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A rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience highlights


need wisdom? Of course, in order to become a good entrepreneur, with more entrepreneurial wisdom is necessary. So where does entrepreneurial wisdom come from? From the book, you can learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience. The following is a rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience wisdom, worthy of entrepreneurs who read.

– there is a dream, and strive for the

if you decide to start a business, the first to establish the first target for the company to create a stable economy, and maintain the independence in the economy. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, learn to learn from failure.

– learn to "hidden"

– Multi seek new ideas

if you do not have a particular idea and have no place to seek help, you can chat with friends to your area of interest, they will have a lot of good ideas to the novel.

– don’t let yourself idle

– to establish friendship between generationsNetwork

now action. A career is something bigger than anything else in the world, and it’s cruel, but it’s true.

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Gray dome to bring green energy-saving environmental protection business opportunities

not long ago, North China suffered haze invasion, the grey let Beijing become the capital city. Under the gray dome, the green energy industry ushered in the development opportunity. Join the environmental protection industry has great business opportunities.

haze, get the attention of the government and the people. Now China’s air quality standards are increasing year by year, which will lead to the government and some related enterprises to invest in air purification. This has led to the development of the air purification industry, which can be seen in the air purification industry to enhance the space is very large, green energy conservation and environmental protection is a more worthy of attention and investment in the industry.

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How to allocate equity in partnership

venture because there is a risk, the need for a lot of capital, there is the phenomenon of partnership entrepreneurship. Since entrepreneurship involves the interests, even if the relationship should be a good partner should be determined before the venture equity relationship. Today teach you the equity partner   design; 9  common sense, I hope to help you.

two.    or  partnership interests; the spirit of partnership?

before the founder said, I hold a 90% stake in   the whole team to set aside   10% stake, to my future   CTO,   COO,   CFO…… Company equity less, not enough points ah. This is not a partnership business, which is to reward people.

before the founder asked, my partner need to know other people’s equity? Do I need a partner to know the company’s financial data? This is not a partnership venture, this is a one-man show.

before the founder order said,   the 100% is my,   is my 100% stake. The partner’s share of ownership, I gave him. Too deep into the play. Your partner can also spend a little money, a company registered, turning the master, give you a share, ok. The question is, do you want it?

before a "partner" founder Chinese tone, don’t open business partner and best friend. In your suffering from the force to the cow, but not cattle, may not be able to force the way cattle, in addition to your old classmates, old colleagues, fellow, old friends, and even his wife, mom…… There are other people willing to follow you elope streaking? Good friends can not partner in the foundation, it is possible to be a partner in the venture? New Oriental three carriages, Tencent of Wuhu, Ali eighteen…… Which is not a good foundation partnership entrepreneurship?


Online purchase identification of seven ways to cheat

in reality, however, there are still a lot of purchase of the scam, let alone now or so complex network. Although the network purchase a lot of advantages, the cost may be less, however, a mistake, is likely to be deceived, in this context, we only recognize the scam, can enter into a better goods. And here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce online identification of the seven ways to buy a liar, hoping to be helpful to the development of entrepreneurs.

online purchase is a new thing in recent years began to rise, development is not mature, but compared to the traditional channels of purchase of the purchase network has obvious advantages, not only can save the cost of buying goods, businesses can also increase in the purchase of goods selective. But at the same time, many operators began to reflect the encounter some swindlers.

With the popularity of

, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and online shopping has already formed a certain scale. But in the face of the Internet, a variety of inexpensive goods of every hue, shopping sites, businesses how to see through the crooks trick, avoid to be deceived? Here are some of the ways to identify cyber crooks.

1. website production is exquisite

the formal registration of company’s website will be very concerned about the image of the website, and the technical requirements of the site will be relatively high, the use of the website pictures and images are very concerned about the user experience, let the people first feel very good visual effect. And a lot of cheater website production is relatively rough, the page is simple, the icon is clumsy, let a person look very uncomfortable.

2. check business qualification

formal companies or businesses will be announced qualification certificate, registration number. If you do not disclose the company’s registration information, there may be problems. Businesses can inquire by telephone, the trade and Industry Bureau of some provinces and cities to provide online search methods.

3. check contact

merchants can view the vendor left contact information, the company address is specific. Regular supplier contact information will be very detailed. The general is a liar will not leave specific contact, or leaving a mobile phone number, and the detailed address is unknown, a fixed location, fixed telephone are not to your business, you dare to believe that his reputation?

4. observe business qualification

generally do not have a business license fraud website, you can ask them to show their business license and other confirmed. But be aware that some of the more clever liar website will also forged a business license with image processing software, when viewing the business license of the need to carefully identify, check whether there is altered.


On the occasion of homeopathy for catering to join new skills

food and beverage industry threshold is low, fast earnings, but really not so simple to make money in this line. Especially now in the fierce competition, you want to make your food stores one upmanship, you must first learn to understand.

1, relying on business center

insiders have said "in the commercial real estate planning in the past, catering ratio rarely exceeded 20%. Over the past two years, the proportion of the catering industry began to rise, gradually reaching about 30% or 40%.". The power of the district’s economy is increasingly apparent, can rely on district economy drainage, to enhance brand awareness impressed.

however, the shopping center catering brand is the touchstone, if the performance is still no improvement, one is to think about the values of the power of two is required to reflect on their selection and operation method.

2, community economy

in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, densely populated city, the scale is too large this kind of urban diseases, let the community economy has become a new trend of economic development is difficult to avoid the "urban diseases" are to the catering industry growth brings new opportunities.

3, the use of O2O concept

O2O for the food and beverage industry, will no longer be parallel to a traditional food and beverage category, but a variety of food and beverage in the form of a tool. In the "Internet plus" era, the early catering business to O2O concept deeply rooted in the operation management, open online and offline channels, mutual drainage.

this "open" is not simply play concept, fry brand, but can help catering entrepreneurs truly enhance the brand coverage, expand customer base, increase the store.

4, seize the campus economy


How to open a good pot shop

set up shop and open a good shop is a big difference, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need managers to pay more efforts, and to hold more business skills. So, how to open a good dry pot shop? Today’s dry pot shop is also very common, then, ready to invest in the people to open the pot shop, this is to listen to small series for you to analyze the introduction, to see a good dry pot shop you need to practice what skills!

how to open a good pot shop? To carefully study the related formula of dry pot and continue to be improved, focusing on changes of innovative dry pot, especially dry pot Weidie allocation should be diversified in dry pot processing of raw materials, no chemical additives, natural hair appeared dry pot processing raw materials in the season, at any time for dry pot of dry pot of health and nutrition knowledge of basic knowledge, and the dry pot production costs and profit idea etc..

how to open a good pot shop? Observe the customer’s response, collect information feedback, improve the quality of dry pot. As in the traditional dry pot can change out of proportion and seasoning spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy and different flavor, different star said, for consumers to choose dry pot raw materials can be divided into large, small, for customers to choose.

how to open a good pot shop? Personal skills including the ability to qualify for a work, such as the usher will introduce guests including seats, and introduces the characteristics of dry cleaners to clean up the pot, pot table, floor, doors and windows, shop, lobby and a clean and sanitary cleaning, dishes, pots, dishes including chopsticks cleaning Buyer including dry pot material purchase, into the library, classification and so on.

how to open a good pot shop? The service personnel are classified according to the training of proficient and novice respectively, mainly from the occupation morals, laws and regulations, service etiquette, restaurant service, dry pot dishes introduction, knowledge, catering, catering, health service skills, flexibility, emergency treatment and other aspects.

no one chose to do poineering work shop, will want to own a shop by many consumers, the business of the shop can truly realize the booming. However, the realization of such a goal naturally requires operators to do their work in place. Despite the brief introduction of the above, but for the operation of the dry pot shop, whether you help?


Hi tech Zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to promote the three venture

venture is a topic but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the country and the construction of the important work of Shandong Province, the importance of the reform did not forget the innovation work, before the date of the meeting held only for innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote "three business".

2 25, high-tech zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to mobilize the region to strive to promote the work of the last venture, and strive to achieve a higher level of new development in the three. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of high tech Zone Wang Xianling attended and spoke.

comprehensive strength to a new level, the industry entered the high-end, innovation capability significantly enhanced the global city on the new level, opening up to create a new pattern, better protect and improve people’s livelihood.

specific tasks in action, five points. First, adhere to innovation and development, science and technology to foster new energy support. Two is to adhere to coordinated development, enhance the new level of urban development. Three is to adhere to green development, to create a new system of modern industry. Four is to adhere to the open development, to build the international advanced area. The five is to share the development, create new construction of people’s livelihood and welfare.


DY161 movie network and other 8 cases of typical cases of network piracy notification

of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security four departments jointly issued the "notice on carrying out the fight against Internet piracy" Jian Wang 2014 "special action" (Xin Guang Ming Electric (2014) No. 14), all localities and departments to make timely deployment, strengthen coordination, actively conscientiously carry out the clean-up inspection of Internet piracy cases have been filed to accelerate progress in investigating, actively carry out investigations on a number of newly discovered clues to the formation of a high pressure situation crackdown on Internet piracy. The recent 8 Internet piracy cases focus on supervision of the State Administration of copyright and information is as follows:

a, infringement of the copyright of the film and television works

1 Anhui DY161 movie network alleged copyright infringement case. According to the relevant rights complaints, the copyright department of Anhui province and the public security departments to set up a task force on the DY161 film network alleged copyright infringement case investigation. After investigation, the suspect also runs "DY161" and "f1dy" in the two movie website, issued a total of tens of thousands of alleged infringement of film and television works. At the beginning of June 2014, the public security department arrested the suspect chen. At present, the case has been handed over procuratorate prosecution.

2 Jiangsu speed movie network and other video sites suspected of copyright infringement case series. Jiangsu city of Xuzhou Province Public Security Department found that the "super cool movie network and 22 movie sites suspected unauthorized uploading right people with the right for users to watch videos, download, soliciting advertising for profit, then the above case investigation. Recently, identify the main facts of the crime which has 11 sites, and arrested more than 20 suspects, of whom 18 were under criminal detention according to law; copyright infringement destroyed 2 criminal gangs, seized more than 150 yuan in the capital. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

two, infringement of copyright works on the Internet music

3 Guangxi Granville disk network alleged copyright infringement case. January 2014, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Copyright Bureau in accordance with the complaint clues, the Wei disk network alleged copyright infringement case investigation. After investigation, the site suspected of infringing works involving music, video, software, games, download a huge amount, there are a lot of advertisements on the website, constitute a criminal offense. At present, the case has been transferred to the autonomous region public security departments for investigation.

three, copyright infringement cases of online game works

4 Beijing Moumou and other alleged infringement of online game software copyright case. According to human rights complaints, Beijing city cultural market administrative law enforcement corps in conjunction with the Haidian Public Security Bureau network security brigade task force set up on hemeimei et al The Legendary Swordsman OL allegedly set up private servers operating profit online game software case investigation. Recently, the suspect Moumou, Li Mou has been arrested, the case is under further investigation.

5 Shandong, Zibo and other alleged infringement of online game copyright case. According to the obligee’s complaint, Shandong >


Public comment or over $100 million financing

                February 28th, directors, senior vice president Long Wei in an interview that the Sohu IT, is indeed financing, will be bigger than before all domestic financing and group purchase website. The reliable sources said that this round of financing amount of at least $100 million. Specific financing information will be announced soon.

although Long Wei did not disclose the investors in this round of financing, but he also said that the participation of the public comment network investment is a long-term investor, they are consistent with the concept of public comment. According to industry analysts, the public comment on the huge scale of this round of financing, and even more than some of the company’s IPO financing scale, I believe this is the last round of public comment before the listing of financing.

according to the information disclosed by the public comment network, the company has achieved profitability in 2008, revenue reached $30 million in 2010. As early as last year, there was news that the public comment is starting the listing plan. And this degree of public comment to accept private investment rather than public offering, is also considered to be a large-scale investment, the layout of the market to buy signs.

talking about why not pick up in the capital market of IPO, Long Wei said, for the purposes of public comment listed is not the goal, he believes that in the next few years, public comment will have a more substantial market value of listed companies is a process of natural growth in the process.

according to the statement of the dragon, this year is indeed a rapid development of public comment network, and one of the key expansion of the business is to buy. It is reported that, at present, the public comment buy business is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 tier cities, and this year, the group will rapidly expand its business to the country’s twenty or thirty cities. At the same time, the public comment network will invest 2 – 300 million yuan for marketing, to enhance the group buying business.

in fact, as early as last year, there have been rapid expansion of the group buying site announced the establishment of hundreds of cities in the country to buy business, while the expansion of public comment is somewhat slow compared to. In this regard, Long Wei explained: buy site in the early stages of rapid expansion of business is easy to produce problems. Because of the limited resources and manpower, a lot of group purchase website had to establishment of sub stations in the country by the way of agency, the controllability of this mode of operation is small, have a negative impact on the group purchase website brand is very easy. Last year, the main focus of public comment on the accumulation of experience, including the operation of the law and the exploration of elite talent training. This year, the public comment will copy the experience to other cities, however, the public comment will be mainly to take the direct mode, the possibility of looking for agents in the local model is smaller."

with the handle and other sites get huge financing, Groupon entered the China, fierce competition has been in the reign of terror group purchase market. For the group to buy the market competition pattern, Long Wei believes that after this year’s reshuffle, buy site save >