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Beverage industry website site received 120 thousand shares in July

has been operating beverage industry portal for 7 months, in continuous learning, constantly thinking, constantly after the implementation of the website IP number exceeded 2500 people from the original 0 to the present, and increasing every day, and now the first received industry shares invested 120 thousand yuan, although the money is not a lot, but let I feel my website at least got certain customer recognition, it makes me feel very happy, at the same time in the process of feeling a lot, here is a record of my operation idea and implementation process, case analyzing elements of the functioning of the industry website, hope and colleagues to share.

China drinks market network since launch site team adhering to the industry to provide customers with the latest and most complete, the most authoritative information for the beverage industry development goals, drinks, drinks, beverage packaging, beverage machinery, beverage, beverage and beverage agent to join China Merchants Industry hot information to improve the readability of the website. The website mainly rely on content to attract customers, I keep update daily nearly 50 articles about the beverage drinks articles, which ensure the site updated and improved search engines, natural website ranking will rise, more important is to let people see more industry professional website, provides the readability and the degree of customer experience.

at the same time enrich the site’s product resources, I collected thousands of drinks products, while providing reference prices. These columns basically meet the majority of dealers nationwide demand, and can meet the needs of some consumers, they can find satisfactory products, but also can provide reference for the price, if appropriate, can directly contact the manufacturer to buy. This can be a site to retain some loyal fixed customers, improve the site’s customer stickiness.

The second is to do

website promotion, publicity is the first key element of any successful web site, this has been so I never allow all doubt, in the propaganda of neglect, I think a lot of, of course, is also planning a lot of articles and events. I keep the site updated every day, at the same time published in a number of blog, industry forums and other places. In particular, some of the views of the article is desirable, a lot of time to get the opportunity to be recommended and reproduced.

Finally I want to mention

SEO website, this is the most basic skill to do stand, must let the site’s ranking in a leading position in the industry in various key words. Original, the chain, optimization can not be less. After several months of promotion and site optimization China drinks market network related keywords: beverage agent, beverage and beverage merchants joined, beverage packaging, beverage machinery, beverage drink beverage drinks market network Baidu keyword network two beverage marketing key word before five.

for the website promotion, I think to go into the market need to spend more time to return to the line, and when the site built, we need to look from the station site, to a higher position, analysis website, website, use website.

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The use of images to promote the site another fierce move

Hello everyone, I am my music 123 entertainment navigation ( country. Website promotion should look further afield, not only to promote the content of your head down, maybe there are many worthy of promotion and bring traffic is not the budget method you will not use! Here to introduce, using Baidu image search function to promote your website


Baidu as the largest Chinese search, to bring a huge flow of webmaster. But do you have to pay attention to your site’s pictures are included in the number of Baidu open, enter your domain name site:, you can see how many pictures are included in Baidu. Open

for example, enter the site:www.****.com, you can see that the site was included in the number of Baidu pictures. When the visitors through the Baidu image search to see their favorite pictures, and open the view, Congratulations, it is possible that your site will be more than a loyal user. If you are a professional website effect is more obvious, for example, visitors need a product search to your image released by Baidu pictures, and visit your site through the picture, perhaps not a small business that contributed to the heart, ha ha,


how to let Baidu included your site’s pictures, alt, title, keywords will play a role, but even if done optimization, also can’t let Baidu fast included. Here to tell you how to apply Baidu space, put the picture in the space, the title is written keywords you want to be included, let you fix keywords in the content section appeared several times, usually within 24 hours by keyword can see you released pictures of < /p>

in addition to the images of your own website and submit to Baidu or Google image search, you can also join me le 123 plus entertainment navigation to enhance the flow of money, now share a free entry into 100 yuan project. College students do stand is not easy, thank you for your support! QQ:175013047 I le 123 webmaster QQ group: 65631954


Internet advertising traffic can cheat A company aimed at the billion market


Digital advertising on the website

of different forms, whether it is hanging in the portal headlines or video playback before the banner patch, these ads for the brand owners to show the chance of exposure, while users of advertisements every time browsing and click for carrying platform to Everfount Commission income.


has almost become the realization method of the cash flow is the initial network platform most has the nature of the media, in order to attract advertisers to put in, many network platform will use the "brush flow" approach, that is through the human manipulation robot program flow superimposed on Internet advertising, these is invalid click flow into a real IP address, in order to achieve advertisers and delivery platform for trading.

was founded in 2013 in Shanghai, RTBAsia is a solution to the problem of Internet advertising fraud. RTBAsia founder Fan Qiuhua told the 36 krypton, at first they want to do a niche advertising user data tools, but in which found a large number of false traffic, R & D will simply change the direction of entrepreneurial Internet anti cheat software.

in the current Internet advertising, 35% of the false traffic from the robot." Fan Qiuhua said. In the near future, the International Association of advertisers and Internet anti cheating company White Ops digital marketing anti cheating report shows: in 2015, the world’s advertisers suffered a loss of false traffic will reach $6 billion 300 million.

at present, the basic domestic Internet advertising can be divided into "package" and "real-time bidding" in two, the former is the traditional "advertising buyout method, while the latter can be based on DSP (Demand-Side Platform) platform, according to the user’s personal information to determine whether to potential users, and then through the auction to buy and the exposure of advertising booths, and this process requires only 100 milliseconds.

, for example, a package like advertising company directly in the crowd with a big horn call to promote their own, while DSP is the company sent a clever salesman, spotted the customer to sell the product, although the cost may be higher, but achieves the precision marketing effect.

along with the trend of large companies for DSP advertising gradually clear, Fan Qiuhua and his team are also optimistic about the prospects of anti spam advertising traffic. Due to the China program, all partners advertising trading platform needs the IP address information disclosure complete, this is Fan Qiuhua’s company at the technical level eliminates some of the obstacles.


through the IP address for live activity analysis and geographic location, RTBAsia’s technical team can be IP> for each ad traffic behind


Site login catalog

landing site directory is a good way to rapidly improve the chain and increase included, for the first time on classified catalogue also need to understand some of the relevant knowledge, here we simply say, I also hope rookie veteran advice.


directory contains only the homepage and other pages not included, some classification requirements of the web site is relatively high to have content, but also have a certain amount of time to visit, visit these catalogues only website content rich and there is a certain to submit.

category included will remain stable in a certain period of time, some catalogs allow users to modify the site part information, nor through "search engine optimization" and other means to improve the website of the categories ranking; some pay categories, usually need to pay an annual fee, if you want to continue to maintain in the catalogue the position, don’t forget to pay regularly;

? Because the directory included a large number of similar sites, and most users are more accustomed to using search engine retrieval directly, so close to the directory for users to find the opportunity is relatively small, it is difficult to bring very high traffic, can only be regarded as a means to improve even. "Search engine automatic login software", but for the directory website login, don’t expect any "network marketing software" to replace the manual work, so not only will not be formal website, and even affect the normal registration website.

below for everyone to introduce some good classification directory landing site

265 self-help chain

main station:

login address:

coodir website directory

main station:

login address:


main station:

login address:

Dmoz open directory

main station:

login address: (need to select the classification)

Yahoo URL

main station:>


Seriously do stand, patience, Baidu will eventually be included

I am a new webmaster, recently quite leisurely, suddenly last month made a website, prompted by a sudden impulse, begun in December 16th and December 20th to find a space to hang up, began to promote, then use the new domain name, my site name QQ (sent to collect some QQ space QQ QQ expression things like Avatar).

I went to the beginning of the major search engines to log on, I thought that to log on, will be included faster, and later to see someone else wrote the article, saying that do not log on.

forget is second days or third days, Google included a page, the other no movement. At the same time, I in various forums, Baidu know, Baidu post bar message with links.

after one or two days, Yahoo included a page, Google Page two, Baidu 0.

a few days, I insist that every update (in fact most of them are collected ^_^), Yahoo and Google included in the pages slowly increased, Baidu no movement. The first thing I do every morning, is in the Baidu site, every day is very disappointed, for the Chinese website, the most concerned about is Baidu.

Thursday, December 27th, because I heard that Baidu on Thursday will be a large area of renewal, morning I opened the computer immediately site, results, or 0, I used to open my website, the website was not open, I faint! Hurry to find space business customer service, the answer is "server maintenance, please wait" I asked what time to start, maintenance, not yesterday evening would not open it, he replied "server maintenance, please wait a moment, I kuangyun. As a result, "wait" for a whole day, more than 9 in the evening, and finally completed maintenance……… I was mad!

December 28th, chat with a classmate at QQ, I let him look at my website, he said that he had a domain name has not expired, but the site has stopped, would you like to have a domain name pointing to your website, I think it is OK, he is the old name, can bring traffic to. OK, parsing completed, you can use his domain name. I site his domain name, Baidu included 39, actually pr=2. I said you good, PR is equal to, Baidu also included the 39, he said that now the website does not do, previously included several thousand pages, now no space renewal, stopped, so the collection of pages straight down, domain name anyway idle is idle, with you. His domain name is, he was using the domain name to do Yunnan Sanjiang information network (


that a few days, I have been in front of the webmaster to read the article, learned a lot of things here, thank you very much!

I know how I would see IIS log, the space business management site there, opened the log, then download, see inside have Baidu spider traces that have been climbed. At that time I >


Taobao last year, half the rate of complaints

May 28th, the reporter learned from Taobao, in 2008, Taobao network transaction complaints significantly reduced, close to half of the rate of complaints in the network transactions in 2007.

it is understood that, in 2008, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce high tech Zone Branch received a total of 600 cases of Taobao complaints from the same period, while the same period Taobao achieved net purchase transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million. In other words, in 2008 Taobao online retail transactions, every 100 million yuan transactions, there are only 0.6 trading disputes.

Taobao said that for the quality control of goods, there are six sigma international standards, in accordance with the standard of "Six Sigma", each of the 1 million products have only two defects. In accordance with the current situation of Taobao transactions, has far exceeded this standard.

Taobao chief operating officer Mr. Zhang Yong also told reporters that Taobao is the best selling clothing.

according to Taobao data, as of the end of last year, the number of registered members of Taobao has been close to 1 hundred million, the number of goods is more than 2 hundred million, the average daily volume reached 600 million. There is no doubt that China is the largest shopping mall".

face a huge amount of transactions, transaction security has become more and more attention to online shopping participants. The day before, also specifically held in Hangzhou "China e-commerce security policy forum" to discuss with regulators, peers, establish network transaction safety standards "Chinese".

it is understood that the 2006 – 2008, Hangzhou network monitoring department received a total of 1535 online account funds theft alarm, the online bank accounts stolen 936, various other payment platform user accounts stolen from a total of 599 cases. In addition, a variety of phishing sites do everything possible to fake Taobao, pat Network fraud online user transactions, the total case reached 2324.

in the past, Taobao has developed a "heart, diamond crown," as the representative of the "evaluation standard", "Alipay" as the representative of the "payment standards"; the next transaction "safety standards" how to develop, become all network participants are thinking about the problem.