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A small webmaster fuss

had nothing to do last month and did a lyric literature forum. Mainly include lyrics, literature appreciation, that is, in the lyrics of the rhythm of the literature to appreciate. Do some promotion, did not play any role, and Baidu is not included, Google it today, accept tomorrow K, I do not know what to do. I’m a beginner. I’ve seen a lot of promotion these days. In Baidu, and dispatch, 163, Tianya, Sohu have established blog. My name is a blog called lyrics literature. Is estimated to produce some effect: Baidu is still completely indifferent, Google brought me the lyrics to K literary forum, Tianya lyrics instead included literature (that I built), but the lyrics and the literary blog but also home. I can only comfort myself when I am sad.

it’s true that Baidu is busy. Google is very atmospheric, be of two minds. Really, I have to post every day on the BBS, can flow to very little, registered people is very few.

is the experience of the past few days, and now feel exhausted. Know how many people on the Admin5, I hope to get some advice, I do these above are not all redundant,


, just say something else. I don’t need to say more about the purpose of this forum. So I’m looking for Wangzhuan information, early know Wangzhuan this thing, but now only try. It is said that this has been very hot, but the fire to the money less. Finally did not find any chance, no way to start. Blind stroll, see pig eight quit this station, and want to study or design, go to pig Ba Wan whole. Well, some things have to start from scratch, I’m a little afraid of the beginning. Learn photoshop. Then download a loaded, prompt registration error, and go to register. Looking for a long time, no results, but also do not know how to do. There is no way to listen to it, and chose the "high end" singing "go to the end" and Wang Zheng’s "the more pure, the more happy" cycle to listen to. Do not idle, the financial crisis is very serious? To see what are China tech companies, is also a search in Baidu Shuidao?, no relevant information. Later, I thought, I guess I have made some money with sanlu. Forget it. Look for a net. It’s really hidden, not found, and the adult feelings are ignored. In order to protect the minor children, it is worthwhile to say the bottom. Isn’t there an official who molested children recently? It seems as if nothing were done. Unconsciously, more than half of the day’s time, what do you do in the afternoon?. What should we do when someone like us doesn’t know the technique and wants to be a little webmaster? When I’m secretly grateful for the layoffs, it’s time to learn something. What is good, so in the future want to pretend to be a webmaster to be easy to expose.


What are the purpose of building materials store promotions

in the current business market, almost every shop will take relevant promotional activities, the purpose of each shop promotion may be different. In short, if you want to open a business hot shop, it is necessary to take the relevant promotional activities. Of course, advance understanding of the relevant promotional purposes, will have a very good role in promoting the development of promotional activities. So, the purpose of building materials store promotions? Let me see small series of.

customers in the purchase of building materials products have what characteristics? Because building materials products are cold attention products, customers in the purchase of these products is often only several rounds of final products, so the sales staff patiently and carefully to introduce customers to our products. Each person’s shopping behavior is impulsive, sales staff just lit a group of heat, often a customer out of the building materials store was immediately blown out by a variety of cold wind, how to do? Customer order in advance with promotional activities to stimulate, in case it is the first to Undue delay may bring trouble., building materials store sales.

because customers do not understand the building materials products, so it takes a lot of time to stay in the store, how to extend the time to stay in the store customers, building materials store promotional activities to become the second purpose. In addition to taking into account the customer’s time, but also take into account the customer’s money problem, that is how to make customers buy more, buy more expensive, this is the third purpose. The fourth purpose is to encourage customers to become your brand duty propagandists, willing to help you with.

promotional purposes one: to stimulate customers in advance orders

special offer, buy gifts and sweepstakes are three main forms of the building materials store promotions, many people are planning to focus on the innovation of content and form, but ignore the promotion purpose of what is it? To stimulate customer orders in advance, there are two ways to stimulate, one is positive, one is negative stimulus. In many promotional activities, my personal favorite is to upgrade the deposit and installation costs returned.

deposit upgrade: is a form of positive stimulus, if you buy in advance you will get more. When the customer has not to purchase time, you can advance the advance payment to the merchant, if the final purchase of the building materials store products, the deposit can be based on the amount of purchase gradient. For example, deposit 200 yuan, if the total amount of the actual purchase is 3000 yuan, deposit $500 yuan in cash; if the total amount of the actual purchase is 5000 yuan, deposit $1000 yuan in cash.

of course, to attract customers to pay a deposit in advance of the favorable conditions in addition to the deposit upgrade, if you do not have a choice of businesses can be unconditional refund deposit. Many of the building materials store businesses have already used the deposit upgrade activities, and promotions are upgrading, if you pay 200 Yuan Dingjin enjoy


How to join the ice cream


ice cream can evolve into a four are capable of selling products, has a great relationship with the consumer life level changes, improve the living standards of the cause for ice cream demand has not only need simple to satisfy their own heat to quench their thirst and other aspects of the changes in consumer attitudes that consumers, more cases consumers enjoy a taste, a kind of mood, a pleasant after high grade. Ice cream has become a hot joined the project, tea language station ice cream five plans to create a new route of wealth


a mature technology, intimate service, everyone can do the boss

simple and fast, no need to understand the profound dining, just need to learn the skills on the manual guidance, everyone can do business, commitment package teaching package, for entrepreneurs to save time, fast money.

two, tailored, scientific planning

good lots of good popularity of the store is the key to successful marketing, tea station from square meters to tens of square meters of the operating space can flex its muscles, so that investors do not need to worry no location, large space, large investment, huge profits and waiting for you.

three, all intelligent equipment, for your peace of mind

all intelligent operating equipment, so that investors bid farewell to the heavy work, just a simple auxiliary operation, tea station products across the board easy to get, so that investors do effort, save time, worry!

four, easy to learn, easy to use

tea language easy to understand the operation of the process and standardization of the production process, allowing you to easily get started, no worries.

five, safe, comfortable, no flame

safe anonymous fire, safety, health, no noise: in a comfortable environment to make big money.

good project to seize the opportunity fleeting. Join the tea station ice cream, easy to use, the five major advantages. Make you feel like a boss!


College students to open the store to promote the successful way to open shop

Hello, I am a college student, very early start online shopping, to open their own shop, can not always business, I am very anxious, I hope you can help me, thank you, I mainly experience sports series, do is the agent of things, I have been in his shop propaganda always, but the effect is not good, you can help me? Thank you very much, sir.


Stationery gifts need to pay attention to what the whole to join

stationery gifts is a common product in our life, so the development of space stationery gift industry is not small, now many opportunities, competition is not small, you want to master the real profit after gift stationery stores? Have some business means a guarantee of success, Xiaobian now simple for you talk about the need to pay attention to stationery gifts.

all kinds of stationery gifts, the opportunity is competition, so how to grasp the consumer to become the key gift stationery franchisee to do market segmentation, market segmentation and customer groups, based on the analysis of consumer trends, stationery gifts franchise should pay attention to what? To develop a brand as a guide, the development of a reasonable supply strategy. In the supply of the number, scope and rhythm to develop monthly planning, and adhere to timely adjustment, to different regions, different seasons, different consumer groups to carry out the work.

stationery gift franchisee to enhance brand awareness, and narrow the distance between consumers and the ideas and practices, stationery and gifts to join the attention to what? In order to achieve fast and good public awareness, the real time in the coming season, it will take a series of publicity measures, including in some of the exhibition activities, pay attention to the old customer maintenance, and distribution of pamphlets, small gifts, discounts etc.. In the off-season sales should be placed in second place, brand marketing into the first place.

stationery gifts to pay attention to what? To do a good job of staff training, from the beginning to enhance the quality of marketing team. Develop training plan, innovate the training system, enrich the training content, and strive to improve the quality of marketing staff. Focus on brand knowledge, training skills, skills and other aspects of training, stationery and gifts to pay attention to what? Useful to improve the marketing staff to serve customers, cultivate the ability and level of the brand, lay a good foundation for the development of stationery gift stores.

The above is about to join

stationery gifts need some attention matters, then through the above analysis, the operator has a detailed understanding of the industry really want to do the winner for his friends experience is the need to continue to accumulate, hope you can move now.


Do the food wholesale business to pay attention to what the whole

food wholesale is now deeply concerned about the project, if you want to do wholesale food business, then pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, you want a good shop, then to understand in detail!

investors in the choice of the location of food wholesale stores, we must field visits to find stores, food wholesale business to pay attention to what? The demand for market research can clarify the specific location of sites, but also survey such as the surrounding environment, traffic, shop whether potential problems. In addition to these basic points, food wholesalers for this information will certainly be investigated clearly:

economic situation: in particular, the economic development in recent years should be able to grasp the food wholesale business should pay attention to what? Attention should be paid to the collection and evaluation of the data of business development in the region and its factors.

urban planning: today, many cities have some issues related to the demolition or reconstruction of the building, food wholesale business should pay attention to what? If you do not analyze, you will blindly invest, and in the cost of recovery before they encountered the demolition, the food wholesale stores will undoubtedly suffer losses, or if the original geographical advantages. Therefore, in determining the location of food wholesale stores, we must consult the relevant departments.

competition: the situation of competition in the end how to do? Investors need to seriously investigate and study, food wholesale business should pay attention to what? The evaluation of competition can be considered from two parties. On the one hand is the same bay food wholesale stores for direct competition, this is a natural factor. Where there is no competition, from the customer’s point of view is also not attractive.

stores the size and appearance of food wholesale stores investors need to carey consider these details, satisfied customers, parking lot and other necessary facilities should also take into account the possible future consumption and store appearance assessment.

is more than the wholesale food business needs to pay attention to some of the introduction, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only pay attention to the above points, so as to open shop easily, make a lot of money.


Provincial Football Association Youth Training Center

11 19, Lake Lake Sports Center, more than 100 young football players are running on the pitch, training. The day before, the Football Association of Qinghai Province youth training center located in sea lake sports center.

is reported that, for the implementation of the reform and development of "China football overall plan", the China Football Association approved to help build, in support of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau and the Xining Municipal Education Bureau, Qinghai Province, the football association has established four regional training center, and send coaches in the layout of 14 elementary school selection U8-U11 age the male and female elite athletes echelon echelon elite 160. Every Tuesday, four, the Qinghai Football Association will send coaches to the district training center counseling, and every month in the sea lake Sports Center Training 1-2 times. Training clothing, equipment, transportation costs and coaches are provided by the Qinghai provincial football association.

it is understood that through the training of small players through layers of selection, the future will represent Qinghai province to participate in the national games. According to the development in the future, the association of Qinghai Province youth training center or the coverage to 30 primary school and middle school, and to increase the U12-U15 age of the team, training will be extended to Qinghai Province, cities and states, establish and improve the youth football training system in Qinghai Province, so that more young people to experience football life, love football, enjoy happy football.



Xining incubator base of an enterprise investment

22, in the city of Xining business incubator base, a base of start-ups and Hubei investment group in the first day’s estate signed 10 million yuan venture project financing agreement, marking the Xining Business Incubator in service has been a breakthrough. City human resources and Social Security Bureau, said Guo Like, hope that more investment institutions concerned about the incubator enterprises in Xining, and thus promote the incubator enterprises to achieve faster development and growth.


Snow hill fire roasted marshmallow ice cream on the tongue of the new delicious

how about ice cream on the snowy hill? For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, the market development space is infinite. Successful business, to choose to join the snow mound fire roasted marshmallow ice cream? The new delicious tongue!

below to give you a description of why the snow mound fire baked cotton candy ice cream can quickly swept the entrepreneurial circle, capture many urban consumers. First of all, the fire baked ice cream from Korea, is one of the most popular food in Korea, was reported by South Korea’s SBS television, has been sought after by young Korean consumers. Young people in China in recent years for Korean culture very interested in snow hill roasted marshmallow cream for favorite Korean culture friends, is the need to taste delicious food.

second, making ice with roasted marshmallow cream innovation of snow hill, in the ice cream on the appearance characteristics of cotton candy, grilled by fashion appearance, at the same time, the middle part of the appearance of ice cream crisp and delicious soft waxy sweet, internal cold flavor, both delicious and performance, at any time to attract consumers.

snow hill baked cotton candy ice cream to join the choice, a person will always be very lonely business. Entrepreneurs choose to join the snow mound fire baked cotton candy ice cream project, headquarters to join the support of many. Join the snow hill fire baked cotton candy ice cream project, you are also very exciting?


Ceramic tile market prospects are good opportunities can not be missed

is now the real estate of the event, also let the home building materials market development hot development, behind this tile fields are also ready to join. So in 2016, is not a good time to join the tiles? The following is to introduce you to join the three big brick favorable policies for the development of the industry to provide a broader space for wealth.

tiles to join a favorable policy: new urbanization of the blue ocean market temptation

2014 in March 16th, Xinhua News Agency issued a "national new urbanization plan (2014 – 2020)". Rural reconstruction, strong western building materials market is strong, public project (hospital, Park) launched, in this wave, the ceramic tile industry channel sink, blossom everywhere, county market large building materials market is no longer a new, vibrant town also appeared in a street building. Although difficult to do business will say, but the rural home a building up small villa, new towns have appeared. Tile franchisee as long as the change from the previous strategy to the tall first-tier cities, a huge blue ocean quickly occupied the three or four line of the city, to create a new world and fortune.

the current resident population urbanization rate of 53.7%, household population urbanization rate is only about 36% of the average level of 80% in developed countries is not only far below the average level of developing countries is also lower than the 60% per capita income similar to our country, there is a large space for development.

tile join good policy two: two-child policy change caused the real tide

and a second tier cities is not there is no space?. October 2015, the eighteenth plenary session of the CPC Central Committee of the Fifth Plenary Session pointed out: adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, and actively carry out the action to deal with the aging population, the implementation of a comprehensive policy of two children.


is positioned as the crowd just need the market newly married couples and family of the urban population, with the mature in the family two children come, three rooms, three rooms for two rooms for four rooms in the small room for large market, since the two-child policy fully open, has been evident. You can not see the property market in the end of 2015 in the major cities of another round of rising tide.

two purchase market ahead of the arrival, the number of consumers, because of the first purchase experience decoration on the pursuit of quality of life is strong, consumer demand is also more diversified, the ceramic tile consumption demand the same, in this context, in the product design and quality stability is the strength of the old brand the advantage of brand awareness in the move, the more obvious advantages of showmanship ability. At the same time, the service level of the ceramic tile franchisee also put forward higher requirements.

The research is also worth

two children family consumption capacity, the Ministry recommended