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The government set up the stage singing

Small and micro businesses to ease the financing difficulties, the morning of October 23rd north area "to help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting the structure of" special funds coordination group will be the city of North economic and Business Bureau organized the North District helping activities second times the bank and matchmaking, for banks and enterprises to build cooperation platform, to solve the difficult problem of financing Small and micro businesses.
the bank and matchmaking were invited to the Agricultural Bank of China Bridge Branch, ICBC Branch bridge and other 5 banks; Fujian, Fujian Ningxia, the congruent 3 Guarantee Corporation; Small and micro businesses Qinghai Xingqing tool limited company, north of the city of Xining Flower Association 14 households in urgent need to solve the problem of financing. At the meeting, the major banks on the business loans required materials, mortgages and other issues to do a detailed answer, and reached a Qinghai CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies of $17 million 600 thousand loan intentions. Since the
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Xining city traffic police detachment used car market to make the masses more convenient

people to buy a used car, easy to handle it? The reporter learned that, in order to regulate the Xining second-hand car market, convenient for people to apply for the second-hand car trading business, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment this year in the Xining union of second-hand car market, set up second-hand car accreditation service hall, specifically for the transfer of the registration of vehicles (second-hand car to roll out and settled within the jurisdiction of the transfer) business, greatly facilitate the work of the masses. read more

Late at night, environmental law enforcement in action

21:50 on May 20th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers fully equipped for 20. At this point, the environmental protection of the 110 phone calls kept ringing. 22 o’clock, "departure!" The order, law enforcement officers divided driving in the night.

subsequently, Xining in 2009 during the opening of the college entrance examination noise pollution inspection kicked off.

time: 22:10

location: East District of Bayi Road construction site on the south side of Zhou Jia quan. read more

How to treat the entrepreneurial hero


emperors have up to the founding minister help, they contributed to the history with national hero attitude is not the same, so for modern people, and how to treat the entrepreneurial hero?

see business consulting forum is on the business period of the hero is a "kill" and "kill" the debate, mixed feelings, for some friends after a successful venture to ensure their own economic interests to get rid of the use unscrupulous divisive tactics and some friends entrepreneurial hero, to appreciate the entrepreneurial hero made contribution to the enterprise and humor guxiyangjian, affect the enterprise operation and management, and ultimately the two point decline of business are not recognized. read more

Children’s toy stores three key points to remember

with two-child policy loose, many families are beginning to pursue a second child, children’s toy market will usher in a new round of upsurge of wealth. So, it is time to invest in a children’s toy store. Open children’s toy store, easy to operate, make money worry free. So, the children’s toy store management skills? Xiao Bian now introduce you to the children’s toy store three operating points:

1, toy products to flat with your

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How to do a good job in the curtain shop

curtain is not only used to shade the sunshine, but also a very good decorative products, is now more popular, now the family curtain becomes one kind of essential products, is the foundation to ensure personal privacy, some entrepreneurs saw the curtains market hot, choose their own operating window curtain stores, then entrepreneurs how to do business?

how to do a good job operating curtains? Some curtains are very beautiful, but not conducive to cleaning, for consumers who are not conducive to cleaning should focus on tips, the province’s consumers to buy at high prices, to the final because of the problem of cleaning complaints shop. When the curtain shop shopping guide staff in the recommended brand fabric products, taboo endless, as speaker read more

What are the characteristics of the project financial incentive in 2017

‘s business environment increasingly mature, "working as entrepreneurs" concept is infiltrated into more people’s minds, therefore, in 2017 venture onto the road became more and more people choose. However, due to the fierce competition in the market, therefore, the choice of the business opportunities is undoubtedly a better choice. So, what are the characteristics of the project in 2017 the benefit of small?

1, store

cushion characteristics

What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small read more

How to develop e-commerce after Baidu’s big update

as everyone knows, Baidu this year to clean up the garbage content of a large, some time ago to just 6.22, 6.28 two big update, many webmaster August 23rd Baidu once again were still suffering from the shock, big update. There are many Webmaster Station was killed by Baidu, which is the number of medical stations. According to Baidu Webmaster Platform said, this algorithm is to upgrade still cheat AdSense and low quality content sites for processing, then we will each to some Baidu Webmaster Platform explain about the big update. read more

Adsense network broadcast Baidu online speed search mode to see the training industry behind the hug

1 Baidu speed search mode online search speed to speed up to 10 times the fastest need only 0.03 seconds

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 6th news, Baidu search new on-line speed search. It is understood that the speed of search engines can speed up to 10 times faster than the response time of only 0.03 seconds to get search results.

2 [storm win business] crazy WeChat training: enter the half a year to buy a house!  

wants to be rich, not bad. But the rich hopes in the overnight, and less from unearned, is a big problem. An endless stream of "rich training class", all kinds of "rich master", is in this kind of social mentality with a certain universality. Reporters unannounced visits to this "master Chen WeChat rich training class", is typical of a certain extent. In addition to master Chen, there are people who have made a fortune, unknown. But we believe that there must be a dream not to come true, but the people who broke the wealth. read more

The sex scandal cited industry slobber War two dating sites mutual recrimination

, according to voice of the economy, 13, a broke the fund industry executives by marriage network cheat color, micro-blog triggered the country’s two largest marriage website war of words. Lily network vice president Mu say micro-blog and shelled forwarding. Jiayuan "liar rampant"; then the escalation of the conflict, Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan micro-blog (micro-blog) "false accusations of Lily and the real name system for selling user information". As of press time ago, the two sides still through the micro-blog event "loudspeaker". read more

Luxury websites have been closed down the supply of false ones into a bottleneck

frequent tens of thousands of dollars in the calculation of luxury overnight crazy hit sixty percent off, half off, such a concession is certainly exciting, so, nearly two years of luxury websites overwhelming hit. However, in the end of the season of consumption, luxury site has been torn illusion of prosperity — after one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network has been blasting wages 90% faction of employees who have resigned after the NetEase’s luxury site Netease Luxuries will be closed tomorrow. Insiders said that although the price of luxury online shopping, but the lack of credibility, lack of sales, etc., become a stumbling block to its development. read more

November portal daily coverage of TOP10 CCTV network rose to sixth

IDC network (idcps.com) on December 10th reported: according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in November, covering dozens of portal daily list, most notably, cctv.com daily coverage number soared to 10078.3, rose 81.64%, ranking rose to sixth, instead of the Xinhua net. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.

(Figure 1) in November the average daily user coverage of the portal TOP10

Figure 1 shows the

, in November, the portal covering daily users of dozens of ranking, compared with the previous month, changed: cctv.com transcend, replace xinhuanet.com to sixth to cover the number 10078.3, last month the number of daily coverage of 5548.5, up 81.64%; while xinhuanet.com glide, ranked seventh. No change in the remaining rankings. Among them, Tencent net column first, covering the number reached 74610.6, a huge advantage. read more

Renren sell 56 networks only after the depression bloated

text / Ding Peng

famous football commentator Zhan Jun and Yan Qiang had set up a "catcher alliance", one of them was the Liverpool fans, one is the Arsenal fans, the two traditional teams have many years not get the title, but every year to attack the champion, so they kept watch".

China of the Internet industry, the alliance "was a There are plenty of people who, regardless of China, the richest man in the grand NetEase, or is known as the" second millennium "said the Sohu, they all belong to the rye, had their own glory, but now has been in the" keep watch ". read more

Secret four major reasons for the revision of Mcglaughlin

yesterday evening Chen Chen found that Mcglaughlin has been revised, as a loyal member of Mcglaughlin I don’t know why this revision event, Mcglaughlin revised so suddenly? Must have a lot of friends will feel very surprised, why Mcglaughlin did well, but to be revised, even the name changed to today, Chen Chen? The four reason for revision of the secret of Mcglaughlin.

secret one of the real reasons for the revision of Mcglaughlin: Mcglaughlin suffered successive losses sustained losses. read more

Increase website traffic cheats Matthew effect

in the "barrel theory" to improve the site traffic of the cheats to the webmaster blog or website construction advice: first, not the strongest improvement, but the most weak, only to let the short board site has long board height, all wood nearly or entirely "height" as much as possible, in order to ensure with the continuous improvement of the stability of site traffic. The content of the site and the quality of the site traffic plays a key role. Content is king, this is an undeniable truth. No content, traffic is difficult to improve, even if there is traffic, but also a brief moment, a flash in the pan. How to do a good job of website content, the overall content of the web site, analysis of the sub channel differences. Study on the difference, and then play the content section of the hadron advantage, so as to drive the whole flow. The author believes that the "Matthew effect" can be applied to improve the content of the site. read more

October mummy to try O2O mode

with the Amoy brand, some small and medium-sized clothing brand open shop to gain a complete victory of some influential brands, "Hold live", have opened up the electricity supplier in the new territories. While pregnant with a well-known brand in the on-line year October mummy business will reach monthly sales exceeded ten million in April this year, Sequoia Capital investment is not the electricity supplier valuation October mummy when included, but now feel like picking up a wallet. read more