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How to find and select rural entrepreneurship projects

rural this treasure house, a vast territory, there are endless treasures, as long as the good mining, can become rich source of countless people! But the key is, many people do see a piece of land, but did not know how to find, even if found, do not know how to choose, let Xiaobian weapon!

The method to find the

1. through friends and word of mouth, 2 through advertising and self understanding, another way to find business opportunities in 3,

4. through entrepreneurial consulting firm analysis and investigation to understand entrepreneurial projects, 5 the best way is to find through the internet.


1. has teamed up with successful companies, 2 products have a strong market demand, the hardware and software has a strong monopoly of the 3, when the market opportunity for the beginning of 4,

5. has a leading marketing means, 6 dream financial low cost of venture capital, 7 of entrepreneurial project risk, 8 choose a good business website.

The prospect of the principle of how to identify

1. entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs not only have a full understanding of the project and its background, but also to grasp its unique profit point.

2. the size of the project, entrepreneurs and business partner resources (especially the "wealth" and "people", a green hand entrepreneurs often underestimate).

3. entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial partners mentality, the background is able to support the failure or frustration of their entrepreneurial projects.


How to improve the sales performance of jewelry store

to open a fashion jewelry store, to seize the psychological needs of more consumers, in the vast market opportunities, achievements placed in front of you, the road to become rich more secure. Let’s go and see what learning techniques are available.

now fashion jewelry sales prices rise, a lot of people, a lot of people earn money, many people are at a loss. For investors who want to join the fashion jewelry industry, the master of some business skills is essential. Today, the author on a lot of entrepreneurial novice, to introduce some fashion jewelry store management skills, hoping to help you successfully set up shop.



How to join beef cake snacks

There are a lot of investors should join project

snack food brands, such as what beef pie, hamburger and so on, these are the very popular snack market investment projects. Take the beef pie, beef pie is delicious to eat a lot of people, so in the end what charm can beef cake brands gathered in talent shows itself? Beef pie, pasta and delicious to eat together, making convenient, is also very convenient. In addition, the store decoration style is also very unique, elegant environment, in the pasta industry occupies a favorable market position. Beef cake to join the venture is a good venture to join the project.

how about beef pie? What need to meet the conditions for joining? How to join?

pasta, is a lot of people love to eat a delicious, then beef cake to join in the market what are the requirements and benefits? This may be the hearts of tens of millions of investors call, so here Xiaobian for everyone to do a detailed description:

beef cake join conditions:

1, love food culture, have strong interest in investment and entrepreneurship;

2, with a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and the desire to succeed;

3, the corporate culture, management model and business philosophy of certified beef patties;

4, maintaining brand reputation, not infringing trademark;

5, with the necessary material conditions and capabilities;

6, with a sincere attitude of cooperation, to accept the unified management of beef cake chain system.

beef cake join process:

1, the intention to join the phone, the official website of the company, such as the message to the headquarters of the person in charge of professional consulting matters, to view the relevant information.

2, joined the business to understand the project to join the headquarters and the headquarters of the project to carry out the investigation, and the headquarters staff to communicate, a detailed understanding of the project.

3, the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without any dispute, the formal signing of the contract.

4, franchisee in accordance with the type of cooperation they choose to pay the relevant fees to headquarters.

5, headquarters for franchisees to provide store location, store decoration, store design guidance and help.

6, the headquarters of the franchisee arrangements for technical training, after graduation awarded authorization bronze. < >


The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to buy luxury anchor Indoorsman business model into th

extra! The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to earn huge wealth, Ho throw thirty million yuan to buy a house, this luxury villa has a large swimming pool, so life is free entrepreneurs inspirational example.

reported that the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Mullen (Sunset  Strip) to buy a $4 million 500 thousand (about 28 million 500 thousand yuan) of the house, an area of 115 square, including 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and large swimming pool and SPA pool, floor outside the scenery is like a picture beautiful paintings, there are gorgeous locker rooms, bars, outdoor BBQ baked Taiwan, is entirely in the dream house, but also become a real super inspirational story.

Mullen in the game host occupation has been developed as a new network of occupation. Even in China, the annual income of the top game anchor is also more than the existence of more than ten million yuan level. Don’t say things are not so Indoorsman production does not make money, maybe they have a Mullen.

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King of enterprise marketing — enhance the conversion rate

many companies have moved on the Internet to build its own website, but most of them did not get the expected profit, no transmission site has no value, there is no communication conversion website, also did not reach the expected value, exposure rate and conversion rate will be the key to realize the value of the spread of enterprise website.

with the development and differentiation of Internet market diversification, the search engine has been the core of marketing communication network, covering more than 95% of Internet users through search engines, how to carry out online marketing communication, is the key for the enterprise to achieve online business.

companies need not only need SEO (search optimization), we need more SEM (Search Marketing), the core of the search optimization is to optimize the site search engine weight, website keywords ranking. Search marketing is the core for potential customers, more the more "way" (words or statements more) to quickly find the enterprise can realize the opportunities for cooperation, the definition of keywords or statement is a potential customer on the expression of the purchase demand, only the effective search engine marketing, in order to bring more customers. How to get more prospective customers to find us, is the effective implementation of search marketing value, everyone (potential customers) in different culture, different, different levels of knowledge, expression of demand are also different.

actually want to improve the site keywords ranking is very simple, as long as we do the following steps can be achieved, with the example of Beijing website construction.

1, the website home page Title title should include "Beijing website construction" the key words, the better the location.

2, the website home page, should appear more "Beijing website construction" this keyword, keyword density should be 2%-8%.

3, the establishment of a high quality anti link, the link in the title of the best with the Beijing website construction, the link is the best form of one-way links, you can use the cross link method. Example: < a> keyword < /a>  

4, in addition to the construction of the chain, the site of the relevant channels or content page, you can also use the above method to increase the internal link.

above, the enterprise marketing channel is the key to enhance the conversion rate, you might have different views on some of my explanation, here you can welcome message to tell me, I can tell you I promise is a must see each comment, welcome you and SEOer make friends. My QQ:274821031


Baidu Encyclopedia Medical entries will be rejected ordinary people edit

days ago, some netizens questioned Baidu encyclopedia is marketing, the use of medical institutions in this regard, Baidu said in a statement released yesterday, Baidu Encyclopedia of pure public goods, not profit. Baidu launched the rainbow plan for all medical classes to take professional certification.

yesterday, Baidu Baike announced the launch of the "Rainbow plan", the 40 thousand common medical encyclopedia entries are locked, experts will edit the right to amend certified, ordinary users will not be able to participate in editing.

December 6th, Sina micro-blog certified as associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peking Union Medical College Hospital netizen @mingergong said, Baidu encyclopedia entries on cervical erosion patients with misleading information, then modified, but not by. The user then found that the contents of a private hospital was modified by the. The user therefore suspect, Baidu encyclopedia became a private hospital marketing battlefield."

@mingergong for the above question, Baidu encyclopedia yesterday issued a statement to respond to that, "Baidu encyclopedia will adhere to the social welfare service commitment, all medical expenses will not involve any compilation of entries."

Baidu official said, users can not be amended in time through the application process may be the reason. Baidu encyclopedia huge amount of information, the audit period in the submission of the peak usually requires a certain audit time. According to the Baidu encyclopedia rules, regardless of the user points and the level of authority, the contents of the amendments submitted by the same process needs to be reviewed.

previously, in 2010, Baidu Encyclopedia has been working with the medical information platform good doctor online, invited thousands of doctors in the top three hospitals for medical class editing. However, due to the presence of some of the medical doctors without professional editing entries, users may still be unable to upload information or even individual medical institutions false propaganda.

in the implementation of the "Rainbow plan", for there is no physician timely preparation and certification of medical entry, Baidu encyclopedia will display "the entry involves professional knowledge of health, certification work is ongoing, suggesting that current information is for reference only.

Baidu encyclopedia was founded in 2006, has now become the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia. So far, Baidu encyclopedia entries included nearly 5 million 600 thousand.


medical experts in Baidu encyclopedia users praise is


The first investigation of the mobile phone brush list is characterized as unfair competition

[Abstract] the significance of this punishment is that the government began to face the hand travel brush list of legal nature.

net brush list studio


technology news (Liang Chen) on May 25th, former Shanghai Fengxian District city government portal website released a dynamic government said, Shanghai business sector and a brush list company. Insiders pointed out that this is the first time the domestic government departments to match the nature of the brush list.

said, the law enforcement officers of Shanghai in an advertising company for inspection, found that the company hired professional "brush list", "brush list is developing a Mobile Games operation for its products". By increasing the amount of the game in the App Store software downloads, to enhance the game in the App Store download rankings, to promote the consumption of the game.

the government also announced the final results of the dynamic. The company’s "brush list" behavior has been suspected to constitute the "fictitious transactions, delete unfavorable evaluation form, for acts of unfair competition to enhance business reputation" of myself or others, the behavior of the company has been Fengxian branch of industrial and commercial investigation.

With the continuous improvement of Apple’s rules on the list of

, as well as the strengthening of the brush list punishment, the list of developers and users of fairness is gradually being protected. But in the Mobile Games "brush list", integral wall advertising, social network "and other forms of marketing, how to define not yet have specific policies.

industry insiders pointed out that the significance of the punishment is that the government began to face the hand travel brush list of legal nature. Once it has universal significance, to be emulated in other regions, the current hand travel industry, and even the impact of the mobile Internet industry marketing weight.

, however, it is worth noting that, in the first half of 2015, there have been friends of the brush list, so that competing products forced down the shelf phenomenon.


There are a large number of sites to look for a suitable site

cash acquisition of IP in the mixture million websites (not related to the website of copyright)

cash 150 thousand novel station

female class or mother and child related website

acquisition of PR5PR6 high quality website

10W cash for a matter of conscience movie station, passion station, road quality is better, the hacker

not faze

long term high priced Baidu have frequently included Google PR site the older the better

novel station, requires Baidu included normal, has been filed

domain name: [50 thousand to 100 thousand] acquisition of hacker portal domain name!

received a computer network class station

computer skills such as

website, price negotiable!

cash acquisition pet website

to be included in the white PR3 website! ~

100 million in cash to acquire a large number of websites………… some of the money is., but you didn’t!


6000-20000ip novel station

seeking a profit in the station!

received a novel Jackie station IP high nakoso! (0 – 1000 yuan)

acquisition forum IP does not matter more than PR to figure the best speed of some

seek livestock breeding base site a

for PR4 and above stations, including updates are normal

search engine included more than six months of the site

5 million or so long enough to seek more than IP5000 of the station! Good quality speed!

acquisition site, 500 yuan in the following

received a class QQ forum, cheap to!! Some cost PM

a large number of English trash image station, whether the flow can be

5 million yuan long enough for more than IP5000 station! Good quality speed!


mobile phone website forum QQ class women Mantianyaojia please don’t

cash 20W acquisition 5-10W IP little game station, QQ station, movie station [1 years above site]

cash 20W acquisition 5W above IP small game station [old station]

3W cash purchase Jackie novel station (Baidu included normal old station)

more information:


Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition in the first instance won 500 thousand yuan compensation

[TechWeb] reported on October 27th news, Beijing Haidian court recently announced the case before the official micro-blog: user input text search engine Baidu Sogou input method, click on the search of candidate words into Sogou search page, Baidu unfair competition sued Sogou, Haidian court verdict Sogou input method to stop acts of unfair competition, eliminating the effects of and compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan.


Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition won 500 thousand yuan in the first instance awarded

after the court held that Sogou companies and Baidu Inc are operating search business, the two have a competitive relationship. In 360, YAHOO search and search environment, Sogou input method did not show the search candidate, and to explain the company failed to Sogou Baidu search, to take targeted difference discrimination, unfair competition.

at the same time, in the sentence, the court for the first time from the angle of establishing "collision avoidance principle", "user first must consider the requirements of Sogou search using Baidu’s willingness to avoid confusion with Baidu services".

it is understood that the cause of the case in 2014, users found in the use of search search Sogou input method input text box in Baidu, Sogou input method will automatically pop-up drop-down vocabulary related search keywords, Internet users click on any word will be shown under latifiya, in the state of knowledge. Is the relevant search results automatically jump and switch to the Sogou page.

currently, Baidu and Sogou are clear whether the appeal. (Ming Yu)


Kun Peng Theory in the face of aggressive Internet barbarians how to meet the traditional enterprise

recently on Kun Peng often talked about traditional companies in the Internet, mobile Internet situation, how to be facing challenges, difficulties and other topics, today we talk about how to break the traditional business bureau, and there have been many traditional large enterprises have begun this operation.


first, how to deal with the new technology of traditional enterprise competition

two days before us "this year such as millet and unicorns are very sad and more than 80 will die" mentioned in the disruptive innovation, referred to the small company how to use technological innovation to beat the big companies, like Microsoft, Google, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, etc. How to change from small to big


is now in retrospect, many people may say that these traditional executives is too stupid, someone pointed to Lenovo Yang Yuanqing denounced him as incompetent as a few months ago. But objectively speaking, in fact, they are not stupid, for who basically will protect the existing important business and the attitude of the business of innovation, so that the great CEO is an opportunity to be met!

so, in order to adapt to the disruptive innovation in the Internet era, or in the future development of how to continue to thrive? How do the traditional company? Harvard Business School professor Christensen in his book "the innovator’s dilemma" gave out three suggestions:

1, the acquisition of a disruptive innovation of the new company

, however, after the acquisition to fully adapt to the business process and culture, even accommodate. Otherwise it will soon be assimilated to high-quality companies, and ultimately a sieve, which in fact is the worst.

2, the purchase of disruptive innovation technology, personally engage in

Kun Peng theory thinks that this is not a recommended choice, because of disruptive innovation the key lies in the operation of its team, have a wolf spirit, why disruptive innovation can succeed, the key is that it is struggling to survive, to seize every opportunity, racing to entrepreneurship, but the traditional large enterprises often difficult there is such a natural atmosphere, employees will melt in which is difficult to truly entrepreneurial team spirit.

3, a skunk works

this is one of the more respected Christensen, a called "skunk works independent subsidiary, specializes in disruptive innovation products, close to the new technology and new markets, and the company’s original business competition, survival of the fittest. GoogleX is an example of a completely independent company, the only goal is to pursue its parent company is unlikely to withstand the damage.


Kun Peng little knowledge

What is the skunk works

(Skunk Works) is a skunk Lockheed · advanced development project Martin’s official nickname. >