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Chen Zhengjie how to choose the best website keywords


Hello, I am Chen Zhengjie. Today we are going to share how to choose the best website keywords. With years of experience and network marketing: four standard keyword selection: (correlation) of a rate (conversion) (a search volume) once (competition).

: the first (correlation) refers to the choice of keywords and website content, for example: the website is the paint industry, then choose the keywords and paint: paint, paint business agent etc.. For example, keywords layout of the site of my www.02082贵族宝贝 is good.


this remind the Webmaster: a lot of Shanghai dragon ER or Shanghai dragon team even Shanghai dragon companies that [love Shanghai with higher scores indicating the keyword in Shanghai love] the greater the degree of competition, this is very wrong. Love Shanghai index and high degree of competition is not proportional! This is why some love Shanghai index is higher, the degree of competition is very small reasons. This article from the original beauty with network, A5 release. Welcome to reprint and complete data to protect the

(search volume) refers to the number of people search keywords, the search is more better. For example, you put the words "novel" in love Shanghai top, will give you a lot of traffic every day.

(conversion) refers to the ratio of transformation of the site by keyword brought about by the flow of transactions (sales website), for example: sell mobile phone website keyword "mobile phone" is not "NOKIA mobile phone" this keyword. "NOKIA mobile phone" than "NOKIA N97 and NOKIA N97 mobile phone" such words, of course, if the news website said this is not very prominent.

Second: !

fourth: (competition) refers to the same type of Web site keywords in the competition difficulty. The degree of competition is as small as possible, in a word: the more people who do the greater the degree of competition keywords. This is the four criteria for the selection of keywords, and if you find such words, then congratulations to you. You will get an unexpected harvest. This is the best choice of keywords best reference


Love Shanghai know several ways to answer questions add link

in addition, this method can only be added to WWW protocol as the beginning of the site, but not with 贵族宝贝, the other two level domains (such as bbs.28tui贵族宝贝) at the beginning of the URL is invalid.

2, love Shanghai know, love is to advocate some classification Shanghai link, to observe carefully you can feel. The medical industry audit strictly, the practice remains to be tested, not personally.

1, you can send the chain by hijacking love Shanghai search to do, for example, I want to send our 28 push BBS links to GG search under the 28 push station ranked first, the love of Shanghai search results link to search out the answers in Shanghai know when love, the premise is to push the Forum 28 ranked first keywords or in the first. The foreign chain growth is not great, but it is a kind of network promotion method.

love Shanghai as the largest domestic Internet users use search engines, and all kinds of website promotion personnel favor, while the use of love in Shanghai love Shanghai know naturally became one of the various types of network promotion method. Now the company to know love Shanghai love Shanghai review more and more severe, especially for the love of Shanghai know the chain added after the audit, many websites will be sent up directly with the sea interception off. Add love overseas links has become the heart of all kinds of network marketing specialist. But the increase of the chain is not impossible in Shanghai know love. Below I will summarize some practical methods:

experts know for love

four, Shanghai

1, Shanghai: first you will love the space link in Shanghai love space in the article, and then use this article to answer to submit.

, a web site in Shanghai before adding love address:

note: every day do not overuse, try to control in 3 the following day, if the use of this method, I obtained the punishment effect and is not responsible for.

two, using their products:

three, the love Shanghai search results address:

when you answer the questions, put down your website in reference, in this format, for example, I want to put a link to my blog, you should add this reference: hi.baidu贵族宝贝/www.tangsibin贵族宝贝, baidu贵族宝贝/ or www.tangsibin贵族宝贝 and then submit answers.

love Shanghai The classification of

for the love Shanghai experts know the biggest advantage is in the love of Shanghai "

note: love Shanghai collecting web site should be obtained in case you are not logged in.

2, Shanghai love collecting: will you need to link to love Shanghai collection, and the use of a relatively good name, submit the answer, you can be the love of Shanghai submitted collection.


How to choose web server

is different from the past, now broadband quality is getting better and better, before online watch a video may have to wait a few minutes, and now basically can be loaded while playing. Ascend along with broadband speeds, and the mentality of the people, let a person wait for ten seconds to open the site, it is almost impossible. There are many reasons why the opening speed of the impact site, such as a web site code bloat, some specific use will slow down the site speed. But the web server is one of the key factors, the server hardware configuration is not ideal or room bandwidth is not enough, will affect the website loading speed is serious. That is, different website total major specific user groups, the web server choice as far as possible with the area where the users choose the server. For example, the site in the United States as the main customer groups of foreign trade company’s website, the server should be the first choice of servers in the United states.



stability: stable operation is the first priority of

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

site open speed is very important, but the stable operation is indispensable, even more important. Because the site loading speed is slow, a moment can still be open, but if not stable on the loss. How to improve the stability of operation of the site? From the website program, two aspects of server security mustering the effort. The station site is now taking quick suggestions in order to facilitate the user maintenance update, are dynamic website technology, website data are read or written from the database. If the program is not careful personnel will leave a lot of problems, such as database screening after forgetting to turn off or when reading data caused by dead cycle and so on, will seriously slow down the site speed. When the user high concurrent access, leading to unstable operation site.

chain >

: site open speed must be fast

for ordinary customers, the establishment of the website server depending on is not essential things, but if you want to make a high quality website, no server is not stable. Therefore, choose a suitable web host when it is necessary, therefore building experts for selection principles about hosting share.

: Interoperability must not be ignored a lot of interesting places China, so in the Internet world. Such as the need to record in the China website, if the website relates to special industries also need an administrative license, the Public Security Bureau and the Administration for Industry and Commerce of all site supervision on site. There is a distinctive place, is the interconnection, the web server only achieve interoperability can comprehensively improve the user experience of the website. Because the China between operators in order to conflicting interests or some technical factors, will lead to different customers when cross operator, slow site open speed.


Entrepreneurs say Internet takeaway takeaway really make moneyInternet money three big fudge master


is heavily rack the brains!

if there is any offence, be much more inclusive. More than three are engaged in the field of Wangzhuan is not the same. They are also leaders. But not too many for beginners

began to participate in the big and small road show in Nanjing around July 2014, hoping to get the first financing before the beginning of September, so as to facilitate better work in the second half of the year. However, our scale was far short of investors’ expectations, and everyone said, look at the second half of the year.

estimates, I published this article, may bring these three networks to make money, Huyou a few IP flow, it seems I was fooled by them. Wei Fan is quoted as saying: "my goodness! It is impossible to guard against!"

in 2013, the 12 produced the idea of doing Internet takeaway, the original intention is through the WeChat public number to do Nanjing local university takeaway. A company in Shenzhen provides us with technical support, so our focus is not on the development of the system interface, but on local push and operation. In March 2014 we started the first pilot campus in Nanjing a college of engineering, Nanjing was no other strength of the campus takeaway, do the college did break even we’ll talk about the profit point behind, think so since April have a brilliant future, but to business expansion, negotiation canteen, off campus restaurants. Each student, campus CEO is actually very careful choice.


, second, understand. Representative work "earn 500 yuan per day"

from the end of 2014, a U.S. release false information led by the Sequoia investment and financing of $700 million, by January 27, 2015 the hungry officially announced $350 million financing, these people seem to have been really huge financing paralysis, create "Wow, so the original takeaway money" feeling. Take out really make money? Takeaway exactly how profitable? What profit direction?

network with the reality, to see who the flicker of high skill, who can earn money, according to my contact network to make money a few years time, three people mentioned below is the most I know can flicker, this is purely personal point of view.

third names do not know behalf of "friends earn net"

2014 September, students start school, we are scheduled to continue to open as the school began operations, and found that CEO have done a mess, when people are busy crazy, the pressure to burst. At the same time, takeaway Superman, American group takeaway, hungry, began to move into the campus of Nanjing, in the University City, the most popular means of publicity is, this week you send coke, next ceremony

doesn’t mention the SEO training class he’s running now, and he knows he’s a newbie. I have some training courses outside he behavior to prove why he fooled everyone? Some soft Wen took him to write! Because he is dedicated to do SEO, so many aspects of SEO soft, do not know you read Wang Tong’s text: "there is no such feeling of truth who will say, to the real thing." For example: "learn SEO, SEO want to think simple points, SEO need to adhere to, learn SEO to sum up, to practice", Wang Tong’s article is basically conceptual, more AD nature of the article. The trick is to fudge you into his training course. Enter after the training and then talk you the novice, took out a prepared materials such as: the influence for the ranking of several factors and is not conducive to several ranking factors and so on. Free to send a book price of 1200 yuan of e-books, and now many SEO who believe that the Bible is optimized. Many are AD books,

, the first one is Wang Tong. Representative work "SEO training course",

2014 7 and August, students have summer vacation, just the year we can adjust and expand. We summed up the work of the first half of the year, and drew up a series of contracts and systems to determine what services to provide in the second half of the platform, and further adjusted the profit direction and expectations. This time period, we do the most important thing is to find 20 enthusiastic campus CEO, want to start a school at one breath opened 30 or so schools, so they have done a series of training.

opened more than ten campus markets in April 2014, May and June. However, the three college and Career Technical College were the main ones, and there were two colleges and universities. This layout is the way we thought for a long time, considering the school cafeteria a low price the state subsidies for the canteen, the same amount of work under the condition of takeout low profits, instead, the three school canteens and restaurants are expensive, students are more lazy, more willing to spend, the conditions are better than this a college. By June, there were more than 1W of water every day.

his way to make money is to talk with you as his line, the collapse of the company before the massive publicity quickly pulled a large downline to pay, then changing to a new company to continue to pull, the poor is offline. Just get a few cents, a few cents back commission. He outlined offline: "the credibility of this long-term reliable, reliable operation" slogan. I want to say is pull down the line, if you can make money, his uncle two uncle how still in farming?.


, the most important way to make 500 yuan a day is to attract money, make money, and some other cheating methods. The power to understand the beauty of a woman is great. Ha-ha。 It is easy to see the network to make money very conceited attitude, he did not seem to do that, he has put forward some creative network, the other is to understand most do not have their own practice that can be operational, he just put the good way to make money on others, is to take us white mice.


Original article is not blog network marketing all

original articles on a website or blog, is very important, and the major search engines have paid attention to original content, but the original content does not represent the flow, this article related narrative is also very much, here no longer repeat. Remember the sunflower this sentence is true: if you want to have success from the palace, if has not succeeded from the palace.

red blog according to its own practice and experience and analysis of many sites, from another angle to explore the original content of the website SEO optimization dialectical relationship. SEO although there are a lot of factors, but for grassroots webmaster, two of them are the most important, at least for now is the most important: originality + drainage.


original, not necessarily traffic,

, including Baidu, search engine optimization guide has made it clear that originality is important, but does not mean there is a ranking. Specific reasons are not explained. Red blog that a new site is not Baidu’s attention, therefore, we often say that the weight of Baidu is not, even if you have a lot of the original article, this is not necessarily a good flow. On the contrary, if it is a relatively high weight site, published on the original article, it is estimated that there will soon be ranked, thus leading to traffic, this point I want to have all the webmaster experience. Pure originality, too isolated, first of all need someone to cheer, only by Baidu attention.

has drainage, no originality, no permanent

before I did the event marketing, or the chain space drainage, drainage, one or two days or a short event, will bring some outside traffic, but if there is no high quality articles, but the original copy and paste, or very bad, can’t improve the site weight and ranking. This can only continue drainage, hard work. Unless you have huge amounts of data and are not K stations, it will be hard to maintain the amount of visitors that will continue. Only hard call, there is no exciting program to watch, and soon everyone dispersed, this point, Baidu will understand more.

the high quality of the original and drainage of the dialectical relationship

high quality original content grassroots station, start is not what the weight and ranking, but through some promotion methods such as drainage, in some website platform events such as drainage, by mail or space drainage, including drainage and other comments. Because it is valuable to the Internet users of high quality original content, the drainage of the user, there will naturally be part of the formation of repeat customers. For some time, Baidu will naturally give a certain attention, and Baidu rankings to bring traffic, but also to promote the site’s repeat accumulation, this is a virtuous circle. Red blog, that is, through this way, the red blog this keyword to achieve the first page of the top 1, 2 ranking, just spent more than 20 days.


, look at the example of the pine web site, >


Site analysis of fifth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse packet segmentation

— content grouping, subdivision,

"as the basic unit of the website, recorded a variety of digital content, like a forest site analysis of the blog page; or the enterprise product publicity page, contact page; page type complex point like ecommerce site: home page, landing and various activities of all kinds of goods and merchandise page list page it is too many to count, plus the shopping cart page and other pages in the shopping process, the content of the website of this series is composed of a large electricity supplier website. If one by one to analyze all the content, it is neither realistic nor what do data analysis results; subdivision, often want to focus on a classification of goods (such as the classification of goods a brand summary) or a class of function "(for example, all goods list page summary) the filtered data, but how different forms of web content the classification, after class and usually pay attention to what indicators? This is the website analysis advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords – fifth pulse" wants to talk about.

web content grouping:


web content mainly depends on the site analysis business needs: content sites usually column content as the basis of classification, such as "Sports", "entertainment", "finance and economics" and so on; the enterprise propaganda station can be "business class", "news", "customer service support" etc. are classified; so for the same website only a content grouping? The answer is, on what basis for content grouping mainly depends on your current website of business objectives and report object to 1 in an electronic commerce website as an example, the sales department, design department or operation Department, "grouping analysis design are not the same:

since the complex business decision, we are destined to face various web packet mode, how to organize the web page in the website analysis tool to implement these groups?

site analysis way for the realization of "general packet tools are divided into two types: one is to provide" grouping function interfaces directly in the tool, convenient non technical personnel direct manual operation; another need to add the corresponding packet collection Tag code in the page data in the markup code or in the tool for special filter "the URL configuration to disguise the packet with. Each of these two implementations has advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends primarily on the site analysis tools currently being used and the level of implementation of the technology.

Table 1: comparison of advantages and disadvantages of web page grouping


next, we combine website analysis tools to introduce several commonly used page grouping methods:

(1) manual grouping

for many non-technical people, it is convenient to manually handle web pages manually in an analysis tool, of course, which requires analysis tools:


Venture capitalists talk about O2O entrepreneurship localization really not do

With the continuous development of the

, the pace of science and technology is getting faster and faster, and its business opportunities can be seen everywhere. "SoMoLo" in the past few years has become the investment community to describe the social, mobile and localization (social,   mobile  and  local) these three trends of hot words. Among them, the social and mobile enterprises have achieved great success. So the localization of the enterprise to bring the benefits of investors and how?


Roast housewives have opportunities pig’s trotters round poineering dream

many housewives want to use some spare time to earn money, of course, the cost is not too big, or a low risk, low threshold for entrepreneurial projects, there is such a housewife do, let Xiaobian to introduce you how she dreams.

with the excited entrepreneurial dream, Ms. sun came to the headquarters in Shanghai, after an examination to determine the cooperation. From the headquarters to go back after the start of the preparation of the pig trotters shop. Headquarters provided from the pre store location investigation, the surrounding market research, the drawing of the decoration drawings, planning activities, such as the opening of a full range of nanny shop service. It is with the headquarters to provide a series of support, Ms. sun’s magic hoof roast pig shop opened very hot, opened the day turnover reached more than 10000 yuan, and then the daily turnover has been stable at around $8000.

now Ms. sun is no longer a simple housewife, also have a fixed income, and make their dreams come true, as a housewife you are recommended


Steamed bun store location reference

steamed stuffed bun store in the community next to the general, as well as the store opened in the large business super, many of the locations can become the target of franchisees. If you want to choose a good location that is to look at what place can reference it, not to be missed.

in the market next to the pedestrian street, shops, etc., they serve the crowd are not the same. In the next place is close to the market supply and demand, the target population is family oriented; roadside is aimed to work or by hungry people; the store is early in dinner eat dumplings of the crowd, some of them are occasional, also have a over (eat, noodles more always want to change).

general community store:

1, according to the characteristics of a first grade name like

2, human nature, is not what the details of the details of the facility configuration, but the boss and staff to bring the life of the steamed stuffed bun. Customers are facing the shop around the work, life of the fixed population. The boss is the highlight of the signature. When the food shop chowhound provided has been able to basically meet the appetite (that is, when the door chowhound in this area is difficult to improve the taste, shop owner) brought by the one and only approachable characteristics (the so-called humanization).

school and business circles:

There will be countless stalls chowhound next to the

school and business circles. There may be no difference in price, taste, and hygiene.

steamed stuffed bun store location requirements are not very high, but for the sake of insurance or choose a lot better. These sites can be used as a reference site for entrepreneurship, and quickly learn more site skills, I hope you can help.


Let people live more convenient investment projects

where do people’s living standards improve? "Convenience" two words is a very abstract and very intuitive answer, so we have reason to believe that all can bring convenience to consumers must be a good investment path, such as convenience store!

the format originated in the United States, then derived two branches, namely the traditional convenience store and gas station convenience stores, the former in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries to China mature, the latter is more prevalent in Europe and america.