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Fang Yi entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

successful entrepreneurs, naturally there is a place to learn, especially for those who have entrepreneurial intentions, especially so. The day before yesterday, Fang Yi and his team held the first session of the general assembly, the establishment of a mobile phone data backup device in the country’s 13 provinces channel agents.

is perhaps the business 4 years ago, experienced a lot of ups and downs, just after the first session of the conference of the parties vendors Yi heart is still filled with a sense of crisis, "there has never been such a huge sales channels, so had not received a lot of orders, the whole team in more than happy, a little nervous. Any part of the quality of the product out of the wrong, it is possible to let the whole team down."

: Entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

2005 years, the study did not graduate graduate Fang Yi founded the Hangzhou daily science and Technology Co., Ltd., the research and development of mobile phone data backup device.

he contacted 4 like-minded students, 5 people scrape together 60 thousand yuan founded the company. At first, we think this is a creative product, spend up to two months will be able to make the mobile phone data backup device prototype, and then make money by selling the patent, within a year to earn 2 million for the project."

"after the deep research to know, difficulties beyond imagination." Fang Yi told reporters that the various types of mobile phone are to achieve different styles of mobile phone synchronization software embedded chip, the program need to be reduced to 1/1000000, "the difficulty is like the elephant dance in the fridge".

in addition, originally planned to sell mobile phone manufacturers plan or technical cooperation plan has not made substantial progress, because no one firm dare to eat "head slobber". Waveguides have been interested in cooperation, but there is no agreement in the form and cost of cooperation, etc..


There is a way to do business

no matter what we do, in fact, there is a "road" we need to comply with, of which, doing business is also true. In short, business, is also a kind of labor, its purpose is to make a profit, this without rebuke. But the gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way, the key lies in a gentleman’s love of money to make money to make sense, morality, Yan Daoyi. "A just cause enjoys abundant support. this phrase, an unjust cause finds scant support" for the competition in the market. We should do business like a gentleman to do things, to be a man, this is what I have been advocating for many years in business.

I live in a residential area belonging to an old residential area, the elderly are relatively more. Due to their children go out to work or go to work, the elderly who need to do some daily shopping. Every time as long as there is an inconvenience to the elderly to my store shopping, in addition to my patience to recommend the elderly for their items, but also free delivery to them, to provide them with the greatest convenience.

old people is generally more frugal, most elderly people would love to have 100 yuan money change slowly, flowers, but they were afraid to back against the counterfeit money in the street, so many elderly people are accustomed to me all the money for me. Every time I do not mind, in accordance with the requirements of the elderly to put their money for a good, check, and asked the old man put up money.

once, an old lady had two overlaps in the same place as a one hundred yuan of money to me, I did not pay attention to, when I found out, not unconscionable money, but a full house for a long time to find the old lady. Therefore, the elderly are particularly trust me, not only they become my hardcore consumers, but also dragged their children to my store consumption.

younger children to buy things alone, I will buy them safely cross the road. I remember once, a little boy with a one hundred yuan of money to buy toys, originally a pen can earn tens of dollars of "big business", but I quickly discovered that the boy looked flustered, hung up look, I conclude that this one hundred yuan will then ask the origin unknown. The child’s home address, the "boy" back home. Although I lost a deal, it was possible to save a child’s spiritual world". Care for the child’s bit by bit, but also won the praise and return of parents, over time, they have become my most loyal old customers.

to do business can not only make money so simple, especially there are some unscrupulous traders really unconscionable money. Open the door to do business, commodity prices, integrity priceless. In order to long-term development of the store, in addition to the quality of goods is guaranteed, but also give full play to their personality charm, so that customers trust you, so that more people become the store’s hardcore customers.


Deep secret the status quo of globalization of Alibaba

Abstract: from the above five sections of business, logistics, finance, data calculation, UC globalization, Alibaba group "cross-border", to focus China consumers as the foundation, to explore and expand overseas, this may be the 1 stage of globalization of Alibaba. Somewhat similar to the Fosun Group "momentum with global resources Chinese strategy.

from the NYSE bell that moment, the globalization strategy of Alibaba group began to significantly speed. And this year, the layout of the company to further accelerate the pace of overseas.

Ma has said he is eager to set up a company founded by the Chinese, but belongs to the world. This year, we have seen almost all of Alibaba’s core business, including electricity providers, finance, logistics, cloud computing, entertainment and other sectors, are trying to move faster towards the international:

Alibaba electricity supplier business to achieve the global buy, the world to sell;

ant payment service in overseas payment and financial companies continue to overweight;

rookie network and global postal and logistics suppliers docking, build a global logistics service network;

Ali cloud continues to open up new overseas battlefield;

UC chose to seize the space in emerging markets.


in the presumably level, we see globalization plays a significant role in the Alibaba is on the one hand, looking for a new growth point in the world, with the core business domestic slowdown bottleneck; on the other hand to integrate global resources, talent, technology, enhance its global combat capability with global thinking. (Alibaba to recruit two former Goldman executives, served as president of Alibaba and the ant Gold Service Vice President, responsible for global business investment, and augmented reality company Magic Leap, Singapore mobile security and encryption technology company V-Key Corporation).

but we pay more attention to the deeper issues, such as Alibaba, electricity providers and cloud computing and how overseas giants fight? Valuation jumped ant gold dress tentacles which parts of the world? How to improve the ability of cross-border logistics network rookie? Alibaba cultural entertainment sector globalization and what new action


in order to understand these, Penguin wisdom cool · Global Venture Capital Research Institute (IGV) released the Alibaba globalization strategy analysis report, as the wisdom of cool BAT globalization research series final.

Alibaba electricity supplier globalization 1.0

sold the global brand to Chinese consumers and sold it to Asian customers in China

I usually use Lazada online shopping, but bought a mobile phone on AliExpress, affordable." This is the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, a number of students in an interview with IGV to share. In emerging markets, China’s low-cost manufacturing is still the advantage of Alibaba go out.



Zhongguancun online General Manager why do we hand

[Abstract] Zhongguancun online general manager Liu Xiaodong said that the founder Guo Fansheng has his own respect, HC and the company can be coordinated in the industry and many other resources.



technology news (Le Tian) March 18th news, (NYSE: HK02280) announced yesterday, announced the acquisition of 1 billion 500 million yuan old vertical website Zhongguancun online (also called ZOL).

as the largest shareholder of Zhongguancun online, Liu Xiaodong, general manager of ZOL shares accounted for 60%, is expected to cash $900 million. Liu Xiaodong today released an internal e-mail revealed that the official independence from the CBSi out, only 45 days, completed the transaction.

this is the third time that Liu Xiaodong has witnessed the acquisition of ZOL. Talking about why Liu Xiaodong hand HC said: the founder Guo Fansheng has his own respect, in addition, between HC and ZOL can be coordinated in the industry and many other resources.

Liu Xiaodong said, "I firmly believe that, through the acquisition of cooperation, diversified industrial platform based Zhongguancun online will provide advertising services from a media platform for the transformation of financial services, e-commerce, O2O etc.."

following ZOL general manager Liu Xiaodong internal mail full text:

15 years to be witnessed by the acquisition of our stars belong to the sea

Zhongguancun online students, Hello:

March 17, 2015, the Zhongguancun online, it is a must to be remembered the moments of glory, today we officially Hong Kong listed companies (NYSE: HK02280) with a total valuation of 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition (cash and stock).

B2B business Ali said "south north from" Huicong network was established in 1992, the company is the leading B2B network platform Chinese. Listed in Hongkong in 2003. HC 12 national city has branches, covering the B2B industry more than 70 enterprises, registered users has exceeded 15 million, up to 11 million 200 thousand buyers, about 3500 employees.

from February 1st Zhongguancun online by CBSi formally independent, today only 45 days, we have completed the a challenging butterfly.

looking back Zhongguancun online 16 years this way, every time the butterfly is a new leap, is a better new life.

2004, Zhongguancun online was the first time the U.S. NASDAQ listed companies Cnet acquisition, from a private network of second tier companies successfully moved to the forefront of the domestic network vertical media camp.

2008, the second time the NYSE listing of the world’s leading media group CBS acquisition, Zhongguancun online sprint industry began a new height, to become the world’s first technology portal


Talk about Marketing on the road three bridge

the rapid development of the Internet people is obvious to people, the spirit of the Internet is a group of 90 broad road to walk the trail, then we have no success in marketing is not lost to 90, but lost to the trend of the Internet for marketing, such as two words, this is not just through a dating software or a chat the tool can be made in the way of marketing, marketing is not a lot, but also a lot of my experience, analysis of the three main marketing way we need to break the threshold.



test platform

when you take a iPhone6 on the roadside asking passers-by when you need, do you think you have lost to the iPhone6 store, this is the store’s advantage, stores have a luxurious decoration store platform, but you can ask around strangers.

then on the Internet is the same, if you have a Taobao, Alibaba or their own independent shop, so relative to you with QQ or WeChat asked whether others need your products much better.

Now the

platform threshold has been several large companies to a minimum, so it seems a hurdle trouble is also very simple, but as more and more businesses of the Internet, the competition is relatively large, so the threshold is low and to get a good platform is very difficult, for example, Tmall, Jingdong Taobao crown, Golden Delicious pat.

business competition makes us a place to live in in Taobao, Alibaba and other platforms, followed by our own brand products and authoritative third party platform is not independent of the platform is safe and reliable in the third party platform sales way. So if the conditions allow us to invest heavily in Jingdong, Tmall is not as good as an independent mall, do a good job of independent mall SEO optimization, the same is to create a brand of cattle.

The two hurdle:


today I say is why users instead of customers, because the customer is a prerequisite for users, users can only have a customer, so we do not exclude the customer, even if someone is to inquiry or investigation to peer. Users of this threshold is that we are very concerned about, but also the biggest threshold, in the case of access to more users, I mainly divided into two categories.

users find us

wants users to take the initiative to find us, then we will have to be famous on the Internet, a common means of SEO optimization, chain promotion, advertising and other ways, but this way is not the best, as a former boss and I said, no site you numb the dry cargo, SEO ranking what indeed, a website with? There is no reason to retain users, even do the top advertising or do well, it will probably sell very poor.

we look for user

this is a lot of companies can not


A brief discussion on the application of social elements in traditional advertising

advertising has nearly one thousand years of history, traditional advertising development today, happened to turn the world upside down changes, the traditional advertising form what? Four media (newspapers, magazines, television and radio) advertising and signs, light boxes, transportation and other outdoor advertising; through the development of the Internet, there search engine advertising has recently much attention of Internet advertising, text advertising, advertising and other forms of suspension can be referred to as traditional advertising.

Web3.0 background, 2010 SNS website (such as: Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent,, happy net) social media China rapidly popular social media, the Internet has become the new mainstream, grow with each passing day in the field of Internet influence. The resulting series of sharing, forwarding, comments, and other social elements gradually become one of the key factors to improve the effectiveness of advertising marketing. Social networks not only change the global Internet market, but also change the way consumers live.

‘s online life gradually from the information search, communication to the application and service, turned to online and offline interoperability and real relationships. Advertising is not one-way communication!


traditional advertising development today, there are also many deficiencies! In this small series have summed up several

, for your reference!


traditional advertising simply belongs to hard communication, no matter what consumers want, I just say!

this one-way mode of transmission, is absolutely can not meet the development of today’s advertising, the lack of consumer participation in the advertising marketing model is not complete.

with the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of new forms of Internet advertising will gradually appear, the traditional Internet advertising to attract consumers to the Internet explosion, social media (SNS, micro-blog), imperative social elements and traditional advertising combined forms of advertising,


currently well-known social advertising has ADsocial, hung media, easy media, interactive communication, etc., have taken a number of social sharing, forwarding and other social elements. The "ADsocial" social ads based on the largest social sharing platform "JiaThis" produced by the massive daily social sharing data, based on integration of forwarding, sharing social elements, with the largest social comment platform "Friends of words" social network communication technology.

advertising audience to watch the content of the same time, social media to log on advertising review, forwarding, sharing and other interactive behavior. The resulting content or data through the ADsocial system into more social media circles to be more widely spread, speed up the effectiveness of online advertising and conversion rate, improve the advertiser’s investment return