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The water flow when the site optimization appreciate

wants to write an article, write the name since water flow, when to cherish, his explanation is a little bit of user, we should treasure, then with this title, say oneself should pay attention to and pay attention to the parts in the structure, which must be considered down, water flow, when to cherish and every user, every resource will become a driving force for you later, after all only let the user satisfaction to make us satisfied, can be recognized by others.

a small visitor, first of all, you must understand him to enter the site to remember! Everyone into your site is not see your technology how in place, if others do not need to use, you do not use too much, remember to enter the Taobao search that love Shanghai product manager and I forgot the name, since he is a product manager, it is a product of a large number of tests, others are cattle, really cattle, will the user experience to do so, he said, the user experience is not technology, today is not how much you do brilliant effect, I completed the application of a function not tomorrow however, it should be helpful for local users, only the user knows what the user needs, and need not what I think of the user, this is the user experience, from the user’s point of view To consider the user’s thing, that is the real experience. Remember to see this period of time was already very know, this is the product, this is what we should do every one. A little pan, then introduce belongs to our user experience, we often neglect some places, I believe that everyone has to help, has not the same place.


logo: the first place the link, logo is the site of the sign, if I am a user, logo has a direct link click will be necessary, I don’t love Click on the home page 2 words, but the value of the logo attribute, since logo on behalf of the website, then certainly is an important part of the page website; user experience of logo links can not be ignored.

second: the navigation bar, some people may ask, what is the navigation problem; the problem in the navigation bar, the navigation bar is divided into two kinds, one is the main navigation, navigation is a main navigation; needless to say what, so long the next navigation, what is a concise point navigation? Is your website the following part, on which the "contact us, join us to participate in a ranking and so on the" little useless, remember when Xiaohan blog today, he was modified to optimize template noble baby, just a little, that is to "read" the four remove the characters; think about what it is for, more than a link on the home page is the correlation of dilution, sometimes more important and their correlation; there is a point, filling a large number of products is the end of the page links, Remember to have a website page encountered. The link below, both is a kind of harm to the user or se.


Where to go, the general director of the resignation of new venture will be published

people go up, everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship, the recent, where the father of the director resigned to choose their own business, and now, his latest work will be available!

conference, the original "Hunan TV dad where to go" program director, has resigned venture Xie dikui launched the first venture network variety show "about! Big star "program, has been invited to the Golden Horse winner Ethan Ruan, Huang Jingyu stars such as red meat and resident guests, there will be numerous Hua Yiqi artists as flying guests, and Tencent will rely on the huge user base to achieve cross screen interactive.

"network variety show everyone the impression is taken in the shed slobber, more, but this time we have to do is the first tranche of pure network outdoor reality show. Network reality show, although relatively small, but once not exciting, then the user may turn off, so it is also a challenge for me, but also hope to give you a new feeling." According to the bar! Big star, the program set up, a few stars will be turned into a big coffee Aladdin magic lamp, in the All Star House in the collection of friends wish, and help them solve the problem, to achieve the dream.

in addition to "about! Big star ", Huayi vast will also collaborated with Zhejiang satellite TV" brothers "," run the negotiator ", in cooperation with Iqiyi variety show" I want to go to school 2 "; 66 episodes, Du Chun and Hai Qing in the novel" the woman is not strong "days can not be forthcoming, William Feng, Ma Tianyu, starring Victoria Song the IP film" city of fantasy "has also been successfully finished in theaters summer.

At the same time,



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How to carry out children’s clothing store promotional activities

clothing store promotional activities are very common, almost every shop has its own marketing strategy, if you are running a children’s clothing stores can learn marketing knowledge, the headquarters of strength so that franchisees can easily help Denver based strength helping, so you can easily denver.

theme of the development of

children’s wear in this part, mainly to solve two problems: to determine the theme of the activities and packaging theme. The price is the price discount?? gift coupons? Draw?? service promotion demonstration promotion?? consumer credit? Or other promotional tools? Choose what kind of promotional tools and what kind of promotional theme, to take into account the costs of the budget activity goal, competition environment and promotion and distribution.

children’s promotional activities in determining the theme as far as possible to the art of "pull the tiger to do the banner", dilute the commercial purpose of promotion, so that activities closer to consumers, but also to impress consumers. Generally speaking, children are facing the parents and children of such a dual consumer groups, so for the parents, may be largely to highlight the "environmental protection, health care, educational" these topics, and for the children of the direct consumers, their interest is often "fun, fantasy" these themes.

active object

this event is for all children, the parents of the target market or a particular class of children and parents? Active control over the scope of? What is the main goal? What is the promotion of secondary objectives? Is mainly to attract parents to buy or to attract children to buy (note here? Although the children through their parents to buy the final consumption to achieve, but the focus of the two most of the time are very different) these choices are correct or not will directly affect the final effect of promotion.

promotional activities

now the children to the brand in the market condition? In this activity to achieve a what purpose? Treatment is to increase sales of inventory?? is against competitors? Is a new listing? Or to enhance the brand awareness and reputation? Only a clear purpose, in order to make targeted activities. There is need to emphasize that because of the difference between the Chinese children’s clothing brand is not so obvious as adults, in the implementation of activities, we must clarify the difference competition with the brand, even the subtle, strive to make our brand advantage talent shows itself.

children’s clothing store promotional programs can be a lot of difficulties in the development of franchisees, if you want to do a good job of promotional work can be a lot of attention to the relevant information. The above recommendations can be used as a reference, businesses can be based on the actual situation of the store to develop their own promotional programs.


How to join the mobile breakfast car

We all know that

is determined by the flow of the snack street snack car gather together, every kind of snack that you want one by one in which chowhound tasted, the flow of snack car has become a trend even breakfast snacks, also popular in the form of flow. Some people will ask: Mobile breakfast can really make money? Sometimes the customer is to buy is a kind of familiarity, choose to buy a fixed location is not good?

of course not, China’s economic development, people’s living standard is getting higher and higher, so the market popular snack car more and more, compared to open the snack bar, a snack car fragrance snack car can let you easily profit, no store costs, not a venture. Product fragrance snack car more types of products, and products rich, unique taste, so now you know to make money selling mobile


To make money selling

flow? A fragrance snack car appearance and fuel saving, convenient operation and multifunction, can cook hundreds of snacks, stereotype not only changed the snack car in the minds of consumers, and diversified mode of operation also brought a steady stream of tourists.

read these reports, we believe that the flow of breakfast question has been answered, join a fragrance snack car will let you harvest wealth! A fragrance in the shop without snack car venture, has a distinct market advantage, also provides various policies for the franchisee to join, headquarters will teach some franchisee management mode, business activities will be presented. So don’t hesitate to join this nice little business,



Love tea tea project good choice

now, the choice of tea to join the project, is a very powerful choice. High quality milk tea to join the project, if you are also very exciting. So, entrepreneurship to choose to join the love of tea tea?

love tea milk tea brand to join the use of blueberry jam, including blueberry sundae, blueberry flavor grass yogurt and other products. We pursue a higher quality of blueberry jam, but also because the blueberry has very high value of nutrition, blueberry fruit VMA (anthocyanins) has good health-care effect on eyes, can relieve eye fatigue and improve night vision.

blueberry pectin content is high, can effectively reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, promote cardiovascular health.

blueberries are rich in vitamin C, can enhance heart function, prevent cancer and heart disease, can prevent brain aging, improve mental; for common colds, throat pain and diarrhea also have some improvement.

blueberry has the function of protecting blood capillary and antioxidation, delaying aging of brain nerve, enhancing memory and eliminating inflammation in the body. In addition, it also has anti-cancer effect, helps to maintain healthy skin, relieve skin sagging and bags under the eyes, enhance people’s immunity.

love tea milk tea, healthy tea. Worry about entrepreneurship, but also very trusted brand to join the project choice. Join love tea milk tea, is the heart of choice. Join, you still hesitate what? Hurry up!


Municipal Bureau of transportation to actively implement the two during 2011 to send warm donations

in order to give full play to the positive role of trade unions in the full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, promoting the "four development", to assist the party committees and governments to do relief work helping workers in difficulties, and difficult to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of workers, to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, efforts to safeguard workers and social stability, according to the requirements of City Federation of trade unions, City Department of transportation trade union action, promptly issued a notice in 2011 earnestly "two" warmth donations.

in accordance with the general notification requirements, a global system of cadres and workers to respond positively, by the end of November 15 JCP received Bureau yunguanchu, 81 cadres and workers donations totaling 1992 yuan. Rescue workers to help the poor too good two to provide modest.

at the same time, bureau of trade unions at all levels in whatever circumstances, to assist the party organization of the unit staff carefully arrange the difficulties during the two visits the warmth. The care of the party and the government to the difficulties workers home.





80 volunteers to persuade people civilized travel

In order to further improve the quality of public culture and public norms of civilized behavior, enhance the city’s image of civilization, from January to October, the city Department of transportation will organize 80 transportation workers as "civilized traffic persuasion", in the city to carry out within the scope of caring for others, Guan Aishe, the love of nature "as the theme of" civilization the traffic volunteer service activities, the public advocate civilized travel.

it is reported that, in order to conscientiously implement the Municipal Committee of civilization "on the in-depth development of caring for others, caring society, caring for nature" volunteer service activities of the notice "spirit, to consolidate and promote the" civilized traffic plan "activity continued to deepen, to take practical action to create a safe, smooth and harmonious and orderly environment, city road traffic safety civilization, the civilization persuade members of civilized persuasion volunteers will wear a ribbon, wearing a red hat, holding a small red flag in the car persuasion, main street, Xining city station, bus station, bus station, in order to guide the city people queuing, actively maintain traffic order, check the" three ", put an end to the inflammable and explosive, easy the corrosion of dangerous goods on the train," littering, spitting, throwing cigarette butts and other uncivilized behavior of persuasion and correct, to guide the general public Our bad habits, establish a new wind, moral consciousness and civilization accomplishment enhancement, abide by social morality.  


Municipal Party committee held a democratic Consultative Conference

August 3rd, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the municipal Party committee democratic consultative conference, the meeting informed the city’s poverty alleviation and development work, the first half of the city to complete the work and the second half of the work arrangements. City leaders Zhang Xiaorong, Su Rong, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Dongqiang attended the meeting, the Xining Municipal Committee, Xining municipal Revolutionary Committee, the Xining municipal Party committee, the construction of the Xining Municipal Committee, 93 Institute of Xining municipal Party committee and municipal federations responsible comrades made a statement.


Underarm hidden memory card will be arrested illegal checkpoints

due to the more and more strict management, broken off many unscrupulous traders, however, there are policies, under the measures, the small size of the memory card vendors have become the darling of smuggling". But the net of justice, as long as you commit crimes, have caught one day, alar hid memory card checkpoints, can not escape the discernment of law enforcement personnel.

2016 in February 24th, a Shenzhen woman mobile phone memory card into the bag, hidden in the armpit covered clothes under false pretenses, was eventually seized the border. After the inventory, a total of more than 4000 pieces of memory card, worth about 50000 yuan.

According to the



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Recalling 10 major events in Jiangxi employment and Entrepreneurship

in 2015, the pace of China’s economic development slowed down, but the employment and entrepreneurship work has made good progress. Xiao Bian together with you to review the 10 major events occurred in 2015 in Jiangxi employment and entrepreneurship.

2015, Jiangxi province economic difficulties, but a steady increase in employment.


1.  benefit people’s livelihood

overfulfilled the task of comprehensive livelihood. In 2015, the provincial government’s livelihood project involves 7 facts of employment and entrepreneurship, the completion of all the 23 indicators exceeded in advance. The 553 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.35%, issued the new business loans 12 billion 200 million yuan, employment of disadvantaged groups, new rural labor transfer, unemployment insurance, employment and entrepreneurship training to complete a number of indicators such as volume record.