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Summary 2015 he went out of business for a year out of 20 marathons

have you finished your 2015 year-end summary? Whether it is a harvest or barren, 2015 has passed, it is time to take stock of the past, summed up the experience of the. As a food store boss Lu dada in 2015 out of the 20 marathon, all for entrepreneurship.

: "Japanese restaurant is my second job, before reporters for 11 years." In Nanjing city next to Hong Yue, a company called "Guyu said the shop, quite popular and reputation in the diet industry, while its owner is south wit Lu dada. As a reporter for a newspaper in Shanghai, the 11 year old, who has been fighting for a long time, wrote a lot of weighty reports, including the first line of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

and most of the young people in modern times, people think Lu rest time is disorder, "two or three often sleep, get up at 9." Mobile Internet access for a long time, in his words is often brush……" Although the paper reading did not give up, but because more and more professional business reasons, this year the more than and 20 hardcover book, full of wine, with daily feeding, food, sea creature, "at the end of the day or for work."

2015 years, Lu dada went to 9 cities, while tourism is 0. "It’s all because of work, because entrepreneurship. Find food, find resources, study excellent shops……" These footprints, in his opinion, is "worth it"".

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Balabala children joined make money

children’s clothing to join the project selection, for entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about Barbara? The best choice for health and comfort, worthy of our attention and join. If you Balabala children to join the project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

Balabala brand was founded in 2002, is a leading international view are popular children’s clothing brand China. Balabala children’s clothing brand to join advocate " " childhood is not the same; the brand concept, to provide both stylish and practical children’s apparel products for children, suitable for different occasions and activities, let the children enjoy free childhood.

Balabala clothing, shoes, accessories, children’s clothing to join the brand category has a comprehensive coverage of children aged 0-16. Balabala consumer shopping experience, a one-stop retail space to provide a variety of professional fashion products, continue to create richchoice value for money consumption value. Balabala is trying to achieve the world children’s clothing benchmarking brand vision.

Balabala children joined

shop requirements: have the right store. The store area of more than 60 square meters, shop plaque and internal width of more than 3.5 meters and the location of the local core values

funding requirements: the case has been suitable for the store in addition to rent should also have a capital of 200 thousand -40 million.

personnel requirements: Balabala highly recognized brand concept, can keep up with the pace of development of Bala, can cause

Balabala whole-heartedly


Two foot pounds foot operating in good faith to make business long

scale is not allowed in the current phenomenon of the retail market is a common thing, however, in general, the boss does not say, even if there is doubt about the customer, but if the relationship is handled well, the patronage will patronize. However, if you want to do is a long-term business, such deception is very undesirable. In short, only enough to do business enough to operate the two foot long enough to allow business.

There is a fruit stall in our

cell door, two years ago the business in particular fire, recently suddenly die, the boss squatted on the stall in front of sad, lost in high spirit. What’s going on here?

The reason for

is that he made a mistake.

Wang aunt not long ago to patronize the fruit stand, asked: "how much a pound of apples?" 5 yuan a jin." "Is your scales accurate?" Quasi 6 yuan a pound." Wang Shen was completely "thunder", can not help but sigh, "the boss is really really, gave away the secret of a pound of things called out several weight, it is kill you top."

that fruit stalls are roadside stalls, vendors used to passers-by are 82 scales". Before the district people to patronize, he said to be finished to catch a few fruit, or wipe out the fraction, it seems very generous, but also to discuss the people like. This time, he mistook the king aunt also as "outsiders", be careful not to say "the truth", the Wang Shenyi said, let the people in the village are insecure, who did not dare to go to the shops to buy things, when the "big".

win customers by means of cheating "favor" and trust, which can not achieve long-term cooperation and development. Fruit vendor the consequences of doing so is to make the original hard established connections and sales groups soon fell apart, which is tantamount to their own entrepreneurial path set traps, and then step by step jump.

for retailers, the interpersonal is one of the most important resources, fruit vendors need to know how to use this resource, but the mentality of quick success deviated from the track of integrity, failure is the final result.

with the development of the entire commercial market, in fact, more and more operators know the importance of good faith. Also began to make their own business in this direction. Quite a few people for their retail shop named "integrity shop", "good faith supermarket", is the people’s good faith is the retail brand, the brand keep, polished, careful, careful and attentively need time.

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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce remediation non-standard advertising language

to create a civilized city public advertising, not only to enhance the city’s civilization quality, create a good atmosphere of a city, but these advertisements on the standard written language is often unsightly. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the creation of the national civilized city of Xining City, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will this month within the city carried out again to a city public advertising language the word does not regulate the campaign in the early months of the campaign, there are 5 units by the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce business wide at work correct personnel.

It is reported that

, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau contact actively with the construction of spiritual civilization in Xining City, the steering committee and urban management and other departments in creating a civilized city public advertising propaganda, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure the effectiveness of remediation. All kinds of Xining area of a city publicity carrier conducted a comprehensive inspection, ensure all kinds of promotional materials, a city of high quality written language specification, elegant appearance, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of publicity language is not standardized, words errors, ambiguous phenomenon, "do the task, measures, personnel, responsibility for the implementation of" four. In the August renovation in the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau supplier wide dispatched inspectors to 352 passengers, vehicles 81 times, check the Xining news media 8, advertising company 195, billboard 375, LED display 75. Some of the advertising business unit production of public service advertising language is not standardized, and even the use of 5 units of the wrong words in a timely manner to correct. (author: Ding Li Zongfang)


Catering business to understand its fundamental good to do

no matter what kind of era will come, as long as there is the existence of people who have to survive, to eat, eat must have a market. The existence and development of the market, but also rely on people. Xiao Bian think everything is thinking, so is the catering business, seek development in thinking and action to the boundless plain sailing.

no matter at any time and any place, is located the restaurant the first thing to do, do what grade of the restaurant, for those consumers, what are the key products and so on, these are the need to consider the restaurant location, different location, directly affect the consumer groups and the mode of operation.

to the restaurant location, usually the first to be analyzed is to think of the market, such as the "country of eight" after the introduction of high-end restaurants have a big impact, while the low-end is almost not affected, so in general the restaurant for the mass consumer groups affected by the economic situation, policy is very small, while the high-end restaurant instability. Of course, the location of the restaurant is also based on the main products to be carried out, the main product is tofu brain, it certainly can not be positioned as a high-end lunch staple, as you are difficult to eat on the roadside stalls to eat steak.

finally, the most important point is the location for different groups of people, 80 after 90 consumer attitudes, favorite products, generally accepted way of marketing and so on, must be after 70 and 60 are very different after, when facing different consumer groups, restaurant products, environment and service methods due to the need of different crowd positioning.

of course, the restaurant of population subdivision although very important, but not too many limitations, from the recent theme restaurant "death", too much for a group, their very potential customers forever separate, is not conducive to the development of the restaurant. Catering, are always the people dining, and cultural development of our people, the popular

is the best!

must first be clear that different products, different positioning, different requirements for the site, you have to do a good job positioning and products, and then consider the location of the problem. If your location is white-collar business fast, so be sure to get near the office workers or more places to shop; as your location is the elderly early, so the store needs to be selected in the community around, it is best to do community store; if you want to do the "club" wind of the shop, then you need to consider young people after work favorite gathering place, such as "long ago" nightclub style decoration, very suitable for young people to work together after dinner on line, so the "long ago" shops are often selected in the "chowhound Street" of course there are nearby, near the white-collar work in the District, and it stores five p.m. after the start of business.

most cities in China now, it seems that all


To ask the details to join together

1. I saw your shop business is very good, but the location is good, but I just can’t get it, I can assist headquarters location?

Answer: actually,

opened a "juke" restaurant, the choice of shops is crucial, together to open a shop early cannot do without investigation and analysis and evaluation of the headquarters of the shop.

for early investors to find their own facade, first of all to the project in the comprehensive understanding and study, can only understand the project investors to fully aware of the needs of the project of the consumer groups and shop location. So basically there is a preliminary screening. Headquarters will be based on your favorite shops and the surrounding business district to conduct some professional research, analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of the shop, the final choice of the most suitable shop.

2. franchise fee is how much?


the project cost to join the contract period of five years of charges, investors the market investigation, store location, staff recruitment and training, decoration design and supervision and post new product updates, are made by the headquarters for the professionals to provide a full range of tracking guidance services.

How much is your

fee according to the size of stores and investment cities to determine, it is important that investors as long as the choice of management institutions have the strength, with headquarters effective for each store management, get full support from headquarters, the period of recovery of investment, generally to recover upfront investment in 1 to 2 years.

3. do you have seasonal products?


products to juke is not affected by the seasons. We will launch new products in different seasons, the company’s R & D department will do research on the market, and constantly develop new products according to market feedback, in order to meet the needs of the market.

4. headquarters to ensure that we join the restaurant profit?

answer: at present, any industry, any brand is unable to make such a promise, join in any investment has a correct investment mentality is very important, of course, only the franchisee for money, will be conducive to the development of the brand continued healthy.

Western-style food investment is a relatively small risk, steady gains in the industry, the headquarters will be opened early in each franchise restaurant ready including location, personnel training, give guidance after the opening, will join the restaurant investment risk to a minimum. However, as the source of success in many ways, the headquarters is not the only weight.

5. in the course of business if we encounter


The robot was also just a gimmick to stir up the robot

since the man-machine war, the robot can be described as popular, Guangzhou is a number of restaurants using a robot waiter. Is it true that robots can replace human beings? In fact, it is a gimmick, the robot has been the phenomenon of squid has been described.



site visit

serving popular beauty robot

"216 customers, hello! Your food is here, please take your food. Touch the button on the right of the table and I can go back."

the robot restaurant manager Wang dumplings Miss Chen told reporters, because the robot in the room vibration frequency is big, easy to cause the food plate jitter spillover, therefore, for the sake of safety, on the side of some food with soup to the robot waiter only.

robot waiter


Learn the spirit of Lei Feng bear the brunt of Chongqing

from the people of the spirit of Lei Feng had a good study, in today, the spirit of the spirit of the consumer’s attention, won the recognition of people. In many hearts, want to be able to better learn the spirit of Lei Feng. Therefore, in Chongqing, to carry out a variety of learning activities to win recognition.

at the ceremony, Professor Fang Fengfu Lei Feng painting class founder Fang Fengfu, in 2016 the country’s most beautiful volunteers Wang Fengbing person at the launch site, to carry out services for the public.

Fang Fengfu, Professor of painting and calligraphy class founder professor Fang Fengfu to start the ceremony, the scene to teach people to learn Chinese painting, painting and painting for some lovers to comment on the work of the.

80 year old Chinese painting master Fang Fengfu is good at painting grapes, known as the "king of the Chinese grape," the reputation of his pen, the color of the grapes bright, so coveted. In 1963, Fang Fengfu founded the painting and calligraphy classes of the, free of charge to teach people to learn Chinese painting, 54 years, the painting and calligraphy classes of the students have reached tens of thousands of people who have been painting and calligraphy in China for the past years.

[same period] (Fang Fengfu, founder of the painting and calligraphy class,)


I do this class is from Chairman Mao, March 5, 1963, up to now has insisted for 54 years, is still. Although 80 years old, I think they will continue to work hard, to continue to do some more good things for the people to solve all the specific difficulties, thoughts and desires.

in Chongqing, more and more people joined the ranks of Lei Feng spirit, make people feel more happiness, since, Chongqing has set up various volunteer service team of more than 31 thousand and 600, the number of registered volunteers 4 million 680 thousand people, ranking first in the country.

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Spring Festival special period of service quietly popular

a year even if no matter how busy, even side have no money, but to go home during the Spring Festival, has become the common aspiration of many Chinese, but it broke out a lot of problems, many people have raised a number of animal, plant, this time how to do? So the service began to hot up.

25 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster.

"fortunately, see online someone posting said in the holiday generation pet care fee is not too expensive." Tang Qi said, this generation of pet services to help her solve a big problem, "in addition to puppies and kittens, many families and fish, ornamental birds, green plants, holidays, travel need to find someone to take care of."


Approached the giant old godmother

old godmother sauce is the vast number of consumers are eaten, they love good sauces, received by the market, has won a huge profit. But who knows, the founder of this huge brand, it is not a culture, literacy is not much of the old lady? Today, let us approach the giant "old godmother"!

a never went to school one day, only to write their name on rural women, actually start empty-handed, in a short span of 6 years, created a $1 billion 300 million in assets of private enterprises! This is not sensational, false news, not before twentieth Century legend, but today it is hard to imagine the real fairy tale!

create this new fairy tale rural women named Tao Huabi, 51 years old this year. Say her name, many people may wonder, but the mention of her "old godmother spicy sauce", it is almost known to every family, known to all. Tao Huabi is the founder of migrant workers who will eat almost every day of the "old godmother spicy sauce", the food production chairman of the large enterprises.

the illiterate 4 rural "old godmother", even the file cannot read, she really is how to set up and manage more than 1300 employees of large enterprises? What is her "trick" and "trick", people be able to learn from? Recently, the reporter interviewed the "old godmother", understand her unique, legendary success stories…… "Trick": to seize the opportunity in the light of its general trend is redoubled "old godmother" named Tao Huabi, 51 years old this year, was born in Meitan County, Guizhou Province, a remote mountain village. Because of poverty, Tao Huabi did not read a large mumbo-jumbo. At the age of 20, she married a team of 206 geological team; but after a few years, her husband died, she was still a child and two. In order to survive, she had to go to work and set up a stall.

1989, a little money for Tao Huabi to live frugally saved up, in a street in Guiyang city Nanming District Longdongbao, with four foundling brick built a house, a shabby restaurant named "affordable restaurant, monopoly jelly and cold. At that time, she specially produced a spicy sauce, as a kind of special seasonings mixed with jelly, the business is very brisk. One morning, Tao Huabi felt dizzy after getting up, he didn’t go to the market to buy pepper.

it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Smart she once spotted the potential of the spicy sauce, then concentrated on it…… After several years of repeated trial, she produced the spicy sauce flavor is more unique. Today, the "old godmother" >