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Love Shanghai hot real time preview adjustment algorithm

preview only for search results page for the latest information of this type. When we move the mouse to the vocabulary when real hot inside, the result is a preview of the search results page home page top, and belong to the latest information related to this arrangement, but when we move to Zhou Chenghai when the name, the result displayed is not the case, as shown below:




just love Shanghai is adjusted, but this is probably only to have love Shanghai accounts. Because only love Shanghai accounts in Shanghai love home to add real-time hot columns, actually love Shanghai before the launch of the home page to add the application, has been in Shanghai account for love publicity, tell everyone, love Shanghai registered account, can get a better user experience. Now the further expansion, perhaps is also just a test. But now let’s look at the Shanghai love this test, we can get the guess what.

from the results we can see that love Shanghai is pursuing the latest information this list ranking, how to make the site is our webmaster pursuit of adding the latest list. But the latest relevant information or observation we found that the site is a list of famous news sites. We can not think so, the relevant information is the latest hot love Shanghai for real-time of algorithm. The double s weight-loss drug 贵族宝贝cmxmc贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

in fact, before this, Shanghai has love love Shanghai in the search bar drop-down box preview test, but now has been removed, and now to be a preview of real-time hot test. Otherwise, guess, love improved Shanghai’s next step algorithm, will add the preview function. In the other search engines have a preview function and performance is good, love Shanghai is already in the hands of the test.


However, this seems to be


How to update the content of the website optimization


many owners often reprinted content from other sites, enrich the website, think you can enrich the content of the website, the search engines often come to visit my website. In fact, this is very wrong, as the saying goes with your enquiry, the content does not need too much, but must ensure the quality. High quality original content, of course, can effectively improve the site’s weight, and if the owners do not have the time to get too much of the original content, but also can be used to solve the pseudo original, reproduced charges of pseudo original content etc..

The attention of the pageSince

website in Shanghai Longfeng, keywords and chain, similar to the social one dress, and it can than a person’s speech and deportment. Dress, wear no problem, do not need to do too much, but the conversation is different, with the increase of time need to constantly improve, otherwise your website search engine will gradually be eliminated.

so, how to update the website content? How to update the content of the website, webmaster friends shared his experience for us:

"content is king", according to a website, the website content update is very important. So, the webmaster is how to update the website content? From the optimization perspective, how to update the content of

website Shanghai dragon, keywords, website content, the construction of the chain can be said to be the three most important aspects. These three aspects of the pros and cons, we do not hard to distinguish. But a friend is such a metaphor used here is suitable for:

if the original content is actually relatively small it can be appropriate to reduce the other duplicate content that page. At the bottom of the information, such as navigation, some less appropriate, can also achieve high difference each other.


The independence of the ?

original content, reduce the content of


many webmaster friends just pay attention to the original, so meager, attendance etc under the original capital, to the separate page content. Although these general conditions are absolutely original content, but most of them only a few words. The difference between each page and page 30% of the minimum, otherwise it will be regarded as a large number of duplicate pages, duplicate pages, and against the Shanghai dragon aspect.

pay attention to regular update, general >

content, there are some differences between

short content need to pay attention to different problems, so the original content longer, it is natural to the corresponding section. To make full use of natural resources, the specific number of word segmentation, according to the content of the page itself. Generally between 1000 words -2000 words. Section can increase the original content page, adding the page included, naturally the weight is not a small benefit.

regularly updated


Design of website of Shanghai dragon too profound to be understood diagnosis

design company more and more attention to the network promotion, now this society no matter what the industry wants to survive, the effects are not despise the network, even now the three year old child will be online, what you want will be to buy online, this is, in the design industry issued a warning to us to enter the network otherwise, sooner or later will be eliminated by the society. Perhaps it is because we have seen the influence of network promotion, design companies have now recruit specialized network promotion Shanghai dragon talent, but because the boss do not understand, therefore, network promotion personnel recruit sometimes are not really master, often are a lot of new sites in the hand, when problems arise unable to find a solution, it is common to.

we give to work is difficult, but no way, who let oneself not the boss? If one day they can not give people work, I believe we will always be in the fantasy, is the dream of many people, but often if there is such a day, they have the economic ability of the time but, don’t know to what to do, but lost all of a sudden, do not know they have been pursued by the industry, whether it is feasible, sometimes, the dream is just a dream, want to realize the really difficult, things are not impossible, but they do not do it, or do not be afraid to try, believe that this is a common problem in all.

I was a member of the

belongs to them, their every day dream of your boss, but really that day, but their back, ha seem a bit off topic, but now it seems to say, I am responsible for the company’s VI website design after optimization of A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng fault diagnosis team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) after making a comprehensive diagnosis on my web site, whether the situation has improved, that even I was a bit skeptical, at first see the A5 Adsense nets to the "web site optimization proposal" not what in particular, in the most mentioned or content, chain, website structure, aspect keywords layout, those points are basically all >


Kazakhstan smart you believe have guessed network promotion specialist I was the fish in troubled water can not say, in fact, I really do network promotion, only limited. When the VI website design company for the server, after ranking suddenly fell, I was really incapable of action, because. Then why website ranking, do it up, what exactly is the operation played a role, I don’t know. Therefore, when the rankings off, take the initiative to please specialize in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service team to help, the level of their own, therefore, you know, there is no need to waste time, so that it will let the company website suffered heavy losses, now is to reduce the net station loss is a top priority, boss can Cuizhe beside it, she may not have any visible ranking drop, this already be furious, if not able to recover as soon as possible, then I can go.


Three stages of love Shanghai down the right of recovery

two: site and domain normal

: a normal recovery site included

did not experience the site is down right webmaster is not good webmaster, have not experienced efforts to restore down right after the webmaster is not good webmaster, every webmaster are more or less experienced their operations or the construction site is down right through, especially for domestic love Shanghai, as the world’s largest Chinese search, many time is always unique. For example love Shanghai right down, does not seem to be a webmaster can understand that, according to their own website for the website home page is right down to talk about his love for Shanghai right down summary:

example: the author of the station officially launched in February 2011, because of relying on the high weight maternal website, so in Google PR updated website have a development, love Shanghai in a week after the line on the website included, included the results is not good, can only be said to be intermittent, high and low, sometimes delete there is, after several months of inflation; website keyword ranked in the Shanghai love home, and to the main keywords multiple inheritance home. Start the revision in August 2011, the main purpose of a pseudo static URL address and modify the website information flow, enhance information and information closely, disappear from Shanghai included in love after the revision of the website, all the keywords ranking disappeared after the three months of hard work, until now the web page site and domain ranking consistent and snapshot. Through their case, the author thinks that the process is down right after the restoration of the love of Shanghai is divided into three stages:

site and domain is every webmaster every morning the first thing to do, but it also reflects the role of the two. Through the website is normal, we will start the normal development site site, is basically the next day or every three days, the increase of domain website, to be consistent with site. The site at this stage spent a total of nearly 2 months. The author believes that site and domain are the most direct evidence that web site is love Shanghai to redefine and audit, the two recovery is equal to the basic right to be reduced from the website of the cycle of pulling out, the next key is the ranking of the site.

three: return keyword ranking


website is the most obvious that the best way to love Shanghai crawl frequency and website content. Your website became stable, and the growth of stable frequency, so this is the first stage to be down right after the restoration of the love of Shanghai. At this stage is currently the most updated data heard website content should be stable, not three days fishing nets two days, to ensure the update site, if you can try to a high degree of false original or original, this will shorten the time period.

website weight recovery and site keywords ranking is the two thing, website ranking must have weight, the weight of a website ranking is not necessarily irreversible, push.


A new algorithm to update and adjust your love in Shanghai also calm it

no matter how search engines can not recognize whether we buy links, our best is to optimize the formal, do not use this method as well, after all, is not easy to hard to do site.

if you don’t know what is love Shanghai fire please patiently observed a week to adjust for the good, can also reflect the situation of Shanghai complaints through love.


algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right third points:

a recent update, is currently a hot discussion is that "the love of Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm", the news came out, the Internet community and the Shanghai dragon boiling, some people are happy people worry, happy people are those who do regular people, not opportunistic. The people who worry is those who use the algorithm from natural vulnerability, cheating site.

algorithm to adjust down the right the first point:

have a large number of websites related to unilateral point to your site, so the chain end is you bought, or your website experience is good, others give you the link, I believe that the search engine in this area does not necessarily have to recognize, presumably just love to deter these through the purchase of Shanghai warned link chain webmaster.

2012 is the Shanghai Dragon World turmoil years ah, this day Shanghai continuously adjust and update algorithm, each update algorithm, there will be a number of Web site is K or drop right, this year’s love Shanghai update frequency is high, the search engine ranking fluctuations are large, attracted a large number of owners complain about countless.

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right fourth points:

love Shanghai because it is a new update algorithm, are generally may have from which we may, many people are aware that the algorithm has just been launched, it can’t be 100% perfect, will update the previous adjustment algorithm by some of the regular site, if you are this kind of false hurt good words, this is no way, the only solution is to wait until the love of Shanghai, the next update can restore your website.

external links in our general chain way: forums, blogs, business network, Q >

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right second points:

Links belongs to the hyperlink, so the Links effect is not outside, and now Links must be a priority among priorities, upgrade algorithm proposed, not exchange links recommended, is probably the only Links we have more links to related web sites that can link the site or indecent cheating on the site, Links now focus on quality rather than quantity, so we must take this check, the low quality of the website rather than not, don’t hurt my website

for only some views in this algorithm update caused a portion of the site is down right reference:


How to reduce and avoid invalid clicks of shlf1314 AdsenseAd alliance custom advertising specificati

is the catch up from behind Ali mother strenuously, shortly before the increase in the number of ads, but overall still along shlf1314 AdSense road in walking.

      in theory, invalid clicks are impossible to avoid altogether, as it depends on the user’s behavior and the judgment of the shlf1314 Adsense. On the one hand, the user’s spontaneous click is the webmaster can not control, and in addition, shlf1314 Adsense invalid click on the judge is not open, but also publishers powerless.


if your friends and relatives know your website, please communicate with them fully to avoid their personal impact on advertising clicking.


quoted content: ads do not click on your
1, regardless of the circumstances in which the. If you are interested in advertising content, use the AdSense preview tool to view the target url.
2, if your friends and relatives know your website, please communicate with them fully, so as to avoid their personal impact on advertising.
3, do not encourage your users to click ads, for example, do not use the following statement " on the site. Support this site. Please click on "ad "";.
4, please do not participate in any advertising, inter point, traffic exchange and other alliances.
5, please pay attention to the website publicity, don’t include the shlf1314 advertising web link published in may bring invalid click on the web site.
6, make sure your account mailbox receives mail from shlf1314 AdSense, and checks email and replies in a timely manner. shlf1314 AdSense will not stop any publisher’s account without reason. If your account has any problems, we will communicate with you via email first.
7, often check your account data and website log, if found abnormal click, please contact us in time.

      but I think the suggestion about relatives and friends is unreasonable, because it is too taken for granted.

      in fact, this >

for the publisher, I think most of the advertising alliance lacks a specification, that is the custom. In my impression of Yahoo bidding is customizable, sh419 alliance to promote the theme of the old code seems to have this option, but now the new code is not supported.

we are the most common advertising specification is 468*60, we can now see the ads have been very diverse. Before the specification of shlf1314 is the most AdSense, so it has become a model of advertising copy, now is the largest sh419 alliance specifications.

custom advertising specifications for advertising alliance may be difficult, but if a good advertising alliance advertising support custom specifications, then it is in the publisher group will have a high degree of support. After all the webmaster, site coordination is the first one.

      coarse to have a relationship between the interests of your friends and relatives and the webmaster, it is more likely to cause human click, in fact for most Chinese site owners and users have maintained a good relationship, if there is such a worry so webmaster should talk to all the people in the shlf1314 Adsense put on the full communication.

sh419 alliance is not only the largest, but also the relative best look, also added a lot of choice in the theme promotion. This is the sh419 alliance especially sh419 theme promotion in the big progress recently, and in the same field, shlf1314 AdSense is relatively backward.

      but at least the webmaster can reduce and avoid invalid clicks as necessary. Here is the advice of the shlf1314 Adsense services team to publishers that help publishers avoid invalid clicks:

Advertising specifications

of course, shlf1314 AdSense advertising specifications are also increasing, although the increase in the number of far less than the sh419 alliance. shlf1314 AdSense, the biggest problem is dealing with the details of advertising, and sh419’s flexible, shlf1314 AdSense specification is relatively simple, especially the font and size, the English based font have shlf1314 AdSense behind other advertising alliance in the shape of the.


Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease not too fast reactionIf you don’t see the succe

Internet start-ups aren’t easy. Are you ready to start a business or start a business? Or are you ready for this venture? What are your chances of success?. For entrepreneurs, starting a business is a tough marathon. Success depends on whether you can keep it up. You may succeed or fail if you stick to it, but if you don’t stick to it, you don’t have a chance to succeed. Sometimes, you insist on doing something. There is a saying: if investors in victory, often only embrace failure; if you persist in the difficult, often will get a new success. I hope this will give some encouragement to my friends who are in the difficult period of starting their business.

who is in charge of the online meeting today? They may not have to do the work for the next two years. So when someone needs to do a new job, whether they know how to do? In a startup, repetitive tasks in execution often every time like to start, the best guide to behavior and lack of an all can follow. Therefore, please record repeated tasks and projects so that others can quickly get started and perform better.

here, A5 admin5 editor reminds some friends who are ready to start a business, if you are not fully prepared, I suggest you do not rush to try. In a word, opportunities are for those who are prepared. Entrepreneurship should choose a good direction, seize the opportunity, on the road forward can be less bumpy. Entrepreneurs should always remember that there may be winding experiences in the process of starting a business

if you are participating in the exhibition last year, so what did you learn from this experience? What value? What is just a waste of time and money? With the personnel adjustment and transfer, entrepreneurial companies tend to make systematic knowledge lost inheritance, and some best practices guide in one year later it is easy to be forgotten. You need to take some time to record and store the information in a unified location for easier access to others.


for entrepreneurs, the failure is probably the most terrible, perhaps you will have nothing after the failure, and then will recover. But, I think, failure is not so terrible, if you can stand up from failure, success will be very close to you. Even if you fail in business, in some ways you are still successful, because you are brave enough to try and start a business. Webmaster friends, do you think you are successful? No matter how you decide, in my opinion, even if you haven’t started yet, you are still successful in some ways.

some start-up companies will debate whether to spend more than $50 on the show, while the entire show budget is actually $10 thousand. On this issue, let 6 people sitting in the conference room to discuss whether it is worth for 1 hours? No budget activities, whether it is possible at a faster way to achieve? Of course in the development of the company need to manage financial, but also pay attention to the not possible in the plan, and to take action quickly.

even if you’re doing business in a completely new market, you won’t be able to avoid planning, and planning just a few months or one or two quarters is not enough. You need to make plans for 12 months or longer, and make daily decisions based on such goals.

any enterprise can easily enter the "fire drills" model, and many start-up companies will respond quickly to market opportunities. But when you start a new business, you need to make a plan. Strategically, you need to know what you want to focus on. It’s a year’s plan for the Department, and a plan for yourself for a month, week, or day. Companies are in all sorts of situations, but you need to know what’s important and stay focused.

reaction doesn’t have to be too fast,

documents and processes

recently, I have paid special attention to entrepreneurship, too. There are successful entrepreneurs and losers. For the vast number of webmaster friends speaking, now is in a difficult period of entrepreneurship. However, in this period of rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, some small and medium-sized Web site webmaster friends, in front of the future can not see the premise, you will continue to adhere to it?

institutionalized learning and best behavior

makes more long-term plans

startups >

I think, should avoid the following six kinds of "entrepreneurial disease" big companies:

for repetitive tasks

avoid clever mistakes and make big mistakes

recently on the Internet business failure cases meet the eye everywhere, have the wedding platform media broke the news of a website’s stop service; a commercial website due to funding strand breaks money owed to suppliers and was on the verge of collapse and so on. There are many reasons for the failure, due to funding strand breaks, product sales is not good, not fully prepared, merchants settled in groups on the insufficiency, lack of management experience and so on are likely to cause the failure of entrepreneurs. Although success and failure in business, but if you can learn from the experience of failure, have the courage to re – emerge, as well as the charm of success. Here, why do I mention a number of cases of entrepreneurial failure, because I personally think that the failure of the experience, but also allows entrepreneurs to recognize some of the mistakes to pay attention to.

as long as possible to retain the best talent

as we all know, startups can’t emulate big companies in many ways. However, this does not mean that the entrepreneurial model can lead to greater efficiency, and large companies should avoid interference by the mindset of start-up companies.


Clear user experience requirements through user experience research

After discovering and analyzing business objectives and customer needs,

should translate them into experiential requirements and (final) features. Guidelines for defining experiential features and experiential requirements include:

·: BACKGROUND: what is the platform for submitting experience? Is it a browser on a desktop computer, or a wireless device like Palm, VII, pocketPC, mobile phones,


· environment: what is the experience of environment? The way home office??? The dim light? There is no danger? The user experience is occurring on a single platform, desktop computer, handheld devices, mobile phone or


·: scalability and scalability: what changes may occur during the development of the user experience?

·: what impact do other experiences that users may experience affect the expectations and purposes of the company’s user experience?

·: process: what are the typical task streams of using experience?

·: navigation: what are the key tasks that users have to accomplish? What paths can users do best?

·: Transactions: what are the important transactions? How did they start and complete?

·: qualitative analysis: what about the experience,


·: quantitative analysis:

how long will it take to complete the task,


if you have tools such as search engines, you have to click on them for a few seconds.

how long will it take to experience the first experience?

Author: Hangzhou billion billion European Network Technology Co., Ltd.


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Snow beer can provide protection

Since the introduction of Chinese since

beer has been selling wine ranks, one is because of cheap beer, can meet the needs of mass consumption, two is because the beer has become one of a routine food and drink. There are a lot of beer brands, today focuses on snow beer. Snow Beer foam, as white as snow, yellow wine, bright light, fresh, light taste of cool, young and energetic, enterprising brand personality, slightly bitter taste, pleasant soft refreshing, summer iced drink, more trees, a drink after a long time to forget. Snow Beer, not only sold in China, is also popular in the foreign market, is the beer agent to join a good opportunity! Drinks market opportunities together! Want to join to create wealth, to choose well-known brands more secure! So, how do Snow Beer agents? Snow Beer agent security is what


What are the safeguards for

snowflake beer?

1, price protection: the same quality products on the market, due to the high cost of the impact of sales, snow beer unconditional return.

2, patent protection: how do Snow Beer agents? Snow Beer company brewary series of equipment and technology, have been declared national patent, the State shall enjoy the protection of intellectual property rights. Patented technology, proprietary equipment, leading the industry coquettish.

3, quality assurance: beer brewing equipment Snow Beer provided by the company, brewed beer raw materials due to quality problems, Snow Beer company unconditionalreturn.

4, sales support: Snow Beer company unified arrangement of logistics distribution, unified sales channels, to provide free marketing tips, personal tour guide, assist sales, to ensure that your business worry free, safe money.

5, regional security: how to do a good job of snow beer agents snow beer to join the development of the limit, the strict implementation of regional protection policies, your site you call the shots.

6, security: Snow Beer win-win join, free to provide a full set of procedures and set up factories, unified brand, unified packaging, all year round in strong media for cooperation to provide a large advertising support for brand promotion, the sharing of resources, to create a joint China brewed beer industry leader.

7, service security: special help to build factories, snow beer headquarters to join long-term free technical advisory services, free training wine technology, guide the operation. Priority to provide new products, new technologies, and always maintain industry-leading level.

8, security: Snow beer company to ensure a strong economic strength of a successful cooperation, for those who do not operate, can be a safe exit, without any risk.


Junior Girls opened tea thousand

now, people know that the employment industry pressure, college students employment difficulties, so many college students have chosen to start their own business, the choice of what kind of project management is very important. Zang little sister is a student of Jiangsu Institute of Economic&Trade Technology, is a professional accounting, the knowledge of the economy more detailed understanding. Now, the opening of two tea, there is a small shop, monthly earnings are good, is toward a better direction.

big 21 holiday, she returned to her hometown of Lishui, it just hit a tea factory in charge of tea. "This should be very profitable, otherwise they are so busy tired, but also smiling face." So, she spent more than two hundred yuan to buy some tea, put a small stall on the street in the street to sell up, a day and a half after the tea sold out. A reckoning, no, actually earned nearly 200 yuan. Profits reached 100%." This makes her more determined to choose the business, to work for others, as their own boss.

, however, the first venture is not smooth. Her tea after the opening, the total business lackluster. Once she got 5000 yuan Spring Snail, because the quality of tea can not sell the roots, and eventually had to lose sale. Zang little sister found that this is mainly because they know nothing about tea, into the tea leaves are not old, that is, too much fried, so no one patronize tea.

"after two months, I start cramming tea knowledge, but also ask a lot of experienced tasters." Zang sister said, is full of tea time, hang a thick notebook with the selected tea. Two months of training, so that the younger sister Zang suddenly lost a total of ten pounds, but has become a real understanding of tea experts.

this two months time is not white hard, and now every time into the tea can pick a good tea, so the store’s business is getting better and better. Now, she opened a shop "day tea tea". Although starting soon, but this house also began to profit, a month can earn one million dollars.

for many entrepreneurs, good entrepreneurial project selection is very important, the students choose to open tea, have a very good development space, professional brand, broad market, smooth operation, is very popular. More than a business story, I believe we have brought a lot of inspiration, so that people get a lot of entrepreneurial approach.

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