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5 DIY small entrepreneurs to make the most money for

in 2013, China’s hottest small investment projects, the DIY project ranked third. In advocating individuality, advocating self today, more and more people have been unable to accept the same with others, DIY inevitably become a new fashion of modern life. DIY extends to all aspects of our lives, so that people relax in the creation of their own, to affirm their own, at any time to find the reasons for happiness.

the following five projects are currently the most popular and most popular DIY project, many domestic market is still in the blank stage, very broad prospects for development. read more


Xiao Bian talk with you about entrepreneurial tactics and Strategies

now, more and more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial forces began to grow. Entrepreneurship, just in the reform and opening up, with the courage. Who has the courage to engage in contracting, who will have the opportunity to become a millionaire who has the courage to go south, who will have the opportunity to become a big boss.

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Why customers are picky

many operators have lamented now is not good business to do, because it is more and more captious customers, after all, the current can provide the service shop is more and more selective, customers were naturally picky. In the face of customer critical, as an operator, if you want to be a good solution, you need to know why customers will be picky. In fact, the customer after the analysis of the breakdown is a specific classification, different situations need to be treated differently.

modern business rule "customer is God", so even if the critical customer not love, be patient reception. Why customers are picky about their reasons, the sales staff should pay attention to observe, do more exchanges, accurately capture God’s intentions, in order to provide the appropriate commodity trading. According to the daily business experience, I focus on the customer is divided into stages of critical, specific, critical, critical and emotional picky. read more


War Within Three Kingdoms creator Huang Kai talk about entrepreneurship

War Within Three Kingdoms

is a very popular game now, his original is a youth entrepreneurship, here, Xiaobian tell us about this young man named Huang Kai entrepreneurial story, hope to be helpful to everyone!

2004, Huang Kai participated in the college entrance examination. Parents wanted him to go to medical school, but his eyes only painting and games. Finally, he passed the professional game design animation school of Communication University of China.

One day

2006 in the summer, went to Beijing for a foreigner to open Huang Kai with friends "games" play "kill" game – this classic game was just the rise in the country. Huang Kai played with relish and inspired, he wanted to use a similar principle hand game, creating a strong impulse. read more


What free promotion can become the ultimate weapon of website marketing

website marketing ability is a very important point of success is the effect of the promotion, if a website is not good to promote a good, it is very difficult to succeed, but there are many promotion methods, for individual webmaster, to use all these promotion methods you will feel that time is not enough however, in many of the promotion methods which truly brought to the site to help? But also need to be free, we are going to analyze these free promotion methods


first: soft Wen promotion method read more


The end of the community user password was leaked involving 40 million users

Tianya user passwords leaked by hackers

        December 25th December 22nd after the largest developer community CSDN.NET user password hacking leak, on the afternoon of 25 well-known community site Tianya user privacy have been leaked by hackers, it is understood that the leak is the number of users reached 40 million.

The netizen told DoNews news that the well-known community website Tianya hacked

25 PM, there are 40 million users password been leaked by hackers, and before CSDN leaked information, the user password horizon is leaking all saved in plain text, but the number of large indeed staggering. read more


London Olympic social regulation of social media is too difficult

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on August 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, as the first true sense of the social media games, London Olympic organizers found that want to control social media is very difficult. Because social media has become a more powerful phenomenon than the Olympic games. The following is the summary of the article:

the first Olympics of social media has become a minefield of Olympic Games on Twitter — even more so, this company has been advocating and the London Olympic Games are closely linked. read more


The secret of social marketing interaction is greater than the effectiveness of sharing

reported in November 21st (compilation: hunting cloud network stacks)

when you use the Facebook or Twitter, have you ever thought of friends in social media played exactly what role? They are subtle influence on many of you, it is interesting that we didn’t notice……

why do you want to go to the micro-blog update status? Why do you want to view some of the social media product advertising?

we have a series of actions on the Internet, in fact, there are unknown behind the "power" in driving us. Friends and family factors affect our behavior on the Internet, including our Click to read, share and some praise content. read more


China’s first B2C data open platform fifty-nine seconds to lead the full development of the whole ne

at present, China e-commerce market development like a raging fire, but with the overseas capital market of the IPO window is closed, the electricity supplier has entered the era from the burn to enrich the data age based on the precise effect of marketing.

‘s first B2C data open platform – fifty-nine seconds, is the chief executive officer of the precise marketing of electricity supplier. Its core advantage is the summary of the entire network data, free of charge on the network media, developers and businesses three pillars of the industry launched the whole network data precision marketing model. "The traditional e-commerce model has been difficult to adapt to the rapid change of market demand, e-commerce integration" network "concept, or will become the owners of such media and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the effective solutions of mobile e-commerce." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping told reporters. As a major bright spot of mobile e-commerce, the whole network e-commerce model, represents the future of e-commerce and mobile e-commerce towards integration, integration development trend. read more


Why do investors like the Internet

last week, relying on the Internet within a year, the rapid development of the explosion of red west master won the capital today tens of millions of yuan in the second round of financing, but also "new for old", shutting down the Wudaokou West master universe headquarters ", it is near the new 210 square meters flagship store all. Compared to those of traditional food of old, in recent years the prevalence of the "O2O" store is really fast. So these "Internet plus" the child is no disadvantage? And public comments about them is how? The traditional catering enterprises should learn what to listen to them? MO digs up their material, we chatted. read more