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Do you need to be aware of the pitfalls

enterprise should pay attention to some of the entrepreneurial trap, entrepreneurs should consider comprehensively in the business early, do very well prepared work, which is conducive to the actual business, so in the business, to be alert to what? To pay attention to what entrepreneurial trap? Let’s take a look at it!

During the

ideal ownership structure.

entrepreneurs in order to encourage entrepreneurial team’s dedication, strengthen their confidence to the team members share is too large.

will cause based on assumptions on.

to inspire their own confidence and realize their ideals, entrepreneurs are often in the premise, assuming the company can account for how many percent market share, assuming that a few years can be profitable, assuming that each team member is very hard, assuming myself how much investment cost, and so on, often with a chance, may be thinking to think about the prospect of company problems.




Zhengzhou hi tech Zone in 2015 the year of the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs start

entrepreneurship is not only their own thing, but also social things. Recently, Zhengzhou announced that it will start the ten High-tech Zone outstanding youth entrepreneurship contest, will be selected small and micro entrepreneurs model, to encourage youth entrepreneurship development in Zhengzhou city.

Ten outstanding young entrepreneurs from

after selection will be able to enjoy a number of direct support, one-time grant 30 thousand yuan cash prize award for three consecutive years; enterprises will enjoy 25 yuan per square metre per month rent subsidies, the maximum subsidy area less than 800 square meters, the project won the outstanding, directional referral to venture capital institutions; winners recommended priority access to provincial and municipal and other related aspects of the selection of opportunity.

field, high tech Zone Party Working Committee, discipline committee secretary Zhang Liangcai, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Zhengzhou Municipal Committee Li Lei, deputy director of the NPC Committee high tech Zone Zhang Jiade, leader of Zhengzhou University Employment Guidance Center Zhang Qin, UFO founder Li Yang, the Chinese public record space venture Zhang Shanzheng Haina and guests, as well as local news media, creating more than 150 people attended and witnessed the contest launching ceremony.

"the selection is just the beginning. At present, high-tech zone finance has invested 50 million double guide funds, also set up a 500 million yuan of "independent innovation investment fund" to invest in all kinds of innovation and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises." High tech Zone Party work department minister Wang Guili said.

It is reported that the current

, Zhengzhou high tech Zone new three board 48 listed companies, the number of listed companies accounted for nearly 10% of Henan province. This recommended


The prospect of wealth Hot pot ice cream to join the blue ocean

creative delicacy in emerging markets, to bring a new taste experience to consumers, continue to stimulate the market consumption potential. What about the ice cream fondue? Unique characteristics of the project, has a high popularity quickly, in the market has been unanimously affirmed by consumers. Ice cream Hot pot creative in the dawn of this summer, delicacy, enrich your diet life, bring you a hitherto unknown consumer experience!

in the west culture is increasingly integrated into our daily life today, more and more people especially the youth culture in the West showed great interest in the Italian ice off Italian handmade ice cream, for consumers in Italy and let consumers feel the style of Italy, Italian romantic experience. So that consumers in the taste of ice cream handmade ice cream can also feel the atmosphere of ancient Rome.


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How to attract customers in the winter

now with cooler weather gradually, when the cold winter has not said hello to us Pumianerlai, in fact, is also a lot of clothing store a headache, because this time the passenger generally do not stay in their store, how can we retain them?

winter with personalized jewelry fashion


buy clothes to send a simple set of accessories, sweaters, with a huge necklace to be decorated, more youthful fashion. A clothing store in the East Street on the red, the shopkeeper to introduce customers to the accessories: "don’t think the winter clothes will not create space, it can be through some accessories, to show the different collocation effect. The same piece of clothing, through different accessories can change a different style, the same sweater with gorgeous pearl jewelry, will produce a different effect."

xishangmeishao "slightly sweet customers try clothes besides price, do not try to know how the effect is good?" "It’s a good fit to wear on your body, and your body is better," said, "you don’t have to wear it. It’s much more beautiful than when you came in"…… If you spend a little time in a street clothing store, you will be impressed by the enthusiasm of the owner or salesperson.

for customers, owners without exception, first proposed to wear clothes, as long as the body is a mengkua. In the sweet frantically, nearly half of consumers took out his wallet.

"women shopping mostly impulse consumption, stores in the commercial street, many customers into the store has great randomness. You can enter the shop, buy clothes do not look at your ability to buy. Who does not love to hear people boast, now the girls are beautiful, trying on clothes boast a few words they relented." Pedestrian street in the city, a clothing store owner told reporters that their sales experience.

discount, is always a brand stores showmanship sales practices, regardless of season or goods, in a discount every kind of reason. For the economic strength of the street store, they can not say that discounts can be discounted, and now they have a better way to attract repeat customers".

Miss Zhang:


How to find and select rural entrepreneurship projects

rural this treasure house, a vast territory, there are endless treasures, as long as the good mining, can become rich source of countless people! But the key is, many people do see a piece of land, but did not know how to find, even if found, do not know how to choose, let Xiaobian weapon!

The method to find the

1. through friends and word of mouth, 2 through advertising and self understanding, another way to find business opportunities in 3,

4. through entrepreneurial consulting firm analysis and investigation to understand entrepreneurial projects, 5 the best way is to find through the internet.


1. has teamed up with successful companies, 2 products have a strong market demand, the hardware and software has a strong monopoly of the 3, when the market opportunity for the beginning of 4,

5. has a leading marketing means, 6 dream financial low cost of venture capital, 7 of entrepreneurial project risk, 8 choose a good business website.

The prospect of the principle of how to identify

1. entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs not only have a full understanding of the project and its background, but also to grasp its unique profit point.

2. the size of the project, entrepreneurs and business partner resources (especially the "wealth" and "people", a green hand entrepreneurs often underestimate).

3. entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial partners mentality, the background is able to support the failure or frustration of their entrepreneurial projects.


How to improve the sales performance of jewelry store

to open a fashion jewelry store, to seize the psychological needs of more consumers, in the vast market opportunities, achievements placed in front of you, the road to become rich more secure. Let’s go and see what learning techniques are available.

now fashion jewelry sales prices rise, a lot of people, a lot of people earn money, many people are at a loss. For investors who want to join the fashion jewelry industry, the master of some business skills is essential. Today, the author on a lot of entrepreneurial novice, to introduce some fashion jewelry store management skills, hoping to help you successfully set up shop.



How to join beef cake snacks

There are a lot of investors should join project

snack food brands, such as what beef pie, hamburger and so on, these are the very popular snack market investment projects. Take the beef pie, beef pie is delicious to eat a lot of people, so in the end what charm can beef cake brands gathered in talent shows itself? Beef pie, pasta and delicious to eat together, making convenient, is also very convenient. In addition, the store decoration style is also very unique, elegant environment, in the pasta industry occupies a favorable market position. Beef cake to join the venture is a good venture to join the project.

how about beef pie? What need to meet the conditions for joining? How to join?

pasta, is a lot of people love to eat a delicious, then beef cake to join in the market what are the requirements and benefits? This may be the hearts of tens of millions of investors call, so here Xiaobian for everyone to do a detailed description:

beef cake join conditions:

1, love food culture, have strong interest in investment and entrepreneurship;

2, with a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and the desire to succeed;

3, the corporate culture, management model and business philosophy of certified beef patties;

4, maintaining brand reputation, not infringing trademark;

5, with the necessary material conditions and capabilities;

6, with a sincere attitude of cooperation, to accept the unified management of beef cake chain system.

beef cake join process:

1, the intention to join the phone, the official website of the company, such as the message to the headquarters of the person in charge of professional consulting matters, to view the relevant information.

2, joined the business to understand the project to join the headquarters and the headquarters of the project to carry out the investigation, and the headquarters staff to communicate, a detailed understanding of the project.

3, the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without any dispute, the formal signing of the contract.

4, franchisee in accordance with the type of cooperation they choose to pay the relevant fees to headquarters.

5, headquarters for franchisees to provide store location, store decoration, store design guidance and help.

6, the headquarters of the franchisee arrangements for technical training, after graduation awarded authorization bronze. < >


The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to buy luxury anchor Indoorsman business model into th

extra! The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to earn huge wealth, Ho throw thirty million yuan to buy a house, this luxury villa has a large swimming pool, so life is free entrepreneurs inspirational example.

reported that the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Mullen (Sunset  Strip) to buy a $4 million 500 thousand (about 28 million 500 thousand yuan) of the house, an area of 115 square, including 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and large swimming pool and SPA pool, floor outside the scenery is like a picture beautiful paintings, there are gorgeous locker rooms, bars, outdoor BBQ baked Taiwan, is entirely in the dream house, but also become a real super inspirational story.

Mullen in the game host occupation has been developed as a new network of occupation. Even in China, the annual income of the top game anchor is also more than the existence of more than ten million yuan level. Don’t say things are not so Indoorsman production does not make money, maybe they have a Mullen.

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King of enterprise marketing — enhance the conversion rate

many companies have moved on the Internet to build its own website, but most of them did not get the expected profit, no transmission site has no value, there is no communication conversion website, also did not reach the expected value, exposure rate and conversion rate will be the key to realize the value of the spread of enterprise website.

with the development and differentiation of Internet market diversification, the search engine has been the core of marketing communication network, covering more than 95% of Internet users through search engines, how to carry out online marketing communication, is the key for the enterprise to achieve online business.

companies need not only need SEO (search optimization), we need more SEM (Search Marketing), the core of the search optimization is to optimize the site search engine weight, website keywords ranking. Search marketing is the core for potential customers, more the more "way" (words or statements more) to quickly find the enterprise can realize the opportunities for cooperation, the definition of keywords or statement is a potential customer on the expression of the purchase demand, only the effective search engine marketing, in order to bring more customers. How to get more prospective customers to find us, is the effective implementation of search marketing value, everyone (potential customers) in different culture, different, different levels of knowledge, expression of demand are also different.

actually want to improve the site keywords ranking is very simple, as long as we do the following steps can be achieved, with the example of Beijing website construction.

1, the website home page Title title should include "Beijing website construction" the key words, the better the location.

2, the website home page, should appear more "Beijing website construction" this keyword, keyword density should be 2%-8%.

3, the establishment of a high quality anti link, the link in the title of the best with the Beijing website construction, the link is the best form of one-way links, you can use the cross link method. Example: < a> keyword < /a>  

4, in addition to the construction of the chain, the site of the relevant channels or content page, you can also use the above method to increase the internal link.

above, the enterprise marketing channel is the key to enhance the conversion rate, you might have different views on some of my explanation, here you can welcome message to tell me, I can tell you I promise is a must see each comment, welcome you and SEOer make friends. My QQ:274821031