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The latest Shanghai ranked 2011 love experiences


: the first page architecture with SE

third page: the internal rational strong inside chain

Er all know that love Shanghai ranking algorithm updates more frequently, often caused by fluctuating phenomenon ranking. In the rankings, Shanghai love fluctuates several ranking is normal, we do not have to confound, as long as you don’t cheat, just waiting for the adjustment can be observed. Continue to adjust the ranking algorithm also helps us do Shanghai dragon also should keep pace with the times and continue to practice and discovery algorithm changes, changes in the elements, so as to keep up with the situation of search engine. For the optimization for love Shanghai to promote some viewpoints and experiences unisignflex Shanghai dragon briefly talk about their own share. First, I’ll give you a formula look, I think Shanghai should optimize promotion sex according to the following formula to the multiplier. The formula is as follows: love Shanghai optimization promotion page architecture with SE = + high quality original update + page reasonably strong inside chain + high quality link

referred to here is said to update website update. The so-called high quality original is not and you the same information in the network, and the content is for users to provide useful information for users to solve or. False original article current search engine to weight is very low, because now the search engine has been able to distinguish the original from the original artifacts through certain technical means.

within the so-called chain refers to: share the internal links and no >

second: high quality instant update original

Shanghai Longfeng

as owners we all know, the general website is dependent on the search engine to display and publicity. If your site is built not the taste of the search engine, it is a failure of the website. So what kind of website with search engine rules? I simply talk about: first the site layout should be reasonable, the page can not ignore the feeling of the search engine in order to meet the visual experience, what does that mean? That is the page not too many pictures and FLASH and other search engines do not currently have a good recognition the element. In addition, the station of clear navigation is very important, clear navigation can let your visitors know at present in your web site and page browsing, not on the site lost direction. There is, set columns, page URL, first of all to static URL, why do this point you may know. There is a clear URL index to facilitate the search engine grab.

update is also very important, timely update the site information has a frequency to the index of the spider, the spider web feeding only, we can have a good record, a snapshot of the problem will be solved very well. The same stand in the user’s perspective, every day to update the content of the website users is also very love, because he can see the quality of different information on your site every day. Can enhance the user experience and stickiness and loyalty.


User behavior is one of the important factors to affect the ranking of search engine ranking



The medical industry site optimization is why every love Shanghai to suppress



this is a hospital I was looking for K station, please see below the promotion effect of

four, station groups: Hospital Station feature is the Love Lane station group, big promotion efforts, making search results of chaos, the user experience is poor, causing users don’t know which is which is the official website of the vest, do good can monopolize a keyword, so that the user does not select >

, a cause of credibility problems: do what should pay attention to a reputation, the medical industry is no exception, after all medical large blocks of fat, as long as a little bit of qualified hospital like to eat, so there is some "cry up wine and sell vinegar" speculation, but obviously not the strength blowing on the Internet, causing the user consumption by deception, including the love of Shanghai itself has a problem, Nanjing Shanghai dragon see a hospital station is "pulling", but also the promotion of the first, and the search principle is not completely opposite, who have money who are either not at first? The qualification can be on the front page, is "pulling" station is definitely a reason.

two, the content of medical industry is profiteering all hearts are, so the competition is fierce, the article must relax, pseudo original common, copy and paste is also the original rarely seen in business with pop, basically a station without user experience to talk about. This is also the rapid growth of the enterprises, enterprises will not waste a cent on the Internet, just want to see the results you want, will not consider whether a violation of the rule of the search engine, do not have a business on the Internet do not value advertising! Certainly is the main reason for the two K station.

Why is every love Shanghai website

three, the chain: the medical station most of the external links is quick, the chain is often meaningless to the site when the nutrients, for example, the title and content of classified information does not match, the forum only a few words, a blog is to copy and paste, most of the source of the chain belong to junk the chain such as, encyclopedia, library, rarely soft outside the chain of high quality do, after all, the audit also strictly, batch do time-consuming, not suitable for the medical enterprise crash station.

to suppress the medical industry? Love Shanghai 6-22 and 8-23 two K stand the medical industry There were many discussions. And the most miserable, 6-22 webmaster many medical riots, launched in Shanghai to promote love offensive, but a long time naturally subsided, all the webmaster or peace of mind to do new sites; 8-23 love Shanghai struck again K nearly 60% medical stations (estimate), worse than last time, let the strength is not too much to handle the recovery of medical treatment, medical care for the love of Shanghai is also a key reason, Nanjing Shanghai dragon consultants analyze what is the specific reason.


K is the hospital station after the promotion of


360 search optimization can not be ignored to dare

so why in the 360 search engine optimization? The author thinks that at least have the following advantages: first, the 360 is more inclusive, so the optimization difficulty is not so high. Second, 360 search engines have improved, so the algorithm is more stable and fair. Third, because 360 is a new search engine, in order to provide search services, then we need to gather more content, if blindly call love Shanghai search results, is advertised to love Shanghai, but also not conducive to their own development, as long as the content of your site original enough, the quality is relatively high, generally can be included. Fourth, 360 itself has entered the second largest search engine ranks, plus the security software this strong background, limitless future development. Fifth, computer lab 360 more love fool operation, which will undoubtedly bring greater development space to 360 search engines.

of course, in addition to the above five reasons, including 360 for the webmaster has better affinity, so it must be the webmaster to bring 360 to fully understand the search engine itself.

so for a careful webmaster, the search engine of the future development of the market will usher in a lot of variables, after the withdrawal from the market China from Google, love Shanghai quickly fill Google had 30% of the market space. But when a company enters into the very influential, is often the most vulnerable time, but this time, it is to catch the 360 chance, so there will be a 360 search engine. 360 and the emergence of the search engine, even in just a little more than a year, has completed 30% of the market share, it is enough to see the potential of 360.

said that although the current 360 search in terms of user experience and performance are not able to love Shanghai and par, but with 360 of its own in the security market, is also the advantage on the desktop, the rising market space is huge, so from the perspective of the development of future 360, is currently the most likely and love Shanghai competitive search engine, then in the possible development background, the majority of owners need to pay attention to the optimization for the 360 search engines, and to be first in the world, which it is possible to obtain more profits.

the current search engine is a circle of love in Shanghai alone, the situation from the perspective of market competition is obviously not good, but from now many of our search engine performance, experience and results will undoubtedly love Shanghai’s accuracy is the highest, so love Shanghai alone is no ground for blame. But in the Internet community, follow the same flower hundred days of red principle, even if the mobile phone has become the Empire of NOKIA and Motorola, are not closure, was acquired by the acquisition, and many enterprises website on the Internet for those of us onlookers raging like a storm, who is It is quite common for the.


It is important to open a successful snack to join the chain store

in life, there are many chowhound, they have a penchant for some snacks can be said, now operating a snack more promising, but will be a good snack franchise is not easy to open a successful snack chain stores how to do


1, do

location survey

2 and several

reference sites

3, familiar with the main business district

to know the district is dominated by the commercial or business oriented, is the municipal district or regional or community business district, shopping district, the main commercial form and radiation ability. Combined with its own market positioning, clear market layout, to determine the priority areas of priority.

4, understand competitors

Through the understanding of

5, understanding customer

the so-called friend, victorious. Want to know exactly where to shop more suitable, first of all to understand themselves, understand their own price positioning in the market, is a high-end consumer or popular consumption, anchor their own source. For the launch of the most suitable for their products, as long as there is a good product, he scolded you will patronize.

now open snack stores, one of the most important goal is to make money, want to make money you need to keep learning, to open a snack and a lot of money to join chain stores need to master the operation skills, you still need to summarize in business.


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New road network entrepreneurship, even without success, is also an experience

university has cultivated my tough character,

September 2002, because family conditions do not allow me to repeat (at that time, brother and brother are also reading, parents are farmers), I came to a university that I do not want to go, and started my college life. In college, apart from doing well in my studies, I started trying to do some small business in college to subsidize my college life. At that time, what was the money to do, tutor, agent, send leaflets and so on, have tried one by one, in the process of doing part-time job, gradually cultivate their own character and a good attitude without fear of hardship.

boring work let me initiation

After graduation,

, like other students, was transferred to the big job fairs. In May 06, after a difficult job search process, I entered an automobile logistics company in Wuhan and started my career. I was changed from a college student to a professional. Summer in Wuhan is unimaginable, the probation period every day are the basic parts of income, placement, on-line physical labor, remember every day clothes were soaked with sweat, remember every day after work tired of lying in bed motionless situation, remember the first month’s salary the excitement, but the thrill is behind the deeper understanding to the people in this world scene of debauchery is so difficult. Two months down people lost a lot, I also by an intern smoothly towards the management positions, the position of management work is relatively easy, every day is a small hunhun days, put their share of things done on all OK, all the other basic do not have to worry about. Began to feel very good, but for a long time, I feel this life is so boring, let me this has not reconciled to mediocrity of the poor boy more and more depressed, and after all, he is still young. If such a day passed, then in addition to a little bit of the monthly wages, what can I get? But want to calm down, after all their problems before graduation, social experience, economic conditions and so on have to make me feel secure, no choice.

met several friends in Wuhan in March 2007, when a friend was preparing to test civil servants in Henan, while several others were looking for jobs in Wuhan. In the process, I put my previous job experience and experience to friends, and analyzes the Wuhan jobs and our college students in the employment process of small skills, my analysis makes them very surprised. A few days later, something exciting happened. A few of my friends used some of my job hunting skills and methods to find a job that would satisfy them. Coincidentally, the friends of the civil service exam I used to give him an analysis of the examination methods, but also admitted to the civil service, and is still the first place in the results were hired. Later, with a friend for exchange, civil service exam experience, I do not know is coincidence, or really play a role, that friend was admitted to the civil service in Hubei. All of these made me very excited. When I was talking with my classmates, they suggested that I should set up an employment training institution for College Students


Animation theme station in Internet Era — about I in the future

since more than 10 years ago in Beijing yinghaiwei erected billboards that piece of white dy road network to open the door — China declared "Chinese is still far away from the information superhighway? 1500 meters north" – Chinese Internet business began to flourish, experienced new immature budding, radiant expansion, this expansion, painful unbearable and revive the heart of new lows…… This is a period for all network workers unforgettable memories, whether it is still standing, or fallen in the middle, all the webmaster is network immortal spirit, is the hero of the existence, as of 2000 Chinese DELL came to the Tsinghua University speech: "new ideas will be successful, although 95% the Internet Co will fail, but if you don’t join them, you will never lose the opportunity, along with the Internet career, annals is all the hard work, for the unremitting struggle, all through the night" you".

animation, which has now been largely regarded as "imported things" term, is also the birth of the Internet related industry topics of exploration and progress. As the core of the ACG industry, animation is from the bottom to surround people’s spiritual life, as a unique form of expression, animation and comics works have always demonstrated a tenacious and powerful vitality. In the great help of the Internet, with the trend of the Chinese also promote the animation produced quite a number of issues, but also opened up a blue ocean.

anime covers on the network a lot of content, in 2004 the global digital content industry output value reached $222 billion 800 million, related games, animation derivative products output value of more than $500 billion, not here a detailed description of the situation and Prospect of animation industry all over the Internet, only to talk about the future of animation theme.

first had to say is greedy, (, which is an all age earlier comicfans could not have strange names. A ID technician Guiwen based on their anime hobby and around Manmi to download anime, to complete her own greed, reputation birds technology development was set up after the station, and the rapid accumulation of a large number of loyal and enthusiastic fans, in the animation industry development driven by at the very fast pace of development undoubtedly sit on the Chinese animation website first chair, Alexa ranked 1000 within IP60 million or more, even the house of BT offer 3 million yuan acquisition of greed, a "BT download" layout of the situation. But then, there was a spread throughout the Internet Chinese animation industry turmoil in the mainland so far in greed, greed, Baidu, the Post Bar Sen, can also see the relevant historical records report. In October 19, 2005, the mainland is greedy Senlan company, produced between the Internet as a storm earthquake, greed, Dutch act ID reached tens of thousands, all the layout messed up, and constantly attacked the attack "


New station from zero to have novice webmaster do station experience

Hello, I often see A5 predecessors wrote articles, benefit greatly, today first published my own ideas, written badly, I hope we understand more

I am a complete novice webmaster, used to be engaged in computer maintenance, has been engaged in the hardware, the computer in recent years the rapid development of computer, low price, sales profit is very low, my income is not much, so I got the idea of this website, want to send it out get out of hand.

I was engaged in the hardware, although all belong to the category of computer, but when the true operation, I know how hard it is, space erection, the art I can, but the site is really painful procedures, I remember I was in time for me to find his program source the Internet, next to the space, waiting for a long time after the discovery of this program is too restrictive, or not for me, then find, seek, is looking for a night, but it pays off, is found.


is not very perfect, but it is more suitable for the operation of my I think these free web applications, then I started to set up the database, and related program settings, there is no basis for me, this is very difficult, always encounter many unexpected problems. I believe some novice webmaster will have the same experience as me. Well, Baidu search, search tutorial, predecessor instruct let me join the webmaster, indebted forever, ask questions of the predecessors of the enthusiastic lost to all sense of shame, let me move.

finally, the website has been built, my first site is the mobile phone 3GP movie download station. May be the theme of the relationship between demand is limited, the night may be my luck, after a month of promotion, what bookmarks, soft, Forum irrigation, QQ group, Links and so on, plus my SEO optimization but in short, one month down, my net station or not what traffic. Let alone included.

so I completely lost sleep, more than once I doubt what I do now is right, the pressure of life, physical and mental exhaustion almost put me down, this day and feel muddle along without any aim no words can describe.

after a few days of thinking, I understand, really is my website theme in question, what kind of theme quite attractive? After the ideological struggle, I decided to make a human body art network, we first heard what they think of human art. Yes, I just want it attractive, no matter how honest you think, you can not deny the human body art network for the attractiveness of male Internet users, and the fact that my road is still relatively right.

found the support body art picture space, again through a painful process of selection of web application, build process, add content and process, I this half SEO optimization process, 521 human pictorial art museum opened, I summarizes the previous site of failure by.


Xiaobian teach you to open a wine shop

shop business, of course, we hope to be successful, so I want to learn some skills. It is very important to have some basic skills to open a wine shop. How can we successfully open the wine store? There are tips for successful entrepreneurship, the following is the three major points for the analysis of the opening of the wine store.

reduce venture capital

Learn how to sell their

the customer wants the generous

in the interaction between people, who did not love a stingy person, in the business of open stores in the same drinks. How to succeed in business? Operators have to learn to be generous to customers, especially in the early days of the opening of the wine store do not charge too much, you can even provide free to the customer, so that it can bring long-term effective good business.



Successful management love love show early training mode

vision of the investors will be found, China’s education market is a huge consumer groups, therefore, the domestic education industry continues to attract the attention of investors, operating a love love show early training has become the majority of business entrepreneurs cradle.

"ear", listen to the views: one is to listen to the opinions, the specific management practices are in accordance with students’ interests and the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. The two is to listen to lectures, the class into a class. To improve their ability to "know" in the class, so as to continuously improve the management decision-making ability.