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Discussion on how to strengthen the credit business website website

All kinds of

third party certification


professional website image

no matter what type of website, should set up a separate page put on their website contact, contact to write more detailed better, let users in the website, want to contact us, can be found in a variety of ways, as users encounter problems, want to seek help or customer service is what happened. Do not contact us, if contact is not correct, or not all users will think you are a liar, you will doubt, therefore, we must have the contact details, including website, phone, QQ, email etc..

the text on the site no matter how to write, how to say, it is still on your own website said, want to let users believe that there is a certain degree of difficulty, persuasion does not say, and puff feeling, therefore, if you have some kind of qualification of the third party, and trust your site will immediately increase to a level. If you have received what rewards, then you can put the award-winning certificate on a web site.

detailed information

contact Goods are available in all varieties.

a fully detailed and effective information allows users to trust website, if you are selling products, so the product information provided by the more detailed the better, the user can not touch, by only you upload pictures on the site and some text, users understand the content is only to provide you with information on the website. Therefore, to keep the site updated products and try to put the related news products are written, the more detailed the better, in addition, industry news, new promotional activities will often update.

is now doing e-commerce sites more and more, and this kind of website users can not see the real goods, cannot touch, there is no corresponding sales or sales staff to do so, that is a bit difficult, want users to be assured of my wallet shopping so much, how can we eliminate user concerns, build trust website and let users rest assured choice for us? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) is from the following aspects to talk about how to strengthen the electricity supplier Website Trust website:

website and the people in reality is the same, the first impression is very important, first look at the comfortable website, users will want to come back, if you provide goods in the website is just the needs of users, and the price and quality are guaranteed, so that users choose your possibility is very large. But need to be reminded that the user in the site if users need real and effective information, and the website design is appropriate, the content is also very perfect, not what typos, pictures can not open, access speed is too slow and so on, so as to improve the site’s professional image.

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Create a personal experience to share the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia


now have a lot of people want to try to create your own entry. But think it is too difficult to create a successful entry. So, how to quickly create love Shanghai encyclopedia entries, I summarized a little experience to share with you, although not what tips, but if you carefully analyze learning my three little experience, will be audited by the probability of large.


2, create entries before the directory structure you want to create the best entries in the book or other places make a note, in the edit entry will not go wrong.

3, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love can do the chain place only two places: one is the reference; one is the extended reading. Extended reading are only allowed to write a chain, more will not through audit. References in the uploaded pictures can do link, but the links will eventually be removed, the chain can do only one place, marked "1" in the edit entries in the toolbar, you can add the chain, the chain from the now, I only love with space in Shanghai the other is not successful, who successfully with the chain, we hope to share.

in Shanghai love encyclopedia leave a link, we should dream of want to do, because the outer chain effect is very strong, but it is easy to say, it is very difficult. Now the love of Shanghai encyclopedia entries as soft released channels in our company projects often the entry as soft release channel. I organized a small team, although not a lot of people, but all are a clear division of labor, has the strong strength. A total of three people, one person to collect materials, two people write the content. In fact, the creation of a love Shanghai entry is EASY, just to see if you carefully. As long as you are willing to work hard to do, create an entry that is not a problem.

as a new love Shanghai encyclopedia, first to cognitive "what is love Shanghai". To familiar with finished, don’t blindly to create the entry, do not do the task, the task, then you also will be about the same, you can start creating entry. Create entries before they must be clear: advertising, irrigation is absolutely not allowed. In the create entries before the first open several other has created good entry to imitate, create, create more naturally. Some small experience the following four points is in the work that I have accumulated, hope everyone can be on when creating entries.

1, suggested in the published entries before love Shanghai encyclopedia help, to see what terms, so we don’t know how to do, how to publish the entry link. Write down here in the published entries before we should do, and how to improve the efficiency of income in the period to do.

4, edit other existing entries, can upload pictures, add some entries and related terms. Can also increase for entry in the chain.


Analysis of website content words is not the more the better

webmasters may think that Tang contrast without contrast, after all, this is not the ancient. But now take the novel to contrast, we know that the Internet network literature in recent years was very successful, there are a lot of network literature at nearly 10 million words, but let people read is like chewing wax. But some people write thousands of words of the mini novels, can benefit people. Even some of the thousands of words no one or two a long and minute statement, let people enjoy the chicken soup. From the point of view of modern comparative literature, the content of quality is obviously and there is no direct relationship between words.

for technical articles, the content of the writing must be clear, the process is very clear, if necessary, need to put on the corresponding illustrations, especially to describe clearly the user easily ignored in the application of these technology points, allowing users to consult the technical content you will be able to solve the problem quickly. It can be regarded as high quality content. Of course, to solve user problems in security at the same time, can be reduced by proper words, the content of a certain degree of simplification, so that it can make the user less attention to those fine.

now many webmaster think, want to improve the quality of website content, at least to write a thousand words, and words is better, the best in publishing these contents, as much as possible paging, a content is divided into five or six small pages, so that it can reflect the content of net station quality, but also think so, the content is easy to be loved in Shanghai included, and included the ranking is relatively high. However, many owners are, to make the update of a serious problem, update the difficulty increase highly, and gradually lose confidence in the website operation, and ultimately escape from the industry in.

content and the number of characters has no direct relationship, do not you see Li Bai’s "Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream" and "Jingyesi" can spread through the ages, and this two poems a copious and fluent thousands of words, and the other one is only 20 words, from this point of view, the content and quality of the obviously, there is no direct relationship between the number of words.

content is more words really better? Such judgement is clearly arbitrary. And the reason for such a decision is summarized from the media content in website! I believe that this is debatable, want to know the website content from the media content of the website and some other industries have the essential difference, if a dead pull hard set, it is lost in the innovation, and ultimately to themselves in times of trouble.

However, the

of course, this does not mean that we are writing web content, can be lazy, it needs a few hundred words, thousands of words can tell a more comprehensive skills, or an industry news, in order to be lazy, just write a title, for research use only some of the text title to illustrate, for news content, will give you a let you guess. This text is not difficult to obtain quality clearance, user acceptance.

In fact, the quality of


A5 optimization team new sites can exchange to the appropriate Links

two: do not cross connection

site weight is high, the switch to the Links quality is also higher, this is the inevitable law of website optimization. However, just at the beginning of the new station, how to exchange the right Links? Many owners of this loss, often inadvertently casually chose Links, resulting in overall trust website search engine PSS. In this regard, optimization of A5 group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng) the following suggestions, help the webmaster to find appropriate and reasonable Links.


often received some webmaster message: "my site is PR*, exchange links, with your website?" a new webmaster must be very happy, your site is not PR wow, have high PR web site to find their own links. But when the owners look at its PR level, what is the number of Links more to see the other output. Such as: a PR3 website if input in more than 40, basically not what role exchange, what is the use? A lot of selling links, PR5 site has one hundred, two hundred links, what is the use of


three: a number of links

: only do similar exchange

five: beware of fraud

not only by virtue of the site included, PR level to judge the quality of the website, because what about "equal", the high weight of the site will not find you a new sites to do links, unless the sky really fall pie, or you have wide connections. The new exchange Links, more should pay attention to each other website has the potential for development, how to present quality, whether through perfect optimization, construction content of the chain is timely and excellent. Encounter this kind of website, then exchange it, your weight will often get in the end is equivalent to upgrade.

four: on site quality

any website, whether new or old station, in exchange Links principle, first of all to abide by a principle: only similar websites Link exchange. The new station is difficult to find suitable Links partners, often do not choose the categories to exchange friendship link. In fact, this kind of website exchange more, especially in the website, on the website of the "rank" is no good at all, unless it is a one-way link.

often have some owners in the "cross connect" exchange, such as: "your A links to my C station, B station I give you the link". In fact, it is really about C, instead of B station, B station is the role of a link workshop. He abandoned the site, you can also expect to bring much benefit to you? This kind of exchange link, is in hand to create a web site link workshop.

‘s "link" fraud villain too much, webmasters may also have to prevent. Often used for measurement: rob>


Group buying is a disruptive innovation model in the e-commerce industry

‘s attitude towards group buying is somewhat negative. It has written "buy group that has to talk" and "group buying will eventually become standard.". But this negative attitude is limited to independent group buying websites, not the group buying model. This thought now the conclusion from two aspects: one is the main mode of group purchase (independent type and configuration) development and data; the other is by reading an assistant professor at Harvard Business School Clayton · Christensen’s masterpiece "the innovator’s dilemma: when new technologies make great failure" when talking about "disruptive innovation" the emerging companies in the original edge market position, and then through this position makes the edge gradually developing market to the mainstream market, the ultimate success of the new leadership of the company.

what are the characteristics of disruptive innovation? In general, disruptive innovation does not involve particularly complex technological changes…… Disruptive innovation does not become a better product for consumers in mainstream markets, so it is unlikely that such innovation will take place in the mainstream market. Instead, disruptive innovation offers a completely different product mix, and only the emerging markets that are far from the mainstream market or have little meaning to the mainstream market will value the attributes of these portfolios."

relative to the disruptive innovation, is a continuation of the innovation, such as GOOGLE and Baidu search around, Tencent around IM, Sina and Taobao are around the portal around C2C/B2C for a series of innovation. This disruptive innovation seems to be taking place in all sectors of the industry, and the IT industry and the Internet industry are particularly obvious because of their rapid growth. I have been in Sina micro-blog also said that the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to achieve absolute monopoly, but the goal of miles away, but when Microsoft wants to do so, GOOGLE shattered the idea; when GOOGLE want to do so, FACEBOOK shattered the idea; when FACEBOOK want to do so, TWITTER shattered the idea.


of this kind of situation seems to China Internet has not occurred, because is very stable Chinese pattern of the Internet, and Chinese "profit response particularly fast, remarkable from happy net, and Tencent, example.

These large areas of

search, portal, IM, e-commerce, video, social networking SNS, micro-blog basically are showing a steady pattern of monopoly, emerging companies how to "disruptive innovation" position in the edge of the market, then the edge of the market become the mainstream market, creating new leading enterprises


Chinese Electronic Commerce Association of senior experts, China Mobile Research Institute experts and think-tank members of group purchase mode in the following five aspects of the analysis, that the group purchase will become China e-commerce industry’s most innovative mode of failure:

1, online shopping mode: one day a!


Novice entrepreneurs open shop purchase guide

for many novice entrepreneurs who, for the first time in entrepreneurship among open shop is a very good choice in the process of entrepreneurship, business shop, to find a suitable source is a key factor.

1, the factory supply is king    

Third, diligent. I believe that is the most God helps those who help themselves. A lot of people will say, I have neither friends nor foreign trade factory, a lot of opportunities to participate in the party, then I would not find the source of foreign trade since? What are not, the industrious and not by your own decision? No information, may wish to check online, such as the Ningbo base in which a piece of clothing the title, what can be found. As long as the basic information to run out, waiting at home is definitely not the end.

2, the wholesale purchase of    

if it is from the big city developed a wholesaler purchase, the price is very advantageous, it is particularly worth mentioning is that here, you don’t need to go to a lot of goods, you can enjoy special discount wholesale price, compared with the manufacturers purchase way, which greatly reduces the purchase the threshold, reduce inventory risk, and the price is not much higher than the direct manufacturers, is very suitable for small business sellers. Therefore, the seller of large cities, where the wholesale market where the purchase, is also one of the best channels of purchase.


Which to join the original wooden doors

wooden doors in the modern life of the application of a wide range of market demand, so many businesses are eager to invest in wooden items. Which brand is better to join the original wooden doors? Many businesses are recommended six hi source original wooden doors to join the project, the strength of trust!

six hi source wood stores opened the whole sales planning, advertising planning guidance and training. According to the pattern of ancient wood doors with classical six hi source modelling perfect, to create gorgeous exquisite life, the style of European style wooden doors, with its elegant taste, exquisite technology, perfect presentation of luxury and classic wooden doors. Six hi source wood doors and environmental protection, and sound insulation effect is very good, no harm to the human body, to create a comfortable living environment.

six hi source wood to join the climate and the condition of high temperature and high humidity and even worse environment have in-depth study of prevention, treatment on wood is very strict. Polymerization of man-made wooden doors? Six hi source of the original wooden doors to join the " do professionals can do fine, do fine in order to do a good job in order to do strong, strong in order to become bigger and bigger to do long " for the action of the south. Six hi source wooden doors to join the company to the quality of survival, reputation and development, is committed to creating the highest cost of the original wooden doors brand!

original wood to join the brand, will have the advantage of more reliable choice. Six hi source of the original wooden doors to join the company to provide products and other protection, I hope you can bring to the enjoyment of high-end consumer quality, if you want to do business as a proxy to act quickly, you can not miss a good opportunity.

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How to eat sweet taste

cooked food to join the brand what kind of brand influence is deep, what kind of brand worthy of investor trust, what kind of brand by consumers? Shanghai flavor Ya Ya cooked food is such a brand to join.

Shanghai Zhi Ya taste food chain management Co. Ltd is a joint-stock company to the table, leisure food chain management as the core, the spirit of "standardized management", "standard service, integrity management" business philosophy, established in twenty-first Century the success of the franchise business business model. Company in Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Taicang, Kunshan, Suzhou has a number of chain stores. In accordance with the modern enterprise business model, and continuously forge ahead, and strive to create "create industry standards, leading the development of the industry," the professional chain of food companies, invite the broad masses of people with lofty ideals to join.

How to join the

flavor Zhi Ya cooked?

flavor chain process:

Consulting – – to choose the shop shop on-site assessment and audit by signing the franchise contract, pay the relevant fees for the relevant license, store design – Recruitment – Storefront decoration transport personnel to the headquarters training project acceptance – examination after store — try to enter the business cleaning and publicity activities, issued the official business

flavor chain conditions:

1, with legal business qualification;

2, have a certain capital base, good financial credit, have the ability to resist the risk of investment;

3, network marketing, sales organization team, channel and terminal sales experience is preferred;

4, there are basic stores or have been operating in the deli can avoid joining fee.

believe you on the taste of how to join the text of this article has a certain understanding, if you want to join now please act. If there is anything that is not clear in this process, please leave a message below our website.


Let the new model of education with you to explore a larger market

The so-called

is never too old to learn, only the continuous efforts to learn the knowledge that we can not be eliminated by the world, but with the accelerated pace of life and other factors, many people can not get the class in the classroom, which the achievements of the huge market of network education!

The development of

network far and education for the occupation education is also a gospel. Most adults go to work during the day, and then go to the evening to participate in any kind of extra-curricular training activities such as these people’s   physical strength and will is a test. As long as to build their own websites on the Internet and employ some of the famous professors and experts to their online school to teach, and then after the relevant business of the Department of Education approval business,   the enormous potential of online education is waiting for those visionaries in favor of /p>! "After

but with network, want to accept training has become a very easy thing, just turn on the computer, you can choose the class time and learning into   degree, can also choose to have what the famous professors to train you, does not need the online school covers an area of large buildings, not natural need a great investment in infrastructure construction.



Implement measures to catch up to build a warm countryside

After the city’s "military enterprises build a model village" will mobilize the city Bureau of education leadership attaches great importance to the village several in-depth contact point lushaer town Huangzhong county to build the village and town of DOPA investigations, docking from reconstruction project scale, content, funds, and to determine the responsible person and liaison, multi-party financing 400 thousand yuan, of more than and 600 square lushaer town village 10 village houses painted and roof waterproofing, a village town purchase DOPA basketball 1 pairs, and two village installed 72 solar street lightsAfter the city of

"military enterprises build a model village" will mobilize the city Bureau of education leadership attaches great importance to the village several in-depth contact point lushaer town Huangzhong county to build the village and town of DOPA investigations, docking from reconstruction project scale, content, funds, and is responsible for people and liaison parties to raise funds for 400 thousand yuan, more than and 600 square lushaer town village 10 village houses painted and roof waterproofing, a village town purchase DOPA basketball 1 pairs, and two village installed 72 solar street lights.

this event to benefit the masses, so that people feel the party’s care and help, by the local people alike.