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Understanding Military Assignment Dynamics in the U.S.: A Look at the Data & Some Questions to Ponder

first_imgChristopher Plein, Ph.D.  West Virginia University and MFLN Caregiving Team MemberAs a social scientist, I am drawn to the facts and figures that describe the world around us.  A recent visit to the Department of Defense’s DMDC website proved this to me yet again.   As is common in the military, the DMDC serves as a shorthand acronym – in this case for the Defense Manpower Data Center.   We have discussed DMDC resources in previous blogs.    Because of the work that I do the MFLN caregiving concentration, I am especially interested in trends and patterns in the active duty component of the military.It is helpful to return data sources on a regular basis.  The “Number of Military and DoD Appropriated Fund (APF) Civilian Personnel Permanently Assigned” quarterly report is especially helpful.  The March 2018 report provides important breakdown information between activity duty and civilian assignments.  It can be downloaded in excel from DMDC’s Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications website.  The charts and discussion that follows in this blog are drawn from the March 2018 report.As of March 2018, the overall active duty military members stood at approximately 1.33 million.  Of these approximately 1.16 are assigned in the United States.  Of these, 36 percent or 416,667 are with the Army.  As the pie chart below illustrates, the distribution is followed next in order by the Navy (285,141), the Air Force (266,167), the Marine Corps (153,107), and the Coast Guard (39,960).Active duty personnel stationed in every state.  California has the most active duty members, totaling some 157,583 while Vermont has the fewest at 165.  Along with California, the top five states for active duty military assignment are Virginia (123,341), Texas (119,272), North Carolina (100,606) and Georgia (63,645). Essentially, 1 out of 2 activity duty military personnel are stationed in one of these five states.  The chart below illustrates this distribution.The numbers tell us even more.  Some service branches tend to concentrate in a few states.  Almost two-thirds active duty Marine Corps personnel can be found in two states – California (58,101) and North Carolina (42,837).  A similar pattern holds for the United States Navy.  Half of all assigned personnel can be found in Virginia (73,368) or California (70,086).  Next in line is Florida with 25,458. Together these three states account almost 60 percent of assignment locations.In contrast, both the Army and U.S. Air Force tend to be more geographically dispersed.  In the Army high concentrations of assignment include Texas (71,898), Georgia (46,939), North Carolina (44,989), Kentucky (31,608), Washington State (26,844) and Colorado (25,937).  Together these 6 states comprise about 60 percent of Army active duty assignment.  In the Air Force concentrations of active duty assignments can be found in Texas (37,089) Florida (23,118), California (17,988), Virginia (12,109), New Mexico (11,974), Arizona (10,066), Nevada (9,891), Georgia (9,331), and Colorado (8,599). Together these 9 states make up about 53 percent of assignment locations.These data tell us something about the distribution of the active duty military across the country, but they also raise some interesting questions that can help guide efforts to work with and support military families.  As we have discussed in previous blogs, active duty military personnel and their families are deeply intertwined in their communities.  We know that frequent transfers can create unique challenges to getting access to services and connecting to community-based resources.  With this in mind, consider some of the following:What is happening in those states with high military populations to ensure that families are able to connect to needed resources? How is this reflected in terms of policies and programs relating to healthcare and education?  How does this play out more informally through the efforts of community-based service providers?Conversely, what challenges emerge for military families in states where there are few active duty military assignments? Are policies and programs sensitive to the situations of these families?  Are community-based service providers aware of the needs of military families?Since each of the service branches have considerable discretion in structuring and operating family support activities, do assignment patterns focusing on a few states influence programs and practices – and vice versa?These are questions that are worth considering.  Much of the work of the MFLN concentrates on how to best understand context and environment in order to better connect military families to resources at the community level and beyond.  By returning to the data, we are able to identify both challenges and opportunities that relate to our work.last_img read more

Dabholkar case: CBI seizes arms cache from Andure’s kin

first_imgThe Central Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, has seized a weapons cache from the house of a relative of Sachin Andure, who was arrested last week in connection with the murder of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar. CBI officers said Mr. Andure, who was arrested on August 18, revealed that he had hidden some weapons in his cousin’s house in Aurangabad. “We sought ATS [anti-terrorism squad] assistance and on Tuesday morning, the house in question was searched, and a bag was found, which contained a sword, a dagger, a 7.65mm pistol and three live rounds of the same calibre,” a CBI officer said. Since ammunition of the same calibre was used in Dabholkar’s killing, the gun seized on Tuesday would be sent for ballistic testing. “Once the reports are received, we will compare it with the ballistic reports of the ammunition used in the offence,” the officer added. Mr. Andure’s arrest was the result of the interrogation of Sharad Kalaskar who, along with Vaibhav Raut and Sudhnwa Gondhalekar, was nabbed by the ATS on August 10. Mr. Kalaskar allegedly confessed to have been directly involved in Dabholkar’s murder, along with Mr. Andure, who was then summoned for inquiries and later handed over to the CBI on August 18. The ATS went on to arrest a fourth accused, Shrikant Pangarkar, from Jalgaon on Sunday. Disruptive activitiesThe ATS is still working on ascertaining the intentions of the four accused, who are charged with planning disruptive activities in various parts of the State. A large quantity of arms, ammunition and explosives has been recovered from the first three accused, while Mr. Pangarkar is said to be a “facilitator and provider” for the trio. “Investigations so far reveal that the group that the accused are part of is a highly organised one, with various modules operating in silos. There is no interaction between members of different modules, and each module is instructed to focus on its own assigned task, similar to the working of sleeper cells of terrorist organisations. The level of training that the accused appear to have received also indicates an organised set up,” an ATS officer said. The officer said the scope of the investigation is likely to extend beyond the State’s borders. “We have found out that the arrested have travelled all over the country,” the officer said.last_img read more

2nd Test: Joe Root expects seamers to shine as England remain unchanged

first_imgJoe Root said England will be unchanged for the second Test against South Africa on Friday at Trent Bridge, where he expects his seam bowlers make a greater contribution than in the series opener last week.Moeen Ali was the star of the England bowling attack in the first Test victory at Lord’s, taking 10 wickets in a Test match for the first time. He was well supported by fellow spinner Liam Dawson, but seamers took just six wickets in both South African innings combined.England’s pacemen bowled just ten overs between them in the tourist’s second innings, but Root expects Mark Wood, James Anderson, Ben Stokes and Stuart Broad to have more of an impact this time around.”We’re going in with the same team,” Root said on Thursday as his side look to build on their 1-0 lead in a four-match series. “It gives us a great balance if spin does come into it later in the game, but it might be that our seamers play a bigger part this week and that excites me. When they get the opportunity they’ll still be pretty fresh coming into the second innings later on in this game.”Broad has particularly fond memories of England’s last visit to Trent Bridge – where Broad also plays his county cricket – as Australia were skittled out for just 60 in 2015, with Broad starring, taking 8-15.”We’ve got great memories of here, and Stuart’s excited for another opportunity to bowl on his home ground,” Root said.advertisement”We’ve played some good cricket here in the last four or five years, and we want to make sure that continues this week.”The second Test gets under way on Friday, before the teams then meet at The Oval and Old Trafford.last_img read more

Designing security into the industrial IoT

first_img RituGupta says: The development or design engineers are the ones that need to take the company’s security policy. They may also define factors such as how to identify and verify that a product is theirs and how to securely provide software and hardware updates and implement this in chips or software. The fourth part of the chain is where OEMs are involved in manufacturing products for IIoT networks, or in deployment of those products. Here, the production or operations manager needs to ensure that every electronic component has its own unique identity and can be securely authenticated at every point in the supply chain. In discussing the lack of a chain of trust in hardware and software, Robert Martin, senior principal engineer at the MITRE Corporation and a steering committee member of the IIC, said, “Connected industrial systems have so many different tech stacks.” In fact, he cautioned, “A small change in a microprocessor can have an unintended impact on the software running on it. If we recompile the software and run it on a different OS, it will work differently, but no one will be accountable for software failures resulting from the changes.” He added, “Compare this to the building trade, where you would be penalized for making changes that affected safety — there’s regulation, certification. But we just don’t have the same regime in software-based technologies.” Design considerations for IIoT security So where does one start with designing security for the IIoT, and what design considerations must be looked at? Various industry guidelines exist, such as the IIC’s IoT Security Framework together with its manufacturing profile providing details for implementing the Framework in the plant or the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework . The main task for the design engineer is determining how to translate a security policy or security framework into the design and lifecycle management of a device that forms all, or part of, an IIoT endpoint. The considerations range from enabling devices with unique identities to being able to protect the device, identify an attack, recover from it, remediate it, and patch the device. “The process is no different from safeguarding other systems,” said Chet Bablalk, vice president of solutions for IoT devices at Arm. “We need to think about security from the ground up.” He explained, “The first part is the analysis — what are the threat vectors and what are you trying to protect?” Arm introduced its own platform security architecture (PSA) last year to support developers of IoT devices. Babla says that the PSA is device-agnostic because the company is trying to encourage the industry to think about security. Analyze, architect, implement The PSA framework comprises three stages — analyze, architect, and implement. “Analysis is the core part of what we are trying to stress,” said Babla. This means, for example, conducting a threat model analysis, and Arm has introduced three analysis documents for common use cases in asset trackers, water meters, and network cameras. This analysis is essential and echoed by others. MITRE Corp.’s Martin commented, “We need to start talking about what the potential weaknesses are in the hardware and be able to emulate attack patterns and make test cases.”Design engineers need to think about the whole ecosystem, from chip to cloud, in terms of implementing a system that comprises an immutable device or one with a non-changeable identity; enabling trusted boot; and ensuring that over-the-air (OTA) updates and authentication can be carried out securely. “Then you can think about mitigation in silicon, the access points, and the cloud,” said Babla.Arm’s PSA framework encourages designers to first consider the threats and then look at design and implementation. (Source: Arm) privacy resilience Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Log in to Reply development engineer CxO level security architect March 24, 2019 at 9:14 am ChristopherJames says: safety March 24, 2019 at 7:08 am center_img Log in to Reply 2 thoughts on “Designing security into the industrial IoT” operations manager Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: IoT reliability “Considering that the whole system premise is based on information flying around. Of course a company has got to make sure that they have enough security in their system to make sure that their data doesn’t get compromised as it’s flying from one place to While design engineers might have to implement security elements into a chip, software, or platform, they may not necessarily be aware of how their work fits into their company’s bigger-picture security policies. “The security policy must be authored by both the IT team and the OT team together so that everyone knows what device is allowed to talk to what,” said Schrecker. Building a chain of trust A common theme is to establish a security policy and chain of trust from the outset and then ensure that it is maintained through design, development, production, and the entire lifecycle of a device. Trust must be built into the device, the network, and the entire supply chain. Haydn Povey, a board member of the IoT Security Foundation and CEO and founder of Secure Thingz, said that security needs to be addressed at four levels:  Continue Reading Previous Tackling security vulnerabilities of the industrial IoTNext How embedded projects run into trouble: Jack’s Top Ten – Number Four security We’ve all heard of the internet of things (IoT) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). We know that the two are different: IoT is commonly used for consumer usage, and IIoT is used for industrial purposes. But how does a professional group like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) actually define the IIoT? The group sees IIoT as a system that connects and integrates operational technology (OT) environments, including industrial control systems (ICS), with enterprise systems, business processes, and analytics. These IIoT systems differ from ICS and OT because they are connected extensively to other systems and people. And they differ from IT systems in that they use sensors and actuators that interact with the physical world, where uncontrolled change can lead to hazardous conditions. The benefits of IIoT are the ability of sensors or connected devices, as part of a closed-loop system, to collect and analyze data and then do something based on what the data reveals. The very connectivity, however, also grows the risk of attack — and, increasingly, cyberattacks — by those who may want to bring down the system. One of the many projects  under a Department of Energy (DoE) program to reduce cyber-incidents is being driven by Intel, looking at enhanced security for the power system edge. Because grid edge devices communicate with each other directly and through the cloud, the research is developing security enhancements to emphasize interoperability and provide for real-time situational awareness. First, this needs to be done in the form of a secure gateway for brownfield, or legacy, power system devices, then as an internal field programmable gate array (FPGA) upgrade designed as part of greenfield, or present-day, devices. The goal is to reduce the cyberattack surface in a way that doesn’t impede the normal functioning of the critical energy delivery functions. Sven Schrecker, chief architect of IoT security solutions at Intel and co-chair of the security working group at the IIC, said that security should not be the sole consideration when designing and deploying devices for IIoT systems, but developers should be thinking more broadly about five overall key factors:  “It is interesting to learn of different terms understood by different industries. Though the entire classification could be just within a single notion, the broader understanding seems quite vague and explorable. In the future, the varying industries coullast_img read more

The Game Changers: Women in sports

first_imgBeyonce didn’t bluff when she sang, Who run the world? Girls. It rang true in sports in 2018 as women hit new milestones. Mary Kom made history as the first female boxer to win six gold medals at the World Championships, matching Cuban pugilist Felix Savon’s haul of six medals.,Beyonce didn’t bluff when she sang, Who run the world? Girls. It rang true in sports in 2018 as women hit new milestones. Mary Kom made history as the first female boxer to win six gold medals at the World Championships, matching Cuban pugilist Felix Savon’s haul of six medals. Shuttler PV Sindhu ended 2018 on a high, becoming the first Indian to win the BWF World Tour finals, a tournament that rewards the most consistently good players on tour. In Hima Das, a star was born. After being crowned the under-20 champion in 400 metres, the Assamese sprinter lived up to the hype at the Asian Games with two medals, which include gold in 4 x 400 m relay. Swapna Barman, 22: Her gritty heptathlon performance at the Asian Games got India the gold. (Photo: Reuters)Swapna Barman acquainted Indians with the heptathlon, giving a gutsy gold-winning performance at the Asian Games. And Vinesh Phogat became one of three Indianswrestler Bajrang Punia and javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra being the othersto score the double this year: gold in both the Comm­onwealth and Asian Games.Kom, at 35, demonstrated that age and motherhood are no bar when it comes to excelling in a gruelling sport as she defeated a much younger competitor to win her first world title in seven years. MC Mary Kom 35: The first female boxer to win six gold medals at the World Championships (Photo: Pankaj Nangia)Sindhu, 23, was the epitome of patience and resilience after being a losing finalist at this year’s World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. Facing incessant questions about her mental fortitude, Sindhu illustrated that the tag of choker’ was not for her as she defeated arch-rival Nozomi Okuhara to win the year-ending tournament. I feel really happy and I think I have no words because this is my first win [title] this year, she said, emphasising the magnitude of the victory. Separated by 12 years, Kom and Sindhu remain two of the most popular sporting icons, winning people over with their true grit.advertisement PV Sindhu, 23: Refusing to let the choker’ tag stick, she became the first Indian to win the BWF World Tour final. (Photo: Reuters)In Das, the Indian sporting scene got a much-welcomed flamboyant sportswoman whose persona is as big as her talent. Not since PT Usha has Indian athletics had a poster girl, and Das has been more than ready to fill the void with her candidness and tomboyish swagger, much of it evident in the photographs she shares on Twitter as it is in her demeanour on track. Hima Das, 18: With two Asian Games medals, including the 4 x 400 metres gold, she proved she was no hype. (Photo: Reuters)I have said that I was very mischievous, headstrong and a bit of a bodmash (hellraiser), said Das in an interview to india today in July 2018. I do not fear anything… I believe in time and in God. Nothing else bothers me. Time indeed will be the biggest hurdle for the 18-year-old athlete, who moves to senior level and runs against tougher competition to clock in a time that gets her a ticket to Tokyo.Das could learn a thing or two from six-time national wrestling champion Phogat. In what is seen as a man’s domain, the Phogat sisters continue to impress, with Vinesh, cousin of Geeta and Babita, proving that women are not far behind in the combative sport. With gold at the Asian and Commonwealth Games each and a silver at the Asian Championships in 2018, Vinesh, who missed the World Championships due to an elbow injury, won a Grade A contract with the Wrestling Federation of India. It’s just the encouragement she needs as she begins her qualification campaign for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Vinesh Phogat, 24: No stopping this wrestler who bagged gold medals in both the Commonwealth and Asian Games. (Photo: PTI)The quintet is India’s strongest bet at the Olympics where each will be aiming for nothing short of gold. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sindhu was just a step away from the podium; Vinesh suffered a knee injury in her first bout, which ended her campaign, and Kom failed to qualify. The next edition is perhaps her last shot to improve on her bronze at the London Games in 2012. She’ll want to end her innings with a powerful punch.last_img read more



Chelsea team news & likely line-up vs Newcastle

first_imgChelsea Chelsea Team News: Injuries, suspensions and line-up vs Newcastle Nizaar Kinsella Click here to see more stories from this author Chelsea correspondent Last updated 1 year ago 15:05 12/2/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) David Luiz Getty Images Chelsea Premier League Swansea City Antonio Conte David Luiz The Blues welcome the Magpies to Stamford Bridge as they aim to take steps to retain their title in a busy winter run of fixtures Chelsea are on a six-game unbeaten run, but they have plenty of catching up to do as they aim to retain their Premier League title.Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are 11 points clear of the Blues, with Manchester United sitting in second as a weekend clash with Newcastle United approaches.The Magpies, promoted from the Championship last season, started the campaign well, but have not won in five Premier League matches. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player CHELSEA INJURIES Michy Batshuayi remains unlikely to play after suffering an ankle injury while with the Belgium national team. Charly Musonda and Kenedy have also been out with minor injuries sustained in training.David Luiz’s condition is still unclear but it is very unlikely that he will be back to face Newcastle on Saturday. Conte gave a further update on the Brazil international after the Swansea game. “Now it’s very difficult, because he had the liquid in his knee,” Conte said at Stamford Bridge. “We have to assess his recovery, the time. But I hope to not lose him for a lot of time, also because we have to play every three days and I need all my players.”Victor Moses has recovered from his hamstring injury and made his first appearance from the bench against Swansea on Tuesday night. He was an unused substitute last weekend against Liverpool.Michy Batshuayi Chelsea 2017CHELSEA SUSPENSIONS Alvaro Morata is now one domestic booking away from a suspension now. Antonio Rudiger is also on four yellow cards, with another set to lead to a one-match ban.Chelsea have no suspensions for the upcoming match against Newcastle. David Luiz and Marcos Alonso are on three bookings. The cut-off this season is after 19 league games, so Chelsea players need to avoid accumulating five bookings until they play Everton on December 23, thus to avoid a suspension.Conte was sent to the stands against Swansea and there is a small chance that the FA will seek further punishment. He did, however, apologise as he was dismissed for complaining about Swansea’s time-wasting. POTENTIAL STARTING LINE-UP Antonio Conte will likely recall Eden Hazard and Cesar Azpilicueta after leaving them on the bench for Wednesday’s match against Swansea City. Tiemoue Bakayoko could also be recalled despite his poor display away at Anfield. Chelsea are heavily rotating their team every week in order to keep their side fresh as they face a busy winter schedule with an extra fixture squeezed in to finish the season early ahead of the World Cup. Atletico Madrid will be Chelsea’s next opponents on Tuesday in the final Champions League game, which will decide the winners of Group C. Conte is utilising both a 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 formation this season, depending on the opposition. Moses could make his first appearance since October 14 against Crystal Palace.Morata will likely continue up front with Batshuayi still out injured while Marcos Alonso is very likely to start, with few alternatives vying for his left wing back spot.  Morata 11/5 to score 2+Chelsea line up Swansea GFXNEWCASTLE TEAM NEWS Isaac Hayden returned to the squad in the 2-2 draw with West Brom on Tuesday night after missing the defeat to Watford through suspension. Mikel Merino also got his first start since recovering from a back injury. Ex-Chelsea winger Christian Atsu is expected to miss his chance to return to Stamford Bridge after turning his loan move into a permanent deal in the summer. He is out with a hamstring injury. Jamaal Lascelles is likely to be out with a foot complaint and Paul Dummett has a hamstring issue. Christian AtsuBEST OPTA MATCH FACTS Newcastle’s only away victory against Chelsea in the Premier League came in May 2012, with the Magpies winning 2-0 thanks to a brace by Papiss Cissé. If Newcastle lose, it will be their 70th Premier League defeat in London – the joint-most of any away side in the competition (level with Everton). Antonio Conte’s side have scored a league-high eight headed goals in the Premier League so far this season – the same number as they managed last season (8) and two more than in 2015-16 (6) in the Premier League. Rafa Benitez has lost 12 competitive games to Chelsea whilst manager of English clubs; more than against any other opponent (W7 D7 L12). Willian scored in both fixtures the last time these sides met in the 2015-16 campaign; Newcastle are one of just four clubs he’s scored home and away against in the Premier League (along with Everton, Southampton and Stoke). TV CHANNEL & KICK OFF TIME The match is on at 12:30 GMT on Saturday and it will be showin live in the UK on SkySports. The highlights will then be shown BBC’s Match of the Day.Watch Chelsea vs Newcastle in the US live and On-Demand with fuboTV (7-day free trial) Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more


first_imgThe latest edition of the online newsletter Touch-e-Talk is available for reading here:TOUCH-e-TALK, ISSUE 5, AUGUST EDITION 2005 This month’s edition is full of stories on the All Nations, Volunteers of the Month, a profile on Cathy Gray (a member of our National Technical Panel) and plenty more info for coaches and players.last_img

Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Nightdiver Watch Is Laid-Back Luxury at Its Finest

first_img 10 Top Shelf Vodka Brands that are Actually Worth a Damn The Opus OP15′ Is a Tricked-Out, Off-Road-Ready Travel Trailer Shop NowTo start, you get a nicely designed modern watch with a white textured dial, a white flange with a 60-second scale, facetted hour and minutes hands with white superluminova to make telling time in the dark easier, all in a 43 mm diameter case with a black, PVD titanium grade 2 finishing. A flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating composes the bold front of the watch, while the case back is a steel screw-down. The movement is a TAG Heuer quarts, made in Switzerland and is powered by a standard watch battery. The brand also notes that the watch’s movement has been regulated to almost perfect precision with, “a variation of only a few seconds per month), which is no atomic-clock standard but is still better than what most super-expensive watches offer. Finally, the watch is capped off with a black rubber strap featuring a folding clasp with double safety push-buttons. And, since this bad boy is a diver, after all, it’s also waterproof up to 300 meters, which is 985 feet.For other watch options, check out our favorites under $500 and under $1000. Here’s a thing about watches you might not know: Not all luxury timepieces have sky-high price-tags. Yeah, we know. We were shocked to find out that information too. But, while many high-end timepiece brands offer watches in the $5,000+ range, it’s rare to find one for half the cost, let alone one that offers everything the higher-priced watches feature.Tag Heuer’s Nightdiver Aquaracer 43 mm watch comes in at an unbelievable low price of $2,150. Now, some of you might be saying, “Unbelievably low, my ass,” and we hear you. But when you think about the price of the watch in relation to the price of say a new MacBook, iMac, or,  hell, a new iPhone, the price tag for something that you’ll wear repeatedly (and for years to come) doesn’t look so daunting.So, what do you get for a little over two grand? Editors’ Recommendations center_img The Best Watches Under $1,000, From Classic to Sporty An Honest Review of Smartwool’s New Intraknit Base Layer The Maserati Quattroporte: Luxury You Can Sort of Almost Imagine Affording last_img read more

Trudeau Scheer May fight for votes in Toronto while Singh stick with

first_imgConservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he believes it is more important to help out Canadians at home than to seek a seat on the United Nations Security Council.Canada is campaigning for one of two seats for a two-year term that would begin in 2021, but it faces a tough fight from Norway and Ireland.The Conservatives are pledging to decrease foreign-aid spending by 25 per cent. The plan includes cutting out funding for countries they consider to be hostile regimes, or as having too much money to need the help.Asked whether that would hurt Canada’s bid for the UN seat it is seeking, Scheer said he was confident allies would recognize the country’s contributions, including through its military efforts, around the world.At the same time, he suggested securing the spot at the UN table would not be a priority for a Conservative government.“It’s more important to me that I help Canadians get ahead than curry favour at the United Nations,” Scheer said Tuesday in Toronto.The UN vote is next June.Scheer noted his foreign policy announcement came the day when the party leaders would have been participating in an event the Munk Debates organized around the topic. The organizers said they cancelled the event because Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau decided not to take part.Trudeau, who was meeting with mayors from the Greater Toronto Area about his gun-control policy on Tuesday, linked the proposed Conservative cuts to foreign assistance to their climate-change policy.“Andrew Scheer’s climate plan relies almost entirely on action overseas and now he’s proposing to stop supporting countries who are taking action overseas on fighting emissions,” Trudeau said in Richmond Hill, Ont.Trudeau also defended Liberal investments in foreign aid, although would not commit to increasing spending to reach 0.7 per cent of GDP, which is a target the United Nations set in 1970.“We are continuing to invest in foreign aid, because we know that helping people around the world, particularly vulnerable women and girls, is a meaningful way of promoting prosperity and indeed security and stability that impacts Canadians as well,” Trudeau said.Trudeau also confirmed U.S. President Donald Trump has never asked Canada to do him a favour involving his political interests.“No. Never,” Trudeau said. “We have not and I would not.”Trump faces an impeachment probe in Congress related to his efforts to get the Ukrainian government to investigate former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden, now a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries.New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh, meanwhile, said his party would commit to increasing foreign aid spending to reach the UN target.Singh also said that if Scheer is trying to find ways to pay for his promises, then cutting foreign aid is going about it the wrong way.“It is shameful that he is talking about cutting foreign aid when there are massive inequalities in our country,” Singh said Tuesday in Vancouver.“The fact that he is talking about cutting foreign aid is a distraction,” he said. “He is missing the point. He is missing the whole plot here. We’ve got massive inequality in our country and we have to ask those at the very top, the ultra rich, to pay their fair share.”Green Leader Elizabeth May is in Toronto to talk about her party’s policy on post-secondary education at Ryerson University before heading to Montreal for an evening rally. People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier is planning several small-scale appearances with candidates in southwestern Ontario.last_img read more

John Mayers First Tour In Three Years Helps Veterans

first_imgGrammy Award-winning artist John Mayer will launch his first major tour in three years with a performance at Milwaukee’s Summerfest on July 6.This marks John’s first tour in support of Born and Raised, his latest studio album, and will run through the fall, with one dollar from each ticket sold benefitting NCIRE’s work supporting returning Veterans. American Idol winner Phillip Phillips will open for John along the tour route (with the exception of Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Kansas City and Atlantic City). Tickets will be on sale beginning March 29th on LiveNation.com.In advance of his tour, John will perform at an already-sold-out show at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Thursday, April 25 and will make a highly-anticipated appearance at the 2013 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. A true heritage festival, “Jazz Fest” stands alone in presenting the highest caliber artists in such varied genres as gospel, blues, traditional and contemporary jazz, rock, R&B, Cajun, country, zydeco and much more. This year’s Jazz Fest has performances scheduled for April 26 – 28 and May 2 – 5. Special ticket packages on John’s tour will be available through Tickets-for-Charity.com to benefit NCIRE’s work supporting returning Veterans. For more information, go to www.ticketsforcharity.com.John’s appearances in Tuscaloosa and Jazz Fest will be his first full-length concerts in three years and first public performances since his set, on January 16 of this year, at “The Livingston Town Proper: A Concert to Benefit the Fighters of the Pine Creek Fire.” A special musical event organized and hosted by Mayer, the benefit occasioned his first in-concert performance as a singer since April 1, 2011. (In March 2012, the return of a throat granuloma had forced him to cancel his first tour in two years and take an indefinite hiatus now coming to a close.)last_img read more

Federal Court Human Rights Tribunal not fair in dismissing First Nations child

first_img(Image: Human Rights Tribunal chair Shirish Chotalia. APTN/ file photo)APTN National NewsOTTAWA–The Federal Court issued a stinging rebuke to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Wednesday in a ruling overturning a decision to dismiss a discrimination complaint against the federal Aboriginal Affairs department over its funding to First Nations child and welfare services.Federal Court Judge Anne Mactavish ordered the tribunal to again hear the complaint, but with a different panel.Mactavish found that Conservative-appointed tribunal chair Shirish Chotalia committed a litany of errors when she decided to dismiss the complaint which was launched by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations.Mactavish found that the tribunal erred when it failed to provide its reasons for deciding the complaint could not proceed under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The judge also found that the tribunal erred when it found there was nothing to compare Aboriginal Affairs department’s handling of child and welfare services, despite the federal government’s own internal use of provincial standards as a benchmark.“The process that (the tribunal) followed in this case was not fair,” wrote Mactavish.The society and the AFN have argued that Aboriginal Affairs discriminates against First Nations children by failing to fund First Nations child welfare services at the same level as the provinces.Chotalia ruled on March 14, 2011, that First Nations on-reserve child welfare services could not be compared to provincial child welfare services. Her ruling handed a victory to the federal government which had been vigorously fighting the complaint.Amnesty International and the Chiefs of Ontario are also backing the complaint.Chotalia has been beset by troubles of her own. An internal investigation upheld claims of harassment leveled by tribunal employees against Chotalia.Aboriginal Affairs was also forced to launch its only internal probe after it emerged department officials were spying on Cindy Blackstock, the head of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.last_img read more

Vodafone launched 16 billion agreed bid for Cable Wireless Worldwide

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Vodafone launched $1.6 billion agreed bid for Cable & Wireless Worldwide by News Staff Posted Apr 23, 2012 4:20 am MDT LONDON – Telecoms operator Vodafone on Monday launched an agreed takeover bid for Cable & Wireless Worldwide PLC which values the company at 1 billion pounds ($1.6 billion).Vodafone Europe said it is offering 38 pence per share, a 92 per cent premium over the closing price on Feb. 10, the day before Vodafone signalled its interest.The board of Cable & Wireless Worldwide, which supplies cable network services, is backing the offer as “fair and reasonable.”Vodafone shares were down 0.6 per cent at 170.5 pence in early trading. Cable & Wireless Worldwide shares were up 16 per cent at 37.2 pence.“The offer from Vodafone announced today will enable shareholders to crystallize a value, in cash, that represents a significant premium to recent trading levels and avoid exposure to the risks inevitably presented by executing a medium-term improvement strategy,” said John Barton, CWW’s chairman.Last year, CWW reported a net profit of 211 million pounds on revenue of 2.26 billion pounds.Revenue from traditional voice communication has been declining, and CWW has been working to build up its data business.Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone Group, said the takeover offered cost savings in his company’s U.K. and international operations.CWW, created in 2010 following a demerger, operates a cable network serving 150 countries directly or through local partners, supplying telecoms services to businesses and public sector bodies.Vodafone’s offer came after Tata Communications dropped out last week as a potential bidder. Now that Vodafone has bid, Tata could come back with an offer. read more

Ukraine the road ahead will be difficult UN political chief tells Security

“The road ahead will be difficult but it is critical that all concerned strictly adhere to and commence good-faith implementation of this agreement,” said Jeffrey Feltman, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. Mr. Feltman, who was joined in the Council by Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonoviæ, who briefed on the rights situation in the country, and John Ging, the Operations Director for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who briefed on the humanitarian crisis, said a number of significant developments had occurred since his last briefing.He pointed to the signing on 12 February by the Trilateral Contact Group and rebel representatives of the “Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements” and the adoption by the Council on 17 February of resolution 2202, which he said provided a “binding international framework” for efforts to reach a lasting solution. He noted, however, that despite the agreements, fighting continued in Debaltseve, with innocent civilians caught in the cross-fire.“The rebels’ unabated attacks for control over this strategic area were in clear violation of the agreement they had signed only five days prior,” said Mr. Feltman, who went on to note that the situation had since calmed, though the ceasefire remained fragile and was not firmly in place throughout the region. “Sporadic violations are reported frequently, including south, near Mariupol, and once again near Donetsk airport,” he added.The Under-Secretary-General also pointed to monitoring of troop withdrawals conducted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Monitoring Mission but noted that lack of access and freedom of movement of its monitors left the Mission unable to verify the true extent of the process. Adding that Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, had said he would request a UN-mandated peacekeeping force for eastern Ukraine, he said discussions had been held but that the decision was one for Council members.“The Secretariat would be guided by its decision,” he said. “To date, no formal request has been received from Ukraine.”Briefing on human rights in eastern Ukraine, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonoviæ said the situation “remained alarming” and “grave” despite the ceasefire. A “stark escalation” of hostilities in January and the first half of February led to “increased violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, with a sharp spike in casualties and devastating consequences for the local population.”He noted that full reports on casualties, especially near Donestsk airport and in the Debaltseve area, were still pending but said the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) estimated the total number of people killed was now passed the 6,000 mark.He drew attention to several “disturbing trends,” including the increased use of sophisticated and heavy weaponry and continued indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas by both sides. Such attacks were taking an escalating toll on civilians, he said, adding that deliberate targeting of civilians may constitute a war crime, and could amount to a crime against humanity if widespread or systematic.“Hospitals, schools and kindergartens have been shelled, in both Government and armed groups controlled areas, limiting access to healthcare and education,” he said. “The situation is aggravated by the alleged continued inflow of heavy weaponry and foreign fighters from the Russian Federation.”Other trends included the fact that civilians have remained trapped in the conflict zone, with ongoing and severe restrictions on freedom of movement, and a clear deepening of the “divide in Ukrainian society,” which was illustrated most clearly by the terrorist attack in Kharkiv that killed four people, and 14 attacks in Odessa since December that targeted pro-Maidan offices and supporters.“Against this backdrop, it remains absolutely crucial that the Government shows resolve and commitment to fight corruption and to render impartial justice and accountability for all human rights violations, regardless of the perpetrators or the victims,” said Mr. Šimonoviæ. “Impartial accountability can help deter future human rights violations, preserve the confidence of the people in their Government, and contribute towards the healing of psychological wounds.”That point was taken up by John Ging, OCHA Operations Director. He said five million people across the country are now in need of humanitarian assistance – two million in Government-controlled areas and three million in non-Government-controlled areas.“One year ago Ukraine had no displaced people,” said Mr. Ging. “Now, as a result of the conflict, there are almost 1.1 million people registered as internally displaced, more than 100,000 of them in the last month. And more than 670,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries.”With the pause in fighting, people who were previously trapped had fled, adding to the total numbers. While the ceasefire remained fragile, it allowed some humanitarian access to get through.“Most recently, 62 tons of humanitarian aid was delivered to Donetsk city by UN convoy on 19 February,” he said. “Supplies included essential hygiene items, warm clothes, blankets, condensed milk powder, drinking water, and medicines.”He stressed the importance of allowing aid and aid workers safe and unimpeded passage and access to those in need of life-saving assistance and he underlined the fact that needs still far outweighed the combined capacity of the humanitarian community and Government of Ukraine to respond. “Additional funding to address the immediate humanitarian needs of those affected by this conflict is urgently needed,” he said. “Ukraine’s Humanitarian Response Plan, launched on 24 February, calls for $316 million to reach 3.2 million people in the most dire humanitarian need. To date, only 13 per cent of this appeal – $42.2 million – has so far been either received or pledged.” read more

West Africa cannot recover from Ebola epidemic on its own – senior

“The response to Ebola – the national leadership, community engagement, so many people working so hard for such a long period of time with such dedication – if that can be translated into efforts beyond Ebola, then actually all there countries have a bright future ahead of them,” Peter Graaff, the UN Regional Inter-Agency Coordinator on Ebola, told the UN News Centre.“But they cannot do it alone,” Mr. Graaff said of efforts to end transmission of the virus that has killed more than 11,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.The interview comes just days after the World Health Organization (WHO) said that a cluster of three confirmed cases of Ebola were reported last week in Liberia, which had been declared free disease transmission on 3 September.Stressing that the regional epidemic is not over, Mr. Graaff said that the “first reported case in 77 days shows that even when you are able to break the chain of transmission, there is a chance of the disease coming back,” which he noted is “largely due to a persistence of the virus in survivors.”The recent cases in Liberia underscore the importance of robust surveillance measures to ensure the rapid detection of any reintroduction or re-emergence of the disease in unaffected areas, he said. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have each put surveillance systems in place to enable health workers and members of the public to report any case of illness or death that they suspect may be related to Ebola to the relevant authorities, according to WHO. Going forward, the UN coordinator drew attention to the need to make sure that the most-affected countries stay at zero, that survivors can live up to their full potential in society as soon as possible, and ensure that investments take place and are directed not only to the health care sector of the three West African countries but also in other sectors, like education and infrastructure.Earlier this month, the UN Special Envoy on Ebola, Dr. David Nabarro, underscored that his top priority is to make sure the more than 15,000 survivors and their families across West Africa have access to the support they need. Saying “they have a tough time” because “they’re distressed” and “not trusted,” as well as being “a subject of a lot of stigma,” Dr. Nabarro emphasized that he wants to be sure that every person who survived Ebola can access a comprehensive package of care that helps them, and that help their communities. read more

UN envoy and Pope Francis meet on enhancing cooperation to protect children

Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the Secretary-General chats with Pope Francis in her private audience at the Apostolic Palace. Photo: L’Osservatore Romano “Accelerating progress in children’s protection from violence needs to be at the heart of the actions of every nation, every faith and every person,” said Marta Santos Pais, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence against Children, during a private meeting with the Pope this past weekend in Vatican City. The also meeting provided an opportunity to enhance collaboration on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and she noted that in a world free from fear and from violence, “everyone counts and everybody is needed.”The meeting was meant to strengthen cooperation between the office of Ms. Santos Pais and the Holy See, which has permanent observer status at the UN, alongside 193 Member States.The Pontiff reiterated his call for a ‘zero tolerance’ policy and reaffirmed the high priority given by the Holy See to protecting the rights of all girls and boys who are victims of violence, neglect, maltreatment, abuse and exploitation. “This is a plague, a hidden scream that should be heard by all of us,” highlighted Pope Francis, further recognizing the need to “take all necessary measures to protect in every way the lives of our children, so that such crimes may never be repeated.” RELATED: With more than half of all children in danger, UN envoy Santos Pais highlights how to keep them safeMs. Santos and the Pontiff also discussed the perils endured by children on the move who are exposed to constant incidents of violence especially when traveling unaccompanied or separated from their families, and who often lack the support of a nurturing and protective environment and in many cases end-up locked behind bars. Pope Francis and Ms. Santos Pais also discussed the growing risk of the criminalization of children living in socially excluded and poor communities, who lack support to develop to their full potential and who often become an easy target for armed gangs and organized crime networks. Victims of marginalization and exploitation, these children are at high risk of deprivation of liberty, where they may be exposed to incidents of neglect, abuse and ill treatment.The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include a target, 16.2, that calls for an end to “abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children.” As this is a top UN priority, this meeting provided a significant opportunity to identify ways of enhancing collaboration and supporting implementation of the 2030 Agenda targets on violence against children. Pope Francis and Ms. Santos Pais reaffirmed the importance of continuing to foster the cooperation between the UN and the Holy See in the promotion of children’s rights and protection from violence, and in process of implementation of the 2030 Agenda. read more

Shoppers should only be given new pound coins in their change says

first_imgTreasury minister Andrew Jones has urged businesses to do their part to make sure shoppers are not given more of the old coins.He said: “Businesses must remain vigilant when returning coins and ensure old and new coins are organised in separate packaging to make the sorting process quicker and easier.”Shopkeepers must “play their part  to ensure only new pound coins are given to shoppers in their change”, he said. Old pound coin The old pound coin will cease to be legal tender on October 15Credit:Alamy  Mr Jones, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, also warned about companies accidentally returning the new version of the coin rather than the old one, saying “businesses must remain vigilant”.He said: “There has been a fantastic effort from both the public and businesses in returning more than one billion old round pounds, and I thank everybody involved in this process so far. The new coin was brought in to tackle the problem of fakes. Approximately one in thirty of the old round £1 coins in circulation are counterfeit.The 12-sided coin, with a gold coloured nickel-brass outer ring and silver-coloured nickel-plated alloy inner ring has been described as “the most secure in the world”.It also has a hologram-style image that appears as a £ symbol and a number 1 depending on the angle it is viewed from.center_img Cashiers should make sure consumers are only given new pound coins in their change as part of efforts to phase out the old version, a minister has said.The new 12-sided £1 coin was brought into circulation in March, and the old round coin will cease to be legal tender from October 15.The Royal Mint has encouraged consumers to “spend, bank or donate” their old coins before that date. “But there is still more to do before the 15 October deadline.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Power restored for 26000 ESB customers in Dublin

first_img Friday 23 Feb 2018, 9:35 AM Power restored for 26,000 ESB customers in Dublin The fault also caused significant delays to train services. Short URL Some traffic lights in Dublin city were not working due to the outage Source: Cianan Brennan/TheJournal.ieUpdated 9.35am POWER HAS BEEN restored for about 26,000 ESB customers in Dublin who were without electricity due to a “very large fault”.The fault mainly affected people in Clonshaugh and surrounding areas in west Dublin, and the north of the city.ESB apologised for any inconvenience caused to the customers affected. The fault occurred at around 7.20am and its cause is not yet known.Power was expected to be restored to affected homes and businesses by 10am, but was restored around 8.25am.In a statement to TheJournal.ie, an ESB spokesperson said: “Many areas of the northside of the city were impacted. Crews were immediately mobilised, and power was restored to all customers at 8:25 am.“We are investigating the cause of the fault and apologise to all customers for this loss of supply.”Traffic lights and trains Traffic lights had been out of action at a number of junctions throughout the city centre and in parts of Palmerstown, Liffey Valley, Chapelizod, Blanchardstown and Clontarf, according to AA Roadwatch.Motorists had been urged to take extreme care on approach to all junctions.Meanwhile, there were “significant delays” to Irish Rail’s northbound Dart and northern commuter services.Services between Malahide/Howth and Clontarf Road were suspended for a period this morning but have since resumed. Dublin Bus is accepting rail tickets to and from Greystones.After services resumed, northside Darts were delayed by up to 20 minutes and northern commuter services were delayed by up to 30 minutes.Thousands of customers in Dublin city were without power for a period on Monday due to a fault.Read: Over 100 people have now died from flu this seasonRead: Man ‘extremely lucky’ to be alive after falling on rocks in Cork Feb 23rd 2018, 8:11 AM http://jrnl.ie/3867383 Share51 Tweet Email 34 Comments 29,221 Views By Órla Ryan Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Rodgers not too disappointed after draw

first_imgCeltic Football Club manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed he wasn’t too despondent at his team’s inability to record a win against Livingston in the Scottish Premiership on Sunday.The first draw in six league games for the champions was still enough for them to reclaim top spot in the Premiership for the first time this season.“I thought it was a good game and credit to both teams.” Rodgers said, according to Daily Mail.“We did the basics very, very well. Livingston test you with how they play with throw-ins, deep free-kicks and I thought we stood up that really well.”Generous in his praise for the performance of Livingston keeper Liam Kelly, the former Liverpool manager continued:“We had chances and their goalkeeper was man of the match.”Leicester City, Manchester UnitedMatch Preview: Manchester United vs Leicester City Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Old Trafford is the venue for the Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Leicester City, which kicks off at 16:00 (CET) on Saturday.“He made three fantastic saves and I have no complaints. My team has given everything over the last seven weeks and we have to give credit to Livingston. They are a tough team to break down and they have been up at the top.”“The season started slowly for us. But I’ve been so pleased with the last seven weeks or so – the performance level.”“We were never going to reach top level today in terms of goals and creativity as the surface is really difficult for that.”“You add to that a team which defends really well and it was always going to be difficult for us. It’s a good point here on the back of all the games we’ve had.”“So we’ll take the positive from it of which there were a lot.”“Our form and our rhythm has been really positive. We hope they all come back from international duty fresh and fit and we’ll look forward to a busy but exciting period between now and the mid-season break. So it’s looking really good for us.”last_img read more

Bayerns performance satisfies Niko Kovac

first_imgThe German Bundesliga giants defeated Nurnberg 3-0 today, just four days before their last UEFA Champions League group matchTwo goals by Robert Lewandoski and one by Franck Ribery let Bayern Munich win 3-0 against Nurnberg today in the German Bundesliga.And for Bavarian coach Niko Kovac, today’s performance is very satisfying.“We allowed them hardly anything over 90 minutes today. We created a lot of chances,” Kovac told the club’s official website.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“It was important to keep a clean sheet, not to squander the lead and hurt our confidence by conceding goals.”“Positive results are always important. We’ve won our last three matches, and I’m satisfied with the way we did,” the Croatian added.“I haven’t seen a season like this before. We were lagging a bit last season but the gap is bigger this term. Dortmund won again today,” youngster Joshua Kimmich added.“So the season is really exciting because we aren’t on an upward trend all the time. We’re in a different situation now, and we’ll see if we have the right character in the team.”last_img read more