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How to Knowledge has no limit. systematic study of Shanghai Dragon Technology

Shanghai Longfeng for most web sites, is the best way to get traffic, especially for some less large such as B2C site, because many of the page, tap the long tail, limited cost plus so Shanghai dragon is particularly important. So what we can do to maximize the learning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon everyone is really the chain so simple? In fact, Shanghai dragon is the Knowledge has no limit. systematic study, Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing. Put some of his own feeling to summarize and share with you today. read more

Keywords new station how to layout the detailed Laoniao

Title:title tags in the sentence should be placed on your main keywords, the most important, placed in the front. Generally the main keyword set 2-4 can be easily dispersed, too much weight of keywords, is not conducive to ranking. Special remind to love Shanghai suitable for display in the search results, the title is not too long to love Shanghai line search results can show all the keywords for the best.

2. column layout

if you put the three tag keyword layout well, let these three labels complement each other, your site will have a good start. read more

Talk about my first experience of being cheatedLinkedIn founder Hoffman founder of the second line w


sometimes, when you think about it, it’s so nice to be young, what you want to do, what you think of yourself now, you have a lot of ideas and very little, but it’s a big price.

is a little impetuous, lacking patience and experience.

When the founder of

recently, the emergence of a new trend, many founders in the position of CEO has achieved remarkable achievements, such as Amazon’s Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs and the oracle of Larry & middot; Allison Larry Ellison. read more

Meet again, Shandong SEO team interview

in a driving school friend of a busy week of network maintenance, simple operation of the software, and those of the poor coaches and students in completely escape from the space station. Although the salary is good, but also people tend to feel in such a comfortable life to indulge themselves, their do stand level will drop behind. Yesterday, resolutely refused to drive the leadership of the stay, and then back to Ji’nan, to fulfill a commitment to meet with the Shandong SEO team Bai Bing. read more

Zhu Zerong how does an original content website burn

, who led a friend who specializes in Photoshop, made his website in the last two years, and introduces some actual cases:

1, site positioning

Graphic design is very popular

friend, especially Photoshop, he initially intended to be a dedicated website to build a graphic design website or Photoshop communication, I told him to do the first station, these two areas are not feasible: there are too many similar sites, everyone in the pursuit of large, you must the positioning and locking in one or two very small professional links, so that you have more energy. read more

Baidu site is actually very simple

Baidu website is actually very simple, just tell everyone to Baidu included new sites method. There are a lot of people say CN domain name is not included, oh, my CN domain name, used as a test, collected 2 days, included time is June 19, 2008, has been in the revision, also not included, formal testing in June 17th, a auction companies of Baidu enterprise station every day, a sand table should be out of love, friends can look at those one or two days, said the new station included out hundreds of thousands of individuals that can not be trusted, but now the past, especially after mid June, is unlikely to be a problem: Baidu not to how do? Look, Baidu to update their station, to let Baidu climbed to his station. But what if Baidu doesn’t come? Then we’ll try to take him. How do you hold on? Keep looking. The simplest way is to create a keyword, such as "seven is different", "eight is different."". Must ensure that the uniqueness of keywords, Baidu search results relevance is low. That keyword to appear in your home page, and there are relevant explanations, the purpose is to revolve around key words to do relevant content. Then go to Baidu update soon, release relevant information. You publish the article around you create keyword write, keyword can use one or two colors, or bold, underline, key link to your home address, the content in add one or two times your home address. Don’t go too far. read more

Personal websites should be kept away from advertising such as QQ winning

the vast majority of personal websites rely on advertising to make money, but personal websites need to be careful in choosing advertising, not to put some illegal ads for what little money. If the personal website in order to earn advertising fees or the owners rush into danger, chained and thrown into prison be punished, it may become the laughingstock of the people! Personal webmaster should keep in mind "do not take ill-gotten gains this sentence.

for now, Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these three Internet advertising giant, the company strength, credibility guaranteed. It should be said that these 3 ads are currently the largest personal website in china. Of course, some of the country’s small advertising alliance credit is also good, but choose to know more about. read more

What a good small town project as you choose

as long as you can make money projects are good projects, as long as the place to make money is an excellent business location.   2014 County business to know about you, of course, the suitable county entrepreneurial projects which, then, to listen to a small summary introduction for you, now look at the suitable county entrepreneurial projects, which one is you can choose the county venture money project. />

What are the types of hot pot restaurants

hot pot development has become a universal love of food, not only in the country has a high popularity and heat, is also quite popular in the country. Therefore, sufficient funds, it is good to open a hot pot shop. Before opening a hot pot restaurant, as operators need to know the hot pot industry knowledge, such as hot pot shop type. Here are some analysis and introduction, look at it!

1, luxury:

What are the types of

hot pot restaurants? Luxury hot pot restaurants in a region have a high reputation, decoration facilities, beautiful environment, very hot in the production of hot pot. Not only has the general characteristics of Hot pot shop, which is unique for higher prices, high quality service and dining environment, excellent unity Hot pot with advanced cooking and service personnel, the service object with high income. read more

How to name clothing store

because clothing can be said to be a necessity of people’s lives, therefore, the number of investors engaged in the clothing business is very much. Open a clothing store has a good name is very important, a good name can give you the clothing store to bring customers to promote sales, which makes the shop Business Flourishes. Therefore, the name of the clothing store is a very critical issue. But the name is very annoying thing, how to start?

generally speaking, clothing store name generally from the following points: read more

Summary 2015 he went out of business for a year out of 20 marathons

have you finished your 2015 year-end summary? Whether it is a harvest or barren, 2015 has passed, it is time to take stock of the past, summed up the experience of the. As a food store boss Lu dada in 2015 out of the 20 marathon, all for entrepreneurship.

: "Japanese restaurant is my second job, before reporters for 11 years." In Nanjing city next to Hong Yue, a company called "Guyu said the shop, quite popular and reputation in the diet industry, while its owner is south wit Lu dada. As a reporter for a newspaper in Shanghai, the 11 year old, who has been fighting for a long time, wrote a lot of weighty reports, including the first line of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. read more

Balabala children joined make money

children’s clothing to join the project selection, for entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about Barbara? The best choice for health and comfort, worthy of our attention and join. If you Balabala children to join the project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

Balabala brand was founded in 2002, is a leading international view are popular children’s clothing brand China. Balabala children’s clothing brand to join advocate " " childhood is not the same; the brand concept, to provide both stylish and practical children’s apparel products for children, suitable for different occasions and activities, let the children enjoy free childhood. read more

Two foot pounds foot operating in good faith to make business long

scale is not allowed in the current phenomenon of the retail market is a common thing, however, in general, the boss does not say, even if there is doubt about the customer, but if the relationship is handled well, the patronage will patronize. However, if you want to do is a long-term business, such deception is very undesirable. In short, only enough to do business enough to operate the two foot long enough to allow business.

There is a fruit stall in our

cell door, two years ago the business in particular fire, recently suddenly die, the boss squatted on the stall in front of sad, lost in high spirit. What’s going on here? read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce remediation non-standard advertising language

to create a civilized city public advertising, not only to enhance the city’s civilization quality, create a good atmosphere of a city, but these advertisements on the standard written language is often unsightly. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the creation of the national civilized city of Xining City, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will this month within the city carried out again to a city public advertising language the word does not regulate the campaign in the early months of the campaign, there are 5 units by the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce business wide at work correct personnel. read more

Catering business to understand its fundamental good to do

no matter what kind of era will come, as long as there is the existence of people who have to survive, to eat, eat must have a market. The existence and development of the market, but also rely on people. Xiao Bian think everything is thinking, so is the catering business, seek development in thinking and action to the boundless plain sailing.

no matter at any time and any place, is located the restaurant the first thing to do, do what grade of the restaurant, for those consumers, what are the key products and so on, these are the need to consider the restaurant location, different location, directly affect the consumer groups and the mode of operation. read more

To ask the details to join together

1. I saw your shop business is very good, but the location is good, but I just can’t get it, I can assist headquarters location?

Answer: actually,

opened a "juke" restaurant, the choice of shops is crucial, together to open a shop early cannot do without investigation and analysis and evaluation of the headquarters of the shop.

for early investors to find their own facade, first of all to the project in the comprehensive understanding and study, can only understand the project investors to fully aware of the needs of the project of the consumer groups and shop location. So basically there is a preliminary screening. Headquarters will be based on your favorite shops and the surrounding business district to conduct some professional research, analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of the shop, the final choice of the most suitable shop. read more

Learn the spirit of Lei Feng bear the brunt of Chongqing

from the people of the spirit of Lei Feng had a good study, in today, the spirit of the spirit of the consumer’s attention, won the recognition of people. In many hearts, want to be able to better learn the spirit of Lei Feng. Therefore, in Chongqing, to carry out a variety of learning activities to win recognition.

at the ceremony, Professor Fang Fengfu Lei Feng painting class founder Fang Fengfu, in 2016 the country’s most beautiful volunteers Wang Fengbing person at the launch site, to carry out services for the public. read more

Spring Festival special period of service quietly popular

a year even if no matter how busy, even side have no money, but to go home during the Spring Festival, has become the common aspiration of many Chinese, but it broke out a lot of problems, many people have raised a number of animal, plant, this time how to do? So the service began to hot up.

25 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster. read more