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Children’s toy stores three key points to remember

with two-child policy loose, many families are beginning to pursue a second child, children’s toy market will usher in a new round of upsurge of wealth. So, it is time to invest in a children’s toy store. Open children’s toy store, easy to operate, make money worry free. So, the children’s toy store management skills? Xiao Bian now introduce you to the children’s toy store three operating points:

1, toy products to flat with your

2, so that the product is more meaningful education

3, enhance the image with toy safety


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Investment in environmental protection is becoming increasingly profitable trend of rapid growth

modern economic development is very shocking, which makes all aspects of pollution become quite serious. Therefore, many people have to explore the environmental protection industry demand. National emphasis on environmental protection has gradually increased in recent years, earnings are showing a rising trend.

"13th Five-Year" period, environmental protection investment is expected to maintain rapid growth. Relevant statistics show that the environmental protection industry professional environmental protection minister Chen Jining took office after the expression of the national environmental pollution more determined. The specific contents include the revision of the "air pollution prevention law" in 2015, the introduction of "ten water", "environmental protection tax law" and the formulation of relevant policies for soil remediation.

According to the

from the economic driving level, said Chen Jining, one of the focus of the work in the future is carefully prepared "13th Five-Year" environmental protection planning. Seize the core to improve the quality of the environment, the implementation of the quality and volume of dual control, strengthen and improve the construction of environmental monitoring system, scientific decision-making system, pollution control, the key to overcome the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention and control. With the air, water, soil pollution prevention and control of the three major industrial chain policy gradually landing, industry chain related companies will benefit significantly.

under the policy to actively support environmental protection, the industry boom continues to rise, this is also reflected in the change of the performance of listed companies. According to statistics, the main business for the environmental protection industry, and has been announced in 2014 the results of the 40 listed companies, the proportion of the year on year growth of 6 in 2014, of which nearly doubled the performance of the company’s growth in nearly 75%. Environmental protection listed companies believe that the main reason for the increase in performance is environmentally friendly product sales growth as well as engineering construction orders grew, but also through the acquisition of a substantial increase in the performance of synchronous growth.

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How to do a good job in the curtain shop

curtain is not only used to shade the sunshine, but also a very good decorative products, is now more popular, now the family curtain becomes one kind of essential products, is the foundation to ensure personal privacy, some entrepreneurs saw the curtains market hot, choose their own operating window curtain stores, then entrepreneurs how to do business?

how to do a good job operating curtains? Some curtains are very beautiful, but not conducive to cleaning, for consumers who are not conducive to cleaning should focus on tips, the province’s consumers to buy at high prices, to the final because of the problem of cleaning complaints shop. When the curtain shop shopping guide staff in the recommended brand fabric products, taboo endless, as speaker

how to do a good job operating curtains? Entrepreneurs should also pay attention to is the size of the selected window shops can be long-term development. Select the location of the window should also be taken from the local market situation to consider.

how to do a good job operating curtains? Correctly grasp the effective traffic, good at using all the favorable conditions, the road to success will be less obstacles. If you can focus on the peer and the curtain shop related goods gathered lots or blocks, it is more conducive to business.

how to do a good job operating curtains? Today, the operation of the curtain shop, the need to integrate all aspects of the factors to consider, the preparatory work needs to do a good job. In this kind of area the consumer level is confused, the people of all ages and social classes have. According to the needs of consumers to make professional recommendations, will soon win the trust of consumers, to seize the consumer’s wallet.

can choose this kind of business sectors, of course in the business you need to sum up a lot, grasp more business management, business management curtain franchise management to succeed must ensure that their products have convenient cleaning, to have their own store area, has a geographical advantage, do preparatory work, is the basis of normal business!

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What are the characteristics of the project financial incentive in 2017

‘s business environment increasingly mature, "working as entrepreneurs" concept is infiltrated into more people’s minds, therefore, in 2017 venture onto the road became more and more people choose. However, due to the fierce competition in the market, therefore, the choice of the business opportunities is undoubtedly a better choice. So, what are the characteristics of the project in 2017 the benefit of small?

1, store

cushion characteristics

What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

2017? The operating characteristics of cushion in the first individual efforts, it is best to form a series of different varieties of consumer demand design for the cushion. For love is lying on the sofa to read the newspaper, a design can also head on the elbow supporting cushion, a concave design for children round cushion, so to make the child naked cold.

is designed for young men and women are a set of cartoon characters, and other animal portraits of new-new generation idol pattern, can rely on and comfort in the arms of the cushion. Finally, it is necessary to carry out a good promotion and customized business. Cushion is a popular commodity, the cost of transparency, the price should not be too high, according to the different types of profit control in 30% ~ 40%.

2, pillow store

What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

2017? The pillow of many varieties of classification from the function, ordinary pillow, health care pillow, medicinal pillow, and suitable for all ages pillow; distinguished from pillow core material, a silkworm excrement pillow and chrysanthemum pillow, pillow, cotton fiber and water vacuum pillow, pillow, air pillow, tea pillow etc.. These pillows, the store should have sales, other shops to buy also want to buy a small initial waist pillow, pillow, pillow and ear pillow.

in the management of the store, can according to customer requirements, set for a variety of style, size, height, hardness and different filling materials such as pillows, baby shaped pillow, ear pillow, to the newly married couple with the embroidered pillow, as well as to the elderly produced special pillow etc..

in sales, promotion and sales promotion can take a variety of ways, such as door-to-door, do not collect freight; for the elderly consumer groups launched the "old day to send a special gift for children to carry out such activities;" children sleep health education "groups; for the newlyweds to carry out the" new heart pillow ". Also with the wedding photography shop jointly launched the purchase of pillows to send free photo card and other activities.

3, health Flower Bonsai shop

What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

2017? Not only has the general health of potted flower flower bonsai ornamental value, but also has special medicinal value, will be placed in the interior, Yang Jian


How to develop e-commerce after Baidu’s big update

as everyone knows, Baidu this year to clean up the garbage content of a large, some time ago to just 6.22, 6.28 two big update, many webmaster August 23rd Baidu once again were still suffering from the shock, big update. There are many Webmaster Station was killed by Baidu, which is the number of medical stations. According to Baidu Webmaster Platform said, this algorithm is to upgrade still cheat AdSense and low quality content sites for processing, then we will each to some Baidu Webmaster Platform explain about the big update.

1, random collection of content, statements impassability, the reader can not get the information needed.

we can take a closer look at the screenshot above the station platform. The inside of the screenshot is a mess of the insertion of a number of keywords, a great impact on the reader’s normal reading. Some people may ask, my article is not so inserted ah, but also the original, but still be K off. On this issue, in fact, very good explanation, and now many people in order to do optimization, will insert an anchor text in the article, and points to the home page. There is one people is deliberately the key words in the article appear in bold. These operations are in fact the performance of excessive optimization, in line with the statement impassability, so these content will be judged as junk content, Baidu is processed.

2, although readable content, but most of the articles are collected, copied from other sites, the original content itself.

collection, replication will create content duplication is too high, there may be a half will be included, there will be ranking. But once the Baidu algorithm updates, it will be judged as spam sites, resulting in K station. Baidu is how to judge whether the content is our original content? Baidu apps to grab the article, will break up into a pile of refined content, keywords, and then compare the keywords according to the degree of repetition to determine whether the original article. If it is collected, copied, not processed content, then, it is easy to judge Baidu. However, there are many websites, especially business sites have love to release some industry news, with first points and second points of view, this is the Baidu K off if it is normal, because the content is that users do not need the content, but hardly do original, don’t enterprise make a SEO, but also invites a reporter team. The whole day to interview the industry association, or to interview together? This is almost impossible.

3, web page interspersed with accumulation of keywords or articles and themes are not related, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, search keywords related to the user does not really help.

on this point should not be difficult to understand. There are a lot of websites, especially enterprise websites, medical websites, like to write a "key words" at the bottom of the site, and then pile up a lot of keywords. There is like Baidu notice written in the post, when the text was written medical class content, but in the aspects of the content of the game is inserted. Baidu will think that the article is not related to the theme >


Adsense network broadcast Baidu online speed search mode to see the training industry behind the hug

1 Baidu speed search mode online search speed to speed up to 10 times the fastest need only 0.03 seconds

A5 webmaster network ( March 6th news, Baidu search new on-line speed search. It is understood that the speed of search engines can speed up to 10 times faster than the response time of only 0.03 seconds to get search results.

2 [storm win business] crazy WeChat training: enter the half a year to buy a house!  

wants to be rich, not bad. But the rich hopes in the overnight, and less from unearned, is a big problem. An endless stream of "rich training class", all kinds of "rich master", is in this kind of social mentality with a certain universality. Reporters unannounced visits to this "master Chen WeChat rich training class", is typical of a certain extent. In addition to master Chen, there are people who have made a fortune, unknown. But we believe that there must be a dream not to come true, but the people who broke the wealth.

if there is a "business model", on the fingertips hair micro channel can easily millionaire, you believe that? If there is a training, will not receive a penny of this "business model" to teach you, do you believe? Whether you believe it or not, this kind of training is now a national the city quietly set up.

3 price of 500 million dollars from Tencent into the Jingdong will be packaged with

electricity supplier

news March 6th, billion state power network from informed sources, the Tencent investment Tencent that has settled, the Tencent offered $500 million, and the electricity supplier’s business plan will be gradually merged into the Jingdong system.

To continue fermentation from

Tencent capital Jingdong news spread like wildfire, seems to have been an open secret in the industry. It also attracted a lot of criticism and speculation. Among them on the specific amount of investment and the proportion of shares, there are different opinions.

4 biography Alibaba has been granted private banks pilot quota will be issued after two sessions

market long-awaited mainland private banks will be fruits fall off when ripe according to the great wisdom news agency, news, authoritative sources, Zhejiang province two pilot places the first batch of private banks: one is the Lord initiated by the CHINT group, Wenzhou Huafeng Group, more than a dozen private enterprise shares of private banks, another pilot places for the network bank, the quota for the Alibaba.

private banking pilot is awaiting approval of the CBRC, the industry is expected, after two sessions will be issued by the time window of the private banking license.

5 news millet 3S phone will be officially released in April 9th

during the Spring Festival, there is news that millet 3S will be released in April this year, but also exposed some of the parameters of the machine. > and


The sex scandal cited industry slobber War two dating sites mutual recrimination

, according to voice of the economy, 13, a broke the fund industry executives by marriage network cheat color, micro-blog triggered the country’s two largest marriage website war of words. Lily network vice president Mu say micro-blog and shelled forwarding. Jiayuan "liar rampant"; then the escalation of the conflict, Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan micro-blog (micro-blog) "false accusations of Lily and the real name system for selling user information". As of press time ago, the two sides still through the micro-blog event "loudspeaker".

company was founded in 2003, listed on the NASDAQ in May 2011; Lily network was established in 2005, December 2011 implementation of the "real name system" and do a lot of publicity.

the two sides conflict is a August 11th micro-blog "financial industry network" issued a fund industry executives through the company website of hundreds of women "Pianse", micro-blog also disclosed the executive unit, resume and photos with identity information.

Lily network vice president Mu say forwarding and comments: micro-blog is not easy company, we engage in a comprehensive real name system, many just staring at the company.

This caused

Jiayuan founder CEO Gong Haiyan dissatisfaction, she accused Lily in micro-blog: she accused lily on micro-blog with a fake name system "to deceive the media, consumers and investors, and the membership information to line matchmaking. Since then, the two sides began to mutual recrimination recrimination. Jiayuan public relations department vice president Zhou Zhongxiao told reporters, "lead crossfire Pianse" is being processed.

Zhou Zhongxiao: the man’s family is also looking for us to say that false information, there are some claims that the victim is a female friend to come to us, that can provide evidence. We are now on the information to do the finishing, internal communication to see what is the situation.

for the exchange of the two sides, lily, vice president of the network, said Mu, forwarding micro-blog and comment on his personal behavior. But the rest of the content.

Mu words: This is my personal statement, after the real name system, the liar does not fly more than 70% complaints fell. I have a friend in Guangdong, the public security departments, from the Guangdong area, the network received a few reports on lily, but the number of other web sites reported no reduction in the number of platforms.


aspects of the response, which dating websites have a liar, who also don’t say who.

Zhou Zhongxiao: This is nonsense. In various forums, we see Jiayuan information, also see Lily network members various information cheated. Mu said this thing, in fact, the fifty step is a hundred steps.

in micro-blog, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan accused Lily network membership information to matchmaking, and indeed some words for the line agency cooperation, but this is normal business.

Mu say: we are the reliable local matchmaking agency cooperation in the establishment of Lily network service center, we have very strict monitoring system. In essence


Luxury websites have been closed down the supply of false ones into a bottleneck

frequent tens of thousands of dollars in the calculation of luxury overnight crazy hit sixty percent off, half off, such a concession is certainly exciting, so, nearly two years of luxury websites overwhelming hit. However, in the end of the season of consumption, luxury site has been torn illusion of prosperity — after one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network has been blasting wages 90% faction of employees who have resigned after the NetEase’s luxury site Netease Luxuries will be closed tomorrow. Insiders said that although the price of luxury online shopping, but the lack of credibility, lack of sales, etc., become a stumbling block to its development.

luxury website welcome

closing tide

recently, the reporter learned from the NetEase is still the product site to see a closed notice, which said that due to business adjustments, NetEase is still the product will be closed at 31 am on the day of 24, after the stop service. However, the return for up to January 15, 2012. It is reported that NetEase is still officially launched from the product to close less than a year. In fact, prior to this, there has been a luxury website exposed problems. Recently, Kazakhstan network has been blasting wages 90% faction of employees who have resigned "called one of the ten major domestic luxury site, the company explained is CEO and has been replaced in transition.

however, in the first half of the year, these luxury websites with "Chinese luxury consumer market has great potential in the atmosphere was also set off financing boom, it has been silent. Reporters in the online search found that the existing number of professional luxury sales sites, including Shang goods, Jiapin, Fifth Avenue, the only product, etc.. The network serves a comprehensive online shopping mall also opened a luxury channel, even Jingdong, Sina these well-known sites have joined the luxury network warfare. The shop, LV, PRADA, GUCCI, Burberry and other international big can be found, the price is really attractive: a Cartire watch, the market price of 48460 yuan, while net sales of special offer only 26300 yuan, equivalent to 46% off men; a GUCCI single shoulder bag, the market price of 6500 yuan, net sales the discount price of 4200 yuan. There are frequently flashed "minimum one fold" promotional advertising continues to attract attention.

source site into bottleneck


"it’s cheap, but I can’t buy it." Members of the public every year to miss the opportunity to go abroad, so most of the luxury goods are purchased directly from abroad, and occasionally go to the store to buy two, but the luxury website has never patronize. She said that the luxury website commodity is not by the direct authority of the brand sale, but by way of purchasing, the credibility of the goods is reduced, "although the low price of these sites, but also hundreds of thousands of pieces of things, if not directly buy fake goods too cheap to buy flowers!"

it is understood, because the price is too low, the luxury brand was not willing to cooperate directly with luxury websites, breaking the domestic original price system, so the supply of luxury site is only for overseas purchasing, by foreign Out>


November portal daily coverage of TOP10 CCTV network rose to sixth

IDC network ( on December 10th reported: according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in November, covering dozens of portal daily list, most notably, daily coverage number soared to 10078.3, rose 81.64%, ranking rose to sixth, instead of the Xinhua net. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.


(Figure 1) in November the average daily user coverage of the portal TOP10

Figure 1 shows the

, in November, the portal covering daily users of dozens of ranking, compared with the previous month, changed: transcend, replace to sixth to cover the number 10078.3, last month the number of daily coverage of 5548.5, up 81.64%; while glide, ranked seventh. No change in the remaining rankings. Among them, Tencent net column first, covering the number reached 74610.6, a huge advantage.

next, IDC comments network will focus on analysis of the daily details of the number of users in November Tencent network coverage.


(Figure 2) Tencent November daily user coverage statistics

according to figure 2, we can see that in November, the daily change in the number of users of the Tencent network curve fell first and then increased, the overall slight decline. Figure 2 can be seen: in the period of 1 to 10, covering the number of curves down, the overall ups and downs, there is a maximum of this month, the maximum value of 75578 and minimum of 74380. Among them, the maximum value of a total of 6 days, first from 1 to 4 consecutive days, followed by the emergence of the 7 and the 9 day. The minimum value appears in 6 days. From 11 onwards, the curve rose, the number of coverage gradually rose until the 30 day rose to 75360, draw a full stop for this month.


Renren sell 56 networks only after the depression bloated


text / Ding Peng

famous football commentator Zhan Jun and Yan Qiang had set up a "catcher alliance", one of them was the Liverpool fans, one is the Arsenal fans, the two traditional teams have many years not get the title, but every year to attack the champion, so they kept watch".

China of the Internet industry, the alliance "was a There are plenty of people who, regardless of China, the richest man in the grand NetEase, or is known as the" second millennium "said the Sohu, they all belong to the rye, had their own glory, but now has been in the" keep watch ".


alliance in the list this year by virtue of the name of the Facebook should have Chinese name listed only when everyone, move into today, everyone may have even the alliance "such organizations have no place to go, because everyone has even" watch "the qualifications are all gone.

sell-off when

in the last year will be handed to Baidu glutinous rice, the company has not yet pulled the assets of the action has not stopped, the latest news is that everyone will sell its 56 Network in Sohu, the price is higher than the rumors of $12 million 900 thousand.

but I believe it will not be too much higher than the price of three years ago with the acquisition of $80 million, stocks of the master Chen Yizhou apparently made a huge loss of business.

at first, then a short video sharing service UUme crashed in 2011, everyone listed Wei coerced to gamble 56 nets, Chen Yizhou in 56 before the acquisition has admitted he has countless acquired many companies after the acquisition, will play a big.

56 is the master, then everyone’s idea is 56 using the UGC attribute and the social matrix through everyone.

Chen Yizhou said, "the Internet user communication on social networking sites and the share of the demand is no longer limited to text and pictures, more and more users to share their love of the original video, and through the original video to communicate with friends. The acquisition of the 56 network can help everyone more convenient on the social network through video recording and sharing their lives."

seems, indeed, but everyone is deeper in the hopes of using its huge traffic and user needs to make 56 Chinese into Youtube, after all, the user demand for video is really there, everyone who thinks a push, whose result should go up at once. And this is also consistent with the high profile of everyone claiming that he is Facebook Zynga Groupon Linkedin (ie Renren + game + glutinous rice + net) tonality.

however, a fact that can not be ignored is that although the 56 has received strong support from everyone, but in the content oriented video industry, >