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All business can not be crude and careless

business is very fierce fierce thing, but some people in the business is still easy also how to protect such crude and careless, the popular business development? Huaian city retail customers Zhang Cheng, last winter to eat "yabakui". Originally, in the winter of 07, a gift of wine in the local market is very good, so in the coming winter this year on the occasion, he did not examine the market, two not to the factory to research on a large number of the introduction of the goods.

but let him unexpectedly, this gift of wine in the Spring Festival just before the sale is not a long time, manufacturers have launched this product upgrade series, after upgrading the products not only in the packaging and taste than the original product more attractive packaging, taste more mellow, but the price has not changed, which makes the Zhang boss hoarding inventory into sales of "burden", blame yourself without consideration, regardless of the brand to enter the market conditions are ripe, the more the introduction of a large number of large quantities of goods piled up in warehouses are not sold, the money did not earn, but also cook a pot of cooked rice. To this end, Zhang boss is regret, regret that he did not grasp the opportunity to make themselves in a passive. read more

Small business projects to join more impressive Bookstore

in general, the bookstore, is always very competitive, joined the choice, but also very strong. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the bookstore, no doubt, is a very wise choice, the best choice for success!

features bookstore is a permanent business opportunities. Because the book as a carrier of culture, so it will not run out of date, can be described as unlimited market opportunities. I remember someone once said: "no matter what the time to invest in bookstores are not outrageous, no one to invest in bookstores, that era is outrageous". Here we look at the characteristics of the bookstore to join the process! read more

A new line of city suitable for Entrepreneurship

choose a suitable entrepreneurial city, equal to an important first step towards successful entrepreneurship, which seems to be small, but it is very important. On whether the new line of business is suitable for entrepreneurship, in 2013 the Kingsoft Corp CEO Fu Sheng and fun playing network CEO week launched a debate.

but cannot deny Fu Sheng, Chengdu as a rise in the new first-tier cities, several factors have decided it could become the new innovation center. And like Hangzhou, near the first tier cities, but also the Internet giant city, entrepreneurial environment is also very mature. A report in

read more

What are the location of the dry cleaning shop

dry cleaners are a good business at the moment, if you open a dry cleaners, then you can get a good income. A lot of friends want to invest in dry cleaners, then, open dry cleaning stores, then, what are the location skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, frequent commercial activities in the district. This area because of row upon row of shops, commercial outlets has formed the scale, the holidays are usually the customer The stream never stops flowing. flow waves. This region is characterized by: the customer to the consumer, if in this period of a dry cleaning shop, because customers come here to do the laundry especially convenient. I can buy the necessary things, too, can save time, Why not?? But these lots often land, even if there are conditions to set up shop in this position, must also be carefully assessed, because here rent prices may be particularly high, in addition to large expenditure, how much profit, must be carefully planned, if there is not much profit, it is not necessary to take greater risks. read more

Join the horse Youbu beef noodles what conditions

China’s most famous and most representative of the traditional media, of course, CCTV, CCTV can be seen by nature is a certain representative. You know what? In 1992, CCTV TV drama "beef noodle story" in Lanzhou, the scene is selected Ma Youbu beef noodle shop, of course, this is just the beginning of Lanzhou; Ma Youbu beef noodle development. In 1993 the State Ministry of domestic horse Youbu beef noodle shop the first to join the "China Time-honored" ranks. Lanzhou City People’s Government awarded the "Lanzhou beef noodle Youbu horse" advanced unit title. The first Chinese Silk Road Festival, Ma Youbu beef noodle was designated as special supply point. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodle now is Lanzhou city Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef level store, is also one of Lanzhou citizens eat beef noodles. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodles, adhering to the "hunger breeds discontentment, food to face for the first" purpose. Favored by consumers in many of the Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles brand. So what are the good Hand-Pulled Noodle brand franchise? read more

Jiangxi officially published in the University of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Series

is a positive response to innovation and entrepreneurship, the day before the official publication of the Jiangxi university entrepreneurship education textbook series, to cultivate and inspire the innovation of college students "awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability.

is the first public textbook consists of three volumes, more than 120 words, namely "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (for College), "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (applicable to higher vocational colleges) and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship "classic case tutorial". Adhere to the teaching materials for the province’s colleges and universities, for all professional, for all students orientation, to cultivate and stimulate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and innovation ability as the goal, focus on the latest achievements reflect domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education theory research and practice development, the latest case and mining at home and abroad of innovation and entrepreneurship education model, core concept, well-known figures, typical events and other aspects, respond well to the teachers and students in Colleges and universities of "scientific, advanced and applicable" characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching needs and expectations. read more

How to join Shu nine incense pot

Hot pot to join in the project of a self up to now has experienced 16 years of Hot pot project, has also been in their own strength to prove themselves in the mouth, consumers continue to praise, it is Shu nine incense Hot pot, then Shu nine incense Hot pot to join? If investors can join?

Shu nine incense, originated in the 2000 "happy every Hot pot Tuzao Shuangnan restaurant" a 400 square meters of small shops. Along the way, we harvest is not only full of honor of the hot pot brand, as well as many consumers from the long-term concern and support of silence, these are all the time in the spur, inspire Shu nine incense. Someone said: "to build a market is more important than to sell a batch of products, to find an industry is more important than the development of a market, it is due to 11 years ago, nine people dare to challenge the Shu Xiang Restaurant traditional pattern, 11 years of pioneering Sichuan restaurant market, which makes us today has 14 straight the number of stores, chain stores catering scale. read more

At the age of sixteen I left home I began to start empty-handed Road

I was born in a small village, there is a very poor village, perhaps, was born in a small village where is my misfortune, perhaps it is my lucky… I was very naughty, do not go to school, third year, one day I was playing truant father caught, he severely beat me, scold me no good, I used to dawdle. I was very angry with was supposed to pay for books 136 3 cents away…

I the first car to Hangzhou, to the future, only 91 dollars in pocket, I can’t stay in a hotel, because I know that I only have enough money to eat a few days meal! I wandered on the edge of West Lake, there is no mood to appreciate the beauty, thinking about how to survive, I was only 16 old, can not sleep at night, during the day in a public seat sleep, after two days, I began to find a job, I finally see a snack bar in the move, I don’t see what people recruit, ask the boss I fit, he began to say I was too small, but I said. As long as there is the lodging place, he asked me 400 dollars a month to do it, I was only more than and 50 dollars, I have no choice… read more

Webmaster daily broadcast Youku potatoes account Dangdang Dangdang into the field of alcohol

1, Youku potatoes integration start: today account interconnection

Sohu IT news, Youku and Tudou from today to achieve account connection, both users can use one of the site account login two sites, which is seen as the beginning of the integration of the two sides. It is reported that the user can establish the account of the two sites to connect, from today, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, users can use the account login Youku, Youku users can also use Youku account landing tudou. Youku and Tudou announced on March 12th the official merger, data show that after the merger of both users coverage of nearly 80%. read more

Internet recruitment vertical pull hook network for $5 million A round of financing to build a fast

Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net yesterday announced $5 million A round of financing, the investor is Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, currently has total funds to the account. The network was first established, Xu Xiaoping had won millions of dollars in angel investment Li Qing et al., and obtained A round of financing from the product line to the network, only 8 months.

CEO Ma Delong introduced the network, the use of pull hook recruitment network for Internet Co has more than 5000 companies, including Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other enterprises. As of now, pull hook were released more than 52000 internet jobs generated resume delivery 600 thousand people. read more

Google recently updated a number of stations reduce PR PR

Chutian Webmaster Station CHUTIANZ.COM latest news: the number of owners according to reliable sources said this month Google PR value or range will be big update. In fact, Google PR value of the update in June 15th and June 16th have been updated, this station reporter Liang brother found large website PR a lot of PR7 was reduced to PR4 and PR5, and even some PR8 site was reduced to PR3. Here are some of the sites that have been updated by PR at 8 a.m. on the morning of June 17th, and have been reduced by PR: read more

Hundreds of billions of data marketing battlefield big data is the soul of the body

marketing is one of the big data bear the brunt of the battlefield, but the big data marketing, virtual reality is


in the field of big data marketing, the most well-known than the joke: as a manager in your computer to see indecent advertising company web page, blame the person working poor. In fact, it is the big data behind the excavation of the manager’s web browsing features.

in fact, this joke is expressed in the scene, in the big data technology is not difficult to present. Currently in the field of digital marketing, almost everyone is talking about the use of large data precision. read more

Beverage industry website site received 120 thousand shares in July

has been operating beverage industry portal for 7 months, in continuous learning, constantly thinking, constantly after the implementation of the website IP number exceeded 2500 people from the original 0 to the present, and increasing every day, and now the first received industry shares invested 120 thousand yuan, although the money is not a lot, but let I feel my website at least got certain customer recognition, it makes me feel very happy, at the same time in the process of feeling a lot, here is a record of my operation idea and implementation process, case analyzing elements of the functioning of the industry website, hope and colleagues to share. read more

The use of images to promote the site another fierce move

Hello everyone, I am my music 123 entertainment navigation (http://www.wole123.com) country. Website promotion should look further afield, not only to promote the content of your head down, maybe there are many worthy of promotion and bring traffic is not the budget method you will not use! Here to introduce, using Baidu image search function to promote your website


Baidu as the largest Chinese search, to bring a huge flow of webmaster. But do you have to pay attention to your site’s pictures are included in the number of Baidu open http://image.baidu.com/, enter your domain name site:, you can see how many pictures are included in Baidu. Open read more

Internet advertising traffic can cheat A company aimed at the billion market

Digital advertising on the website

of different forms, whether it is hanging in the portal headlines or video playback before the banner patch, these ads for the brand owners to show the chance of exposure, while users of advertisements every time browsing and click for carrying platform to Everfount Commission income.


has almost become the realization method of the cash flow is the initial network platform most has the nature of the media, in order to attract advertisers to put in, many network platform will use the "brush flow" approach, that is through the human manipulation robot program flow superimposed on Internet advertising, these is invalid click flow into a real IP address, in order to achieve advertisers and delivery platform for trading. read more

Site login catalog

landing site directory is a good way to rapidly improve the chain and increase included, for the first time on classified catalogue also need to understand some of the relevant knowledge, here we simply say, I also hope rookie veteran advice.


directory contains only the homepage and other pages not included, some classification requirements of the web site is relatively high to have content, but also have a certain amount of time to visit, visit these catalogues only website content rich and there is a certain to submit. read more

Seriously do stand, patience, Baidu will eventually be included

I am a new webmaster, recently quite leisurely, suddenly last month made a website, prompted by a sudden impulse, begun in December 16th and December 20th to find a space to hang up, began to promote, then use the new domain name www.qqpai.cn, my site name QQ (sent to collect some QQ space QQ QQ expression things like Avatar).

I went to the beginning of the major search engines to log on, I thought that to log on, will be included faster, and later to see someone else wrote the article, saying that do not log on. read more

Taobao last year, half the rate of complaints

May 28th, the reporter learned from Taobao, in 2008, Taobao network transaction complaints significantly reduced, close to half of the rate of complaints in the network transactions in 2007.

it is understood that, in 2008, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce high tech Zone Branch received a total of 600 cases of Taobao complaints from the same period, while the same period Taobao achieved net purchase transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million. In other words, in 2008 Taobao online retail transactions, every 100 million yuan transactions, there are only 0.6 trading disputes. read more