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Shanghai dragon flood era webmaster should be how to retreat

focus on industry dynamics

in Shanghai Longfeng work in the course of several years, feel the best state that every day landing sites to understand the latest developments, such as love Shanghai webmaster forum again today to update what algorithm, an industry broke what love Shanghai bad case, this news although sometimes seemingly and not take sides however, to understand the industry dynamics will let you the overall trend of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a great direction, and will not easily go astray, see other webmasters some outstanding cases at the same time, also can let you have more power to do something. read more

Shanghai Longfeng copy thinking more sincere and a little less routine

as a Shanghai dragon Er, we must let the reading people see our main point in writing, rather than at the time could not see any nutritious food. The main purpose is to see people reading the needs of their own resources, they seem half found not in experience is talking about the world, in the end with the theme of the 10 Fen relations are not, if you change the angle as the masses do you want? When writing, you can refer to the following:

why do this in the first place? Because the peace of mind is the primary factor to each industry, I often meet some friends on the Internet, once more, all sorts of strange things things too much. Occasionally seen some really good pre copy level Shanghai dragon Er, they also made some contributions to the large portal, finally passed. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er less there will be a feeling that, once they see their articles to be reproduced and countless discussions, the heart is excited and expansion; this is the norm, a necessary stage and we want to improve the weight. But some er for Shanghai dragon in order to improve force, feel the cow, "bull", then the mind has made expansion up to get out of hand. Do not know you have not heard a word " in success often the most dangerous " other unknown factors, not dangerous, but you and me; well, point to namely stop. read more

Study design home station enterprises seek common ground

Hello, I am Liang Lei, is closely related to the user experience and page design, page design can be said is a very important part of the user experience of the website, but many did not actually dig page design can bring what users, especially now the Internet plagiarism phenomenon in general, can be of interest to the user is often what page the unique design style, or interactive website. Imitation is possible, but not blindly copying, directly copy and paste OK. Enterprise station page design website when waking, directly copy a website template, and then slightly revised even if completed. So how to design the enterprise site? The author thinks that in the same industry website templates, we can follow the "common ground" principle, take a look at the enterprise homepage design sketches in general: read more

It’s not easy to be a novel station

see some friends to make a novel station, I have a heart, because recently been reading novels, feeling novel traffic is very large, so I also started in May in a novel energy-saving http://www.bokan.cc


program is Jackie, a server shut off for 24 hours a day by a collector, alas, more afraid, or novels stand easy.

I am now and Baidu consumption time, see when it included more pages, anyway, the server is shared with several friends, / month / person /150 yuan, the price is OK, when the investment fiction station to play. read more

Dry sharing Taobao u station application, presentation and promotion experience a large collection

Taobao u station introduces

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the electricity supplier war intensified, the group purchase network game to the major electricity supplier last year, as the electronic commerce big boss "Taobao" is also doing fine tuning and implementation strategy (platform, finance, data), from changes in the rules, 25 independent division change, small and beautiful, U station to launch Alipay recently split into three business groups, CEO for office…… 2013 e-commerce is entering a high speed stage, whether it is to do the electricity supplier or traditional industries you ready? read more

To code farmers to take a class Uber platform quickly find 100 yards of agriculture, products can be

Abstract: Crowdsourcing innovation of QCode is the programmer’s spare time to solve the business staff is not stable, difficult issues such as recruitment, limited manpower. When you have an idea of entrepreneurship, you can quickly find 100 yards farmers, and achieve rapid product line 3-5 weeks – the vision is beautiful, the reality,


the Internet revolution’s greatest thinkers Klein · Sheki mentioned in the book "cognitive surplus", the Americans a year time spent watching TV for about 200 billion hours, but it is almost 2000 Wikipedia projects a year time required. If we treat each person’s free time as an aggregate, a cognitive surplus, then how big will this surplus be? read more

Teach you how to write an article in the public number that you would like to share

many enterprises or business operations in the micro WeChat public number, one of the most common way is to write articles, get the user’s attention through the article, and the article to attract users to take the initiative forward and spread, but how to write an article to make it the number of years in the public is willing to share the


said that the open public number to operate the first thing to do is to increase the number of fans, yes, this is the first goal, but increase the quality of the fans is also very important, otherwise there will be a number of fans, but few people patronize public phenomenon. Of course, after the fans, to ensure that content quality is the operator to achieve the second goal, which is to make fans become loyal users a great secret. As for how to increase the number of fans, Xiaobian are not one by one analysis, this article focuses on how to achieve the second objectives, write the public number of article content. read more

Sports industry investment hot! Tiger founder said, 1 billion U.S. M & A will occur

Abstract: Cheng hang forecast that the second half of this year to early next year, the sports industry mergers and acquisitions, the level of 1 billion U. s.dollars will occur several, the entire sports industry will be very hot.

as early as March, we have reported to you, tiger diving sports and founder Cheng hang, I think he has already been very understanding. In a recent lecture, a dual identity of the founder of tiger bashing away Hangzhou to meet with you again, brought to the hottest "Internet plus sports" views, let us look at the history of Hangzhou exactly what was said. read more

Sales = chat chat will make money

whether the salesman, or the company, have to deal with customers, have to sell their products or services, so as to have a performance. In many people’s eyes, the sale is a chore, in fact, not necessarily, the most important way to find.

1, the real sales is a pleasant chat process; talk to each other’s wishes, talk about each other’s concerns, talk about how to complete each other’s wishes, talk about how to take away each other’s concerns. read more

Nostalgia strategy clever use


we make a promotional products, there are many entrepreneurial franchisees skillfully which consumers nostalgic nostalgic thoughts, but not every product is suitable for the use of "nostalgia" strategy.

1, with the consumer’s "ideas" in the "old"".

the advertised brand may not have a long history, but it is not between many consumers and the story, but with typical fragments depicting their life experience or have a good consumer association, then the appropriate content into their own brand, to evoke specific people’s emotional memories, to accept their own brand. This practice, the popular talk is to take the consumer emotional memories of the ride, but the details can not be allowed to dig. Zhou Runfa starred in the popular short advertisement is the case on behalf of embellish. At that time many people will embellish the success of a major key effect attributed to the nostalgic advertising, objectively speaking really some exaggeration. In the current market environment, shampoo brand limited competition, this is because of nostalgia advertisement expression novel remembered it, remember also embellish brand, coupled with the Chongqing olive parent brand appeal, consumers buy products that will embellish water drains into the. Such as the wave of beer, like the grounds of Shanghai, advertising, is to go this route. read more

Jane porridge road joining process introduction

many investors are more fancy to join the project health porridge, porridge for many brands are more optimistic about Jane porridge, but do not know how to do, so for all the detail of Jane porridge road joining process.

Jane porridge road joining process:

1, consulting investment matters

want to invest in the franchisee can call the headquarters to join the phone or online message, etc. to the headquarters of the Advisory details of the investment, and access to relevant information.

2, field survey read more

Micro-blog selling sushi fire Chongqing sister at home to earn a million

you’ve heard about micro-blog, but have you ever heard of micro-blog selling sushi? Recently body reported a little girl at home to buy sushi, fire! The whole network and small series together into the Chongqing woman, to know her story.

in Han Yu Road micro shop Chiya Zushi is following this idea, to win a lot of repeat. Unlike other restaurants, many customers come here, because the love is called "sushi" of salmon in sina on micro-blog, micro-blog released this love the way of life, came to this shop. read more

How to open a mobile phone shop

hand a cell phone, under the current economic conditions in China has almost been popular, because of this, many people will think of investing in a mobile phone shop to make money. However, entrepreneurship is not a simple shop to talk about, naturally will involve more factors. So, how to open a mobile phone shop?

now many college graduates find it hard to find a job, there are a lot of young couple want to make more money to support their families, in fact, for them, is a good choice of a mobile phone shop. However, many people feel that now we have a mobile phone, the mobile phone market will be saturated ah? Industry experts told us that due to the recent rapid replacement of mobile phones, many people are a year for a cell phone, so now open a mobile phone store is still promising! Then we have to consider is how to open a mobile phone shop! read more

Fuzhou this fall will recruit 645 students of special education

living standards in the continuous progress of our various aspects of the conditions are getting better and better. Fuzhou, for the "special students" to carry out more modern, more educational policy implementation. Below and Xiaobian together to understand it!

Fuzhou City Board of education yesterday announced on the fall of 2016 special education admissions work, the reporter learned that Fuzhou this fall will recruit 645 students of special education. Since the fall of Yongtai, Minqing, Luoyuan, 3 "teach to teach" pilot counties (cities). read more

Who joined the coffee taste good good opportunities

in our busy life, to point to a different kind of delicious is also very good. How’s your coffee? Delicious coffee choice, good taste, good project, who joined the coffee project, is a good opportunity to join!

tired of people always drink coffee to eliminate fatigue, which is a lot of choice of office workers. In fact, the function of coffee is far from it, otherwise it will not be so popular around the world. Of course, the coffee tastes better. Who’s coffee?

to see whether a project is worth joining, not only to look at their own can be suitable to join, but also to see what the project itself has advantages, in addition to the team behind the project is what strength. The headquarters of hundreds of annual investment funds in the dozens of well-known media, including CCTV, the local TV, magazines, newspapers, professional large portal sites for three-dimensional advertising, all for multi-channel publishing brand information, enhance brand awareness, influence and appeal, help the terminal stores and agents wide popularity, increase sales. read more

Join the eight advantages of sea water introduction

health food and beverage recommended seafood restaurant. Since the introduction of brand: a way of keeping good health in Qing Dynasty, the intelligent part of the universe comes from the water, human food source Yu Hai.

Company Profile: clear sea food group was founded in August 2003, is a beautiful coastal city in northern China, Qingdao to establish a pure Japanese cuisine to operate a large high-end catering chain enterprises. Currently in Qingdao, Ji’nan, Binzhou, Harbin, the establishment of nine stores. The sea water shop design and decoration unified by Japanese folk culture style, to provide a unique flavor of traditional Japanese cuisine, with the Japanese standard of intimate and comfortable service, to create a pure Japanese style food culture style. Just a few years time, the sea water catering group has developed into the Shandong region and even the northern region of the most large-scale Japanese food and beverage enterprises. read more

Swimming enthusiasts hope to build swimming pool

With the increasing awareness of national fitness, swimming has become one of the popular sports. According to a group of conservative data from the swimming association, Xining’s swimming enthusiasts at least 1 people. Many people love swimming, swimming in the city are few, a few swimming only half in the renovation of urban energy, they hope to build 1 swimming pool.MS

it is understood that the city is only 3 seat open swimming pool: Victory Hotel Royal Spa, Simon water world and Sea Lake Sports Center natatorium. At present, the decoration of Victory Hotel Royal Spa and Simon water in the world are closed, only the sea lake Sports Center Natatorium in normal business, but the swimming pool can only accommodate 600 people, simply can not meet the demand of swimming enthusiasts in our city. read more

Our province flexible Introduction approach Zhaocaiyinzhi

to speed up the implementation of talent strategy, innovation talent introduction mechanism, broaden the channels for talent introduction, combined with the actual situation in the province, the province formulated the "Qinghai province has flexible employment implementation measures", "supporting high-end innovative talents Qianren" policy, in order to better talents and wisdom to create a good exchange of Qinghai the environment.

Nine types of flexible employment of

has flexible employment is my employing units in the province (China) does not change the premise of foreign talent, personnel archives, household registration, social security and other relations, the province attracted (China) International Talent (team) through mentoring, part-time service, "migrant" employment, project bidding, joint research, achievements, special service, cooperation and exchange, and identified by the other flexible employment, provide for the economic and social development of our province’s intelligence service. read more

How to quell the anger of customers

customer is God, the customer is the source of investment entrepreneurs. What should be done when the client is angry? Customers and fight to work? The customer service software, feasible? In the end how to quell the anger of customers? Please look at this problem together with the small series!

1. cooperation

first you need to find a mutually agreed, for example: "I have a suggestion, you are willing to listen to?" This is done to make him agree with your proposal, which is neutral. read more