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At the beginning of a portal site of Shanghai dragon and the corresponding solutions to problem diag


from the March has passed nearly 7 months, the overall site optimization and the promotion of the changes is different from before and after all, according to the actual situation in the business to be adjusted, so the time can also be combined with the site itself to find some shadow (of course, if you want to read this article, must be combined with the site to see see) it changes. Nonsense not say, straight into the topic.



took over an insurance information portal, before nearly half a year, due to various reasons to leave Shanghai Longfeng this circle to do marketing and intermediary, so in just over and do a lot of homework, aiming at the existing problems of the website made a diagnosis problems, and provides the corresponding solutions for the problems, now have the time to give it to share out, is also the record he was at that time the occupation course of

three, the deployment of


3), and the products of the long tail word

content update frequency



site is currently doing keyword introducing flow

, a website


1) home brand

site structureThe quality of the content



, the 1 main factors influencing the website includedThe domain name

7) site map site map or the use of sitemap


At the beginning of March when


2, website indexed in problems and solutions:


askKeywords flow Two,

2, introduces relevant problems and solutions of


2) web server access speed

pictured above Xiaobian was included in the site, mainly from the introduction of traffic, keyword layout, keyword ranking and data statistics and analysis of five aspects to start, so this article is in accordance with the logic of sharing

page has > title


2) Tag classification and thematic core keywords


page content layout structure

1, the introduction of traffic classification




Why love Shanghai show more about the Keywords content


loves Shanghai "see more on the" keyword "> >" for Shanghai dragon Er, there are also dangerous organic, everything has two sides, mainly to see how we operate, if you grasp the skills, seize the opportunity, the dangerous nature became machine. < >

we see from the chart, "keywords see more on the" key words "content" is to extract the content of the page title. We click see more about "Keywords" > > after love Shanghai into another sort search results page, as shown in figure

from the figure we can observe that when the second keyword search results ranking page click on the title and we search for the love of Shanghai will not be as like as two peas, "see more on the" keyword "> >". Thus we can easily conclude that the love of Shanghai in the search results display the sort page for more information about the content of the "Keywords" > > "is to let users search to reduce the search time, make search results more precise. See more about this "love Shanghai" Keywords "> > for Shanghai dragon Er, may reduce the traffic to our site, it may be a good opportunity to increase our site traffic.

I fell in love with the sea search "love Shanghai, I return to the original project" in the search results page free to click on a title, following in the URL pop-up "see more on the" keyword "> >, and bold font display, as shown in figure

if a station in similar article more words, there may be an article by a visitor guide repeatedly to reach the target site promotion. Now the general enterprise has two or more than two sites, and sites between business are closely related, such as a company’s main business is the registration of foreign companies and other minor business companies registered in Hongkong. We can in the registration of foreign companies of this website is the title of an article is "company registration process" (the website ranking is very good), and we registered in Hongkong company’s website article is "foreign invested company registration needs what information, similar title, can let visitors to visit our website again.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai love are affecting our hearts every act and every move. Because of the increased competitive pressures, changes in Shanghai love is more and more frequent. Green line, the chain of the new algorithm and the original judgment project etc.. It is not difficult to see that the ultimate goal of a series of actions are in order to provide more valuable information to return search results search information closer to the user’s intention. After the top second pages of relevant search ", this day Shanghai’s search results page has a new change.


The website is needed before decision what

decided it must change, you need to make the appropriate decisions in the revision before the need for rectification which contents, then formulate rectification method, it can effectively improve the website effect, and can control the negative effect of the revision to the lowest level. The following analysis of some key decision content.

but if it comes to the revision of the CMS system, which means that there is a significant change, including the HTML code, static URL etc.. Even the URL naming conventions changed. But if you choose the CMS station system itself optimization performance, also will have a serious negative impact on the revised website. So in the CMS revision, must be on the CMS system analysis, selection of high quality CMS system, then as far as possible the use of the original URL naming conventions, use the same name as consistent as possible, so as to reduce the negative impact on the CMS revision in the website.

second, the maximum protection of URL does not change. Now many sites in the revision, easy to address before URL will change, such as the content storage directory structure, which will make the search engine that this site is a new site, so before the old site put into the operation effect will be greatly reduced. So before the revision decisions need to be before the site of the URL naming rules re sort, and continue to follow. Includes a folder in the web site space in the storage location. Of course, in the actual process of revision, there will be some change URL address and file structure, the need to pay attention to a little, it is needed to maintain the spatial structure of the original site, and then through the method of 301 redirection, the weight of the old URL transfer to the new URL, when the weight of URL is new re recognized, then the original website space related content delete machine. It can reduce the loss to the lowest level of revision.

third, in a gradual decision must pay attention to modify the contents of the site after revision. Before many webmaster >

is the first web page design, modify or modify the CMS system. The website usually has several different degrees of revision, a revised web design style change, the other is the CMS system. For the former, basically changed is the look of the page, and the content and the corresponding URL usually causes no change at the same time, the HTML code is basically not changed. As a result of the revision of the website style does not normally have a dramatic impact on the website. The scope of its influence is mainly the template itself whether to have the good optimization, the user affinity to.

in the Internet world, the website is inevitable. But once the new web site, if the method is not correct, it is easy to appear a variety of problems, and even affect the site in Shanghai in search engine rankings, so it will bring negative effects to our website.



Silicon Valley entrepreneurs summed up 57 entrepreneurial experience product supremeTaobao guest sta


team building,

fund raising

4 makes the most decisions on the basis of consensus, but the only CEO has the final say. From the first day it became clear.

1, if your 2 to 4 person team can not make profits in 6 months to 1 years, then there must be a problem. Unless you choose not to make a profit, it must be your choice, not the market.

3 has always had an option exercise plan.

is the competitor analysis website, your best teacher is your opponent, you need a few aspects to analyze your opponent first, use intitle to query the main competitors, they also look at those keywords how density optimization. Second, look at the competitors’ Web site structure and content pages, especially in the pages of the links do well, this is related to the weight of the site. Third, look at the web site of the chain, their main chain from where to come, he can do the chain of place, you can also do?

7, select the original team members carefully. Everyone should be happy to work together, at least with an enterprise related skills, efficient and pragmatic. Everyone should have a product sense and have a common philosophy of the product and the company.

those talented, experienced people have already written a lot of entrepreneurial experience, I want to add some more content. I have summed up these experiences with the hardships of the past four years. If you’re going to start a business, hope your path is smooth.

is the last of this website, online everywhere template just buy a OK, as long as suitable for SEO on the line, not here to explain in detail, after the establishment of the station is regularly updated daily articles, send the chain, to promote the group.

5, your authority as CEO is earned because you are from nothing. If we win, this authority will grow, and vice versa. Don’t try to abuse the authority you haven’t won.

11, if in a round of financing you have to give up 15% of the company’s control, then the company must have a problem in some way. It can be saved, but not ideal

6, morale is real, and it can exist forever. If you don’t win for a long time, your investors, employees, family, and yourself will lose confidence. Work hard and don’t get into such a situation.

, a San Francisco based cloud computing database services company RethinkDB founder Ake Mitch Te Slava Slava · Akhmechet recently published an article, summed up the 57 entrepreneurial experience, which involves 9 aspects of team, financing, market, product, marketing, sales, product development, business management, personal status etc..

is the first choice of goods, the majority of owners to choose goods mainly consider the Commission, in fact there is a misunderstanding, but no sales commission is meaningless, you are familiar with the goods, especially if you are using or frequently used goods, for example, are you a webmaster, you are using a good spatial stability, good speed, so the promotion promotion space is certainly more than you do you do slimming drugs, because your social circle is the webmaster either immediately or in the group of friends to see the results slightly promoted.

now heard a lot of guest talking about now do Taobao customers more and more difficult, from the Taobao guest single page station planning how to make light of a Taobao guest website today.

8, the standard of your work, is the standard you accept. Choose a small portion of your most important and non-negotiable terms and execute without restraint.

10, some friction is a good thing, but too much friction is terrible. Lay off people who make too much friction. Good work = bad habit = you are fired.

is the second key target word selection, target keywords is the core content of the site, the choice is not a keyword do first is of no use, select a competitive keywords do not go up also in vain. It is recommended that you go to the sh419 Webmaster Tools query index, according to the sh419 index has a certain index, but the competition is not too strong long tail keywords as the target keywords, the degree of competition has a first judgment method, see sh419 PPC, if there are 3-5 PPC that the word conversion can be done if a bid is not there is a possibility that this keyword rate is very low, it is not a good choice, if you do more than 7-8 PPC was not interesting in front of the traffic interception off. Second, see how many top-level domain names in the home page, the less the top-level domain, the lower the degree of competition, the more likely you are to do it.

9, dismiss people who are hard to work, inefficient, unreliable, product conscious, and impractical. Quick dismissal.

this article by Chongqing website promotion original, reprint please retain, thank you.


below is Ake Mitch Te summed up the 57 pioneering experience:

2, the average share among the founders.


5D6D don’t hit your own leg with a free brick

5D6D charges a lot of noise, because I also have a binding domain name anchored on the 5D6D, so the incident is also quite concerned about. Think of the original, when the station settled in 5D6D, completely because of its free license, free binding domain name. This has irresistible attraction to a number of stationmaster, because this kind of policy attracted thousands of stationmaster to settle down. Have done standing know, a two level domain name and a top-level domain weight is self-evident. It is precisely because of the permanent under the banner of free 5D6D, many owners have spent a lot of time to promote their own station, have made their own scale, but more station also did not achieve stable earnings, therefore more willing to use the free space station.

however, as soon as the toll policy comes out, the damage is not only to the webmaster, but also to the loss of 5D6D. Where’s the big deal,


: a long time ago, and has been a permanent free sign, suddenly to charge, not to mention the domestic well-known enterprises have such prestige, then who will have credibility, the credibility of the word itself is a cup. I believe that this enterprise can survive, but will no longer be trusted. Mutual trust is the first step in business.

two: in making fees decision-making, 5D6D and did not ask the views of the majority of webmaster, but is a strong introduction of the charge service, which led to the overwhelming majority of the station’s resentment. At present, the network situation is not good, everyone can understand, in making this program, the reasonable approach is to consult the views of the majority of webmaster, and then choose a compromise program. You ignore yourself and put yourself on high ground. You think you’re God,


three: charging seriously divorced from the actual track of the market. 140 yuan per year to bind a domain name, which is more expensive, than to buy a space you ask, value-added services in? Charge free forum forum and the value difference in where? What do I spend 140 yuan a year fee, buy a can not backup data, cannot collect data, not free management forum. You want to shut it off, you want to leave? As more owners said, one-time charges 30 yuan fee bound we can understand, and I am willing to bear the cost, but every year to pay the cost of money, you when I was a donkey kill


: it’s already late, four. In the strong introduction of charges after the uproar, in the voice of the overwhelming majority of the webmaster, 5D6D official was forced to introduce second sets of free binding program. Maybe the image of 5D6D was good before. At least 5D6D’s image of my little stationmaster was gone. With the user walking closer, you have more money to earn, and you and the user’s distance pull farther, the user can only stay away from you. 5D6D later to repair the incident and the cracks generated by the webmaster, I’m afraid not overnight.

Ma Yun said that free things are the most expensive things in the world


Open store layout guidelines

in life, we can see everywhere in some convenience stores, but some of the convenience store business is very good, and some of the convenience store business is not very good, one of the key factors is the decoration and layout of different styles.

1, convenience stores in order to facilitate the convenience of fixed customer shopping, it should ensure that the goods are placed on the same class as far as possible.

2, the special offer goods stores Duitou display should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect, reduce the unit sales of stores.

3, the shop is located in the aisle about 80~90 cm, different from the supermarket design. According to the peak of the store reasonable arrangements for the layout of the goods, will be difficult to pick up the goods and selling goods separately, in order to avoid the peak shoppers blocking the aisle, not for other customers shopping.

4, the height of the shelf should take care of the needs of a large number of family women, the central shelf should not be higher than 165 cm, it is best not to exceed the level of 6. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is the store’s gold point, the customer in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

5, general convenience store due to the small store, the customer shopping faster, so you can not insist on customer deposits, in order to save customers shopping time.


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Students become laundry customers

now the children, are holding spoil at home, a little bitter shall, once the University, are left home, and do not say such a living to do laundry, is dry. The school is not a good condition to wash, so specifically for students to become laundry. An opportunity to make money.

Market analysis:

key high school number 4000, accommodation of more than 2 thousand people, and those students study burden is heavy, many students do not want to wash clothes, the clothes have to change it every day. Key high school students have just come up from junior high school, a lot of people at home do not have the habit of doing housework, and they have to face the college entrance examination, how can there be so much time to do housework?


Venture capital investment in the summer of thirty thousand entrepreneurial projects

summer has quietly come, we will usher in the peak season of a year of entrepreneurship. Nearly two weeks, a lot of friends have to consult with us in the summer of small business projects. Xiao Bian through the market survey and interviews with the relevant industry franchisee, to bring you three more lucrative profits, the higher the success rate of investment projects, there are intentions of you, may wish to look at it!


Analysis of

economic benefits: each drink for the cost of 2 yuan, the retail price of 7 yuan (the price is the lowest), conservative estimates of daily sales 100 cups, profit 5=500 yuan every day 100×. Remove the wages and raw material costs, net profit per day in more than 300 yuan, annual 5-10 month sales season, 6 months and 30 days of × × 300 yuan =54000 yuan.

marketing proposals

1. site should be located in the downtown area of the city, signs must be eye-catching, preferably near the school, for students to accept new things faster.

2. opened on the same day can take free trial drink promotions, so that more people understand.

3. project investment less, back to the fast, family, laid-off workers can do, is to solve the employment of a good project.

Analysis of

Product features:

economic benefits: ice business of low cost, high profit. Cost of about 0.2-2 yuan per cup, the price can be set to 5-10 yuan. As long as 15 to 20 square meters of floor, it is best in the downtown area, but also open business. The equipment required: ice machine, a refrigerator or freezer, ordinary furniture, glass, disposable plastic cup (paper), 1-2 name >


Ming Ding steamed bun shop to join the notes

Ming Ding steamed stuffed bun shop – the leading brand in the shop, the United States and the United States in the morning, eat a good breakfast on the election of the Ding Ding shop. Delicious steamed stuffed bun with exquisite small side dishes, and the perfect partner cooked food, so that you do not eat breakfast at a roadside stand, enjoy the luxury of buns. Because the Ming Ding Baozipu renowned Chinese, a lot of people to join, but there are a lot of people unknown rules can only be failed, so in this small series will give a detailed description of Ming Ding Baozipu joined

Ming Ding Baozipu stuffing large thin, beautiful appearance, strong soft food, delicious, juicy and refreshing aftertaste. Ding Ming Baozipu dumplings variety, both traditional onion meat, pork balls, leek and potato, added ribs bags, zucchini shrimp, spicy squid, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork etc..

since the beginning of 2009, Ding steamed stuffed bun embarked on the road of chain management, with a unified logo, a unified business model, a unified main category, a unified price standard, a unified quality standards and service standards. The operation of the stores are taken bright kitchen stoves, with transparent light.

cooperation requirements

as long as you have the approval mingdiing big confidence and hard pioneer spirit, good management skills and able to raise 70 thousand yuan venture capital investment cooperation (a fee of more than 50 square meters shop: eighteen thousand yuan (ten thousand yuan fee) + equipment investment +5 thousand yuan of right and left the store decoration +3 million about the rental store +5 thousand yuan of liquidity), can cooperate mingdiing bag. By my company to provide mingdiing bag shop full cooperation business model, marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training to the author for many years; and is responsible for technical guidance and auxiliary raw materials supplied by the partners; the number of training set (usually 2-4), training time, learners completely grasp the full set of technology whichever (usually 7-10 days) during the training, free accommodation arranged by our company, and do not charge any other expense. Cooperative store opening, according to the company of professional and technical personnel to need assistance and guidance (expenditure required by the partners themselves); offer partners a unified brand image, store, posters, advertising design; partners according to their store size in strict accordance with the image of the store design and decoration scheme provided by the headquarters, self decoration.

cooperation rules

The scope of protection of

for each partner is determined according to the area density and economic ability (Note: the headquarters will have the intention to do the general agent to join, join a month since the opening area retained by the franchisee in the store and then decide whether to buy the two store). A distance of not less than one kilometer, the headquarters will be according to the difference of each region to distinguish between, and cooperation from the business point of view to draw.


Analysis on the site selection of English education affiliate

English education institutions should be where to open better? It is important to choose an appropriate address for an educational business. Many investors in the location of the lack of experience, there are a lot of online learning resources, as long as you are willing to learn, you can do a good job site. Small make up a few points, hurry to see it.

secondly to investigate the market, pay attention to the flow of people and customer demand. The first is the shops along the street, the shops are a lot of entrepreneurs ideal location, so it is easy to recruit students, but living itself is advertising, shop rent expensive, and if in the downtown area, may be noisy, not conducive to teaching. The second is to rely on office buildings, this address is also the first choice for many of the training institutions entrepreneurs preferred way, the rent is cheaper than the former, and looks very tall on the feeling.

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