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Within 3 months of a large number of methods to enhance the site outside the chain

2, forum, blog and other platform in doing all these things, many beginners are in a number of forums and blogs in a fixed blind copy, paste, because it really is very boring, so although it can increase the number of the chain, but the written content is easy to ignore, some people even too lazy to change the account, a two account frequently, the result is not the account was closed, is not the amount that browse, there is no one, not to mention what the chain, flow. Do BBS, blog needs diversity, not limited to several forums and blogs, the best of these sites is high weight, easy to be included. Some of the chain I did before, is four, fifty conversion forum, that included fast and stable, does not appear what repeatability, let search engine to maintain freshness, while visitors will feel fresh, feel useful, reproduced or preserved, can increase the number of chain and flow effectively, even the conversion rate. The title of the article to be fascinating, content targeted.

In addition to post

first, want to increase the amount of site outside the chain, you need to know what is the way to get the website chain:

1, Q & a platform such as love in Shanghai know, YAHOO answers, ask, search, question and answer, the interactive platform can be a very good and needs to interact in the platform to find their general site related questions to answer, answer in the natural join our site link, and help them to solve related problems let it, in what we say is recognized, can be very good for us to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, of course, this is the biggest advantage of improving site traffic.

can increase the chain, also can add the chain at the same time to comment.

3, also known as network network network favorites favorites, bookmarks, link storage tools favorites for the system came into being the inconvenience. The emphasis on the chain network favorites, because now a lot of people only know to do outside the chain, blog, forum, lack of diversification, so the chain is not natural. But if you judge the search engine chain is not normal, it is possible for your site drop right or reduce the effect of the chain. So you let the chain network favorites is one of the means of diversification. Here in addition to love Shanghai collection, search collection etc. there are many web bookmarks, you can try. >

Disclaimer: I am not talking with software such as mass cheating, it can rapidly improve the chain, but also great harm, was discovered accidentally the site must be right down, then The loss outweighs the gain.. The main chain of the needless to say, we all know, how much of a site outside the chain, quality directly affect the site’s ranking, the chain is not only to let love Shanghai day or the day included, more important is the stability of the high quality of the chain can bring good traffic to the site. If you do not a few days will be deleted if it doesn’t what effect is it? How to share with you the following methods within three months of massive promotion site outside the chain.


Shanghai Longfeng site audit where to start

2, initial data

link evaluation the first thing I do is in the process of audit in the browser to open my mobile phone lottery software website, and perform data export. There are hundreds or thousands of links to the web site, I will go directly to the inbound links tab, and then exported to CSV documents. The export needs of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of websites, from the "senior" report to OSE, these are some help.

1, the rapid identification of non natural link mode

3, website evaluation

Shanghai Longfeng audit is very familiar to you, then you know how to do the audit work of Shanghai dragon

?With the advent of

correlation evaluation. When you link to another page, the content should be added to you. If your link is irrelevant, it will cause a poor user experience and reduce the relevance of your pages.

is to use the anchor text. Anchor text >

website quality to be able to trust. Do outlinks links must know should be how to create some more sensible content validation, in the process of mobile phone lottery software link 贵族宝贝 website, I determined to give up some rubbish Sergio links to other sites on the web site, a link to your site, it is said in the search in the search engine spiders trust on your website.

the key is I want to get in touch, and docking. Even if this is not enough, if your mobile phone lottery software website has millions of links, but it is definitely the first step of the audit. Although I can grasp at this point the number of the chain there is far from so much, but it is also a good start.

so, how do you evaluate the link in this case? What is the best way to make sure you really determine the wrong link? As in mobile phone lottery software website, I just use the same strategy to find the Shanghai dragon, help you make the lottery website link optimization, to quickly identify non natural link mode.

link configuration file Google is not natural, need to check the inbound links in the configuration file of the audit work is becoming more and more popular.

in the worst case, did not do the audit can be fatal in Shanghai dragon. The driver didn’t notice you into the lottery website traffic, although some people think that his site does not need to flow, so if you do not Shanghai Longfeng audit work, will make your site be eliminated.

for all of the audit work, are related to inbound links footprints, the reason for this is because many sites have been identified as having bad links, the need for a more comprehensive analysis of link assessment process. The mobile phone lottery software to share with all the site as an example.


From the following 2 aspects of the construction of high quality chain


2. external links anchor, the anchor chain can not are the same, to do within the chain like natural recommended, does not affect the user’s reading, best to let users of content users good at giving systematic guidance, linger, so the chain is successful.

The stability of

1. the best chain is released to the highest weight, can release the highest quality website, but this is not as spam, such as submission, are like this, the weight can give site transfer is very useful. The article makes the high quality website recommendation of your web site, readers will think your site has some readability. (the chain is not related to any use of

The stability of

from the following 2 aspects of the construction quality of the chain to do what Shanghai dragon is the most difficult? I believe many people will be answered by common consent: of course it is outside the chain! I also agree, in my experience, the chain is a little more difficult, but to consider the user experience put a block, or the user experience more hard to do, well, how do we get from the chain so difficult, complex things simple? The author suggests that we can from the following 2 aspects to build the chain.

chainThe chain is

2. released the chain, then the chain release should be stable, not today, tomorrow will be deleted, so that there is substantially equal to no significance.


1. to stabilize the frequency of the chain, the chain can not increase too fast, step by step.

)Natural recommended

chain, which is the focus of the author emphasizes, what is "recommended"

stable Shanghai Longfeng necessity, this "stable" contains two meanings:

The recommended


Beginners to learn several problems must be considered the website optimization

second, our website to provide services for users to think about those problems. Each type of site service user groups, age, patterns vary, we take enterprise station for example, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, to increase the number of content and link for the site to consider the most is not every day, but how customers can through their own site to get those valuable things for example, business news and information is the user to understand the business information window, honor is the cornerstone to increase customer trust, and contact or the user is answering the first time and customer communication enterprises, enterprises and users is the most effective way of communication, in order to further enhance the service quality of site, many companies also set up a special line communication training, business case and production workshop, machining process, these are no doubt help users better understand the enterprise I believe, companies have done the necessary station details.

in the learning process to optimize the we must consider carefully and careful thought as a new optimization layout, I have always thought that we cannot be without thinking under the condition for site operation and maintenance optimization, then you need to pay attention to those pre optimization details need those who stand in? Analysis and thinking of our optimization problem? The author through some thinking about the following talk about how to optimize the process optimization process in our regular.

third, on theory and practice problems. Beginners is our biggest problem every day to read a lot of books or articles optimization optimization, but many of these theories seem and our actual operation is very different, this is very normal, because what is the experience? Experience is from practice, summed up a lot of others without your own validation directly used use, have a lot of problems, because a website will often spend a lot of effort, merely subjective and drawing on the experience of others, certainly not.

first, the optimization process of empathy is the first thing we have to think of. Many practitioners do not pay attention to our website optimization objective and on-line serving? This will make the optimization work from the beginning as a fly without head, here the author suggests that we should stand in the user’s point of view, analysis of Web site to provide users with those valuable things, either content or extrapolation the site, to help users solve those problems, this is one of the. Secondly, from the search engine to consider. The purpose of search engine is an entrance information, to find their own solution to the problem of information or make a lot of people through the search engine, and our site as a bridge between the search engine and the user, for the user to provide quality service to the spirit of content for the search engine to optimize the the deployment of thinking. If our site can provide users provided valuable information to help users find the search engine, then effective flow weight and website search engine to give our site, it will certainly increase.

The new


8 million, fans of Amy and 500 years ago Martin Ruud triggered the content of entrepreneurship think


it is not found the credibility of 4 drill drill 5 even crown, monthly sales of over a hundred sets of agents have no problem here?. This is not who Ling Bo deliberately slandered, but in fact, I am one of the victims. Ling Bo was once in the middle of a month

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today,


2010 is the first year of virtual fast charge of the industry, this year like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged in a number of fast charging software, easy to match, the fifth generation of rack, etc. at the same time, the Internet is the emergence of a large number of fast charging by engaging in virtual industry talents to build up the family fortunes. They make the speed staggering, during a year or half a year, the monthly income of over 10000, or even one hundred thousand of the minority. However, it is undeniable that the number of practitioners in the fast charging industry is based on the number of tens of thousands of people. After all, the success is the minority, and most people are still in the early stage of development, even struggling to give up the edge.

printing and papermaking spread from sheepskin to paper, steep media cost down to 1% Note 2, be able to bear the cost of content producers and receivers gradually expanded to the University from the monastery and local lords. 200 years ago, the advent of steam presses reduced costs to at least 20% Note 3 for the first time to reduce the cost of content production, dissemination and consumption to a generally acceptable level. This is the basis of what we know about the emergence of the last wave of modern media industry.

Li Feng column second, we talk about content entrepreneurship.



, I try to answer these questions, but I’d like to hear what you think.


In this column

then, does the user spend more time on content? Are users more willing to pay for content? In other words, how do content entrepreneurs make money?

looking for the right guy,

text, sound, pictures, video, live broadcast…… In recent years, the content of production in full swing, the "new" content explosion, so that the content of several orders of magnitude more than before.

means finding a competent, responsible home agent. Some people buy cheap, cheap software, typical and such agents is often irresponsible, don’t expect he will teach you what useful things, even their performance is to rely on low-cost sales to do it, he can teach you I am afraid it is only low sales; what is more, some the agent in order to lure newcomers at overpromised again and again, each of the offerings, "you buy me here, a month to do 1500, pack your refund" and so on, if you like him, it is trivial I see no such refund, a problem can be good for you now.

editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number "peak Swiss capital" micro signal: freesvc, authorized 36 krypton release, reprint please contact the author.

welcome to share your views at the end of the text, and all readers who have been answered and accepted will be invited to participate in the closed discussion on content entrepreneurship after the year.

why the blog era and the micro-blog era do not have today’s bustling "content entrepreneurship"

in 1074, a priest in Bavaria carried a sheepskin roll and went out and returned to a vineyard. You may ask the parchment and how so valuable? You know a sheep’s skin can make a parchment book page 12.5 Note 1, a "Xinhua Dictionary" do you have to kill a whole hillside cattle.

, why is this wave of "content entrepreneurship" happening today? Why didn’t it happen in the blog era and the micro-blog era?

on the surface, it seems the problem is obvious, most people have made contact, the virtual industry earlier, take the initiative; some is the operation of capital adequacy, continuously paid promotion to drop out of money; some network promotion experience, engaged in the promotion of industry ten years.

yes, there are a few things that are said to exist, but think carefully, are these the key factors for success or failure? Ling Bo’s monthly disapproval. As we all know, the fast charge industry on the surface is prepaid business, but the intense competition in the market today, recharge profit is very thin, can produce rapid profit is the promotion of fast charging software itself, so there is no doubt that the subordinate agent agent software is also on the promotion of software in order to make money, this becomes a copy of the model, only the agent taught below agent how to promote, subordinate agents can profit and development of course, does not exclude individual ability particularly strong we look again several conditions of the above, no one can be copied. If this is a special condition of talent can be made fast charge industry, that virtual fast charging industry can not be developed in just 1 years to more than ten thousand agents such a scale.


20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet, the first to make content digital, making today, whether it is a variety of WeChat public number, today’s headlines, or "get", the cost of the channel is basically 0. The evolution to today, we are in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone using this medium, and multiple dimensions of audience by tagging location, social relationships, real time online, once again achieved a revolutionary improvement efficiency.

Ling Bo month thought, want to make virtual fast charge industry to succeed, congenital condition is need, but not by necessity, the real necessary conditions are two: first, you want to find the right person; second, you have to do the right thing.


[original]dede website modify template path tutorial, refused to stencil leak stolen

I believe we used Dede website there are many, many times we are directly copied a templetsdefault folder name to modify the template to change out the path, but if you do the template, often a lot of local

is not considerate because not all functions are available. Access to functions that do not exist, and sometimes expose the true path of the template.

1, batch modify template file


method uses batch modification tools. For example, your template directory is, then you need to batch replace {dede:global.cfg_templets_skin/} and $cfg_templets_skin; > for /templets/default or other security paths. PS, batch modify tools, there are many online, I use the Qingyun server that is easy to use (not AD)

2, the template into the database

uses Dede’s own custom tag feature to prevent templates from being downloaded. Is simply the real template in the database, the HTML template is just a shell with no content.

specific steps: into the Dede background, create a new custom tag, the tag name is xahot. As for the content, you can copy all the contents of the template file. Then the template content empty, write custom markup code {dede:mytag ismake=’yes’/} well, now even if the template is downloaded, the leakage is the custom tag.

3 uses the pseudo static (URL Rewrite) function of the web site to reset the link

A, the server supports the.Htaccess (Linux) file, builds a.Htaccess in the root directory, and modifies it by the following method,

, for example, my template file is placed in the directory /templest/,

now I want to set a rule that displays the contents of the home page as long as you access any file in the template directory.

change the.Htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

ErrorDocument 404 /

RewriteRule templest/xa /

pay attention to the last rule, which means that as long as the access address contains "templets/xa", it will appear


Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to get rid of the traditional rising to try to take the special field

powerful combination is the choice of many enterprises and regions in the development of a win-win strategy. So, what are the unique advantages and significance of the combination of Xiamen dragon cooperation zone? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

last November with China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd about December successfully signed, just a month’s time, the heavyweight of the central enterprises will successfully settled — 135 kilometers from Xiamen Fujian Xiamen Longyan Shanhai Cooperation Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xialong cooperation zone") is currently speeding up the construction like a raging fire.

in April last year, the demonstration area, bridgehead and other tasks in one of the Longyan mountain and Xiamen Economic Cooperation Zone inaugurated. Over the past year, Xiamen City, Longyan two work together to promote innovation driven Xialong cooperation zone in the soft environment, system planning, financial innovation and other "invisible" aspects, get rid of the traditional path, the zone is rising "to try to take the special aura, creating difficulties ahead DC speed.

efficiency > construction to cap only 100 days

wide and clean roads, patchwork of green belt, the factory building…… Last week, the reporter went to the Xiamen dragon cooperation area, just a year, Xiamen city cooperation framework has been opened.

, which started the area of the 2 General Plant cap, from the approach to the construction of the cap took only 100 days time.

reporter learned that, so far, Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to speed up the network infrastructure framework, packaging construction Yan Shi Industrial Park, Pak – suban industrial road network, to start the construction of intercity expressway, while speeding up the cooperation zone of water and power supply, sewage, communications and other infrastructure construction, promote the substation, water and the network by the end of the project completed and put into operation, efforts to improve the matching and cooperation zone production and living facilities, enhance the cooperation zone capacity.

service > within one day after finishing three procedures

business sector registration, organization code certificate…… Three procedures, one day after finishing – after settled, China South Locomotive Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd once again feel the speed and efficiency of Xiamen cooperation zone.

is the only cooperation area in China that can enjoy the special zone and the Soviet Union policy. The cooperation zone is optimized in the business environment.

reporter learned that the implementation of the first cooperation in Xiamen dragon District accountability system, the implementation of the service business, while simplifying the approval process, administrative examination and approval speed. Fan Yi, deputy director of the Bureau of economic affairs, Xiamen cooperation zone, said that the recommendation of Xiamen Cooperation Zone


Bond moment sold out of 40 billion bonds instantly sold out

is the first day of this year, the first day of electronic savings bonds sales, due to the sale of online banking and counter at the same time, some banks even sell a line was found to have been robbed of the amount of light. Even the bank staff lamented: buy bonds just as hot as the Spring Festival train tickets, entirely by virtue." This did not grab the public debt is not too discouraged. According to the Ministry of Finance announced the 2016 national debt issuance schedule, from March to this year, the 10 month of each month there will be savings bonds issued, of which the 4 time for the certificate bonds, the electronic savings bonds for the 5 time. There are 7 more opportunities to buy treasury bonds this year.

in the central bank cut interest rates six times, the stock market turmoil, the gradual decline in the rate of return on financial products in the moment, once again become the darling of public finance. Yesterday was the first day of the first phase of electronic savings bonds sales, many elderly customers stay up late to wait for the bank. To 10 in the morning, the country has been sold out of the amount of 40 billion yuan. Due to the sale of online banking and counter at the same time, some banks even sell a line was found on the amount of all robbed of light. Even the bank staff lamented: buy bonds just as hot as the Spring Festival train tickets, entirely by virtue."

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A rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience highlights


need wisdom? Of course, in order to become a good entrepreneur, with more entrepreneurial wisdom is necessary. So where does entrepreneurial wisdom come from? From the book, you can learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience. The following is a rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience wisdom, worthy of entrepreneurs who read.

– there is a dream, and strive for the

if you decide to start a business, the first to establish the first target for the company to create a stable economy, and maintain the independence in the economy. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, learn to learn from failure.

– learn to "hidden"

– Multi seek new ideas

if you do not have a particular idea and have no place to seek help, you can chat with friends to your area of interest, they will have a lot of good ideas to the novel.

– don’t let yourself idle

– to establish friendship between generationsNetwork

now action. A career is something bigger than anything else in the world, and it’s cruel, but it’s true.

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Gray dome to bring green energy-saving environmental protection business opportunities

not long ago, North China suffered haze invasion, the grey let Beijing become the capital city. Under the gray dome, the green energy industry ushered in the development opportunity. Join the environmental protection industry has great business opportunities.

haze, get the attention of the government and the people. Now China’s air quality standards are increasing year by year, which will lead to the government and some related enterprises to invest in air purification. This has led to the development of the air purification industry, which can be seen in the air purification industry to enhance the space is very large, green energy conservation and environmental protection is a more worthy of attention and investment in the industry.

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