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Page 8 website optimization of weights

: at the beginning of the search box has been automatically generated keyword in breadcrumb navigation also appeared keyword.

at the bottom of the page: page navigation, repeat key.

page keyword echoed tail

the use of science nofollow

: in the middle of the page are in the picture, the use of the title and ALT tags for the text of product pictures in the product links, the text also uses the title tag to text connection are described, such a product can be the keyword repeat four times, in the middle there is a page the classification of the search box, search box also appeared in a keyword. read more

The optimization result from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is obtained by K

analysis of the wolf rain Shanghai Longfeng site ranked first, the Internet has a different analysis, combined with their own experience, talk about the rain of Shanghai Longfeng ranked first view:

3, the domain name is a domain name at the same time the bombing, resolved to the same site, this principle in many years ago have been proposed, namely multiple domain names or the same domain more than two domain and a binding site, will enhance the rank of master.

rain Shanghai dragon website ranked first, a lot of people did indeed violate the "benefits", finally, to the artificial intervention, from the love of Shanghai completely removed, it reminds me of the last L-carnitine case, large stations occupied love Shanghai in the first three pages, thus causing the large-scale adjustment of Shanghai love and I supposed that this is one of the reasons for classification of information website weight increase, this method can effectively eliminate the station group. read more

Sina micro-blog profit modelHow to find an entrepreneurial partner partner team, how to solve the co

Sina, micro-blog’s most prominent resource and advantage is celebrities and entertainment stars. If this resource is invigorated, it will be easy to generate income.

if we now believe that micro blog is very difficult to obtain the profit or rather handsomely, because we are thinking of thinking, that Twitter now profit is how, so is the micro blog China.

for example to explore business model, simply by using micro micro century social philosophy and micro business philosophy to create a micro-blog game, it is not a simple game, not a single business model, but a kind of social and business forms, it can make a micro blog site through the game to achieve sustainable development. read more

Bitter forced three new board enterprises will be more than one! Because the 832 poor counties have

2, registered in poor areas, the latest year to pay income tax of not less than 20 million yuan, promised to be listed within three years without changing the registration.

When the

file was out of everyone would not pay, yesterday when Lankao County paper Fujie suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem: by 2020, all counties have fled, then in 2017 the relocation of poor counties to listed company do not walk without "reported that trial of the

heard that Taobao set up shop is good, online start-ups paradise, investment is not much, so began to test the water, anyway, do not how much money invested. Sell what, listen to a friend said do not understand the online selling calls is good, do not need to inventory, do not need logistics, but need to buy a prepaid recharge software, this software will be 300 yuan, did not understand to bargain, now know as long as a few dollars can buy up. Kui. Buy after selling software people under the guidance of assistant for uploading the data package, release of goods, recharge to a lot of people, but do not earn money, one can only earn a little money, but found that this software can sell, and sell a up to 400 of the Commission, only to find the original money let the people selling software to earn their own income, and they contributed a sum, since they can sell the software you want, I can. As a result, while selling telephone calls and selling software, the charges are many people, the credibility of a very short period of time rose to a drill, I am very pleased. Software but no one to buy, and make friends with a Taobao account to buy some recharge software in my shop, let the sales record breaking 0 embarrassment, it later, there were some real buyers found I sell calls good, also want to buy the software, a month has sold 2, not easy ah. Earn the money to buy the recharge software. read more

Internet start-ups a guide to getting started

introduction: tide surging Internet, every day, there are a large number of individual birth myth. For example, 01-04 personal IDC hot, how many friends tell me 100M how much money, and several customers today, this year is expected to tens of thousands of servers, not enough? Assured, plus a hard line, fame has a name change if do, two words: money.

03-05 SMS ringtones and PW, old Ding run to tell me, dude, don’t read out, do it, play well for a month to buy a car.

05-06 Google ADSENSE, I have the honor to play a monthly income of twenty thousand, a few months will be Baidu K station, GG revenue plummeted, and we never do it, do not want to do, tired. read more

Web Analytics the impact of web core content on visual performance

"optimizing and refining information is always the first step in design."." This is a Baidu alliance user experience center Banner words. In the process of doing web design, more and more such a summary of personal experience and ideas. Of course, this pithy sentence actually contains a lot of content, I personally think that this includes at least four aspects: first, from the site of the entire appeals, the website needs to realize what information can be better placed on the page? What information is needed to preserve? And what information is needed in other place the page or simply discard? Two, to have been confirmed in place page information, how to write better text, select images to achieve functional and visual appearance of the perfect unity? Three, important distinguishing information, which is important, need to focus on the performance? And what is the secondary some information? Four, to distinguish the primary and secondary information, in the layout, color, size, namely how to visually highlight and better read more

Several basic ways to improve user experience

We often chat in the

user experience, the user experience can say smallpox drunk, are often very difficult to make it clear. But no matter how the impact of the Internet users of the product, loyalty or user experience, therefore, we should start from the most basic way to understand the user experience, with a specific method to improve the user experience, it is not empty talk.

first, think like a user. It sounds like crap, everybody knows, but it’s the ultimate way to improve the user experience. As operators of Internet products or product manager, we tend to think of this product function, page layout and response button will allow users to have what kind of feelings, but we often lack the user to think how to want to use your product, which brings the inconsistency of product design and user needs, but also the product developed after the user experience of root cause of the poor. read more

Tea shop to join matters needing attention

on the market want to start a successful business too many people, we choose a suitable project, and then to this goal and constantly strive to achieve their career. Milk tea shop to join the small business to get rich good project to help you achieve a better future.

how to join the tea shop? Now for the small tea shop on the street, perhaps you are not unfamiliar, then how to join the tea shop? We are here to introduce you to the introduction of this mini tea shop business, tell you to open a tea shop to make money, let you know how to open tea shop now. read more

Shop explosion of the building to avoid errors

is now almost any open shop entrepreneurs are in constant pursuit of the explosion, however, while building explosion models for shop operators is indeed a great help, but if you entered a misunderstanding, there will be a negative impact on the operation of the shop. So, want to successfully create a burst of money, naturally also need to avoid misunderstanding. So, shop explosion of the building to avoid what errors?

misunderstanding blindly copying

many sellers see Taobao on the baby in the hot, will go to the same style of goods, this is actually a misunderstanding, "volume" of the word has a strong lag after – volume high, means that the baby is in the product life cycle of "maturity", although the current sales unpopular, but this means soon after the baby will enter a recession". read more

Open a clothing store location, what skills does – Business


garment industry is not small to say, if you want to engage in this industry, hope can pay attention to location, many entrepreneurs have chosen to open clothing store, in fact, if the clothing store business is good, late or very profitable. But want to make money clothing store, the first choice for everyone to choose a good store location, so as to bring better returns. So, what is the location of the clothing store.

, a target for the investigation surrounding traffic location analysis read more

The government set up the stage singing

Small and micro businesses to ease the financing difficulties, the morning of October 23rd north area "to help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting the structure of" special funds coordination group will be the city of North economic and Business Bureau organized the North District helping activities second times the bank and matchmaking, for banks and enterprises to build cooperation platform, to solve the difficult problem of financing Small and micro businesses.
the bank and matchmaking were invited to the Agricultural Bank of China Bridge Branch, ICBC Branch bridge and other 5 banks; Fujian, Fujian Ningxia, the congruent 3 Guarantee Corporation; Small and micro businesses Qinghai Xingqing tool limited company, north of the city of Xining Flower Association 14 households in urgent need to solve the problem of financing. At the meeting, the major banks on the business loans required materials, mortgages and other issues to do a detailed answer, and reached a Qinghai CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies of $17 million 600 thousand loan intentions. Since the
  read more

Xining city traffic police detachment used car market to make the masses more convenient

people to buy a used car, easy to handle it? The reporter learned that, in order to regulate the Xining second-hand car market, convenient for people to apply for the second-hand car trading business, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment this year in the Xining union of second-hand car market, set up second-hand car accreditation service hall, specifically for the transfer of the registration of vehicles (second-hand car to roll out and settled within the jurisdiction of the transfer) business, greatly facilitate the work of the masses. read more

Late at night, environmental law enforcement in action

21:50 on May 20th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers fully equipped for 20. At this point, the environmental protection of the 110 phone calls kept ringing. 22 o’clock, "departure!" The order, law enforcement officers divided driving in the night.

subsequently, Xining in 2009 during the opening of the college entrance examination noise pollution inspection kicked off.

time: 22:10

location: East District of Bayi Road construction site on the south side of Zhou Jia quan. read more

How to treat the entrepreneurial hero


emperors have up to the founding minister help, they contributed to the history with national hero attitude is not the same, so for modern people, and how to treat the entrepreneurial hero?

see business consulting forum is on the business period of the hero is a "kill" and "kill" the debate, mixed feelings, for some friends after a successful venture to ensure their own economic interests to get rid of the use unscrupulous divisive tactics and some friends entrepreneurial hero, to appreciate the entrepreneurial hero made contribution to the enterprise and humor guxiyangjian, affect the enterprise operation and management, and ultimately the two point decline of business are not recognized. read more

Children’s toy stores three key points to remember

with two-child policy loose, many families are beginning to pursue a second child, children’s toy market will usher in a new round of upsurge of wealth. So, it is time to invest in a children’s toy store. Open children’s toy store, easy to operate, make money worry free. So, the children’s toy store management skills? Xiao Bian now introduce you to the children’s toy store three operating points:

1, toy products to flat with your

read more

How to do a good job in the curtain shop

curtain is not only used to shade the sunshine, but also a very good decorative products, is now more popular, now the family curtain becomes one kind of essential products, is the foundation to ensure personal privacy, some entrepreneurs saw the curtains market hot, choose their own operating window curtain stores, then entrepreneurs how to do business?

how to do a good job operating curtains? Some curtains are very beautiful, but not conducive to cleaning, for consumers who are not conducive to cleaning should focus on tips, the province’s consumers to buy at high prices, to the final because of the problem of cleaning complaints shop. When the curtain shop shopping guide staff in the recommended brand fabric products, taboo endless, as speaker read more