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How to open the health shop

health products for the elderly is very important, good health care products to ensure that the elderly more healthy body. Health care products are now doing a good project, a lot of friends want to engage in health care products industry investment, so you can also open a new career for yourself.

First of all to ensure genuine open health stores in

, many people worry that the shop selling fake cosmetics shop owner must strengthen self-discipline, good quality. To shop, to understand the needs of customers. Shop before the investigation of the target consumers, to understand how they can accept the price, what products are favored. Service attitude and the ability of the sales staff to determine the operating conditions of the health care store, staff training should also keep up with.

in addition, open health stores can also use some form of promotions, such as issuing membership cards, membership training; timely introduction of special offer promotions; launch special concessions to old customers, so that customers will gradually strengthen the cosmetics store brand loyalty, a pass ten, ten pass 100, let the customer pull your customers.

secondly, the opening of the health care stores operating smoothly or not, the most important factor is the site.

For example,

in commercial and residential traffic is more and more, residential rent cheap, customers increases slowly, but the traffic is relatively stable, winning customers love and trust, have the opportunity to become friends and repeat, but others will be the site selection in the business district, downtown area passenger Wang was rent, and the stranger and tourists, both of which have their own advantages.

health food stores in the residential area, low price, many consumers are still very attractive, but if the product price high, it is difficult to have a market in a residential area, so in site shop, still have to consider health care products and grades.

third, open health stores continue to improve the quality of the individual, the attitude of the staff determines the operating conditions of cosmetics shop, only to let the staff training should follow, in order to provide better service for the consumer. As a health care products store, the quality of the staff training has become a necessary lesson, for some basic health care knowledge should be aware of, such as the effectiveness of the product, the use of products, etc..

finally, the product quality and the purchase of third elements, the general health food stores, supply is not a problem, as long as you find a good shop, put up signs that the delivery of the manufacturers will be flocking to your threshold, choose what kind of brand management and product is the biggest problem.

if you choose to be joined, it would be more simple, sourcing, the headquarter will help you to solve, but also to provide support and services, including the store decoration design, door shelf image, props, costumes, display of goods in the form of "staff


How to make money in the vicinity of the school jewelry shop

improve the standard of living, people continue to increase demand for small accessories, so home accessories in the vicinity of the school to open stores can also gain a good business, and want to get considerable income to master certain skills to make money.

Next to the

is the second decoration shop area of only 20 square meters, but the overall effect is to make people feel very fresh and chic, so as to cater to the young people’s psychological.

finally cost according to the actual consumption ability, the students’ consumption level is not high, so the jewelry cost is relatively low, it is important to enough new styles.



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In the cell door convenience store open what tricks

in today’s society, some community life has been more and more convenient and fast, at the same time, some small convenience stores opened in the area surrounding also welcomed by the people, want to succeed to open a convenience store in the area, the need to focus on marketing strategy.

How much money to open a convenience store /

open a convenience store operating tips: to open a convenience store in order to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, it shall guarantee that the commodity categories are as unchanged; the special offer goods stores Duitou show should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect; the store corridor is set at 80 to 90 cm.

tips to open a convenience store, convenience store opened according to the reasonable arrangement of goods stores during the peak period of the planning, will be difficult to separate selected goods and unsalable goods, in order to prevent the peak of shoppers crowded aisle, to facilitate other customer shopping; the shelf height to many families should take care of the needs of women, not the shelf center more than 165 cm, it is best not to exceed 6. At the same time to pay attention to application of the end of the shelf, because this is the store of gold, stop time of a customer in these places is the longest, should display high gross margin of unsalable goods.

is different from general large supermarkets, convenience stores which sell daily necessities, but also can provide multiple convenience services, such as fees, payment, boiling water supply for charging the mobile phone, for inflating a bicycle, to print digital photos, collecting dry cleaning, booking flowers, booking all kinds of concerts and set up self-service payment terminals. Even for training registration, booking examination materials, the deepening of community residents value-added services, help gather popularity.

in addition, because the main consumer groups to open a convenience store at the age of 30 students and commuters, for this group is easy to accept new things, the pursuit of fashion and weak consumption characteristics, so the store opened in the choice of commodities should pay attention to innovation and renewal, combined with the theme of fashion.



Two sales focus on customer service

saw two will be coming, the major stores again ushered in a hot sales time. However, want to let the business booming business, but also need people to do more preparation work, get more customer recognition. In the two sales process, I think the service is the eternal theme of retail customers. Nowadays, customers are increasingly demanding service. Through years of practice, I found that the more in the sales season, the service can not be ignored.

first, to stimulate the customer want to enter the shop desire. When customers come to the store, we greet customers in what way, so that customers have the desire to enter the store is very important. My approach is to use the "near" approach to draw customers, give him a sense of intimacy. Whenever there is a customer to find out the door, I was the first to use a smile in the eyes of the exchange with the customer, if you know, said: "Hello, come shopping!"

if a stranger said: "Hello, please come in and have a look!" Instead of asking customers what they want to buy. Because, some customers into the store before buying, did not determine what to buy, but want to see our products and then make a decision. This method is really effective, no matter what kind of customer, in my lead, the basic will be advanced to see, and then, in my guidance, and then implement the purchase plan.

second, to stimulate the customer want to shop passion. The customer into the store, there are a variety of situations, some customers into the store, because there is no clear purchase goal, let us come up with all kinds of goods and let him choose, then I will patiently and carefully to sell a variety of goods, whether to buy or not to buy, do not show any boredom, say kept saying: "you do not buy."

this unconditional service will let customers have unexpected satisfaction, they say, didn’t want to go shopping, but don’t feel sorry we are shopping service, feel shy, naturally shopping. For a specific purchase intention, I am always the service needs to do everything possible to meet, sometimes even to pour some tea, a cigarette, a piece of candy, send a pair of Xilian like, after my "sugar coated bullet" action, they are generally no longer choose to go to the next shop than quality the price, and will increase the number of purchase decision making.

is now a very large number of shops, almost every street has several retail stores, and the operation of goods are similar, if there is no certain characteristics, no doubt can not attract consumers. It is because of this business status, quality service will often become an important means to enhance the competitiveness of shops. Therefore, if you want to make a big profit during the two sessions, you also need to do a good job of service oh.


Personal website when going out

after more than two months of winter, personal website finally look forward to a ray of light. For individual users to close the ".Cn" domain name registration to open again, the individual has the authority to open the site for the first time a positive response to the official. However, in the face of some of the specific rules of the site for the record, many personal website owners seem worried. However, with the concern about NPC and CPPCC "during the CPPCC members on the small website development and the government departments of the state," the end of hills and rivers no doubt "the grassroots webmaster seems to usher in the There is a way out".

can do network to webmaster hope

Internet campaign is designed to find the Internet, mobile phone pornographic pornographic information, the purpose is to exclude, delete blocking, not a personal website." In March 8th, the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong said, in the Internet regulation during the existence of overkill approach, but not completely blocked the personal website.

last December, the Ministry of industry and other nine ministries jointly carry out the regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special operations in the country, some of which can be described as severe remediation action: first Chinese hitherto unknown Internet Information Center called.Cn domain name of the personal registration, then the provinces Internet access to basic services to the room the different degrees of "all-round blockade room investigation measures, once part of the domain name registration services and implementation of the registered user white list system, that is not through the domain name registration audit, not access Internet service. A series of remediation measures once small and medium-sized websites that have questioned Starving people fill the land., the Ministry of the comprehensive ban personal website.

in the bleak wind, struggling to stick the individual stationmaster finally see hope. In February 23rd this year, the Ministry to Ofcom issued a "further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") of the notice specified individuals and units can be used as the site sponsor, but the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit. This is the first time that an individual has the right to launch a website.

minister Li Yizhong’s position and the introduction of the program, the personal webmaster is undoubtedly a good news. Some commentators are optimistic that the "program" clear "individuals can set up a web site, and domain name registration authority" is the website offering necessary condition and operation of the "program" introduced may be the starting point for the Ministry to consider making "officially open personal domain name registration" policy and the introduction of.

record for the new regulations provoke webmasters disgusted

Although the "

program" introduced so many stick to their ideals and interests of individual owners to the spring, but the specific implementation is to let them feel the chill of early spring, attracted some owners complain and resentment. Filing system is relatively good, can effectively prevent illegal content, help purify the Internet environment from the source." An industry source said, in fact, many of the owners have some views on the record, not for


ResellerClub Asia’s largest domain name registrar

recently, from authoritative domain name evaluation agencies dotandco learned that the world’s top 10 domain name registrar, ResellerClub is the only domain name registrar from asia.


can be seen on the basis of the above data, in the top 10 of the registered companies, Godaddy is still ranked first in Asia, and also Resellerclub on the list, thus, Resellerclub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, from the statistical data published by the Resellerclub on the Resellerclub, domain name ownership of more than 3 million, far more than the population the amount of domestic registrars! Throughout the world 236 countries and regions, more than thousands of host, domain agents and web design company, to achieve profitability through their agent system.

Resellerclub to enter the market after the launch of China, Chinese station, a series of measures to support Alipay caused a stir in China, is one of the few foreign host support Alipay domain name provider (other IXWebhosting Godaddy HostEase). Many promotional activities for the majority of agents feel the agent with fun, Asian Games held, Resellerclub situation, the timely introduction of.Asia domain name registration activities, once launched, the registration is hot, the preferential highest price as high as 65%! And its unique generation mode also let people find everything fresh and new, four levels, each level enjoy different preferential, the highest discount of up to 200 United States agency.

Resellerclub proxy mode and promotion way is to make it become a powerful tool in Asia’s largest domain registrar, ResellerClub own strength to believe that everyone is obvious to people, this is perhaps the ResellerClub can cause the world’s top 10 success, but also the biggest reason can become a domain name provider in asia.


The beauty of figure three and a half years over 1 billion 100 million loss break into change normal

Chinese financial network January 23rd news (reporter Liu Xiaofei Dan Zhengyu) as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong through opening after the largest IPO, Mito company has attracted much attention since listing. Data show that in December 15, 2016 listed the MiTo company after 7 trading days gains 6 big line, the stock is down 12.53%. Although after a slight rebound, but as of January 18th closing price is still below the issue price, there are investors issued a pit father sigh.

as a result of the United States and the stock price stumble endlessly reasons, the industry generally believe that the company’s dismal fundamentals. Prospectus shows that since its inception in 2008, the cumulative loss of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan. Have to say, how to turn losses has become the most important issue in front of the u.s..

listed a month basically at the "break"

in December 15, 2016, the United States and the Hongkong stock exchange officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the second largest Internet Co after the Shanghai Stock exchange. Although listed on the same day the bell ceremony Mito invited a number of artists and the financial community a lot of support, but did not stop the stock break.

On the first day of

, Mito company at a price of HK $8.78 opening, but after the opening hours will be below the issue price, the afternoon stock volatility, and finally to the issue price at. The next day, the company rebounded slightly 0.59%, then fell into the channel, and in December 23rd fell to HK $7.46, the stock market hit a new low since. "Dip" after the MiTo company’s share price then rebounded, as of Friday’s close, the highest price of HK $8.86, compared to less than HK $0.4 issue. China net financial reporter noted, Mito company January 18, 2017 closing price is still below the issue price, that is to say the stock market is basically in a state of "break".

three and a half loss of over 1 billion 100 million investors, said the share price fell expected

and Mito company suffered in the market of the two "horror" is different, with its roots in the Gigabit A stock market to play fast". According to wind statistics, Gigabit listed since January 4th, in just 13 trading in the harvest of the 12 trading board, interval cumulative increase of 183.8%, the highest price from 77.76 yuan / share soared to 221.8 yuan / share.

data show that the company is headquartered in the United States and Jibit in Xiamen, the main business description has a mobile game, the key is that the two companies have a common investor – IDG capital partners.

if the MiTo company and the Gigabit biggest difference, it should be the company’s fundamentals. Data show that in 2013 and -2015 in the first half of 2013, the loss of 25 million 813 thousand yuan, respectively, $1 billion 772 million, $2 billion 217 million and $2 billion 190 million, excluding the fair value loss of convertible redeemable preferred stock, three and a half years


Dangdang not only sell books cosmetics category sales interpretation

Dangdang cosmetics sales management analysis

Dangdang basic situation

Dangdang, director of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Beijing Dangdang, the company registered in Beijing, Dongcheng District. Dangdang online sales of goods, including books, audio and video, beauty, home, mother, clothing and 3C digital dozens of major categories, of which there are more than one thousand kinds of cosmetic surgery. In the first half of 2014, total retail sales accounted for 6 billion 150 million, accounting for China’s B2C online retail market by 1.2%.

Dangdang management operation model

Dangdang is an integrated B2C platform, both to provide an open platform for the introduction of brands and businesses, while operating independently.

self management: import goods sales of the entire link by its own control, part of the procurement of goods, website display, online payment, logistics, customer service service by itself, each link are responsible for the independent sector. Strict procurement control and relatively perfect sales process control, Dangdang self product quality and after-sales service have better performance.

platform management: Dangdang provides trading platform for businesses to contractual agreement with the rights and obligations of merchants settled. Merchants use Dangdang sales platform for product display and sales, businesses operated by the purchase of goods by their own businesses, the use of Dangdang logistics or logistics to choose their own delivery. Platform settled merchants pay Dangdang platform to use fees, according to sales and Dangdang share profits.

Dangdang platform merchants management measures

merchants to join Dangdang platform, Dangdang settled merchants credit situation audit. The main contents of the audit include enterprise qualification, product certification certificate and registration certificate, registered capital, the establishment of a formal review. Review the cosmetics business merchants settled merchants and business products materials including materials, including audit materials for merchants settled qualification: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, authorization, the general taxpayer qualification certificate. The audit settled merchants provided by the manufacturer or supplier of materials business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, qualification certificate, product quality inspection certificate of trademark registration, the general taxpayer qualification certificate, bank license, authorized agent or book sales book, health permits, health certificates, domestic cosmetics audit record special cosmetics health permits, health permits, imported cosmetics hygiene certificate entry exit inspection and quarantine. The signing of the agreement, requires businesses to provide goods category list and contract rates, consumers also signed service agreement. In addition, Dangdang first introduced in other online shopping mall sales, good reputation of the merchant, the poor sales and reputation of the establishment of the elimination mechanism. Merchants settled platform to pay the deposit, to compensate for the loss caused by the fault of businesses, but also for the illegal acts of merchants punishment, in order to strengthen the control of merchants, supervise the business law. When >


3W coffee was Jingdong ten million yuan investment 3W domain name was bought by others

renamed China ( April 3rd news, the first domestic chips cafe "3W coffee" in the recently acquired Jingdong led the tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, its website enabled is a combination of the domain name


figure: 3WCoffee

3W is a Chinese Internet industry leading entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors, consisting of a network of spheres, 3WCoffee is the cafe by Xu et al only to raise public mode initiated, founded in November 2010, has received seed funding including Xu Xiaoping, about 180 executives, investors and the internet.

3WCoffee uses the domain name, is composed of "coffee" English brand 3W+ Coffee, although a little complex and difficult to remember, but still in line with the brand image, it also protects the domain name. Coincidentally, another 3W domain name has also recently been sold to buy a real estate network CEO jump.

addition, it is reported that the 3WCoffee round of financing will be mainly used to promote the Ten City hundred stores program, hoping to expand to the more than and 10 major cities, the creation of 100 stores.


How to use event marketing to obtain analytical Xiao Chai 350 thousand WeChat fans a day

see this title, I think many people have done the Bozhuan preparation, I have been shot to do. The first time to see about the event marketing article before the loose blog read an article "how to take advantage of the hot events spread SEO new thinking" in the article, and since then has a crush on each event marketing, event marketing case and behind began to stop observation within the industry event marketing master. Why is the behind the event marketing master? We all know to do event marketing, many of them have a kind of mystery, it seems to be behind, in secret, so we know has become a hot spot, but does not know who is planning, how to implement the.

In fact, many of our

learning or engaged in network marketing people, event marketing is an all elusive means of marketing, many successful cases we can only see the results, but can not see is how to implement the. Of course, this article is very few, only some of the network are also only a handful of hastily theoretical hydrology, no actual operability and imitation. So after I observe and learn more than a year, today I am speaking through an event marketing in 24 hours will WeChat public number of fans increased 350 thousand cases, through this case to tell you about some of the event marketing core point me a year to sum up, the hope can give a help, hope all. And. It may be said that many people are more eager to know who this person is, this is not important, we mainly talk about the case.

in the past, I think SEO will only do SEO, and then I watched a man followed him for more than a year, he collected a lot of control events, found that people who do SEO is actually an all rounder. Good nonsense not to say, we have to look at the event marketing to have several points.

first, have a keen sense of observation

here I first look at the popularity of event marketing, segmentation if there are many, but I’m here today is mainly about the marketing occasion.

every day in our lives, there are a variety of hot events, and in so many hot events, we have to use keen observation to find out in favor of our event. This potential ability seems simple, but it’s hard to do it. I observed a year of the event marketing master, he and our webmaster friends, have a grass root as the rest of the time, often stay up late.

some time ago a hot event occurred at about 12 in the evening, I later asked him, he was informed that he was about to see this event in the WeChat group around 12. He could see more than one of the event, but when others are happy when their taste Jin Tao, he will be the event sent to the WeChat circle of friends, others may also have hair, but because of his many fans because soon maxed out in his circle of friends. And his circle of friends are mostly engaged in marketing, so quickly in the WeChat circle of friends.