website chain several points, to share with you here.

we should how the site within the chain, the problems plaguing many Shanghai Longfeng novices, following by the Lu Yuhua SEM site for everyone to explain how to optimize our website with search engine optimization guide, below I give a case with you a commentary.

by Lu Yuhua SEM to explain, sites within the chain, you like me, why in the Shanghai dragon new scheme, we need to write how to optimize the website chain? Here’s a look at how to optimize the website chain. We work together to optimize the chain within the site to interpret the meaning of.

we can look at this link structure, the picture of my site on the Internet to find, but it can be shown, our website to update the contents, search engine spiders will pass the link structure to update the content of the crawl, so the web site of the chain optimization for keywords and website ranking is very large with the help of.

two, how to optimize the website chain with search engine optimization guide

many people think that, as a new station, we are the most headache problem, how to optimize the website chain problem, for the new station, we have been troubled, as the Shanghai dragon new scheme, we are a headache, how to optimize the website chain.

everyone must have their own website! We know our website updated content, search engine spiders crawling through the link structure.

review: a scheme for the new station of Shanghai dragon, for how to optimize the website chain, there are many problems of the trouble, for a new sites, how do we implement web site chain optimization for new sites, how should we do web site chain optimization.

we can look at the screenshot, when the user after reading, you can choose to read the article according to the relevant recommendation, the chain for the website optimization is very important, because the learned Shanghai dragon friends all know, the search engine is not included in the website given outside of the three layer of things, so we enable the recommended or in the article for joining the anchor text for site within the chain is very flat, for the search engine and web site within the chain structure, are more advantages than disadvantages.

, a web site chain optimization meaning


She lost her husband at the age of 22, but at the age of 40, counter attack became a ten million ric

in order to reduce the burden of the family, Chen Xiaoying was forced to quit school to go out to work, did not fully read the junior middle school she had to go to Hangzhou to do a dyeing factory workers, fortunately she met Nie Tengfei in the printing and dyeing factory, this is her first husband.

Whenever you start

‘s father, the whole family had no financial resources, and even survival became a big problem. Chen Xiaoying often ate the last meal, and every time he went to the fields to do farm work, he was hungry and had a good rest.

at the beginning of 90s, Hangzhou import and export trade is very hot, Nie soar and workers Zhanji filled hair.

for the whole do not worry, do not panic, because next to death, when the father is the only breadwinner of the family, the father got under the weight of the terminally ill, soon died.


when she was very young, his father died of illness, because he has not eaten, hungry couldn’t walk, did not finish junior high school and went to work for the family, and later married a poor worker in life began to slowly improve, but her husband died unexpectedly in a car accident, have lost when the pain she did not sink, but hold the breath and opened the big move, a few years time the company’s market value to 81 billion, now her net worth over 10 billion.

although very successful career, but she did not forget their birth village, not only funded the construction of the road and various living facilities, also set up a charity project aid and poverty alleviation fund, the founder of STO is linked to the woman.

Mencius said that if the day will be down to the great man also, must make it very hard, and today a brother to the people who speak it very hard, but she is living as Ma Yun behind the woman, it is no exaggeration to say that without her, Ma Yun can’t do anything.

      we have heard a lot of publisher websites can not display the 2 promotion advertising, in order to help publishers to solve this problem, we want to introduce the possible causes and solutions to promote display.

      first, ad unit display, please note that not all promotional advertising can be in any size. So, if you choose to recommend advertising advertising unit format is not suitable, cannot display advertising. To avoid this, we recommend that you first select the category and product before setting up your advertisement, and then select the advertising format.

      in the same way, if you add different formats of promotional ads to your shopping cart and choose a unified advertising format, the ads can not be displayed. In this case, you need to regenerate your advertising code and choose the right format for different products.

      here are some other reasons that might lead to an ad not being displayed:

      1.; the ad you selected is not available in your country / region. When generating ad code, you can click the change link at the top of the page and select the country / region you want to view to see the available ads in the country / region.

      2.; you did not tick the "best selected ad" when choosing a promotion ad, and the advertiser’s budget has run out or has stopped the ad campaign. In order to make full use of other available advertising resources, we recommend that you select this option when choosing an ad.

      3.; you have added more than 3 referral units to your web page. Our policy allows publishers to place up to 3 referral units on a single page.

      4.; our system considers your web pages to contain adult or sensitive content. However, when your web content changes, you may see promotion ads..

      5.; you modified the referral advertising code. Make sure you completely copy the ad code and add it directly to your web page.

      we have been working hard to improve the steps to generate recommendation code, and we welcome your comments and suggestions on recommendation 2. editor in chief: admin02


although very successful career, but she did not forget their birth village, not only funded the construction of the road and various living facilities, also set up a charity project aid and poverty alleviation fund, the founder of STO is linked to the woman. Although successful career, counting money, hand cramps, life Chen Xiaoying is very mysterious and low-key……

is successful, a few money hand cramps, but the life of Chen Xiaoying is very mysterious and low-key, even sh419 on her entries are not, today a brother came to the female giant grilled about the story.

in 1976, Chen Xiaoying was born in Zhejiang, Tonglu, a poor family, she has since taken up with age very inconsistent with the heavy responsibility, whether it is land, pigsty or tea garden, all take care of the order.

lost his father in childhood and married a poor worker in a printing and dyeing mill.

takes thousands of calls a day and works more than 17 hours a day,

After the death of


Small day project companies lose the mystery of what is not missing why grow

[introduction] on July 2013, users broke the news at micro-blog, Renren’s "happy network" business has stopped, layoffs have been disbanded. All happy network is a one-stop wedding preparation service platform for Renren, which was launched in July 2012. This is not everyone’s first failure of the sub project, and earlier relying on Renren platform windmill network, hoping to rely on Renren platform for social tourism exploration. In the establishment of less than half a year on the failure, and in today’s Renren’s "sticky net" and the news of the sale, everyone on the list of sub projects on the exploration, it is difficult to harvest a success.


July 2013, users broke the news at micro-blog, Renren’s "happy network" business has stopped, layoffs have been disbanded. All happy network is a one-stop wedding preparation service platform for Renren, which was launched in July 2012.

this is not everyone’s first failure of the sub project, and earlier relying on Renren platform windmill network, hoping to rely on Renren platform for social tourism exploration. In the establishment of less than half a year on the failure, and in today’s Renren’s "sticky net" and the news of the sale, everyone on the list of sub projects on the exploration, it is difficult to harvest a success.

big company launched a sub project unsuccessful, Renren is not the first, nor will it be the last one. In 2007, Baidu announced its entry into the electronic commerce, and served as general manager of Li Mingyuan, has a huge flow of Baidu hopes to share in the electricity supplier market share in 2011, Baidu has ah make adjustments, announced that the C2C business is closed, and let the seller transfer their own business, the business platform and even with the Baidu parent company that also. It is still difficult to do.

Of course, Baidu

example is not a big company for isolated cases of sub project failure, the Tencent’s business will be fast and easy to wholly acquire before it can hardly be successful, it has tried the QQ QQ online shopping mall group purchase, a number of projects, but in the field of electricity providers still failed to blaze a new trail. QQ online shopping is known to invest 20 billion reached the Xuehai market, but today. QQ online shopping in the electricity supplier in this area is still no market influence, and earlier, Tencent pat Network and Taobao compared, the difference is not an order of magnitude.

said these domestic failure extends the business case, let’s look at the famous case, Google as the world’s top Internet Co, it has launched the extension business based on the main business still untold success. The most famous product, of course, is Google +, and the Google ambitious product has actually been considered a failure, and its influence can be ignored compared to the social giant facebook.

An example of

can also be given a long line, and many people have to ask why, why can’t these giants be in other places?


Shop business can not despise the wandering customers

as a shopkeeper, we hope that every consumer can go into the store to buy, however, in the actual operation of the process, we often find some customers like to hang around. Because these customers do not buy things, many shopkeepers attitude will be very poor, in fact, this approach will undoubtedly lose these customers, but also may lose the potential customers around these customers. Therefore, the shop can not despise the business of wandering customers.

after the Mid Autumn Festival, the store suddenly deserted a lot of business. This morning, I was finishing the goods on the shelves of the store, the old neighbor Liu led a strange face of middle-aged man walked in. The old right leg is lame, is a 50 year old bachelor, he lived near my home shop, a more than and 70 year old mother. Liu usually wearing some sloppy, bursts of love to my shop around the door, look here, look at there, then don’t buy what left.

listen to the neighbors say, don’t look at this old Liu usually unkempt, is a big dutiful son carefully, his mother very attentive care. Liu ordinary in the zone of a glass factory to do odd jobs, some time ago, the glass factory efficiency is not good, often did not work stoppages, Liu is a lame leg around a part-time job, they live frugally, pumping low-grade tobacco and drink cheap wine, every month as the one thousand yuan salary to the old mother.

recently, Liu also acquired an electric vehicle with four wheels, when the glass factory shut down, Liu drove four wheeled to the county train station run rental, shuttle passengers get off. In the eyes of everyone, Liu is a "full on, that is through the life of the people". So, although Liu often came to the store just do not buy, I do not hate him, when the shop is not busy, I was chatting with him a few words, Liu for new products of interest, I will also do some products presented to him.

this time, see Liu came in, I still warm hellos. Liu said with a smile: "girl, today I to bring you to a customer, he was driving a taxi at the station I know the peer friends, after a few days, his son to get married, what need to buy some tobacco and candy, you take my last look at the" Taishan "to make it a brother." The middle-aged man standing beside me also Liu Han Han smile.

my son just got married to do a feast soon, with my "come over" experience, I recommend to the middle-aged man two packaging festive, affordable new cigarettes and a "ten miles of incense" liquor. Middle aged man said: "I am a real brother Liu, he recommended the shop owner also must not be bad temper, I believe that, listen to your!" That day, the middle-aged man Liu and the purchase of three thousand yuan in the goods in my shop.



What are the characteristics of the special word naming method

some shopkeepers in order to give the shop a suitable name, can be described as a great effort, to find their own good words, the results can not be satisfied. While some shopkeepers are using a number of special words, the name of the work becomes simple and easy. So, is it feasible to use the word naming method? What are the characteristics of the special word naming method?

to store the name of the name of the use of special words have two categories: one is the use of words in some industries, one is in the long history of the development of some industries in particular like the word.

1, the use of words in some industries.

For example

Chinese medicine shop Love "Hall", such as Beijing Tongrentang, Hok Tong, Hangzhou Huqingyutang, Cai Tongde hall, Shanghai tonghanchuntang; western medicine shop with "real", such as pharmacy, pharmacy, Huamei Howard Guanxin pharmacy.

2, in the long-term naming process, the formation of a number of industries in particular like the word.

these words used in the official name, it seems to have the effect of communication, let a person know what is the industry. For example, the silk shop with "auspicious" word. Beijing Rui Fu Xiang, Rui Zengxiang, Ruisheng; Shanghai have the same, Xie Dayang, Xiang Yang, Hua Daxiang, Duke of Daxiang Dachang, Daxiang, Daxiang and other treasure letter.

it can be seen that once the use of such a dedicated word, first of all, consumers can be at a glance, although I do not know how the product, the price, but at least you can know what the store in the end what to sell. Thus, the name of the shop is very feasible to use a dedicated word. Of course, due to the large number of such shops, so if you want a hot business, naturally also need to integrate into the name of more features, so that the business will be more prosperous shop.


NFC雕像Wii U 3DS平台宣布灰蟋蟀2013推迟到七月

今天任天堂宣布任天堂雕像平台(NFC)为Wii U和3DS。

目前,Wii U是内置NFC支持的唯一平台,但任天堂已经表明,它将在明年推出了3DS。



尤其独特的NFP是什么,它不是为某一个软件的标题副产品作为一个平台本身NFP有作家功能以及读者的功能,所以它不仅能告诉在Wii U GamePad是什么人物雕像,也是一个紧凑的数据量每一个独特的游戏可以写入和读取。也就是说,你可以自定义你的NFP提高或训练你自己的任天堂人物,例如






已决定由开发商为了提供板球球迷最好的游戏体验,赞扬这个历史性的回到骨灰年。谈到延迟,Tim Woodley,高级副总裁全球品牌营销在505场说:

”505场承诺创造一个板球比赛设计的板球球迷开发商,Trickstar Games花时间来整顿和重建游戏引擎在击球提供全新的功能,投球和防守。通过推回到我们的发布日期,这使我们有机会提供优质的板球冠军。”