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How to choose web server

is different from the past, now broadband quality is getting better and better, before online watch a video may have to wait a few minutes, and now basically can be loaded while playing. Ascend along with broadband speeds, and the mentality of the people, let a person wait for ten seconds to open the site, it is almost impossible. There are many reasons why the opening speed of the impact site, such as a web site code bloat, some specific use will slow down the site speed. But the web server is one of the key factors, the server hardware configuration is not ideal or room bandwidth is not enough, will affect the website loading speed is serious. That is, different website total major specific user groups, the web server choice as far as possible with the area where the users choose the server. For example, the site in the United States as the main customer groups of foreign trade company’s website, the server should be the first choice of servers in the United states. read more

Entrepreneurs say Internet takeaway takeaway really make moneyInternet money three big fudge master

is heavily rack the brains!

if there is any offence, be much more inclusive. More than three are engaged in the field of Wangzhuan is not the same. They are also leaders. But not too many for beginners

began to participate in the big and small road show in Nanjing around July 2014, hoping to get the first financing before the beginning of September, so as to facilitate better work in the second half of the year. However, our scale was far short of investors’ expectations, and everyone said, look at the second half of the year. read more

Original article is not blog network marketing all

original articles on a website or blog, is very important, and the major search engines have paid attention to original content, but the original content does not represent the flow, this article related narrative is also very much, here no longer repeat. Remember the sunflower this sentence is true: if you want to have success from the palace, if has not succeeded from the palace.

red blog according to its own practice and experience and analysis of many sites, from another angle to explore the original content of the website SEO optimization dialectical relationship. SEO although there are a lot of factors, but for grassroots webmaster, two of them are the most important, at least for now is the most important: originality + drainage. read more

Site analysis of fifth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse packet segmentation

— content grouping, subdivision,

"as the basic unit of the website, recorded a variety of digital content, like a forest site analysis of the blog page; or the enterprise product publicity page, contact page; page type complex point like ecommerce site: home page, landing and various activities of all kinds of goods and merchandise page list page it is too many to count, plus the shopping cart page and other pages in the shopping process, the content of the website of this series is composed of a large electricity supplier website. If one by one to analyze all the content, it is neither realistic nor what do data analysis results; subdivision, often want to focus on a classification of goods (such as the classification of goods a brand summary) or a class of function "(for example, all goods list page summary) the filtered data, but how different forms of web content the classification, after class and usually pay attention to what indicators? This is the website analysis advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords – fifth pulse" wants to talk about. read more

Venture capitalists talk about O2O entrepreneurship localization really not do

With the continuous development of the

, the pace of science and technology is getting faster and faster, and its business opportunities can be seen everywhere. "SoMoLo" in the past few years has become the investment community to describe the social, mobile and localization (social,   mobile  and  local) these three trends of hot words. Among them, the social and mobile enterprises have achieved great success. So the localization of the enterprise to bring the benefits of investors and how?

read more

Steamed bun store location reference

steamed stuffed bun store in the community next to the general, as well as the store opened in the large business super, many of the locations can become the target of franchisees. If you want to choose a good location that is to look at what place can reference it, not to be missed.

in the market next to the pedestrian street, shops, etc., they serve the crowd are not the same. In the next place is close to the market supply and demand, the target population is family oriented; roadside is aimed to work or by hungry people; the store is early in dinner eat dumplings of the crowd, some of them are occasional, also have a over (eat, noodles more always want to change). read more

By the end of the year sales season

there are many shopkeepers have realized in some special time, will be the store sales season, an ample supply of goods, in this special day, will be able to sell unceasingly, to cash. However, although there are a lot of shopkeepers aware of this, but do not know how to supply. So, at the end of the season, the arrival of the sales season, how to prepare supply?

from my store this year, the operating situation, the overall income is not as good as a few years ago, may be around the shop opened too much, we all come to a spoonful of soup, or to the big supermarket to buy cheap goods? Now my store mainly rely on cigarettes and wine to earn some money. Look at the end of the year, that is to say, our retailers sales season, how to find a way to sell cigarettes and alcohol, to make up for the deficit in a year. This requires us retailers plan in advance, the availability of supply, welcomed the arrival of the season. read more

A business opportunity you don’t know digital skin shop

to their own skin beauty, which is very common in the current market, after all, the development of the beauty industry has been so rapid, but you have heard of the number of skin treatment? Now digital products are more and more, which shows that this is a good business opportunities.

from Singapore digital skin, is to give the digital products personalized service envelope. Digital products can be kept away from scratch trouble, so that your digital products full of personality, new, unique. Products can be packaged, including mobile phones, MP4, digital cameras pspxbox video games, games, notebooks and other common machines on the market and other suitable for various kinds of coated machine. read more

Fujian new regulations on provident fund

in daily life, the fund has a certain impact on our lives, not only can be used to buy a house loan, also can be drawn out for consumption, but in the past the work once the change for the use of funds is difficult. Fujian provincial government issued "on the day before issuing new consumption play a positive leading role notice" action plan to upgrade, the reporter learned that Fujian province is accelerating the supply side structural reform policies, provide more lasting power, stronger upgrade to promote economic quality and efficiency. Here is a small series together to understand, Fujian on the new provisions of the fund. read more

3 characteristics to see if you are suitable for Entrepreneurship

everyone wants to start a business, but not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, from each person’s own characteristics will be able to see whether he is suitable for entrepreneurship. Where is the gap between me and the entrepreneurial success? Whenever a business encounter difficulties, there will be a lot of entrepreneurs will issue such doubts, here summed up the entrepreneurial success of the 3 characteristics, to see if you can become a successful entrepreneur.

decisive action, uninvolving read more

All business can not be crude and careless

business is very fierce fierce thing, but some people in the business is still easy also how to protect such crude and careless, the popular business development? Huaian city retail customers Zhang Cheng, last winter to eat "yabakui". Originally, in the winter of 07, a gift of wine in the local market is very good, so in the coming winter this year on the occasion, he did not examine the market, two not to the factory to research on a large number of the introduction of the goods.

but let him unexpectedly, this gift of wine in the Spring Festival just before the sale is not a long time, manufacturers have launched this product upgrade series, after upgrading the products not only in the packaging and taste than the original product more attractive packaging, taste more mellow, but the price has not changed, which makes the Zhang boss hoarding inventory into sales of "burden", blame yourself without consideration, regardless of the brand to enter the market conditions are ripe, the more the introduction of a large number of large quantities of goods piled up in warehouses are not sold, the money did not earn, but also cook a pot of cooked rice. To this end, Zhang boss is regret, regret that he did not grasp the opportunity to make themselves in a passive. read more

Small business projects to join more impressive Bookstore

in general, the bookstore, is always very competitive, joined the choice, but also very strong. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the bookstore, no doubt, is a very wise choice, the best choice for success!

features bookstore is a permanent business opportunities. Because the book as a carrier of culture, so it will not run out of date, can be described as unlimited market opportunities. I remember someone once said: "no matter what the time to invest in bookstores are not outrageous, no one to invest in bookstores, that era is outrageous". Here we look at the characteristics of the bookstore to join the process! read more

A new line of city suitable for Entrepreneurship

choose a suitable entrepreneurial city, equal to an important first step towards successful entrepreneurship, which seems to be small, but it is very important. On whether the new line of business is suitable for entrepreneurship, in 2013 the Kingsoft Corp CEO Fu Sheng and fun playing network CEO week launched a debate.

but cannot deny Fu Sheng, Chengdu as a rise in the new first-tier cities, several factors have decided it could become the new innovation center. And like Hangzhou, near the first tier cities, but also the Internet giant city, entrepreneurial environment is also very mature. A report in

read more

What are the location of the dry cleaning shop

dry cleaners are a good business at the moment, if you open a dry cleaners, then you can get a good income. A lot of friends want to invest in dry cleaners, then, open dry cleaning stores, then, what are the location skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, frequent commercial activities in the district. This area because of row upon row of shops, commercial outlets has formed the scale, the holidays are usually the customer The stream never stops flowing. flow waves. This region is characterized by: the customer to the consumer, if in this period of a dry cleaning shop, because customers come here to do the laundry especially convenient. I can buy the necessary things, too, can save time, Why not?? But these lots often land, even if there are conditions to set up shop in this position, must also be carefully assessed, because here rent prices may be particularly high, in addition to large expenditure, how much profit, must be carefully planned, if there is not much profit, it is not necessary to take greater risks. read more

Join the horse Youbu beef noodles what conditions

China’s most famous and most representative of the traditional media, of course, CCTV, CCTV can be seen by nature is a certain representative. You know what? In 1992, CCTV TV drama "beef noodle story" in Lanzhou, the scene is selected Ma Youbu beef noodle shop, of course, this is just the beginning of Lanzhou; Ma Youbu beef noodle development. In 1993 the State Ministry of domestic horse Youbu beef noodle shop the first to join the "China Time-honored" ranks. Lanzhou City People’s Government awarded the "Lanzhou beef noodle Youbu horse" advanced unit title. The first Chinese Silk Road Festival, Ma Youbu beef noodle was designated as special supply point. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodle now is Lanzhou city Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef level store, is also one of Lanzhou citizens eat beef noodles. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodles, adhering to the "hunger breeds discontentment, food to face for the first" purpose. Favored by consumers in many of the Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles brand. So what are the good Hand-Pulled Noodle brand franchise? read more

Jiangxi officially published in the University of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Series

is a positive response to innovation and entrepreneurship, the day before the official publication of the Jiangxi university entrepreneurship education textbook series, to cultivate and inspire the innovation of college students "awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability.

is the first public textbook consists of three volumes, more than 120 words, namely "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (for College), "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (applicable to higher vocational colleges) and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship "classic case tutorial". Adhere to the teaching materials for the province’s colleges and universities, for all professional, for all students orientation, to cultivate and stimulate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and innovation ability as the goal, focus on the latest achievements reflect domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education theory research and practice development, the latest case and mining at home and abroad of innovation and entrepreneurship education model, core concept, well-known figures, typical events and other aspects, respond well to the teachers and students in Colleges and universities of "scientific, advanced and applicable" characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching needs and expectations. read more