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There are three main ways to open a furniture store

now the people’s living conditions are good, the greater demand for furniture, and the demand is very high, the furniture store, be sure to choose a good supply of goods, so as to win a good reputation, establish favorable foundation for the development of the store. So, how to choose the source of furniture store? What are the purchase channels? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

is now a dazzling variety of brand furniture Merchants join

advertising is now some of the brand is actually joined the brand is not a real manufacturer, usually on behalf of the processing. I believe you can see the XX manufacturers to produce the product name inside the XXX brand on behalf of processing products…… This kind of investment brand, personal point of view, for reference only, very black.

two is the wholesale market purchase

open furniture store how to purchase? If it is the local wholesale market, then your products and a number of products around the same, so that the profit space is not good. Open a furniture store. Many things are made of mainland goods. If it is to Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, where their shipments, the effect should be good.

said it again, so the preparation of the shipment should be sufficient. Go to these places to investigate the cost of the market, but also a lot of Oh ~ ~, and some goods, a small amount of time, the price is not suitable for retail. If you can help in some foreign friends, it is awfully.

three is a direct purchase from manufacturers

of course, this is the best profit, but the financial pressure is relatively large, the number of manufacturers shipped more than wholesalers there, to prepare enough funds and warehouses. In case of poor sales of goods to the backlog of time, there will be a large amount of money pressure phenomenon. So have enough mental ability.

open furniture store how to purchase? If you are in small and medium cities, their product price may not be suitable for the local consumption level, but also some franchisees do well, this is not too good to say. If it is in large and medium cities, do you have enough money to make him stand out from the many brands? And large and medium cities to join the relatively high cost.

there is one thing that some of the franchise brand, the product does not have a very good protection mechanism, if there is time, go to the south to focus on the production of a place around, you can find the same thing. Of course, if the financial strength is very good, you can not care about tens of thousands of dollars to buy their brand authorization, you can consider joining.

choose this industry is very promising market, this is a worthy of recommendation


.XXX domain name registration first days overrespond 50 thousand domain name was registered

renamed China December 8th hearing, U.S. Eastern time December 6th 11 officially open registration.XXX domain names, in just a few hours to 2500 domain name registrations, as of 7 at 11 in the morning, a total of 55367 registered.XXX domain name.

it is understood that the.XXX domain name registered retail price is slightly more expensive than other domains, about $30. The first day of the more than 50 thousand registrations brought in $1 million 600 thousand in revenue.

ICM Hugh Joargun Registration Bureau said: "now, even the.COM domain name looks are not our opponents, we completely excited, we will hold a celebration".

".XXX" domain names in Firefox and other browsers marked, so parents easily shielded these contents. In October, ICM registration bureau began selling ".XXX" domain name, as distinguished from other top-level domain retains the right to use the way to pay every year, the 50 days to retain the suffix ".XXX" for registered trademarks and brand owners, in order to ensure that the company’s brand domain name registered by malicious possibility.


Robin Li, open your arms to Chen Tong!

Chen Tong is leaving Sina, where sina is going to last? Tea and a Sina’s sister, we talked about their programs, always feel Sina powerful influence, as the largest Internet media Chinese Sina future is what? Whether the advertising content + success to

tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

Chen Tong is one of sina’s largest, but also the content of advertising + mode creator, as vice president of sina’s vs editor, Chen Tong would have agreed that it is the spiritual leader of sina. Until today, Sina advantage compared to its rival Sohu, NetEase is also in the content, the Sina brand and content ability is the largest capital, now content leader Chen Tong’s imminent departure, Sina can keep the advantage in the content on


where is Chen Tong going to Baidu?!

Robin Li is in urgent need of a portal, content of the big boss, as long as Chen Tong intentionally, Robin Li will take the elevator from the ideal international office to pick up Chen Tong, then a left ideal International Building, Baidu building. Chen Tong to Baidu is a good choice, not only lose their identity, but also do not lose the future, but the broader space, more challenging and imaginative.

is said to have the idea of Baidu’s acquisition of sina, the last time a friend and an investment bank also talked about these, Baidu needs a growth point, an imagination space. Baidu has the potential to invest in the industry has not yet found a number of projects, has not yet decided in Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu who choose to invest in. Chen Tong joined Baidu, Baidu will have to strengthen the content in a very short period of time, and Chen Tong with a few go getters is very normal things.

Cao Guowei is an occupation managers to consider their own return, Chen Tong think is the future of sina, Sina and the possible relationship between the Sina decided the fate of the future of the future, Chen Tong is gone, is a microcosm of a bygone era of



CNNIC intends to amend the regulations officially open to individuals CN domain name registration

January 18th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) according to the authorities, on the drafting of personal domain name registration open plan, and advance to the "domain name registration rules" relevant provisions were revised. Once the new policies and regulations to be implemented, which means that the CN domain name for the first time officially allow individuals to apply for registration.

CNNIC intends to open an individual registered CN domain name

once tightened personal CN domain name management policy, is expected to make adjustments in the near future. According to assistant director CNNIC Qi Lin Sina Technology revealed that CNNIC has been based on the requirements of the competent authorities to study the drafting of the individual registration domain name open program. At present, CNNIC is actively communicating with the competent authorities, hoping to amend the provisions of the relevant provisions as soon as possible.

from the beginning of 2002, "China CNNIC domain name registration rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules" provisions), CN domain name applicants should be registered according to law and be able to independently bear civil liability organization". Although previously individuals can apply for the registration of CN domain name, but in fact has not been officially recognized.

Qi Lin said in talking about the adjustment, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of the person can set up a website and for the record, "then the corresponding domain name and website, should also allow individuals to apply for".

last December 11th, CNNIC issued on Further Strengthening the domain name registration information audit notice. This announcement has also been interpreted as CNNIC stop the application for the registration of domain names CN. After that there was even a rumor that individuals can not be registered as a domain name, domain name will be suspended due to expire".

has indicated that prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, will lead to individual users to choose the foreign registration, or fraudulent use of the name of the company was forced to fill in false information.

"as soon as possible to allow individual users registered CN domain name, the user and website at home, not rushed to go abroad," Qi Lin pointed out that "if indiscriminate forced to delete or suspend the analysis of personal domain name registration, not only not conducive to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of customers, to carry out the work and is not conducive to Internet governance the real name system work".

personal CN domain name has been held in advance deregulation

on Friday, CNNIC issued a notice on the registration of the domain name information has been done to check the work, which provides a brief list of personal domain name holders in the verification work should be submitted to prove the information. However, it is just a word of the request, the release of the CNNIC is relaxed personal domain name registration information.

according to the above policy adjustment, Qi Lin in an Sina Technology connection said, "for the registration information is true, accurate, complete and proper use of the CN domain, the protection of legitimate rights and interests, including personal domain name registration". In other words, a legitimate individual user will be able to continue to hold the CN domain >


Food network marketing gold consumers have a fresh viral

hunger breeds discontentment, this, I believe we all understand, and in fact, Feifei is a very greedy girl, think about every day around the world food.

food industry has been in the whole world economy plays an important role in the food industry, Chinese is one of the higher degree of market competition in the industry, especially after joining the WTO China, Chinese food industry is constantly accelerating. In recent years, food consumption crowd widely, competition fierce, the network marketing has become the media of assorted cold dishes after dinner dessert, the network has become a necessary food dish.

from the consumer level that people under the age of 35 is the main force in food consumption, Feifei mouth of the so-called gold consumers and users but it is one of the most active part of the group. Most of them have been accustomed to learning, work, communication, entertainment, life and so on through the network way to get more consumer information and life experience. Or a word: in order to seize the heart of the E generation, network marketing is undoubtedly the best way to capture the conventional advertising marketing increasingly tired of consumers.

food enterprises more and more in recent years end up this large network marketing, eat fresh. The following is Feifei of network marketing of domestic food plays a role of 4 points.

1 All flowers bloom together. network marketing modeLow

food consumers age level, this part of the consumer Internet most is holding entertainment mentality to go, so the direct way of advertising is difficult to grasp this group of young people’s heart, from marketing to SNS video game, from marketing to small type fashionable virus marketing, from wireless marketing to show off hungry Minisite, fresh network form all may become the carrier of food marketing.

2 to seize the mouth of the patrons, the amount of increase in the number of

food industry is the people’s most basic living security industry, of course, the food industry’s natural consumption of a wide range of people, the natural competition is inevitable. Network marketing to strengthen the depth of the competition, not only to supplement the role of the media, but also contributed to the sharp increase in the number of Internet users, the corresponding network marketing is greatly widened the space.

3 old rivals launched a new contest of network marketing model

typical example, Yili and Mengniu, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these competitors well-matched in strength but never do on TV advertisement and terminal promotion mode to fight, and now the rise of network marketing, and to make sure they fought three hundred rounds. Erie is very clear and very reasonable to borrow the 08 years of the Olympic Games this big cake, very good and ruthless for their own brand of great publicity and further enhance their stable status. As can be imagined after network marketing will be staged many "scenes", Feifei, I believe everyone will understand this truth: who is willing to discard the increasingly large network consumer market.



Look at the well-known brand case soft cultural marketing, this blind spot you ignore it

hard culture advertising marketing such as McDonald’s "I love it!"; "sunshine one hundred soy milk taste; anti dandruff advertising for the Procter & Gamble Company Head and Shoulders, in common with all of these advertising and marketing is the product features or their image to the mode of hard sell to consumers.

but they ignore an important link: cognitive habits of consumers is only interested in them. And those things of their own active memory preservation of long-term memory, but for those who are not interested in things, is only a "left ear, right ear" can not be called the memory of the moment


now comes up with a question: what do you think of billboards everywhere on the street and ads on TV every few minutes?

As a result, 93.5% of people surveyed by the

professional survey company had an aversion to the hard culture marketing. As everyone knows, the launch of a product can be sold only by the consumers know more likely, an important part of advertising and marketing also has become an indispensable product manufacturing and consumer buying process. After nearly a hundred years of development, this kind of hard cultural advertising reached its peak in twenty-first Century, and with the peak of this kind of advertising boom, consumers have reached an unprecedented level of resentment.

Coca-Cola and KFC’s secret recipe

hard cultural marketing advertising again and again to repeat the enterprise brand, want to make use of repeated to allow consumers to hear their own brand to remember their brand. The soft cultural marketing advertising refers to the use of some consumers can seize the eye of public interest or stealth advertising to allow consumers to take the initiative to remember your brand!

soft cultural marketing and hard cultural marketing is the biggest difference: soft cultural marketing focus on allowing consumers to remember your brand image, and hard cultural marketing is forcing consumers to remember your brand image.

Coca-Cola soft cultural marketing and KFC soft cultural marketing to show people this completely different brand communication ideas.

let’s take a look at Coca-Cola and the world fast-food giant KFC is how the soft cultural marketing? After investigation, we found that there is a common point of these two big brand marketing, that is what they are selling his secret:

Coca-Cola’s secret recipe is:

The secret of Coca-Cola

stored in the vault, very tight security measures, and this is what the tight unimaginable. If the company who wants to query this secret, then, the person must first apply, after the trust’s board of directors approved the full access to the vault key. At the same time, it is also strictly stipulated that the opening of the vault must meet the following two conditions: (1) the presence of the official; and the opening of the deposit within the specified period of time (2). So far less than 10 people know the secret.



Bank of China collection has been adjusted to 60, affecting the foreign union checks

Recently we are in the reaction Chinese bank collection business commission and to raise a sum of 60 yuan, is a sum of $30 before.

it reduces the number of transactions.

or $$50 only 400 yuan, but also to the bank 60 yuan, is not worthwhile.

similarly to Google, Adsense also is such, can increase the pay, set $300  to $500;.

1) join the Asian Dating Center to start your online money making plan "

2) quickly apply for Google Adsense advertising:

tidy collection procedures

required procedures are as follows:

1, get the check from the postman, take the check and your ID card to the local bank of China for check collection.

2, ICBC, CCB and other international clearing banks are now able to handle this business.

3, usually in the Bank of China in the foreign currency or foreign currency Department of the counter for collection procedures, do not forget to fill in your phone number.

4, you need to pay a certain fee to the Bank of China and check the mailing fee. The fees are different according to the situation, but is generally around 60 yuan per check.

5, pick up the receipt, about 1 months or so the bank will call to inform you of the collection success.

6, take your receipt and ID card to the foreign currency counter, then you can see your dollar! Banks can also be directly converted into RMB, is currently around 1:8.

related questions:

1, as long as the English address is correct, you can receive a check from a foreign advertising sponsor for about two or three weeks. If you still haven’t received a check in 1 months, you should write to the sponsor and ask for a new post.

2, after receipt of the check, the Bank of China should be more than the county branch, request the collection of checks.

3, 1 months later, you can go to the bank to ask whether the collection is successful.

4, checks are valid for a period of 60 months, generally marked on the check, such as "Void after days" refers to the date from the date of completion of the collection within the effective date of collection within 90 days. The maturity date of the check is based on the date of receipt of the local bank. All in all, we should collect the check as soon as possible. 5, after receiving the check if my account is deleted, but also collection and received the money? Can, in most cases can also.