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1000 dollars to invest in what the most money to make the most money

      1000 yuan investment in what the most profitable investment what the most money to open a small series that brands will be more development, and today Xiaobian know this love the trend of women’s brand, it is an absolute trend of Korean clothing brand, the low purchase price to 9 yuan is a rare good project, fast with me more understanding of it.

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How much does it cost to open a coffee shop

shop to do business, the cost is that we need to consider, and now many friends have the intention to open a coffee shop, so we also pay more attention to the cost of coffee shop. How much does it cost to open a coffee shop? This is a question many friends have. Here is a detailed description of the cost of coffee shop to open the evaluation method!

to open a coffee shop usually costs by the following ways to calculate the assumption of a store, the monthly rent for 50000 yuan, the rent can not be higher than 20% of turnover, is best accounted for about 10%. read more


There are three main ways to open a furniture store

now the people’s living conditions are good, the greater demand for furniture, and the demand is very high, the furniture store, be sure to choose a good supply of goods, so as to win a good reputation, establish favorable foundation for the development of the store. So, how to choose the source of furniture store? What are the purchase channels? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

is now a dazzling variety of brand furniture Merchants join

advertising is now some of the brand is actually joined the brand is not a real manufacturer, usually on behalf of the processing. I believe you can see the XX manufacturers to produce the product name inside the XXX brand on behalf of processing products…… This kind of investment brand, personal point of view, for reference only, very black. read more


.XXX domain name registration first days overrespond 50 thousand domain name was registered

renamed China December 8th hearing, U.S. Eastern time December 6th 11 officially open registration.XXX domain names, in just a few hours to 2500 domain name registrations, as of 7 at 11 in the morning, a total of 55367 registered.XXX domain name.

it is understood that the.XXX domain name registered retail price is slightly more expensive than other domains, about $30. The first day of the more than 50 thousand registrations brought in $1 million 600 thousand in revenue.

ICM Hugh Joargun Registration Bureau said: "now, even the.COM domain name looks are not our opponents, we completely excited, we will hold a celebration". read more


Robin Li, open your arms to Chen Tong!

Chen Tong is leaving Sina, where sina is going to last? Tea and a Sina’s sister, we talked about their programs, always feel Sina powerful influence, as the largest Internet media Chinese Sina future is what? Whether the advertising content + success to

tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

Chen Tong is one of sina’s largest, but also the content of advertising + mode creator, as vice president of sina’s vs editor, Chen Tong would have agreed that it is the spiritual leader of sina. Until today, Sina advantage compared to its rival Sohu, NetEase is also in the content, the Sina brand and content ability is the largest capital, now content leader Chen Tong’s imminent departure, Sina can keep the advantage in the content on read more


CNNIC intends to amend the regulations officially open to individuals CN domain name registration

January 18th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) according to the authorities, on the drafting of personal domain name registration open plan, and advance to the "domain name registration rules" relevant provisions were revised. Once the new policies and regulations to be implemented, which means that the CN domain name for the first time officially allow individuals to apply for registration.

CNNIC intends to open an individual registered CN domain name

once tightened personal CN domain name management policy, is expected to make adjustments in the near future. According to assistant director CNNIC Qi Lin Sina Technology revealed that CNNIC has been based on the requirements of the competent authorities to study the drafting of the individual registration domain name open program. At present, CNNIC is actively communicating with the competent authorities, hoping to amend the provisions of the relevant provisions as soon as possible. read more


Food network marketing gold consumers have a fresh viral

hunger breeds discontentment, this, I believe we all understand, and in fact, Feifei is a very greedy girl, think about every day around the world food.

food industry has been in the whole world economy plays an important role in the food industry, Chinese is one of the higher degree of market competition in the industry, especially after joining the WTO China, Chinese food industry is constantly accelerating. In recent years, food consumption crowd widely, competition fierce, the network marketing has become the media of assorted cold dishes after dinner dessert, the network has become a necessary food dish. read more


Look at the well-known brand case soft cultural marketing, this blind spot you ignore it

hard culture advertising marketing such as McDonald’s "I love it!"; "sunshine one hundred soy milk taste; anti dandruff advertising for the Procter & Gamble Company Head and Shoulders, in common with all of these advertising and marketing is the product features or their image to the mode of hard sell to consumers.

but they ignore an important link: cognitive habits of consumers is only interested in them. And those things of their own active memory preservation of long-term memory, but for those who are not interested in things, is only a "left ear, right ear" can not be called the memory of the moment read more


Bank of China collection has been adjusted to 60, affecting the foreign union checks

Recently we are in the reaction Chinese bank collection business commission and to raise a sum of 60 yuan, is a sum of $30 before.

it reduces the number of transactions.

or $$50 only 400 yuan, but also to the bank 60 yuan, is not worthwhile.

similarly to Google, Adsense also is such, can increase the pay, set $300  to $500;. read more