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Jewelry store service is very important

no matter what the industry, service is very important, the jewelry industry is no exception, if your jewelry store products have been good enough, business is not so fire imagination, then you may wish to consider upgrading the quality of services. We are in the jewelry store, in the service of the above has been improved, so that it is conducive to our business to better carry out.

in jewelry stores, after shopping miss was very hospitable to welcome over, and just as the shadow follows the form behind us, continue to ask: "what can I help you?" "What products do investors need?" We say "no, no, we see for yourself". Miss shopping guide may be afraid that we can not see, has been followed by the introduction of this, introduce that, in fact, are not what we want. So we ignore her, continue to go shopping.

results, that it has a few little things, very good, but that students did not buy, really, we are really scared by such a shopping guide.


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Join the restaurant business should pay attention to what hot

now has a lot of people will look to the whole business catering shops, at the same time, as the operator, now want to run a successful restaurant, you need timely attention to restaurants in the whole process of joining, what should pay attention to what?

catering franchise note 1, join the success probability of higher requirements of relatively greater. Restaurant chain franchise to save many many people can not find the entrepreneurial project trouble, this is the best shortcut to quick start, at the same time to join in the study had a competitive chain brand, compared with business security, the future is relatively considerable, and it will be required to join the self heating is relatively high, we should I believe, to join the project better, the higher the catering join conditions often there will be a relatively perfect franchise system and strong human and material resources and ability, therefore, when many enterprises choose to join the more strictly.

catering franchise note 2, choose to join the industry. Now the franchise industry is also gradually increased, will be confronted with new opportunities and challenges, catering franchise brand is playing a protracted war, many chances of survival is not too high, it will increase the franchise entrepreneurs choose the difficulty, therefore, catering business also must choose to join the industry, must take the market test.

catering franchise note 3, directly with the company contact. If you decide to join the franchise to be directly with the company contact, not only by virtue of some of the information chain hastily signed a franchise contract, so it cannot guarantee their rights and benefits, therefore, to contact with the company and to collect first-hand information is very important.

In fact, in the whole process of joining the


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How to open solid wood furniture chain profit

with the aesthetic changes, and now many people use solid wood furniture decoration, solid wood furniture market is very good, a lot of people see the business opportunities, want to open a solid wood furniture chain. So, open a store like this, how to profit? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

specific to the operational level, the majority of solid wood furniture stores still remain in the stage of extensive management: wood furniture stores posted a few pieces of POP, the door panels placed on interpersonal relationship and wood furniture dealer, do with gold sales etc.. The results are: solid wood furniture store packaging we do so, lost its characteristics, it is difficult to arouse the attention of consumers. Customer relationship has become a promotional bonus than I would return, you 50 yuan 100 yuan, it is increasingly difficult to achieve the desired effect, and even make the guide mouth some of the wood furniture chain, the high cost of sales. Open solid wood furniture chain how to profit? Therefore, in order to make solid wood furniture chain incremental, it must be based on the current market situation on the operation of solid wood furniture chain to make new adjustments in the solid wood furniture chain marketing to make new ideas.

in fact, in the face of business difficulties, how to minimize the impact of the financial crisis on the sale of solid wood furniture has become an urgent need to solve the problem of many solid wood furniture dealers. Open solid wood furniture chain how to profit? Solid wood furniture product display differentiation, customer relations initiative, promotional activities of the benefits, the integration of service functions, is currently worth the attention of solid wood furniture operators solutions. Pay attention to the role of solid wood furniture chain, has long been a consensus, solid wood furniture chain stores have become a solid wood furniture marketing model has been widely used.

solid wood furniture market is increasing year by year, open wood furniture stores entrepreneurs to master the correct method of operation, to good use in practice, solid wood furniture chain store business will be booming many. Open solid wood furniture chain how to profit? As long as the entrepreneurial intentions of the operation, in the actual shop when the flexible use of the methods mentioned in this shop, open solid wood furniture chain is not difficult to make money.

The above is about the introduction of open

wood furniture chain store how to make money, I hope you have to pay attention, only to find a good method, so we can better shop to make money, want to open your own stores, will be a lot of investigation, so as to better shop.


Blosso chicken joined broad prospects

in the modern society, people pay special attention to delicacy, with the continuous development of economy, people love to eat special delicacy, blosso chicken as high value and high nutrition popular delicious, join market is very hot, now blosso chicken joined a lot of advantages, attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs.

so, blosso chicken? Blosso chicken chicken originated from the ancient medicine, accompanied by the national Ministry of Health announced the 28 kinds of food and medicine development of Chinese herbal medicine, refined by steaming, boiling, halogen more than and 20 processes and products, with the spleen and stomach, nourishing longevity effect. With using the Qianjiang source forest backyard Yaowang pheasant as raw material, excellent quality, rich flavor, is China in Zhejiang Province in third, the first chicken green food. Blosso chicken has four major characteristics: Chinese medicine modulation, purely natural, crisp but not bad, old and young, fragrant, articulate fragrant endless aftertaste, be the same outside and inside. Four hundred years ago, the popular called a "medicine chicken" of the delicious food, the emperor Qian Long was later praised as "color aroma and taste great".

it is based on the Chinese food culture, "medicine and food as a whole" theory, with 28 Chinese herbal medicine refined, with nourishing nutrition, health and stomach effect. And the production does not add any additives, such as pigment, preservatives, steamed, boiled, roasted, baked and produced by the natural flavor, is no pollution of natural foods. How to make your blosso chicken, firmly grasp the wealth market, creating remarkable good results, blosso chicken to join? Blosso chicken delicious hot items worthy of investment, you can profit from it.

some people do not have a good appetite for a period of time, do not eat anything sweet, which has great harm to everyone’s body. To solve this problem, joined Jiang Huang, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices in the production process, spices due to its unique aroma and spicy taste, have a good appetite, eliminate odor, increase the aroma and color effect, but also has antibacterial, antioxidant effect.


have a high evaluation of the chowhound blosso chicken everyone said blosso chicken is very delicious, enjoy the taste buds, as a classic delicacy, blosso chicken worth entrepreneurs to join, to create wealth investment blosso chicken.


Hefei high success listed three new board

Hefei has been a high science and technology incubator in Hefei City, has created a well-known enterprises, is expected to leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers, worthy of recognition, let people pay great attention to the comprehensive strength, Hefei Gaochuang recently, Hefei Gaochuang successfully listed on the new board, worthy of attention.

Hefei Gaochuang is operation management mechanism of Hefei high tech Zone directly under the science and technology enterprise incubator, accelerator and innovation platform, the service and management from the "public record space" to "the whole incubation chain of physical space industry base", including the thinking space, Hefei Software Park, Hefei Overseas Students Pioneer Park, new materials Park, electromechanical Industrial Park and Hefei Industrial Park Wuhu innovation and technology innovation service center and other public services, the radiation area of 130 square meters.

as of November 2016, the park settled enterprises reached 759, the national level of high-tech enterprises reached a total of a total of a total of 6 listed companies, three new board listed companies in the world, the board of science and technology enterprises listed on the board of the 47 companies in the world, with a total of 237.

The high-tech enterprise

in recent years, more and more in Hefei, let people see this more and more high-tech, optimistic about the worthy people, let people see the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the Hefei Gaochuang successfully listed on the new board, let the rising strength, the world could hear the voice of Hefei gaochuang.

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Figure Wang advertising alliance is threatening to reduce personal website survival


domestic well-known webmaster, Admin5 Adsense network founder Zhang

news May 17th, well-known webmaster, Admin5 webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king) to the Tencent said yesterday, 2009 is an important turning point of China personal website, this year many webmaster suffered from advertising alliance and copyright pressure double play out pressure. Traditional entertainment, download sites difficult to survive, e-commerce, local portals, as well as industry information website is gradually becoming mainstream.

Zhang Zhengjun believes that the previous personal website in order to bias the content and flow based advertising alliance revenue as the main revenue. However, with the advent of the economic crisis and the reduction of advertisers, advertising alliance is gradually fading out, which to some extent affect the survival of the personal website.

, but he also said that the reduction in advertising alliance also created opportunities for the site to find a new profit model. At present, many websites rely on e-commerce and services to get new vitality. "From the recent hot spots can be seen, the traditional download, music, entertainment site has been difficult to operate, and e-commerce, local portals and other personal sites are gradually becoming mainstream."

Zhang Zhengjun said he was optimistic about the popular website is mainly divided into four categories: the first is the electronic commerce website and traditional combination, such as a shopping mall selling souvenirs, can be combined with the Internet to do a sales website and online shop; second is the type of service website, line service can be combined with the Internet, the website needs to a lot of manpower, but the user stickiness is relatively large, the user is more professional;

third is a breakdown of the industry type website, this website competition is not intense, webmaster can use their own good knowledge and skills in a leading position, the network quickly occupied the industry; fourth is the local portal and market website, with manufacturers around the understanding on the Internet, they are also increasing. Advertising, which greatly stimulated the development of local website.

Zhang Zhengjun optimistic about the future of the personal website. He believes that, despite the difficulties encountered in the development of personal web site, but as long as adhere to and maintain rational, personal website will be more and more attracted the attention of VC and users, but also bound to affect the entire internet. At present, there are already a lot of personal websites have become the leader of all regions and industries.

Zhang Zhengjun also revealed to the Tencent science and technology, said he had done dozens or even hundreds of websites, but then gradually abandoned, currently only focus on a Admin5 site. Because he feels that he has found a career that he loves most and is ready to do for a long time, he can find the full impetus from the start of the day.

It is reported that

, chapter Zhengjun founded the Admin5 station network to provide webmaster information and services, the development of several years, already has more than and 10 professional editor, can provide a large number of network > every day


Google Chrome browser supports no trace privacy policy

February 26th news, according to foreign media reports, recently, Google announced support for Do Not Track (not tracking) privacy policy, and plans to be implemented before the end of the Chrome web browser.

"Do Not Track" policy by the White House and the Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission) and the digital advertising alliance (Digital Advertising Alliance) announced the implementation of the policy, allowing users in the apple Safari and Microsoft IE Mozilla, Firefox browser add "Do Not Track" function, prevent website user tracking.

last year, Mozilla Firefox in the first DNT privacy features introduced in 4, by modifying the communication between browser and server, DNT function allows users to send a signal, avoid their browsing behavior by tracking. Followed by Microsoft and Apple will also be introduced into the function of IE9 and Safari 5.1.

although the addition of DNT features will make Google’s online advertising revenue frustrated, this week, Google announced that it will also keep up with action. Google did not disclose the details of the implementation of the function, the industry believes that Google will add a check box allows users to activate DNT function.

Google said, Google Chrome browser DNT function will not stop cookies.


advertising business senior vice president Susan · Wasitz (Susan Wojcicki) said, "any browser users personalized experience may lead to personal data tracking. The user browsing history will still be tracked to analyze the Internet habits, in order to send in line with the user’s interest in advertising. "Do Not Track" policy does not solve all of the privacy issues on the web site, but is still an important step forward, Google expects to implement."


Xie Wen innovation and micro innovation in my mind

recently, the word "innovation" in the media see high breadth. From the central government to the academic and business circles, calls for innovation, order of innovation, innovation which meet the eye everywhere. As a new high-tech industry, the network industry can not lag behind, the banner of innovation everywhere, and even a new concept – micro innovation. I am an advocate of innovation and hard work in the Internet industry, wrote a lot of articles to discuss innovation blog. However, in my mind, innovation and innovation in the market today or the Chinese characteristics of the new minimally invasive is not necessarily the same thing.

almost one hundred years ago, Inpet, a master of economics, put forward his theory of innovation in 1912, and has been continuously improved over the next few decades. Today, innovation has become a hot topic, a variety of claims, but mostly are the innovation and innovation of the theory of bear Pete. Inpet is a macro economist who is concerned with the development of society and economy. He believes that innovation is a combination of factors of production, through the production and management system to create profits. From the micro level, there are five ways of innovation, that is, product innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, resource allocation and institutional innovation. We can look at the innovation in the field of innovation in recent years, with Pete’s innovative classification. In product innovation, FACEBOOK and Apple’s IPHONE and IPAD is the most lethal product innovation. In technological innovation, Google’s search model is exemplary. In the market innovation, YAHOO’s display advertising, EBAY’s C2C model, Amazon’s B2C model, Google’s ADSENSE is a new example of market development. In the allocation of resources innovation, FACEBOOK SOCIAL GRAPH model is showing great power. In institutional innovation, FACEBOOK and Apple’s open platform and third party applications to redefine the network industry chain, the upstream industry.

in the eyes of bear Pete, not something new can be said to be innovative, only with quite a new thing is the characteristics of innovation. First of all, innovation is original, not to buy or from the external input, but an economic system or enterprise in the production and management process of endogenous. Secondly, innovation is a revolution, has the characteristics of sudden and intermittent, instead of the old stuff of tinkering or make only superficial changes. Third, innovation is the replacement of old things and destruction, both with new things to replace the old things, but also can replace the old with a group of new people. This substitution and destruction can occur either within an enterprise or between enterprises. Fourth, innovation must create new value. An invention should not be innovative, a patent can not be innovative, a new method is not innovative. It is only when people make use of these inventions, patents, and methods to produce new profits that the whole process can be called innovation.

is because innovation is so great, so hard, bear Pete innovation as the fundamental driving force for social change and economic development. >


Industry website in the end there is no future

      no future?

Sun Deliang and Guo Fansheng are the current domestic e-commerce, and even the entire Internet industry influential figure. Guo Fansheng HC B2B is a comprehensive e-commerce website after a Alibaba, the company was listed in Hongkong in 2003. Sun Deliang Hi2000 is the first brand of domestic industry, the company became the first Internet Co A stock market last year.

two not only in the past has a similar development experience, in the future there are almost the same thing to do: Sun Deliang is using "business platform" wantonly incorporated industry website, and Guo Fansheng also draw into the HC system industry website. But it is these two people have different views on the industry website.

"I said sharply, the current industry website is to fly lying on the glass window, there is light, no future." Talking about the status of the industry website, Guo Fansheng is stunned. He said, we are talking about how our industry website to become the world leader in B2B, in this perspective, we are lying on the glass, see clearly, no future."

for Guo Fansheng’s point of view, obviously does not agree with Sun Deliang. He said: I think the industry is currently the site of the entire Internet industry, or belong to the health of the first branch of the industry, you think about B2C or C2C, or how many are now really make money? While the industry website in a down-to-earth manner is nothing more than money, more money and fewer problems."

where is the road?

Guo Fansheng believes that the industry is now in fact the site is relying on their own money to survive, but the world’s great Internet Co which is done on their own money? Therefore, there is no venture capital, no capital market, you will not be close to the "great" two words, you will always be small.

"the future of the industry website is to look through technology in the virtual space. But I haven’t found it yet. But if we look for it, maybe we can find it." In Guo Fansheng view, the technical breakthrough is the hope of the industry site.

any industry to do bigger, can not be separated from the capital market." Sun Deliang also agree with the capital, but the technology is not the same as the view, in addition to Baidu and Google, for the general industry website, I think the technology does not need to invest a lot of manpower. We should do what you serve the industry inside, do not dislocation."

Sun Deliang said, as the industry should be landing sites, combined with the traditional industry closer, your future prospects will become wider. For example, a traditional industrial trading volume is two trillion, so a chemical network service in the two trillion industry, as long as you can think of this service, as long as can be obtained from the two trillion even 1/10000, can live.


QQ website promotion methods

1 content construction, must bring their own website content in the promotion website before, all kinds of information to all perfect website interface design to make people look comfortable, not for beauty, but can be simple and practical, website content, to attract users, otherwise, your users will not be in your web site for more than 20 seconds above. Refer to the QQ character signature bar

2 release information, release information refers to write original articles, and then publish your articles to the industry Web site, of course, also want to release their own website, but the best in your own web site, the last known source of the source, you can follow it to you your site when others reproduced.


website optimization, website optimization including many website structure optimization, content optimization, chain optimization, keyword optimization and so on, if the station does not know how to do now SEO it is best to learn! Online information and many related websites. Take time to learn


4 company expansion, expansion is to peer peer web site or forum to release information, if the peer website has just registered a forum and posting replies, with its own web site, but not too much, what is the way to go, put his head and signature into their own website images and also very. Well, even for each post replies, the two floor is our posts in this forum to grab the sofa role.

8 communication tools, the use of personal communication tools to establish even QQ, QQ group, QQ group with other industries, when discussing in the group, and then appropriate under their own website, even using communication tools can not only make his friends understand the market can promote their own websites, shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not? This is the best?! do QQ station! Good promotion, such as the QQ net station! There are four QQ group! Want to know the strength of the masses is infinite!


9, here the question refers to the Baidu know, sina Post Bar, ask, YAHOO knowledge, ask QQ website to answer the question, answer how to answer what is the problem? First you find their own industry, the relevant key words can also search their own industry or product, then a view of netizens question, remember to leave your site.

10 friendship connection, friendship connection now the importance of more and more weak, friendship connection basically don’t come how much traffic, but friendship connection is an indispensable element of seo. Looking for friendship connection must find the relevant industry site do connection, now so many QQ station is also bad similar links? Really didn’t come to me! QQ:345461010