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On site Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the content construction of thinking oriented anal

first, the user needs analysis to statistics every hour and moment demand analysis is one of the core factors of our conception of website content. The main reason is the sufficient analysis you have to face the demand of consumers, as long as we can understand the needs of users according to the demand of creation to meet the needs of users, such as your site in the process of background statistics found that many friends are online search sites that sell jade is good, like the long tail words I found the website, with this opportunity, the author specifically targeted to write many articles, on the long tail word analysis and writing is a writing power and blasting point, secondly, is to solve user problems in certain aspects or doubts, to better meet the user’s search needs, this article is sure to be better to obtain the user’s favor, so enhance the site PV and viscosity is a natural.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon website optimization process, the content of the factors is the first one, he is not only the site of the blood, the best is the entrance site full of vitality and user interaction, how to effectively build our website content? The author today in its own web site in the optimization process and you do a little bit simple sharing, the author’s own website is a single page Station Guest, do the main keywords is Lantian jade, the author will make a detailed interpretation and everyone.

third, to find their own selling points, improve the content of the difference. After we analyzed all sites in the same industry content, this time you may find the Internet sites of the same type are very similar and identical, this time the author suggested that we should carefully consider my website and other websites at different points in what place, I mainly want to highlight the theme of the website which aspects of the problem, the next how to do is to put their own content to make a difference, instead of doing a same and peer web content, but the search for differentiation is a key factor to test planning personnel and operation personnel of the core, first requires a clear understanding of the industry, secondly, to their own products and their business must be done to end, can recite fluently from memory to their own advantage, inferior products, well. The author suggests that the resources of the strength of the company or individual can use the website or tag page for web content aggregation classification. Similar to the special website for >

second, a detailed analysis for the website of the industry. For example, finishing their own industry peers or competitors to their website, website structure, website content to conduct a comprehensive analysis, see their website is how to set the title, see their website content is how to do, how to embody the long tail words in the article, see their auxiliary column keywords and keyword is how to layout, although the content changes between the same industry website may be similar, but careful analysis can always find some do not good or others to do good, we must carefully leak filled this time, do everything to help the user to user details experience.


Shanghai dragon flood era webmaster should be how to retreat

focus on industry dynamics

in Shanghai Longfeng work in the course of several years, feel the best state that every day landing sites to understand the latest developments, such as love Shanghai webmaster forum again today to update what algorithm, an industry broke what love Shanghai bad case, this news although sometimes seemingly and not take sides however, to understand the industry dynamics will let you the overall trend of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a great direction, and will not easily go astray, see other webmasters some outstanding cases at the same time, also can let you have more power to do something.

The values of the


a lot of friends in the initial site, do not know their own on site

a few years ago, Shanghai dragon is a new vocabulary, then I just go to college, do the operation of the friends told me that there is a dragon called Shanghai industry, the development of good, let me look at this thing, because the author also entered the Shanghai dragon era, and participate in the early days of Shanghai dragon WHY training it can be said that at that time, Shanghai dragon is very easy, no matter is the baby still love Shanghai, as long as you don’t cheat, the normal update site, increase the chain order, the effect will be very obvious site keywords.

Determination of

is not optimistic about the situation analysis and summary of

today, Shanghai dragon in the internet almost everywhere tend to flood the trend, mass, industry driven formation of links to the sale of the industrial chain, the emergence of a large number of pseudo original software makes normal industry become more complex, "where Chinese will be complicated" this sentence is also applicable to Shanghai dragon industry. We see, no matter what form of cheating within the industry, there are still owners behave most seriously, update the site, exchange links, and reasonable publicity. But in recent years, Shanghai continued love algorithm in disarray, so many rules of the owners also become frustrated, helpless, no matter what you do or have the right to be reduced, even by the K example, the author in this year is also suffered setbacks, but also summed up some truth, is willing to share with the webmaster, common progress.


once the site is down right and be K, many people first reaction is to blame love Shanghai, actually this kind of practice not only for nothing, also let oneself lose some of our confidence in the website, the correct approach is to first in the industry website, QQ group in the observation, if the majority of people and you are the same, so don’t panic, is likely to be search engine, search engine is relatively stable in most of the time, but does not rule out the possibility of sudden accident, basically if the situation encountered most of the websites of your website and the same industry are the same, so please continue your work before, wait, there will be a good result. If you find that only a small part of the site as you drop right, then we will observe the log ab initio analysis, observation, in the chain, the chain, outbound links, website security and so on, believe to be able to find the root cause is right down.


Shanghai Longfeng copy thinking more sincere and a little less routine

as a Shanghai dragon Er, we must let the reading people see our main point in writing, rather than at the time could not see any nutritious food. The main purpose is to see people reading the needs of their own resources, they seem half found not in experience is talking about the world, in the end with the theme of the 10 Fen relations are not, if you change the angle as the masses do you want? When writing, you can refer to the following:

why do this in the first place? Because the peace of mind is the primary factor to each industry, I often meet some friends on the Internet, once more, all sorts of strange things things too much. Occasionally seen some really good pre copy level Shanghai dragon Er, they also made some contributions to the large portal, finally passed. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er less there will be a feeling that, once they see their articles to be reproduced and countless discussions, the heart is excited and expansion; this is the norm, a necessary stage and we want to improve the weight. But some er for Shanghai dragon in order to improve force, feel the cow, "bull", then the mind has made expansion up to get out of hand. Do not know you have not heard a word " in success often the most dangerous " other unknown factors, not dangerous, but you and me; well, point to namely stop.

two: to copy Shanghai dragon thinking point of view rather than to urine

Shanghai: do not have a copy of dragon thinking impetuous mentality

daily work time, I love the Internet to find dry cargo study and research, look at yourself and what places to be improved; then the problem comes, I was attracted many titles in, and for reading up, but most did not see something useful to me. I understand every webmaster desire to flow, but also understand the development trend of the Internet currently exist; but frankly speaking, this type of article makes me feel back in 80s, the flood of advertising psoriasis. Do not know the author is cheating on their own or cheat the audience, this is called dry cargo romance routine? Xiaobian today to share some thoughts and ideas of their own, I hope you can help to.

the Internet recently classic sentence: more sincere, less routine

Remove the

1, the main point of view: to guide the premise, you can write some stories around the theme to guide the user, can be related to the personal experience, the development of the industry, the industry classic examples of successful extension etc.. But not like the above about where I said for a long time, and then suddenly finished. Last fall was to move yourself to death, while reading the crowds had special underground scold huan.

2, Title Ideas: I admit that the drainage capacity of the title of the party is strong; "


Study design home station enterprises seek common ground


Hello, I am Liang Lei, is closely related to the user experience and page design, page design can be said is a very important part of the user experience of the website, but many did not actually dig page design can bring what users, especially now the Internet plagiarism phenomenon in general, can be of interest to the user is often what page the unique design style, or interactive website. Imitation is possible, but not blindly copying, directly copy and paste OK. Enterprise station page design website when waking, directly copy a website template, and then slightly revised even if completed. So how to design the enterprise site? The author thinks that in the same industry website templates, we can follow the "common ground" principle, take a look at the enterprise homepage design sketches in general:

consider the question "why the user wants to access a business station?", is actually very simple, the user is mainly two kinds of service, the first is really want to buy a product, the second is about how to use the consultation. Many enterprises have installed the online chat program, but some enterprise stand to show the way to let visitors unbearable, like typical medical station, stop online consultation pop-up prompt box, each page has a deep fear of the station, the user cannot see. In fact, this window will let users very disgusted, so it is recommended to place several online consultation on the home page was the location, can be customer service QQ number or phone number, etc.. In order to facilitate the user to query you want to understand the product, it is best to have a website search function, as far as I know, many companies put the function of eliminating the station. The details of the deal and then talk about the products, how to let your users better understand the products? The most common is through product pictures and description of two kinds of carrier to display products. Size, clarity and other details so we should pay attention to product pictures, text as easy to understand.

certainly is the same industry enterprises have reference value, but not exactly the same features or services must highlight the characteristics of their products, it would be better to establish a corporate image. >

was painted by the enterprise homepage design sketches, the above also said the company stands very similar because the majority of template, the template is copied to copy the original copy is a normal thing, but plagiarism is too much, almost all the same. Web site operators only understand the user, for the sake of users, user habits. This website is objective and targeted, so also is the enterprise station, the author summarizes the essential plate home design enterprise station: product classification categories, news, product display, enterprise introduction, online consulting services etc.. This number plate which must be preserved? Enterprise the most important content is certainly a product, so the product plate is must in the home show, in addition to the product classification list and online consulting services must also be kept.


It’s not easy to be a novel station

see some friends to make a novel station, I have a heart, because recently been reading novels, feeling novel traffic is very large, so I also started in May in a novel energy-saving


program is Jackie, a server shut off for 24 hours a day by a collector, alas, more afraid, or novels stand easy.

I am now and Baidu consumption time, see when it included more pages, anyway, the server is shared with several friends, / month / person /150 yuan, the price is OK, when the investment fiction station to play.

as a novel station, update speed, I still follow up. At present, the collector collected three stations, which three will not be picked up.

did not intend to put ads in the early days, so as to attract users. Even if the late flow, I will not put more advertising. The page is neat, I feel very important, now the novel stands the window advertisement everywhere, I see other people’s novel station, I all look afraid. I stand PV super high. 100IP/ days, PV has about 2000-3000.

the following points are the main sources of our current traffic volume:

1. propaganda flow is to the BBS information dissemination, this is not my full-time webmaster, so there is not much time to publicity little, so rely on this flow to basically equal to zero.

2. search traffic depressed, the site from May to now, Baidu also just included a page, but fortunately, on this page, one day, there are more than 100 IP from search. (now I hope to include more than a few pages, to some people propaganda, I feel I can still stand to retain people, because there are often old visiting, I have confidence)

3. link traffic is a lot of exchange of links, a day by now I can also be at least 20 or so.

4. blog outside the chain flow, this flow is basically less poor, one day is only 5-6.

5. other traffic, this traffic is negligible, nothing at all.

last hope do novel sites, in the post to do stand experience for the novel. It’s really not easy.


Dry sharing Taobao u station application, presentation and promotion experience a large collection

Taobao u station introduces

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the electricity supplier war intensified, the group purchase network game to the major electricity supplier last year, as the electronic commerce big boss "Taobao" is also doing fine tuning and implementation strategy (platform, finance, data), from changes in the rules, 25 independent division change, small and beautiful, U station to launch Alipay recently split into three business groups, CEO for office…… 2013 e-commerce is entering a high speed stage, whether it is to do the electricity supplier or traditional industries you ready?

Application Center closed in May 10, 2013, the existing application of all the transition to U station, this certainty announced the news, in Taobao caused no small waves, U station, and then attracted more attention. The birth and development of U station caters to the concept of "small and beautiful" put forward by Taobao. Whether you are surprised or angry, whether you accept or reject, this is the trend of the times. Not only is the original Taobao application center, operations management, and the Tmall business, Sina apps, Baidu QQ application, application of technical strength and so on…… or operating power individuals, teams and companies, and even Taobao customers and market businesses, have eyes and energy on U station.

whether you belong to which a class of people, you know U? You start out? Are you ready? I from six aspects to present a brief introduction to the [U] station, hoping to give you a reference to.

essentially, U station is a similar beauty and, a platform Amoy group, the platform will also cause no small impact on the two, its purpose is to provide the same one can jump to the Taobao shop link for users. The content on the small station does not have much to do with Taobao, and Taobao users do not have much to do with, they are made by third parties, these are only an entrance. If we carefully analyze these small station creators, we will find that they are on Taobao, through the provision of goods, discounts and other means to attract customers, and thus to share with businesses. At present, many u stations in the Admin5 transfer price has reached tens of thousands of. The U station, like the web site, is a valuable virtual resource.

"small station" name, and watercress, everyone and other sites the same, but also to share and like, you can see Ali intended to highlight the social Taobao users.

Taobao u station application method

access Taobao open platform for buyers applications. Then authentication, and then registered U station, and then certification, through the opening of the note: need to do their own ICP record

has stopped the normal application, opened the competition application, and after the match, retained top 30.

What are the

and U stations,


profile: for individuals, majors, >


To code farmers to take a class Uber platform quickly find 100 yards of agriculture, products can be

Abstract: Crowdsourcing innovation of QCode is the programmer’s spare time to solve the business staff is not stable, difficult issues such as recruitment, limited manpower. When you have an idea of entrepreneurship, you can quickly find 100 yards farmers, and achieve rapid product line 3-5 weeks – the vision is beautiful, the reality,



the Internet revolution’s greatest thinkers Klein · Sheki mentioned in the book "cognitive surplus", the Americans a year time spent watching TV for about 200 billion hours, but it is almost 2000 Wikipedia projects a year time required. If we treat each person’s free time as an aggregate, a cognitive surplus, then how big will this surplus be?

in fact, the fast pace of life has made us forget that free time is always ours. We can spend it on our own will, create them and share them. Sharing Uber, strong momentum of economic business model Airbnb represents, in addition to living services, demand for professional and technical services is just, for example, how to code the community their surplus time


titanium Media Editor interviewed this company named QCode Crowdsourcing start-up companies, is to use the programmer’s spare time to address the business staff is not stable, difficult issues such as recruitment, limited manpower. Their vision looks beautiful: just you have an idea of entrepreneurship, you can quickly find 100 yards farmers, 3-5 weeks to achieve rapid product line. What kind of innovation does the company have,


connects entrepreneurs and programmers to

Crowdsourcing QCode is a focus on software development Crowdsourcing service platform, as the name suggests, is the "fast write code", through Crowdsourcing way, rapid completion of the development of the software project. There are two main types of QCode Crowdsourcing platform target group: 1, project development needs of entrepreneurial companies; 2, professional skills and leisure time programmers.

for the majority of entrepreneurs, many of the early entrepreneurial when there is only one idea, suffer from a lack of funds and technical personnel can not be rapid product development and on-line, this time you can take the product (APP) reasonable split into dozens or even hundreds of tasks by QCode platform Crowdsourcing to programmer platform based on recommedation first grab a single programmer to pick a single by the programmer, within a specified time, rapid completion of the project development work.

for programmers, in personal data submitted to obtain language rating and after we can grab a single through the receiving task, use their spare time outside of work, the development of a task quickly to help entrepreneurs. In a word, Crowdsourcing QCode is the idle time programmers use, fast on-line products to help entrepreneurs.

appeal point: high efficiency, short development cycle,

code Crowdsourcing model so we can not help.


Teach you how to write an article in the public number that you would like to share

many enterprises or business operations in the micro WeChat public number, one of the most common way is to write articles, get the user’s attention through the article, and the article to attract users to take the initiative forward and spread, but how to write an article to make it the number of years in the public is willing to share the


said that the open public number to operate the first thing to do is to increase the number of fans, yes, this is the first goal, but increase the quality of the fans is also very important, otherwise there will be a number of fans, but few people patronize public phenomenon. Of course, after the fans, to ensure that content quality is the operator to achieve the second goal, which is to make fans become loyal users a great secret. As for how to increase the number of fans, Xiaobian are not one by one analysis, this article focuses on how to achieve the second objectives, write the public number of article content.

before the pen to write the public number of articles, should be to observe the user’s behavior is important, should pay particular attention to the dynamic study of the circle of friends, they are more willing to share content types. According to the data show that in addition to the public number of push content is directly browsed, a large part of the flow from the user in the circle of friends to share, it can be seen that a good public article role immeasurable.

The different properties of

WeChat public content and website optimization when writing, usually in favor of website optimization articles must be associated with the theme of industry, but the public, as long as do the content sharing the user experience on the line, as long as the content to attract users, as with the industry whether the impact is not big, of course, and can industry is the best but. Its contents can be separated from several aspects:

first, with affection moving. General writing is not blindly by repeated words to introduce the products or service, this is too marketing copy users don’t love, at this time, enterprises must recognize is that the user can move the user will seriously read it, can touch the heart and cause the resonance of the above the ninety percent are likely to be shared, so the article can proceed from the emotions, both the passions, as long as it can affect the user behavior of emotion can be expressed out by articles such as: students true portrayal of life, pictures and text, and then attached to a campus article, for people who have the same experience will touch the heart.


second, positive energy propagation. When people are lost, they want to have a way to solve problems, can help themselves out of the predicament, and often some positive energy of the text, just to bring these users hope. Especially for frustrated people, nerves are very sensitive and easily affected by the surrounding environment. Then the article can be positive energy case to shape content, triggering positive energy transmission.


third, pay attention to practicability. Some operators like <


Sports industry investment hot! Tiger founder said, 1 billion U.S. M & A will occur

Abstract: Cheng hang forecast that the second half of this year to early next year, the sports industry mergers and acquisitions, the level of 1 billion U. s.dollars will occur several, the entire sports industry will be very hot.


as early as March, we have reported to you, tiger diving sports and founder Cheng hang, I think he has already been very understanding. In a recent lecture, a dual identity of the founder of tiger bashing away Hangzhou to meet with you again, brought to the hottest "Internet plus sports" views, let us look at the history of Hangzhou exactly what was said.

Cheng hang talks about his own entrepreneurial experience,

, after graduating from Tsinghua University, Cheng hang, a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering from the Northwestern University, was supposed to live in the middle class of the United States with an annual salary of $100 thousand. In his own words, is "a house of two cars, two children and a dog’s life, but he chose to return home left with nothing whatsoever, but, from childhood obsession with sports.

During the

college early in Chicago, the use of spare time to start the process of Hangzhou sports reporter, he can be the first time to contact the Chicago Bulls team and players, write an excellent sports coverage, and can be released to the Chinese exclusive sports weekly.

More than half of the

sports reporter experience, let Cheng hang see China sports media compared to the United States sports media, there are still some gaps, so on the initiation of the original business idea, created a sports media, 260 pieces of money so he started a website "hoopCHINA", is the tiger’s predecessor, 2007, the site has become the largest sports vertical sites, but he was faced with graduation in America and returned to work, he chose the latter, with Morningside technology investment of 1 million dollars, to create now has become the Internet sports media China the latest tiger.

Cheng hang talks about identity change,

is now the process of Hangzhou, was not only a successful entrepreneur, in 2015, guirenniao shares with ESPN, Greenwoods co sponsored investment, create and manage the total size of 2 billion yuan of sports industry investment fund "dynamic domain capital", Cheng Hangzhou has become a focus of sports industry investors, has cast in more than 20 sports items.

talked about his views, for entrepreneurs and investors said that entrepreneurs should think that this thing only I do well, but investors are able to see this thing, but they are not suitable for doing it can see for the thing. When the enterprise develops to a certain scale, these two identities need to coexist actually.

, Cheng hang, talking about sports industry

a year ago, the sports industry was not noticed until last year, when the State Department was published 46, the sports industry was identified in China with such an industry and needed strong support


Sales = chat chat will make money

whether the salesman, or the company, have to deal with customers, have to sell their products or services, so as to have a performance. In many people’s eyes, the sale is a chore, in fact, not necessarily, the most important way to find.

1, the real sales is a pleasant chat process; talk to each other’s wishes, talk about each other’s concerns, talk about how to complete each other’s wishes, talk about how to take away each other’s concerns.

2, real sales no opposition position, no Buyer no seller.

3, the real sales is to solve the problem for each other wholeheartedly.

4, real sales do not need to convince customers.

5, real sales have no pressure on each other.

6, the real sales is what we say is the other side want to hear, we sell the other party want.

7, the real sales are full of sense of value and meaning.

8,   real sales, after the other will say thank you.

real sales only two steps:

: first try to understand the wishes of customers and concerns.