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From the point of view of Google patent domain name weight influence domain name to Shanghai Dragon


in the application, the noble baby very much can be referred for search engine ranking factor, the main content is related to the analysis of historical data files.

December 31, 2003, noble baby submitted a patent in the United States Patent Office, called "information retrieval based on historical data (Original: Information retrieval based on historical data), as shown in figure ".

is proposed in the domain of weight, numerous methods to search engine optimization using a variety of the domain name weight really exist for the complicated test – after all the major search engine ranking algorithm is absolutely the core of commercial secrets, is not possible to disclose all the details to the optimization of the staff.

this application is directly related to the information about the importance of the link text as follows:

simple translation, meaning: noble baby in file scoring, and will consider the file connection domain name is valid.

in search engine optimization, the weight of the domain name is always a difficult problem in optimization problems, because the domain name weight and other external and internal optimization, and can achieve good effect in short period, but the major search engines in their ranking algorithm, the weights of the domain name "Gufen" is very heavy the.

March 31, 2005, the document published in the United States Patent Office website, as shown in figure.




has the following contents in this application in section thirty-eighth:


through a variety of tests, the final results show that the domain name weight occupies a very important position in the search engine rankings, the domain description is simple: the higher the weight, the more helpful to the ranking; under the same conditions, the higher the weight of the domain name, ranked first. This requires the search engine optimization in the choice of domain name search engine with enough caution, and pay more attention to the user experience, then the search engine optimization is not required when choosing a domain name >

in this application, there are also described issues related to the domain name server to the weight. The day before a lot of research on search engine optimization team and individual are the patent application report as the domain name weight appeared for the first time evidence.

it is the importance of links can give a link if the file is trusted, weight high? How to file the wooden body weight with a link? How fresh the linked file containing the

The initial ?Other terms


How to make money from bloggingLei Jun I learned three points from Ali, which is the core of the suc

millet try


but, first of all, we have to understand some of the differences in the existing blog products. China blog Blogcn blog has a certain amount of user groups, but these users are often more love writing essays and other emotional words, and recommended the channel poor blog commercial utilization rate is not high. Even so, Chinese blogs and other blogs they represent are personal, strong and low – profile products that provide service only to users without using them. And Sina blog higher openness, plus the classification of the channel recommended, as well as professional comments, writers are more, covering the most content, attention is the highest, so, blog is more widely used. Some have even commented that several blogs, represented by Sina’s blog, are emerging media. Sohu’s blog is indeed adhered to its grassroots purpose, but it is just such grassroots shows its people, the whole is mediocre or even not too much for the majority of Internet users in the writers. Sohu blog status may be sandwiched between Sina blog and Chinese blog, in terms of business utilization, there is still room for development.

because today’s start-up market, 4 years ago to achieve ten billion U. s.dollars should be a great goal. I think it’s too cheap and too materialistic to say this, but I don’t want to hide it. I really think so. I think the goal of "ten billion dollars" will help us a lot.

tiger sniffing notes: today, the second China angel investors conference held in Beijing, Lei Jun’s speech theme is millet dream". He shared with you about the creation of millet, financing to successfully become a market capitalization of billions of dollars a business process.

shlf1314 released Android in 2008, and the first Android mobile phone was released in 2009. When I saw the first Android mobile phone, I saw the opportunity. I think in the smart phone industry, it will reproduce the history of PC beat Apple 30 years ago. It’s a great opportunity.

now, when we talk about blogs, we tend to think of sina blogs first, because the popularity of blogs among Chinese Internet users is largely due to the celebrity effect of sina blogs. But in fact, Sina blog in the Sina portal matrix, although it has become a traffic third channel, but its profits have been at an awkward point. Because the blog service in attracting users at the same time taking only advertising on the channel instead of advertising links in each textnote blog page, so it only depends on the specific page advertising revenue is really too small. Web2.0 blog that its advantage lies in its personalized, founder of its content is the blog author rather than any site itself, is not convenient for service providers to textnote advertising, especially as Chinese blog Blogcn blog. This means that bloggers with high click rates can use their blogs to make money on advertising without having to be harassed by service providers.

what will I do with this goal? I’m very serious about learning, researching and thinking about the history of the big gangster, such as Ma Huateng’s, like Ma Yun’s.. I really got a big deal when I thought about their entrepreneurial process, especially Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial history.

second, looking for a bunch of super reliable people.

first, we need a huge market. The success of any large company, its entrepreneurial background must be a huge market, and it is impossible to make a company without a huge market demand.

said Web2.0 products though each Internet Co won popularity but there is also difficult to achieve profitability shortcomings, especially the products of such blog how to achieve profitability is the first problem to be solved. Believe and many people have witnessed the blog for China’s Internet brought about by the new atmosphere, so that the public gradually developed the habit of writing logs on the Internet, but also makes a large number of grassroots writers familiar with the public. But some bloggers are hoping to make their own blog to earn some money also does not waste myself so hard even for the codeword creation, is to earn a little extra money anyway. Here, we come to say, use the blog to make money.

first of all, the banner and the connection bar on the main page of the blog are the preferred places for advertising. Users who are used to blogging tend to get used to clicking those too

"I’ve been doing business for more than 20 years myself. Can I start a $10 billion company with my own hands?"

good morning, everyone. I’m very glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you. I started my own business earlier and took longer. After the first company went public, I spent a full year doing angel investing. By the time I was 40, I felt I had some dreams left unfinished, so I started the millet.

in January this year, I went to Hangzhou to chat with Ma Ma for three hours. The main expression was thanks. I said I seriously consider the history of Alibaba more than 10 years of entrepreneurship, I learned from the three points, and these three points is that I am in the process of millet before summing up. I think there are three important points for Ali’s success:

third, relative to peers, there is a sum of money that will never be spent. You might say, "why do you have money that you can never spend?" money helps you see what you see and what you have the courage to do. You have the guts to try something.

I think the future of mobile phones must be software, hardware, Internet phase >

General Assembly designated the topic called "Millet Dream", I founded millet when the heart has such or such dreams, I have a very vulgar target


shlf1314 CEO confirms to will establish poineering incubator foster oneself leave the post, employee

dynamic alliance!

expects the latest account of February 21, 2008.

settlement period: 08 years in February 10th -08 year in February 16th; on Sunday to Saturday for a natural cycle, a total of 1 weeks.

if you have any questions, please refer to the union administrator.


, shlf1314’s internal staff have always wanted to do new projects, and many of our products are developed this way." "On our current scale, we want to ensure that these projects achieve their ambitions in a comprehensive and thoughtful way," he said." shlf1314 is very interested in the idea, he says.

webmaster information alliance group: 5084047

more information in

want to join the Admin5 alliance channel, please contact

: the total payment amount is divided into more than 100 yuan. Free of bad debts, full exemption, free bank transfer fees taxes, fees shall be borne by us.

Sandahl pichardo Iraq;Sina

note: for some suspected illegal advertising operation of the union members, have been frozen and delayed treatment, shall be deducted.

fast Alliance uiuni 08 February 10th -08 year in February 16th has been divided into complete payment, please check, we also hope to create more revenue.

for the first time to let you know the domestic

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback


if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: uiuni

Area 120 is a completely new approach. It is not only an incubator, but also a continuation of the spirit of "20% project" to a certain extent. In fact, the inspiration for the name 120 came from 20%.

shlf1314 CEO ·

: top.admin5/u Alliance

our aim is: We sincerely provide the best quality, the most lively service for you! Your maximum benefit is our success! Uiuni fast alliance, you and I YOU I and win-win alliance.

try new, much better income! Support faster, faster development of

Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance ah, a lot of information to make money online.

technology news Beijing time on May 20th morning news, shlf1314 CEO Pichai Sandahl · Sundar Pichai confirmed to the "Forbes" magazine, the company plans to set up a "business incubator Area 120".

"we also have a huge set of centralized infrastructure and services that can help people solve new problems. It’s more like an incubator." Pichai says.

UI fast alliance mail: ui@uiuni

knows that shlf1314 allows engineers and other employees to spend one day a week on part-time projects, but the implementation of the policy has shrunk dramatically. However, shlf1314 wants to meet the new employee’s entrepreneurial passion through different ways, some of them can be within the new project started at the same time, with the help of shlf1314’s venture capital funded part of employee turnover business.

technology blog The Information took the lead in reporting the news last month, but the company has always been silent about it. Pichai spoke in an interview last week about the future of search and shlf1314’s own. He disclosed that the project is still in the planning, has not yet been finalized.

"this provides a positive opportunity for some of the 20% events." Pichai says. Instead of spending one day a week on part-time projects, the employees can spare 6 months to specialize in the project. shlf1314 will rent huge computing resources to some of its projects, he said.

The Information says shlf1314 may invest in projects that eventually separate Area 120 into an independent company. The blog also said that the project will be headed by shlf1314 Corporation Development Director Tang ·, Harrison Don Harrison and Photos director Bradley ·, Horowitz Bradley Horowitz Co leader. Yu


My website needs more stinky eggs

open the Internet, I often confused, and many sites, I do not know which one. Like a million roads ahead, where should I go,


, SOHU, QQ, or want to these old faces. Sometimes you put HAO123 in the home also imagine the help I call it a result of a pile of navigation, web site, always can not afford to hook me to click their desire, is my good taste? It is not, I also eat turnip cabbage, it is not picky, that ye not move your hand to open the strings behind many secret words? These two days is always the problem want to break the head, I was too lazy, or stuff does not meet my appetite? When it comes to the Internet, I have more than ten years of age, nine years of the MODEM era. Just get some new excitement. That is not to, now all the fun of worms. Oh, yes, think of this, I suddenly understand, this is rare, now. Much cheaper than the Chinese cabbage, of course bookstalls, looked at the faces a similar plot of the same news website, no wonder that often are sometimes reluctant to use lazy hands. Hey, this site, so much effort built, no one watching, depressed bar. Here suddenly feel Ali’s father is really a wise man, let mom take off the apron, out of the kitchen door, put up the stalls for the sale of advertising out, both sides are happy, the income is really high, the future might mother will organize several web site fairs, some like tickets ready the talent market in Guangzhou, you will find a few stars out of a 5 million lottery website, perhaps to see the website to send the beauty activities, than the big supermarket sales is also lively, ha ha, a large number of sites to hold front, chest hanging on each site, "I am Chinese XX more is the second largest in the world, next to many more excited cheers, all the Olympic passion are out of the scene as the first game of the year CCTV" the same song ", ah, the network nerve is adjustable Move up, every small webmaster are excited, and that flow like water came. Originally, the lack of sense of the Internet market is a bit excited, lack is to show their elegant demeanor stage, that is the lack of a burning passion of the flame, so I always hide in the lonely website that didn’t notice the small corner. So I put one thousand if a combination of a rest, if, if we are together, formed a website alliance, a network evaluation center, a standard website evaluation system, so we are not lonely, because of it, we will continue to see their own shortcomings, we will continue to progress, it will continue to go beyond yesterday, our website will build better, more meaningful, more features, because we have a mirror, you can see your success and shortcomings of every day. LINux’s success lies in its progress from the tens of thousands of organizations of amateur computer enthusiasts, it is their continuous efforts to create the present glory.



Where is the stationmaster’s transformation

Hello, or am I a hawker?. The exam yesterday when back thought of transfer station license plate problem! Write its own idea at


now society, people are more impetuous, job hopping is commonplace, and now I also say that our webmaster job hopping,

station (base to transfer necessary after the occupation, occupation)

here is the webmaster is only site webmaster! Rely on advertising through the days of webmaster, website income in general with the flow increase slowly increase,


as long as you do it seriously, you will have a harvest in general. Here are some of the industries that the webmaster may turn to!



now many webmaster do website to sell space, because now there are said to recruit agents, the industry’s earning watershed, or earn a lot, or to earn or lose money,

believes that now many owners have their own servers, I also want to have a trouble, and later because I didn’t go out, there is some risk, as long as you seem to do this with snacks to do general can also earn money

sells things,

many webmaster do, do the website will become online trade, and some also started the wholesale! This is also, or did not earn money, a earn, may earn you send

I am now doing English webmaster forum is the way to do the transfer of foreign space flat-share purchasing

can’t just do any websites or just do IDC at the moment! It’s two now!


hope that the majority of webmaster can turn to their favorite career

do not know, good, what a good point of the successful transformation of the case! Oh, there are introduced Oh,



A small webmaster fuss

had nothing to do last month and did a lyric literature forum. Mainly include lyrics, literature appreciation, that is, in the lyrics of the rhythm of the literature to appreciate. Do some promotion, did not play any role, and Baidu is not included, Google it today, accept tomorrow K, I do not know what to do. I’m a beginner. I’ve seen a lot of promotion these days. In Baidu, and dispatch, 163, Tianya, Sohu have established blog. My name is a blog called lyrics literature. Is estimated to produce some effect: Baidu is still completely indifferent, Google brought me the lyrics to K literary forum, Tianya lyrics instead included literature (that I built), but the lyrics and the literary blog but also home. I can only comfort myself when I am sad.

it’s true that Baidu is busy. Google is very atmospheric, be of two minds. Really, I have to post every day on the BBS, can flow to very little, registered people is very few.

is the experience of the past few days, and now feel exhausted. Know how many people on the Admin5, I hope to get some advice, I do these above are not all redundant,


, just say something else. I don’t need to say more about the purpose of this forum. So I’m looking for Wangzhuan information, early know Wangzhuan this thing, but now only try. It is said that this has been very hot, but the fire to the money less. Finally did not find any chance, no way to start. Blind stroll, see pig eight quit this station, and want to study or design, go to pig Ba Wan whole. Well, some things have to start from scratch, I’m a little afraid of the beginning. Learn photoshop. Then download a loaded, prompt registration error, and go to register. Looking for a long time, no results, but also do not know how to do. There is no way to listen to it, and chose the "high end" singing "go to the end" and Wang Zheng’s "the more pure, the more happy" cycle to listen to. Do not idle, the financial crisis is very serious? To see what are China tech companies, is also a search in Baidu Shuidao?, no relevant information. Later, I thought, I guess I have made some money with sanlu. Forget it. Look for a net. It’s really hidden, not found, and the adult feelings are ignored. In order to protect the minor children, it is worthwhile to say the bottom. Isn’t there an official who molested children recently? It seems as if nothing were done. Unconsciously, more than half of the day’s time, what do you do in the afternoon?. What should we do when someone like us doesn’t know the technique and wants to be a little webmaster? When I’m secretly grateful for the layoffs, it’s time to learn something. What is good, so in the future want to pretend to be a webmaster to be easy to expose.


What are the purpose of building materials store promotions

in the current business market, almost every shop will take relevant promotional activities, the purpose of each shop promotion may be different. In short, if you want to open a business hot shop, it is necessary to take the relevant promotional activities. Of course, advance understanding of the relevant promotional purposes, will have a very good role in promoting the development of promotional activities. So, the purpose of building materials store promotions? Let me see small series of.

customers in the purchase of building materials products have what characteristics? Because building materials products are cold attention products, customers in the purchase of these products is often only several rounds of final products, so the sales staff patiently and carefully to introduce customers to our products. Each person’s shopping behavior is impulsive, sales staff just lit a group of heat, often a customer out of the building materials store was immediately blown out by a variety of cold wind, how to do? Customer order in advance with promotional activities to stimulate, in case it is the first to Undue delay may bring trouble., building materials store sales.

because customers do not understand the building materials products, so it takes a lot of time to stay in the store, how to extend the time to stay in the store customers, building materials store promotional activities to become the second purpose. In addition to taking into account the customer’s time, but also take into account the customer’s money problem, that is how to make customers buy more, buy more expensive, this is the third purpose. The fourth purpose is to encourage customers to become your brand duty propagandists, willing to help you with.

promotional purposes one: to stimulate customers in advance orders

special offer, buy gifts and sweepstakes are three main forms of the building materials store promotions, many people are planning to focus on the innovation of content and form, but ignore the promotion purpose of what is it? To stimulate customer orders in advance, there are two ways to stimulate, one is positive, one is negative stimulus. In many promotional activities, my personal favorite is to upgrade the deposit and installation costs returned.

deposit upgrade: is a form of positive stimulus, if you buy in advance you will get more. When the customer has not to purchase time, you can advance the advance payment to the merchant, if the final purchase of the building materials store products, the deposit can be based on the amount of purchase gradient. For example, deposit 200 yuan, if the total amount of the actual purchase is 3000 yuan, deposit $500 yuan in cash; if the total amount of the actual purchase is 5000 yuan, deposit $1000 yuan in cash.

of course, to attract customers to pay a deposit in advance of the favorable conditions in addition to the deposit upgrade, if you do not have a choice of businesses can be unconditional refund deposit. Many of the building materials store businesses have already used the deposit upgrade activities, and promotions are upgrading, if you pay 200 Yuan Dingjin enjoy


How to join the ice cream


ice cream can evolve into a four are capable of selling products, has a great relationship with the consumer life level changes, improve the living standards of the cause for ice cream demand has not only need simple to satisfy their own heat to quench their thirst and other aspects of the changes in consumer attitudes that consumers, more cases consumers enjoy a taste, a kind of mood, a pleasant after high grade. Ice cream has become a hot joined the project, tea language station ice cream five plans to create a new route of wealth


a mature technology, intimate service, everyone can do the boss

simple and fast, no need to understand the profound dining, just need to learn the skills on the manual guidance, everyone can do business, commitment package teaching package, for entrepreneurs to save time, fast money.

two, tailored, scientific planning

good lots of good popularity of the store is the key to successful marketing, tea station from square meters to tens of square meters of the operating space can flex its muscles, so that investors do not need to worry no location, large space, large investment, huge profits and waiting for you.

three, all intelligent equipment, for your peace of mind

all intelligent operating equipment, so that investors bid farewell to the heavy work, just a simple auxiliary operation, tea station products across the board easy to get, so that investors do effort, save time, worry!

four, easy to learn, easy to use

tea language easy to understand the operation of the process and standardization of the production process, allowing you to easily get started, no worries.

five, safe, comfortable, no flame

safe anonymous fire, safety, health, no noise: in a comfortable environment to make big money.

good project to seize the opportunity fleeting. Join the tea station ice cream, easy to use, the five major advantages. Make you feel like a boss!


College students to open the store to promote the successful way to open shop

Hello, I am a college student, very early start online shopping, to open their own shop, can not always business, I am very anxious, I hope you can help me, thank you, I mainly experience sports series, do is the agent of things, I have been in his shop propaganda always, but the effect is not good, you can help me? Thank you very much, sir.


Stationery gifts need to pay attention to what the whole to join

stationery gifts is a common product in our life, so the development of space stationery gift industry is not small, now many opportunities, competition is not small, you want to master the real profit after gift stationery stores? Have some business means a guarantee of success, Xiaobian now simple for you talk about the need to pay attention to stationery gifts.

all kinds of stationery gifts, the opportunity is competition, so how to grasp the consumer to become the key gift stationery franchisee to do market segmentation, market segmentation and customer groups, based on the analysis of consumer trends, stationery gifts franchise should pay attention to what? To develop a brand as a guide, the development of a reasonable supply strategy. In the supply of the number, scope and rhythm to develop monthly planning, and adhere to timely adjustment, to different regions, different seasons, different consumer groups to carry out the work.

stationery gift franchisee to enhance brand awareness, and narrow the distance between consumers and the ideas and practices, stationery and gifts to join the attention to what? In order to achieve fast and good public awareness, the real time in the coming season, it will take a series of publicity measures, including in some of the exhibition activities, pay attention to the old customer maintenance, and distribution of pamphlets, small gifts, discounts etc.. In the off-season sales should be placed in second place, brand marketing into the first place.

stationery gifts to pay attention to what? To do a good job of staff training, from the beginning to enhance the quality of marketing team. Develop training plan, innovate the training system, enrich the training content, and strive to improve the quality of marketing staff. Focus on brand knowledge, training skills, skills and other aspects of training, stationery and gifts to pay attention to what? Useful to improve the marketing staff to serve customers, cultivate the ability and level of the brand, lay a good foundation for the development of stationery gift stores.

The above is about to join

stationery gifts need some attention matters, then through the above analysis, the operator has a detailed understanding of the industry really want to do the winner for his friends experience is the need to continue to accumulate, hope you can move now.