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Wo Wo Group launched the 55 Living Mall will have on the future of open peer

news in October 9th 9, Wo Wo Group group purchase website officially launched a new domain name, and the site location for the 55 Living Mall, but now is still in the future of the group purchase Wowo products, the platform will be the other group purchase website open.

is currently 55 Living Mall platform is still in the Wo Wo Group group purchase products, products including catering, leisure and entertainment, delicacy, beauty and health care and other categories of Turisthotellet. Wo Wo Group official said the site now just on the line, the future hope to B2C, will open to business, and the open peer group purchase. read more


Liebo acquired the city of angels sent a signal to the electricity supplier what


in last year’s double 11 to 85 million yuan in sales ranked women ranked first, while the annual sales of 500 million yuan in the women’s category ranked in the top three, up from 1000 yuan to 500 million yuan in 2005, just over a period of 7 years, the development speed is enough to make the same behavior at. However, relatively few tens of billions of brands on the ground floor, it seems a little insignificant. For the Amoy brand, it seems at this stage began to encounter the ceiling, want to break through 1 billion this threshold is difficult, therefore, to integrate through the acquisition of the city of angels, brewing the next step of the listing plan is undoubtedly the fastest way. read more