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Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun innovation to break the barriers to innovation

hit the youth activities and create entrepreneurial dreams, is also an opportunity for economic take-off of the China again. Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun to Laoshan District Chong passenger Street research, investigate the cause of entrepreneurship in Qingdao, young entrepreneurs continue to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

12 2 in the morning, the Shandong Provincial Committee and party secretary Li Qun came to the Laoshan District hit off the street, and youth hit off their face to face communication, interaction distance, encourage people to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship projects, to drive more people to join the public entrepreneurship, innovation, power construction innovation city, venture capital the island, off the record.

in creating Binggo, in the street, young hit off are sitting together to discuss business plan. "How long have you been in business?" "Financing is not a problem?" "How many customers are there now?"…… Li Qun came to the middle of entrepreneurs, we understand the entrepreneurial dream, for their cheering. Entrepreneurship is a trend, entrepreneurship is not failure." Li Qun said, I hope you always firm confidence, the peak of entrepreneurship. In the Binggo coffee bar, Li Qun and guide the creation of the customer’s business mentor who talked to encourage them to pass the genetic code of innovation and entrepreneurship, with their own knowledge, experience and resources to help more entrepreneurs to success.

research, Li Qun pointed out that brought by the dream of public entrepreneurship, innovation opportunities for entrepreneurs, but also an important engine to promote economic development. Departments at all levels should adhere to innovation driven development, the implementation of innovation policy, make good use of market means, build a good innovation incubator with an open mind, accelerate the establishment of creating the social service system, to provide a full range of entrepreneurs, for high quality service.

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Li Keqiang went to the high tech Zone during the investigation into the public space

to promote entrepreneurship has now become one of the main strategies and objectives of our country at the same time, now some domestic major leaders visited around the economy at the same time, also concern around the suspicious venture.

in summer during the Davos forum, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang at the Liaoning provincial Party Secretary Li Xi, accompanied by governor Chen Qiufa in Dalian around the industrial upgrading, innovation and entrepreneurship study.

in the comprehensive administrative service platform, the person in charge, they by way of purchase of social services, to provide financing, low rent venues, logistics, legal services for entrepreneurs. Li Keqiang is pleased to say that you are more than one of these reform initiatives. Creative customers with knowledge and creativity, surging with ideals and passion. All levels of government and all sectors of society to the country to support the "double" policies.


Laid-off workers turned into a million little boss 1 years to open the store earned 100 of the 3

laid-off workers after the success of the venture has a lot of stories, today, Xiaobian to share with you a. Huang Yong Tan, a simple and honest face. From laid-off workers turned into an annual output value of one million yuan a small boss, he only spent a year. He said that through the entrepreneurial training of learning, they have the courage to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, although a small business, the income is 10 times higher than the working time, but also solve the work of 7 laid-off workers.

one after another unemployment trigger entrepreneurial idea

2001 in September, 32 year old Huang Yong from the construction company to lay off the Wu, this is not a wealthy family almost into trouble. Huang Yong worked as a driver, sold security doors, temporary workers…… By the end of 2004, after a friend introduced, Huang Yong finally found a job in a trade company — responsible for the construction of a warehouse of 7000 square meters. After the completion of the project in 2005, he lost his job again.

2006 November, Huang Yong learned that the Department of labor for laid-off workers free entrepreneurship training, quickly enrolled. A class, Huang Yong was attracted by it, easy to understand, many have been condensed by break in the heart of the mystery." "If you don’t have too much money, start with micro projects." Before starting the business must grasp the following five points: the analysis of the market, identify the project, select the brand, grasp the pulse of the market, find their own advantages and make the project to develop a business plan. The teacher’s advice to Huang Yong inspired.

at this time, a friend told him a message, Yang anti-theft door installation company launched a new product – the interior door, looking for agents, pre need to invest 200 thousand, if a fast turnover, lucrative. Huang Yong will make the project plan, a wide range of analysis, the conclusion is that can be put into. However, suffer from lack of funds, only to find partners, each 100 thousand yuan, Huang Yong also find friends and relatives borrowed $seventy thousand or eighty thousand.

2011 in April, Huang Yong’s first store opened in the street by chance, facade sharing, monthly rent 3000 yuan.

he every day to run the New District, 18 storey building went up from door to door to distribute leaflets. Although hard, can harvest a lot, every 100 leaflets, about 30 customers will contact Huang Yong. "Oriental vista, Xiyuan, Han Tianjia park.


Foreign youth entrepreneurship in Zhongshan, up to 200 thousand discount loans

in order to attract some entrepreneurs to venture, introduced in all parts of many different measures of entrepreneurship, which is now in Guangdong city of Zhongshan in order to attract some foreign young people to entrepreneurship, provide the highest 200 thousand yuan of loans for them.

15 PM, "remember the location of"   business plan funds discount review will be held in the city center for young people, 6 young entrepreneurs from Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other places to participate in the meeting, they will have the opportunity to get the highest 200 thousand yuan, the lowest 80 thousand yuan loan discount support.

"remember the location of business plan jointly organized by the municipal Party committee, Hongkong Youth Association, Zhongshan City Association of young entrepreneurs, launched by the end of 2012, in order to let the old and new Zhongshan people sharing of public resources, encourage entrepreneurship and new Zhongshan youth development. The "remember the location of"   business plan for the first time on the non Zhongshan nationality young entrepreneurs open subsidized support.

in the entrepreneurial process, sufficient capital preparation is a critical factor, young people overseas to Zhongshan city now entrepreneurs can enjoy the loan subsidies good assistant, for the entrepreneurial activities are also very helpful.


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Former vice governor of Anhui sacked serious violation expelled from the party

Since the establishment of the

party, Party building has been stressed, emphasizing the service for the masses. But there are also some of the officials, in the face of the temptation of the interests of the face, lost their original direction. The day before, approved by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation of Anhui provincial government, former party members, deputy governor Yang Zhenchao serious disciplinary problems. At the same time, he was expelled from the party because of its serious violation of discipline.

investigation, Yang Zhenchao violation of political discipline, organization against censorship; in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight violation accept banquets, public funds tourism; violation of discipline, do not report personal matters in accordance with the regulations, in the organization for not truthfully explain the problem, taking advantage of the convenience in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for others and accepting property; integrity violations of discipline, using his position to facilitate the illegal possession of public property, suspected of corruption crime, in the business for the benefit of others and accepting bribes, bribery crime; breach of privilege caused significant loss of state assets, the alleged crime of breach of privilege.

Yang Zhenchao as the party’s leading cadres, the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, and the party’s eighteen big still does not converge, do not accept the hand, the nature of the bad, serious circumstances. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval of the CPC Central Committee decided to give Yang Zhenchao expelled from the party; approved by the Ministry of supervision of the State Council, given its dismissed from punishment; confiscated their discipline proceeds; their alleged crimes and clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law processing.

days ago, approved by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation of Sichuan provincial government, former party members, deputy governor Li Chengyun serious disciplinary problems.

investigation, Li Chengyun violation of political discipline, organization against censorship; violation of discipline, not to report personal matters according to the provisions; integrity violations of discipline, illegal holding shares of the non-listed company, taking advantage of his position in the business for the benefit of others and receiving property, suspected of bribery crime; the restructuring of state-owned enterprises in violation of decisions. The alleged crime of breach of privilege.

Li Chengyun as the party’s leading cadres, the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, the nature of bad, serious circumstances. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval of the CPC Central Committee decided to give Li Chengyun expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment; confiscated their discipline proceeds; their alleged crimes and clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law.

With the rapid development of economy, people’s living standard has been improved continuously, and the

has achieved great success. However, some officials in the long-term material life, because there is no clear understanding of their responsibilities, embarked on the road of crime


Cool Bobby Hardshell Crab pot join novel earned stop – business opportunities

fast food to join the project, the hot market. Small business to choose cool Bobby Hardshell Crab pot project, undoubtedly, is very wise, very trustworthy choice. In fact, open their own cool Bobby Hardshell Crab pot stores, is also very sensible, very powerful choice is not?

Babylon cool Hardshell Crab pot delicious traditional production process, combined with modern consumer tastes and eating habits, creating a popular delicacy, to become a good choice for business shop.

Babylon cool Hardshell Crab pot to join money?

Babylon cool Hardshell Crab pot formula specific, all concentrated in the sauce, Bobby joined without cool Hardshell Crab pot kitchen chef, to solve the problem. In a carey modulated formulation after soaking, plus fragrant soup, shrimp in the mix, with delicious meat crisp, mellow yet delicious, sweet and spicy flavor, seafood, beef and other flavors of arbitrary choice.. Cool Bobby crab with spicy crab pot pot, pot, cool Bobby tender row Hot Wing pot, red shrimp pot, spicy squid curry sirloin pot, pot, pot chicken curry, curry pork ribs with more than ten kinds of pots, supplemented by fried chicken, salad, stewed sauce, pickles, fried rice, dessert, rice and vegetable roll snacks, rich product line to meet the diners discerning taste buds.

successful entrepreneurs to choose to join Bobby cool Hardshell Crab pot? Good project, good choice, good market opportunities, business without trouble. If you cool Bobby to join Hardshell Crab pot project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on! To realize our wonderful life!


I shop under the limit sales of vegetables to ensure the supply of Spring Festival

community sales outlets list

serial number





East District

Jia Rong shop

Economic Development Zone Jia Ronghua District shop 39-221 number


Xia Lin Dian

Huang Road No. 100, the summer capital of the forest area in the supermarket next to


West District

lake power store

Haiyan road power small supermarket



road Menyuan fat stores

Menyuan Road No. 17


happy city farmers market

happy city district entrance


Biological Park shop

Biological Park No. two weft Road 12


Mo shop

Ning Road 161-3


Hui Ba Lang Lang village shop

Ba Lang village 493


heart basket green Tang shop

Qaidam Road, Zhu Village, No. 224


heart Kinde basket home shop


, Qaidam Road


Hui Xin Xin Hong Yuan shop


, Qaidam Road


Hui Xin Lin Xin Village shop

Salt Village store


Hui Guo Jiata heart basket shop

Guo Jia TA village next door


double Su shop

double Su Village 99


bridge charity shop

construction Lane 17 – No. 7


red Cen shop

Ning Road 10 new century garden


source green shop


This year around the lake has a number of extraordinary breakthrough


– game distance than the previous increase of 200 km * bonus appearance fee to $1 million – nearly 50 teams registered a record high of

The newspaper news (reporter

Dezhou intern reporter Zhang Chengrui) April 24th, the thirteenth session of the first meeting of Qinghai Lake international road cycling race Organizing Committee held a meeting on the thirteenth, Lake Race preparations are described, and various aspects of the events of a meticulous re deployment, vice governor Zhang Jianmin on the run events put forward specific requirements.

a number of indicators more competitive than previous

approved by the state since the league and the self association, the thirteenth round of the lake will be held on July 6th – July 19th, a total of 14 days, including a day off. This lake race continues through Qinghai Gansu Ningxia provinces (regions) the capital city, a total of 13 stages, among them, Qinghai province has 7.5 stages, Gansu province has 3.5 stages and 2 stages in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The tournament in Qinghai city of Xining Province as the starting point and end point for the Gansu city of Lanzhou Province, through mutual aid, Datong, West Town, Qinghai Lake, Guide, Longhua, Xunhua, Tongren, Linxia, Lintao, Tianshui, Pingliang, Yinchuan, central and other places, extends to the large population and diverse topography of southern Gansu and eastern regions the event, more challenging, ornamental and coverage. Event 3591 km, of which race distance of 2201 km, an increase of more than last year, 200 km. Bonus fee total from the previous $700 thousand to $1 million, continue to maintain the first prize in asia. Registration teams nearly 50, a record high in the history of the lake, has been identified by screening of the 22 teams, including UCI intercontinental professional team of the 7 (an increase of more than the last 2), intercontinental team of 15. The number of athletes from each team increased from 7 to 9, the total number of participants is much larger than the previous, highlighting the fierce and competitive.

multilingual, nearly a hundred media reports unprecedented

, the news channel of CCTV sports channel, international channel said that through events, news, topics, straight taped interviews, footage and other forms of all-round and multi angle coverage of this lake race. In June 2nd, CCTV sports channel will send team made a special trip to Qinghai to West town to black river stage live before the test. In order to strengthen the publicity, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Government Information Office actively coordinate China Radio International reported on the situation by multilingual Britain, France and Germany, etc. in the West during the tournament, and invited some foreign news agencies to participate in the Beijing event. At the same time, Phoenix TV, Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, Guangdong TV, travel channel, Beijing city evening news, Xinmin Evening News, the Yangcheng Evening News, China Daily, China Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, people’s daily, Chinese sports news,,, 60 more than well-known media have also reached a preliminary cooperation intention. But also to further play the role of micro-blog and WeChat, strengthen interaction with different groups, and constantly expand the Lake Race gold card influence and visibility. Provincial mainstream media and in the Qing Central media;


Xining City Industrial and commercial system of red shield farming action full of sound and colour

to strengthen the supervision of agricultural market, regulate agricultural market order, improve the self-protection ability of operators law-abiding consciousness and farmer consumer groups, launched a comprehensive industrial and commercial city of Xining "red shield agricultural special action.
branch of the city to focus on training, organization of agricultural households to seriously study the "seed law", "agricultural market supervision and management measures" and other laws and regulations, to purchase inspection certificate and invoice into the sales ledger and fill in the identification of counterfeit agricultural commodity content knowledge explained. At the same time, the area of agricultural operators to carry out a special inspection. The total of 2 households and the village "two account two votes a card of a book" not standardized business households on the spot are corrected, 4 of households, the long-term management of agricultural commodities system is not perfect business carried out clean-up, shall be ordered to handle the change or cancellation of registration.


Spring grass playing the symphony of love in the car

Time is the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, the air is full of strong flavor. Late 8:25, Xining railway station waiting hall packed, packed with passengers everywhere.There are more than and 50 minutes away from the

K9803 train driving time, eager visitors can’t wait, in 2 wicket long queues in front of. Late 8:40, reporters follow the crowd stop. On the train, the reporter saw in addition to the 8 hard seat carriage full of staff, 8 hard seat carriage, only 2 cars full, the remaining cars were all empty. A conductor told reporters that this time period, from Golmud to Xining is hard to get a vote, and from Xining to relatively easy to some. The festival is just the reverse, every year is the law.

reporter on the platform to see the train conductor Hou Baoxia. Chat rooms, she saw a female passenger on crutches helped his family hard to move the car 11, immediately stepped forward to ask. Learned that the passenger injured his spine due to a car accident, to the year before the disease is not good, had to return to Golmud for the new year. Hou Baoxia immediately after the train attendant and a simple discussion, the passenger berth from the middle of the sleeper to adjust to the location near the toilet, so as to facilitate her toilet. After that, she repeatedly told the passenger’s family, there is a need to help inform the staff of this car.

a conductor introduction, this thing is too much for the conductor, but also very common. But every member of the train carefully with love moves, all touched the passengers.

then, the reporter in the 16 hard seat car to see, Hou Baoxia and duty officer is a careful look at the just received the conventional and emergency medicine, Song Tieli. They have available Kyushin Pills, quick cold capsule, children only paste, carsick medicine and prevent altitude sickness medicine, classify them after the summary. They say, sometimes in the course of the train running, especially in the evening, if there is a sudden illness passengers, these drugs are emergency drugs or life-saving drugs. In the 15 hard seat car, the reporter saw the conductor was carrying a kettle to each passenger pour boiling water. In 12, a conductor, as usual, took out the sewing kit to facilitate the passengers in need. In the No. 14 car, a train attendant was posted long train mobile phone publicity card, she said that each car has such a contact card, because it is convenient for each passenger in the first time to find the conductor, but also one of the measures for the convenience of train.

late at night, the passengers have already fallen asleep. The train has crossed the Tianjun Guan Guan tunnel, all the way forward…… At this point, Hou Baoxia and colleagues are installed in each compartment just received U shaped anti-collision rubber. She said that the most important function is to prevent the installation of the rubber door to squeeze the hands of passengers. Then she went to the 12 car, and his colleagues with the "Friends of the elderly", children’s books and other books and children’s toys in the park. She said, don’t underestimate these toys, sometimes some children always crying by car for a long time, these toys coax will be better. (author: Chen Jun)