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8 million, fans of Amy and 500 years ago Martin Ruud triggered the content of entrepreneurship think


it is not found the credibility of 4 drill drill 5 even crown, monthly sales of over a hundred sets of agents have no problem here?. This is not who Ling Bo deliberately slandered, but in fact, I am one of the victims. Ling Bo was once in the middle of a month

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today, read more

[original]dede website modify template path tutorial, refused to stencil leak stolen

I believe we used Dede website there are many, many times we are directly copied a templetsdefault folder name to modify the template to change out the path, but if you do the template, often a lot of local

is not considerate because not all functions are available. Access to functions that do not exist, and sometimes expose the true path of the template.

1, batch modify template file


method uses batch modification tools. For example, your template directory is templetsxahot.net, then you need to batch replace {dede:global.cfg_templets_skin/} and $cfg_templets_skin; > for /templets/default or other security paths. PS, batch modify tools, there are many online, I use the Qingyun server that is easy to use (not AD) read more

Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to get rid of the traditional rising to try to take the special field

powerful combination is the choice of many enterprises and regions in the development of a win-win strategy. So, what are the unique advantages and significance of the combination of Xiamen dragon cooperation zone? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

last November with China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd about December successfully signed, just a month’s time, the heavyweight of the central enterprises will successfully settled — 135 kilometers from Xiamen Fujian Xiamen Longyan Shanhai Cooperation Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xialong cooperation zone") is currently speeding up the construction like a raging fire. read more

Bond moment sold out of 40 billion bonds instantly sold out

is the first day of this year, the first day of electronic savings bonds sales, due to the sale of online banking and counter at the same time, some banks even sell a line was found to have been robbed of the amount of light. Even the bank staff lamented: buy bonds just as hot as the Spring Festival train tickets, entirely by virtue." This did not grab the public debt is not too discouraged. According to the Ministry of Finance announced the 2016 national debt issuance schedule, from March to this year, the 10 month of each month there will be savings bonds issued, of which the 4 time for the certificate bonds, the electronic savings bonds for the 5 time. There are 7 more opportunities to buy treasury bonds this year. read more

A rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience highlights


need wisdom? Of course, in order to become a good entrepreneur, with more entrepreneurial wisdom is necessary. So where does entrepreneurial wisdom come from? From the book, you can learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience. The following is a rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience wisdom, worthy of entrepreneurs who read.

– there is a dream, and strive for the

if you decide to start a business, the first to establish the first target for the company to create a stable economy, and maintain the independence in the economy. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, learn to learn from failure. read more

How to allocate equity in partnership

venture because there is a risk, the need for a lot of capital, there is the phenomenon of partnership entrepreneurship. Since entrepreneurship involves the interests, even if the relationship should be a good partner should be determined before the venture equity relationship. Today teach you the equity partner   design; 9  common sense, I hope to help you.

read more

Online purchase identification of seven ways to cheat

in reality, however, there are still a lot of purchase of the scam, let alone now or so complex network. Although the network purchase a lot of advantages, the cost may be less, however, a mistake, is likely to be deceived, in this context, we only recognize the scam, can enter into a better goods. And here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce online identification of the seven ways to buy a liar, hoping to be helpful to the development of entrepreneurs.

online purchase is a new thing in recent years began to rise, development is not mature, but compared to the traditional channels of purchase of the purchase network has obvious advantages, not only can save the cost of buying goods, businesses can also increase in the purchase of goods selective. But at the same time, many operators began to reflect the encounter some swindlers. read more

How to open a good pot shop

set up shop and open a good shop is a big difference, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need managers to pay more efforts, and to hold more business skills. So, how to open a good dry pot shop? Today’s dry pot shop is also very common, then, ready to invest in the people to open the pot shop, this is to listen to small series for you to analyze the introduction, to see a good dry pot shop you need to practice what skills!

how to open a good pot shop? To carefully study the related formula of dry pot and continue to be improved, focusing on changes of innovative dry pot, especially dry pot Weidie allocation should be diversified in dry pot processing of raw materials, no chemical additives, natural hair appeared dry pot processing raw materials in the season, at any time for dry pot of dry pot of health and nutrition knowledge of basic knowledge, and the dry pot production costs and profit idea etc.. read more

Hi tech Zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to promote the three venture

venture is a topic but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the country and the construction of the important work of Shandong Province, the importance of the reform did not forget the innovation work, before the date of the meeting held only for innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote "three business".

2 25, high-tech zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to mobilize the region to strive to promote the work of the last venture, and strive to achieve a higher level of new development in the three. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of high tech Zone Wang Xianling attended and spoke. read more

DY161 movie network and other 8 cases of typical cases of network piracy notification

of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security four departments jointly issued the "notice on carrying out the fight against Internet piracy" Jian Wang 2014 "special action" (Xin Guang Ming Electric (2014) No. 14), all localities and departments to make timely deployment, strengthen coordination, actively conscientiously carry out the clean-up inspection of Internet piracy cases have been filed to accelerate progress in investigating, actively carry out investigations on a number of newly discovered clues to the formation of a high pressure situation crackdown on Internet piracy. The recent 8 Internet piracy cases focus on supervision of the State Administration of copyright and information is as follows: read more

Public comment or over $100 million financing

                February 28th, dianping.com directors, senior vice president Long Wei in an interview that the Sohu IT, dianping.com is indeed financing, will be bigger than before all domestic financing and group purchase website. The reliable sources said that this round of financing amount of at least $100 million. Specific financing information will be announced soon.

although Long Wei did not disclose the investors in this round of financing, but he also said that the participation of the public comment network investment is a long-term investor, they are consistent with the concept of public comment. According to industry analysts, the public comment on the huge scale of this round of financing, and even more than some of the company’s IPO financing scale, I believe this is the last round of public comment before the listing of financing. read more

Brand clothing store purchase ten tips

1 franchise store. This is relatively simple, you choose a certain brand, just need to buy a certain brand manufacturers or general agent there, select goods on it.

2 multi brand business, or do they, it would be a bit of thought. If you are more than the provincial capital of the city to open a shop, the store is relatively large, the decoration is also a certain degree of grade, it is necessary to personally into the source. Generally in the country’s major clothing production or distribution center to purchase. Common is Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Fujian, Wenzhou and other places (specifically do not write, the forum and the network has a lot of introduction, we can refer to). In these places can generally get a home to open a clothing store goods, but also can learn about how others shop decoration, how to layout, shop location, price, etc.. In order to facilitate your shop as a reference. If you are in the middle of the city, or a small city (town) shop, you do not have to go to those places, because you do not have a small amount of stock, but also into the more frequent, to a high cost. (recommended to go, in the quarterly began to understand trends) can purchase in the provinces of the large wholesale market, prices are not much higher than you, go to a far more cost-effective. It’s good for your store to have a good relationship with local wholesalers. For example, you can transfer goods, replacement or return, enjoy many preferential conditions (remember: the money we earn is fundamental to do business if others make money, you can not make money!) others are wholesalers, grasp of the trends, risk aversion, money, vision than you are, one of the borrow wisdom is a good way to. read more

Several effective methods of advertising media promotion in local websites

is currently relying on the site to make money is no longer as in the past few years so simple, with the increase in local sites, the success of a number of local sites so that large and small webmaster and see the dawn. Do a lot of local station suddenly.

although we have seen the success of the site, such as the famous West Temple, Hefei portal, indeed, they were all successful. However, the initial site of the site has been the problem of most owners headache. The establishment of the local website, but eventually we had to give up, No one shows any interest in, to other sites. So, I want to say today no color monk is not you see the station, is your ability to promote. read more

Two dimensional code marketing era can create marketing peak

speaking of two-dimensional code, I believe we are not unfamiliar, some people have heard, but do not know how to use; some people will use, but do not know it can promote marketing. In recent years, many advertising alliance by WeChat two-dimensional code to provide attention, accumulate popularity.

two-dimensional code marketing platform is a promotion to electronic coupons as the core of the platform to help enterprises, enterprises and businesses to create marketing activities through this platform, making rules, according to the type of marketing activities to provide code, encoding, verification, performance statistics, communication service evaluation. Widely suitable for group purchase and integral consumption, discount coupons, vouchers and other VIP business, by the two-dimensional code as a link, the integration of the mobile Internet, automatic identification technology, accurate delivery coupons, using electronic means to promote and help enterprises to achieve precision marketing. The activity can be evaluated, controlled, good experience and safety and environmental protection to meet the various types of business models and marketing activities of electronic support. read more

List of 10 trick website promotion

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently wrote a lot about the website SEO internal optimization of the article, this article do website promotion 10 trick, hope small writing to help the webmaster friends, please support reprint, I believe that most of the webmaster have some website promotion means in order to use more outdated, is not called the means of promotion, called manufacturing information rubbish. Now Xiaobian to 10 key aspects of the site to promote the means.

A: do website content read more

How important is it to invest in a good-looking entrepreneur

Abstract: is it important for you to start a business? My answer is very important, like the face of most things in the world. A good face entrepreneurs, regardless of his subsequent financing, market expansion, even if it is an interview with reporters, are more likely to get the favor of others in the first time.

a few days ago with a friend to dinner table opposite investment, there are two handsome people to slobber the heroic spirit of man. The meal, my eye braved the wolf like greedy green, the other eye filled with Ximen Qing’s version of peach blossom. read more

My network of entrepreneurship! Journey of bitterness

      today I want to write about my experiences! Primary school did not graduate writing is not good please don’t laugh!

      when you embark on the road of entrepreneurship when you face the dilemma is not expected! Let me tell you about my experience!

      early to do not understand in the case I put all the money paid as much as two a! Owe a debt! Have I not been defeated or decided to start a business! Do not understand the situation in the network to go on a more avant-garde ranks! The agent has two network agents, which makes me desperate! With the pain of being cheated and I created their own network platform! From the shallow to the deep! To this end I paid all my efforts, but also to pay for all of my family! In my face brought despair when crowning calamity backyard fire to me! I was all day with the pain endured the pain like a knife. Let me go on the network China top one thousand ranks! Although there is no income, but in the absence of too much money to invest in the current situation is basically stable in [15000] LP! I feel I have a sense of accomplishment! Although I haven’t succeeded yet! But I see the bright future! I never graduated from primary school a farmer at the age of 17 I will assume the assistance to the family!
      [I was 17 years old when I was only a mere 1.50 M] I felt the work of contemporary young people can not imagine! At the age of 19, he began to work again! Later, because of his hometown mining chance for me to go on a cleaning worker ranks! From the ordinary workers illiterate! To the director of a more than and 30 person workshop! What I can’t imagine is what I give! At that time the company was a local collective enterprise [I was able to do the workshop director because I have made outstanding contributions to the innovation of the enterprise, the value of its conservative estimate of about 20 million. Later, because of today’s society for a reason, a mining enterprise assets equivalent to 200 million to give some moths. See through their own efforts and a bunch of brothers founded by such bad foundation collapse, we decided to revolt! End up in failure! The poor are not rich! They have HanHen left my hometown. Into the billowing sea! And the merciless sea flooded! My road to entrepreneurship is lonely! No one understands! No one to support!
      I have been working for nearly a year since the launch of the network so far I have been working from 6:30 a.m. – around 23 am! Grope for. It can be said that in the world before the top ten thousand stations have appeared [ha ha entertainment] name [except English] should be > read more