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How to Knowledge has no limit. systematic study of Shanghai Dragon Technology

Shanghai Longfeng for most web sites, is the best way to get traffic, especially for some less large such as B2C site, because many of the page, tap the long tail, limited cost plus so Shanghai dragon is particularly important. So what we can do to maximize the learning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon everyone is really the chain so simple? In fact, Shanghai dragon is the Knowledge has no limit. systematic study, Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing. Put some of his own feeling to summarize and share with you today.


based search engine

the second stage is a thorough understanding of your website, there are a lot of things you need to learn this stage, JS, HTML, CSS, CMS, ASP or PHP, because Shanghai dragon sometimes need to batch operations, especially for large sites, as long as you can know strategy after manufacturing phenomenon. In addition, the optimization of the site must start from the inside, only the content to meet the Shanghai dragon, on the site on a large scale can save a lot of effort, not only will make detours. Now many webmaster is a mature open source CMS, some two times will not develop and modify, and not completely on the site of internal optimization, just simply modify the title, the Shanghai dragon only the most simple, there are many places need to be improved. When we know enough when your own web site, to use their own knowledge to optimize the Shanghai dragon, outside interference to a minimum, otherwise, after problems, and sometimes is not a technical problem, but the question of procedure.

A thorough understanding of of your site

study of Shanghai dragon, naturally want to see a lot of basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but the Dragon Shanghai knowledge where look? Is a lot of forum or download system of Shanghai dragon tutorial? Is to participate in training or see YY voice? Actually think carefully, each method has merit, but I still advise we look at some of the official website, such as baby noble quality guidelines, there are many search engines related basic principle, the contents read, can let us know the reason, but not the answer. We go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge website, someone else is spread, we look at the basic principle, is the understanding of their own, the more, believe in your own heart also has a standard.


test summary continuously improve

learning Shanghai dragon first to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, understand search engine and set the basic principle of grasping, indexing and ranking algorithm, this stage is to suggest that we read more books on the SE, there are detailed based search engine principle; and then do a website, including learning dynamic language sometimes, some CMS, Shanghai dragon batch operation; finally is to test and adjust their knowledge, and then let the Shanghai dragon is verified, and constantly improve themselves.

understand the principle of


Keywords new station how to layout the detailed Laoniao

Title:title tags in the sentence should be placed on your main keywords, the most important, placed in the front. Generally the main keyword set 2-4 can be easily dispersed, too much weight of keywords, is not conducive to ranking. Special remind to love Shanghai suitable for display in the search results, the title is not too long to love Shanghai line search results can show all the keywords for the best.

2. column layout

if you put the three tag keyword layout well, let these three labels complement each other, your site will have a good start.

Keywords: for a new sites for, Keywords tags are necessary to do this, the inside of the key words in addition to the main keywords you set, you should also put some target keywords, long tail keywords index low. Of course, the long tail word can not write into the keywords, can be updated when the content of scientific and rational interspersed in the article.

here emphasize, the website do not use too many subcategories, unless you have a lot of original content, to ensure that each column is updated daily as a relatively new, multi column Never mind, if is the enterprise stand two to three columns can be.

said that under the first page with the title, we can use H2, H3 tags, in the title of the appropriate add keywords to optimize. Of course, in order to avoid excessive optimization, in the title > wear

Keywords Keywords

general site will set up several columns, two level menu, then the menu is not free to set? Here should also note that the program should also be set with words related to text, you know, this is the first spider contact place, so also should pay attention to oh.


we all know, to a new station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keywords layout is very important, especially for a novice webmaster, web site keywords layout has been a headache, then we should be how to carry out the key words for a new scientific layout? We are going to discuss keywords new station how to scientific layout. In this paper, we take the Korean luxury Taobao world Fengge store as an example, to talk about how the new keyword layout from the following four aspects.

Description: description tag requires a words to master, and this sentence is not just to write this passage, which need to set the keywords you. It is best to include all the key words you write.

three 1.Keywords

(warning: determine the good, don’t change, the spider is not love this behavior.

new station layout, the first consideration, should be three Keywords tag set.

3. the article page or product page with page keyword layout

tag set


Talk about my first experience of being cheatedLinkedIn founder Hoffman founder of the second line w



sometimes, when you think about it, it’s so nice to be young, what you want to do, what you think of yourself now, you have a lot of ideas and very little, but it’s a big price.

is a little impetuous, lacking patience and experience.

When the founder of

recently, the emergence of a new trend, many founders in the position of CEO has achieved remarkable achievements, such as Amazon’s Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs and the oracle of Larry & middot; Allison Larry Ellison.

American professional social networking site LinkedIn founder red · Hoffman Reif Hoffman yesterday with their own personal experience, how to select CEO enterprise founder made a detailed presentation. He believes that if the founder can early realize that he is not suitable for long-term CEO, should choose the right person as soon as possible, to avoid the transition into a passive.

2, processing soccer

later, I read in the newspaper that there was a processing soccer, a cost of 10 yuan, and also in our Xuzhou.

1, part-time

I remember seeing a processing battery. I’ll call and ask. There was no cell phone, and I had to go to the public phone. After the call, the boss told me that the place was bad and don’t believe it.

eight years ago, he is still a more than 20 year old boy, fearless, fearless, a body of bravery, what dare to do, what all want to do.

I was in Lianyungang, Sinpo, when I see the newspaper has a lot of business to join the project, some processing beads, some processing is lighter, battery and so on, a lot of.

at that time, I liked reading newspapers, looking for jobs in the newspaper and looking for projects for starting a business.

I haven’t worked for many years, and I don’t know how much a month’s salary is now. But I don’t think I’ll be less than two thousand or three thousand yuan for a month. Who will do it again,

after six months, it was almost Spring Festival, and I resigned, ready to go home


wants to retire and focus on development strategies instead of thinking about wages and timetables all day. So he hired David · David, Nye. It was a perfect grey haired CEO with excellent skills for basic work.

at that time I worked in Lianyungang for half a year, work in the morning, afternoon stall, half a year deposit of about 1700 yuan.

Hoffman gave some advice on his own experience.

was relegated to the second line was a difficult question to answer. Generally speaking, the founder will give way to more professional managers, shlf1314, YAHOO and CISCO are with no exception whatsoever.

Hoffman love early start feeling very much: "the team is small, but in the development of new products, hope that through innovation beyond the old giant big with pride…… The experience is not only fresh, exciting, but also focused on what most of the founders love best – especially the tech companies: solving interesting problems, developing new technologies, and developing unique strategies."

this money earn more and more bad, easy to find work, even if there is also work to earn enough to spend, because now the life level, income must also improve can. Many people want to start a business now, but they don’t know what to do,

I haven’t called that since then. The boss is old and a little experienced. I believe too.

succeeds and enters the growth stage, it must be equally enthusiastic about business processes and management inputs. But Hoffman didn’t do that.


think before, really difficult, and now a week on the previous six months to earn money for work, paid so much, wasted so much time, return less pity.

because of the low wages, he did not want to what degree, mix well, my only out is to do business, when I began to learn how to do business, like that, this is only minor.

, but it didn’t work. The product cycle is too short to distinguish between organizations, strategies, and products. If you wait for someone else to realize your vision, it’s too late, even if this person is excellent.

, "he said," we had only a few people at first. They all worked together in my living room, and later developed into dozens of people, and there was a special office. But at this point, I found that CEO’s work has changed. Once more than 50 employees, CEO needs to increase its focus on processes and organizations, but I wasn’t keen on it. For example, I do not have regular meetings every week. I can do it, but I’ll be reluctant and without passion."

< >

LinkedIn founder red · Hoffman

was very low wages at that time, the waiter only 600 yuan a month plus commission, a month is almost 1000; in a rubber factory, wages only 700 yuan, tired of living. In the three star hotel when the waiter, wages only 1000 yuan, the customer service department only 1000 yuan a month; in the baby stroller assembly baby stroller only 500 yuan a month.


Meet again, Shandong SEO team interview

in a driving school friend of a busy week of network maintenance, simple operation of the software, and those of the poor coaches and students in completely escape from the space station. Although the salary is good, but also people tend to feel in such a comfortable life to indulge themselves, their do stand level will drop behind. Yesterday, resolutely refused to drive the leadership of the stay, and then back to Ji’nan, to fulfill a commitment to meet with the Shandong SEO team Bai Bing.

afternoon in Ji’nan, with some clouds, the breeze, comfortable along the moat way to enjoy the scenery with springs, a 609 – win in the Century Towers to. He’s in the writing room. Looks a lot younger, cheerful and optimistic personality, Shandong SEO team is full of harmony and happiness.

rather than go to the SEO team in Shandong for an interview, it is better to have the chance to go to the Shandong SEO team and listen to a meaningful course. Chatted for about half an hour, after 80’s little party, young mentality is very frank, conversation, Bai Bing big brother has a few words let me think a lot.

1, the company is not very big, nor is it very good. I can see that there is a big gap between the Baidu sales center I went to some time ago, but this is not important. Recognize yourself in order to better progress, remember, Ma said the teacher, if their company only two people, on their business cards to write a lower position, so that you can win respect. At least a person’s sincerity can win respect!


2, need talent, happy work. In the absence of official black school environment, the happy life of Carnegie. A real company will not constrain the ability of talent to play, the size of the stage by the leadership of the mind to decide, and play the value of everyone in the team, in order to better reflect the value of the team.

3, young, more experience, and start business together. In this everyone began to win in the Chinese era, really have the entrepreneurial qualities of people almost have been "flies" disrupted the original environment, only those who walk together as in the past in distress, is my most intimate friend. The role of the team is never going well, and the worst is the team’s core positioning criteria.

finally, in the time to leave, Bai Bing commented on the daxue163 website: do Webmaster Station is not so easy, you can do some articles in 51, on campus. Guidance is always in the simplest place. Not to say thank you, but I wish the SEO team in Shandong experienced a hard struggle after the process of cohesion. Count, Shandong SEO team is only two or three years old, maintain a young mentality and sincere attitude, adhere to the struggle, will certainly be able to break through. Hope that such a team experienced more hardships, hope that such a team more failures, and I hope that I have the opportunity to and the team has a more pleasant progress together.


Zhu Zerong how does an original content website burn

, who led a friend who specializes in Photoshop, made his website in the last two years, and introduces some actual cases:

1, site positioning

Graphic design is very popular

friend, especially Photoshop, he initially intended to be a dedicated website to build a graphic design website or Photoshop communication, I told him to do the first station, these two areas are not feasible: there are too many similar sites, everyone in the pursuit of large, you must the positioning and locking in one or two very small professional links, so that you have more energy.

therefore, I suggest that when he builds a website, he will first locate in the Photoshop tutorial, and make this piece stable first, and then try to expand to other fields and expand it in a professional way.

Why does

use the Photoshop tutorial as a site location?

1, in the "Photoshop" related search, the search volume is the highest Photoshop download, photoshop8.0, Photoshop tutorial.

2, at that time in the Baidu and GOOGLE search, almost no website positioning several specialized in Photoshop Tutorial, which will be conducive to the site quickly in "Photoshop Tutorial" from a good place, quickly becoming the most professional site.

3, in the Baidu index, "Photoshop tutorial" the word daily search volume every day in 5000, but if you spend a lot of energy to do a large and complete design websites but difficult to quickly reach the search volume is so high, rather than locking "this core keywords Photoshop tutorial article, fine professional website.

two, website promotion plan

in the production site, according to the characteristics of good design, and not blindly advised him to install news program, did not intend to let him increase the number of content for the website, I suggest that he made of pure hand ", the website only made dozens of pages, the website will advance briefly released in succession add content.

promotion plan:

1, it is recommended that he carefully produced a few "Photoshop" tutorial, to the Enet Institute contributions. Because of his high level of Enet reprint volume is very large, he first submitted to the Enet Institute, he received a warm letter from Enet editor, encouraged him to contribute more.

he left his QQ number in the tutorial. With the publication of the original article, Enet’s wide influence made his QQ number a little full. Every day he opened QQ and added his friend. Then, Sohu Institute, China Network and other large sites are reproduced at the fastest speed of his >


Baidu site is actually very simple

Baidu website is actually very simple, just tell everyone to Baidu included new sites method. There are a lot of people say CN domain name is not included, oh, my CN domain name, used as a test, collected 2 days, included time is June 19, 2008, has been in the revision, also not included, formal testing in June 17th, a auction companies of Baidu enterprise station every day, a sand table should be out of love, friends can look at those one or two days, said the new station included out hundreds of thousands of individuals that can not be trusted, but now the past, especially after mid June, is unlikely to be a problem: Baidu not to how do? Look, Baidu to update their station, to let Baidu climbed to his station. But what if Baidu doesn’t come? Then we’ll try to take him. How do you hold on? Keep looking. The simplest way is to create a keyword, such as "seven is different", "eight is different."". Must ensure that the uniqueness of keywords, Baidu search results relevance is low. That keyword to appear in your home page, and there are relevant explanations, the purpose is to revolve around key words to do relevant content. Then go to Baidu update soon, release relevant information. You publish the article around you create keyword write, keyword can use one or two colors, or bold, underline, key link to your home address, the content in add one or two times your home address. Don’t go too far.

is the most important to, plus a good keyword, the information is released, should do now is to trigger Baidu detection database, so that Baidu will follow the new content to find your home page! How to trigger? Can you ask? Just do a keyword, has uniqueness, and low correlation. If someone search the key word, Baidu search will be preferred the most appropriate page, Baidu may temporarily not to you stand, but Baidu can analysis to the new collection of information, and then updates from the new collection of information related links up to your station! Preliminary experiment a bit, probably dozens of times every day, you can trigger, if not to accept your own Baidu keyword, this will do. How to trigger Baidu search to create their own keywords? Too much! Go to some popular forums, published some easy to reply post, the key word to you stand, also can be the XXX keyword search. You can go to the QQ forums, ask what is the meaning of the keyword XXX send 100QB?! you can go to Baidu know, O XXX keyword explanation! There are many other methods, you want to use your brain!! to the popularity of the many places! Like going to the webmaster of the forum released "Baidu was black, search keywords XXX connection address all point to GOOGLE!" can also go to other BBS release Baidu news, tomorrow XXXXXXX! "In short guide users to trigger your keywords, I believe, a dozen people


above method is to use Baidu to use other keywords to update, friend station has already used this method experiment >


Personal websites should be kept away from advertising such as QQ winning

the vast majority of personal websites rely on advertising to make money, but personal websites need to be careful in choosing advertising, not to put some illegal ads for what little money. If the personal website in order to earn advertising fees or the owners rush into danger, chained and thrown into prison be punished, it may become the laughingstock of the people! Personal webmaster should keep in mind "do not take ill-gotten gains this sentence.

for now, Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these three Internet advertising giant, the company strength, credibility guaranteed. It should be said that these 3 ads are currently the largest personal website in china. Of course, some of the country’s small advertising alliance credit is also good, but choose to know more about.

, whether advertising through an advertising alliance or trading directly with advertisers, there are some ads that can’t be done.

1, adultury or walking obscene vulgar advertisements, advertising more be nothing difficult. Not long ago, the national regulation to combat Internet pornography special action office on pornographic websites advertising "518 advertising alliance", "nine wins advertising alliance" was carried out concentrated rectification.

2, Liuhe lottery and other illegal lottery online gambling illegal advertising.

3, online illegal sexual drugs advertising, sexually transmitted diseases advertising, as well as some health products illegal advertising, claiming that products have therapeutic effect, should also be particularly vigilant.

4, QQ winning and other deceptive advertising

QQ winning ads are mostly deceptive, and some personal website owners receive the winning advertising information, those crooks give advertising prices are often high, of course, some Adsense asking price is very high. General QQ winning advertisers will pretend to think about it, eventually agreed to accept the owners of the price, and require owners to provide bank card number, pretend to do immediately to the payment or action. At the same time, ask the webmaster to do advertising first, and prove that the website is the webmaster himself. For the advertising, QQ winning advertisers will immediately find a suitable reason, for example, no Alipay, no open online banking or do a point immediately after the bank transfer out for the webmaster be


even if advertisers give you money, so the money you earn can ease? It is very likely that your website become the accomplice, causing some people cheated a lot of money to a lot of people will say it nicely!, that is a


article from: (reprint please keep links, thank you very much) welcome webmaster friend criticism, correction


What a good small town project as you choose

as long as you can make money projects are good projects, as long as the place to make money is an excellent business location.   2014 County business to know about you, of course, the suitable county entrepreneurial projects which, then, to listen to a small summary introduction for you, now look at the suitable county entrepreneurial projects, which one is you can choose the county venture money project. />


What are the types of hot pot restaurants

hot pot development has become a universal love of food, not only in the country has a high popularity and heat, is also quite popular in the country. Therefore, sufficient funds, it is good to open a hot pot shop. Before opening a hot pot restaurant, as operators need to know the hot pot industry knowledge, such as hot pot shop type. Here are some analysis and introduction, look at it!

1, luxury:

What are the types of

hot pot restaurants? Luxury hot pot restaurants in a region have a high reputation, decoration facilities, beautiful environment, very hot in the production of hot pot. Not only has the general characteristics of Hot pot shop, which is unique for higher prices, high quality service and dining environment, excellent unity Hot pot with advanced cooking and service personnel, the service object with high income.

luxury stores have Hot pot high and Hot pot cost, service level, dining environment, Hot pot products and technology of a high degree of unity, stability and social service object image outstanding, and improve the system of management in place.

2, Volkswagen:

What are the types of

hot pot restaurants? Volkswagen hot pot shop is a hot pot restaurant in the main force, the largest number. Operating a variety of relatively simple, raw materials in the middle and low based flavor to the majority of local people can accept the taste of the main. This kind of hot pot shop with its own characteristics, scale, grade, the difference between the service, in the customer each have their own position and image. Has its own unique characteristics, moderate price and low cost and popularity of hot pot is closely related to the seat rate and turnover rate is higher.

Volkswagen hot pot restaurant has a combination of price and popularity, flexible and diverse business methods, the service object for the mass consumer, business management methods combined with their actual characteristics.

3, flavor type:

What are the types of

hot pot restaurants? Flavor type Hot pot shop is to reflect the unique food culture, with strong local flavor, variety is relatively simple, but has great influence on the Hot pot shop, often has a representative, is a comprehensive reflection of the historical, regional and nationality. This kind of hot pot varieties more stereotypes, soup halogen fixed, the service has certain characteristics, the flavor is recognized.

flavor Hot pot shops with layout and decoration is rich in theme and connotation, the customer can feel unique and exotic culture, eating and music with strong participation, is of special significance to exhibit some activities, relaxed atmosphere harmony etc..

4, self service:

What are the types of

hot pot restaurants? Self help hot pot restaurant is the raw material of hot pot (raw materials and semi-finished products, etc.)


How to name clothing store

because clothing can be said to be a necessity of people’s lives, therefore, the number of investors engaged in the clothing business is very much. Open a clothing store has a good name is very important, a good name can give you the clothing store to bring customers to promote sales, which makes the shop Business Flourishes. Therefore, the name of the clothing store is a very critical issue. But the name is very annoying thing, how to start?

generally speaking, clothing store name generally from the following points:

1, poems, allusions, historical anecdotes named

This clothing store named

method has concise philosophical artistic appeal. In the water side.

2, according to the principle of Chinese characters named

is China Chinese characters unique cultural connotation, subtle and beautiful shape, with countless changes. According to the principle of Chinese characters are often given to the master, memorable feeling. In the process of naming the clothing store, the meaning of health, the impact and the modern sense of taste, depth, easy to spread. Of or relating to, or characteristic of, or artistic conception, or a unique conception. The temperament to have rhythm easy to pronounce. Glyph to be creative, easy to identify, concise and lively, dignified solemn. Su Yi: like neon, Ni, rhyme charm etc..

3, the name of the extreme dialectical aesthetics named

this is a form of ugliness, to reflect the essence of the United States, so that the name of the clothing store shop prominent features, the impact of the name of the deep way. For example, Tianjin’s "Goubuli", the clever use of "dog meat, good" folk slang, with extremely ugly name contrast fresh and vivid content, to meet the consumer "odd" mentality, by buying interest, and the mingyangtianxia.

4, the name of the regional culture

this method is to store the name of the location of the company to change or to contain the cultural implication of the name. Let people mention the name of the store, you can think of a place of history, culture, landscape, property, etc.. Therefore, place names often become the name of the choice of clothing store material often considered. Such as: West Lake, the ghost of the small pond.

5, in English homophonic named

this naming method often gives people a fashion, avant-garde, trendy feeling. For example, China’s "YOUNGOR" costumes, they will be taken from the English "Younger"" (young, youthful) homophonic. However, the clothing store operators should avoid using too uncommon English homophonic words, misleading is The loss outweighs the gain. >